2019 Hyundai Tucson: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE

2019 Hyundai Tucson: FULL REVIEW and DRIVE

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Hyundai has been making a big push with their crossovers recently. Starting with the all-new Kona, Santa Fe and the upcoming three row palisade due out in a couple months. However, that doesn’t mean they forgot about their middle child, which is why today we’re out at gates Hyundai in Richmond, Kentucky. Checking out the refreshed 2019 version in the fully loaded ultimate trend. Of course if you’re in the market for any new Hyundai be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website. which we provided a link to in the video description, so. With that said, let’s see if the refresh Tucson can add even more to the value equation. So getting started with the exterior design Hyundai went a little bit of a different route than the recently launched or refresh. Yes, the design is more angular than before but they didn’t go to the same extreme. So for the grill, it is only slightly

Pointer than before. Now there are a couple different versions. You can get with the vast majority of trims getting a black mesh grille surrounded by a matte silver. But the limited and ultimate get this Boulder chrome grille. Turning to the headlights. They have also been reshaped to look more aggressive and you’ll now find this fully LED set up on the Sport trim atop. versus only on the limited last year. With this setup, you’ll continue to find both upper and lower daytime running lights and at the bottom you have fog lights. Moving to the side it is unchanged from last year. So it continues to have one of the more sporty looks in the class. Additionally, you will find chrome accents on the limited and this ultimate. Around back there have been some subtle updates like the redesigned taillights, which are led on the same trims that have LED headlights. Down at the bottom you’ll continue to find dual exhaust tips on the right side. But they are now more angular like the rest of the car. But overall Hyundai has done a great job of improving on what I already. Consider to be one of the most stylish offerings in the class. Now moving on to the wheels they have also been redesigned this year. Most trims come with these attractive 18 inch alloys.

But surprisingly for 2019 the only 19 inch wheels are located on the middle tier sport trim and not the ultimate. Finally on the bottom two trims. You have 17 inch alloys. Coming up to the mirrors Hyundai nicely includes body color and heating standard across all models and. you even find blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert on all but the base S II. Another brings us to one of the most important changes for 2019 and that is that you now have more standard safety systems. Ford emergency braking and Lane Keeping Assist have become standard on all trims and. Adaptive cruise control and auto high beams are standard on the ultimate. These things are part of the reason. The Tucson is rated as a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

All models except the SE come with roof rails, but they’re black only on the ultimate. And then as far as the fuel range. the sixteen point four gallon fuel tank is good for three hundred seventy seven miles of range as. equipped with the biggest engine and all-wheel drive and. Of course, it does use regular unleaded fuel. Well that covers all the changes on the outside, so now let’s go ahead and see what Hyundai has done with the interior. So on the tucson hyundai includes their smart entry system with this very nice key fob on all but the base trend. Now additionally you will have remote start on all but the base trim via the blue link app and that’s included free for three years. Versus what a lot of the rivals do which is free for one year. Now to get inside the vehicle itself, there is not a sensor behind the handle so you’re just gonna press this black button. So looking inside the. 2019 tucson as you can see, the changes are not too dramatic. but it does take a little bit of influence from the santa fe. Now as far as your color and material options hyundai does keep it pretty simple. So in most of the models you’re gonna have cloth seating in black gray or beige. However, when you get up to the limited or the ultimate trim, you will get leather seating and that’s available in black or beige only. I’ll turning over here to your door trim. It is nicely finished. Did you have a leather patch here for your arm to rest on and the top materials here are soft touch. Additionally, you will find that the driver’s window is one touch automatic. Heading down here to the seats. Hyundai does include this eight-way power. adjustment with two-way lumbar support across all the models except for the bass SE once again and. then like I said. Here on the limited or the ultimate that we have and the limited you have the leather seating Y.

It looks very nice feelings high quality and you do have an attractive stitching and perforation design. Like I was saying the design is mostly the same this year. However, it has picked up some characteristics from the Santa Fe as well as some of the upgraded materials from the Santa Fe. So across your upper – you do have a soft touch plastic, which from what I remember last year. This was a hard touch plastic. And then the big change is this piece that goes through the middle here. This looks exactly like the Santa Fe. So you’ve got a nice leather wrapped patch with some stitching that goes through here versus a hard touch plastic. As far as all your lower areas they are unchanged so it is hard touch down here but everything fits together very solidly. Now on the value addition and up just press the button to start. When you press it. You will notice one of your other 2019 changes and that’s that all models now get at least a 7-inch touch display. Instead of the previous five inch display that was on the basic traps. However on the limited and ultimate you’ll continue to find this eight inch display. Now checking out the gauges here you won’t find the digital setup that you find on the Santa Fe. You’ll instead find a typical simple Hyundai setup. Now here on the upper trims. We do have a larger it looks to be about four to four and a half inch. Multifunction display and that contains all the typical information. You can just cycle through. with your buttons or in the steering wheel so you can change all your different settings and. Then you can cycle through your typical information like your safety systems. Going back to the wheel itself. It is leather wrapped and heat it on the limited trim and up. Like I said, you do have your typical buttons here for your phone audio and voice commands and then on this side. you’ve got your adaptive cruise control as well as your a.

couple buttons here for your multifunction display. Additionally on the ultimate trim you will find rain sensing wipers. Although the steering wheel itself will always be manually tilt and telescoping. Now moving on to interior storage Hyundai has done a good job of maximizing the available space. Starting out over here with your center console. Right and once you get that out of the way. You’ll see you have a very large center console with a nice belt lining down here in the bottom. Front of that, you’ve got your two cupholders. Another little storage bin that you might go to stick your phone or something like that. And then you got the another big area right here. now one of the new things for 2019. Is that this now doubles as a qi wireless phone charger on the limited and up?. However, if you don’t have a compatible device you do still have two 12 volt outlets and a traditional USB port. I’m moving back to the shifter here on the upper trims. We do have a nice leather wrap one is a traditional one. So it’s very easy to use you can just pull back. And then you can bump over here to the left to shift manually. However, there are no paddles on the wheel for any of the models. Putting into reverse you’ll find one of the other. 2019 changes and that’s this brand new. 360-degree camera system. this is included on the limited and ultimate only as you can see you’ve got both your traditional view as well as your. 360-degree view and you can click these buttons to cycle through various other views like your corner view so you don’t. Back into a curve or something like that. now Hyundai does nicely include a standard backup camera with the active trajectory across all the trims and.

Then back behind the shifter, you’ll find an electronic parking brake auto brake hole feature and then next to it you’ve got your drive modes. There’s only two in this car. So basically you just cycle through traditional and sport and. then this button here can trigger your. 360-degree camera system. Now heading on up the next thing is checkout is your climate control setup here. This is the dual zone automatic setup, which you’ll find on most of the trams. However, you will have a manual setup on the base. Se as well as the value edition. But as far as this setup, it’s very easy to use. all you have to do is just adjust in each individual side and your number will show up right there and. Then all your buttons are nicely laid out right here. You don’t have to go searching for anything in the screen. And then one of the other really noteworthy things is Hyundai actually includes heated seats on all of at the very base model and. Here on the ultimate you’ll find three stage seat ventilation. That’s extremely rare in this class at any price point. But of course this does undercut the competition by quite a bit as far as price. But anyways now that brings us up here to our audio system. On limited and ultimate we have a. 315 watt 8 speaker infinity premium audio system. So let’s go ahead and take a listen. Overall I have to say that’s one of the best sounding sound systems in the class. But anyways now that brings us to our wind a-blowing system, so let’s go ahead and take a quick look. So I already mentioned earlier in the video.

You have expanded availability of the seven-inch display. So all models now have the newest version of the Blue link system. And also come with Android auto and apple carplay now. What you’re looking at is the home screen. you can click on various things to expand them so we can click into the standard the standard navigation that comes on the. Limited and the ultimate trims only and as you can see it does have a nice high quality. Display and pinch-to-zoom is very responsive. but like I was saying. Even the lower trims do now have Android auto and apple carplay. So you can use that navigation function if you don’t have integrated navigation. You have nice shortcut buttons along the side of the display. So you can just click into media and this will take you to your bluetooth streaming audio. Where we can play and pause straight from here. But anyways, those are the main features of the Hyundai blue link system. But if you want a more detailed look we have provided a tech help video which we have link to in the video description. Moving on up on your upper end trims you will find this auto dimming mirror with your homelink universal remotes built into it. At another nice impressive feature. on the night edition and the ultimate. this power of panoramic moonroof. as you can see the people the piece of glass is huge and. Almost this entire front portion opens up. So as you can see. This is probably a good foot bigger than an average moonroof as far as the area that opens up so really really impressive. Overall I’m just very impressed by the cabinet of the Tucson as a whole but this continues just to be an extremely good value. as. equipped with this ultimate package.

This is fully fully loaded ours is only thirty three thousand dollars which undercuts the competition by. about seven thousand dollars. Some of them can be nearly forty and in a luxury and technology upgrades they made this year have further added to that value proposition. But anyways now, I’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason we’ll finish up the rest of the cab. Petting around to the rear seat of the 2019 Tucson you’re going to find a good amount of space for its class. So it’s technically rated at thirty eight point two inches of rear legroom and thirty nine point two inches of rear headroom. Now like I said that is about on par with most in the class. It is a little bit less than the Honda CRV, but it’s right on par with that the rogue and rav4. Now turning over here to the door trim.

It is really nice and finished. So Hyundai does give you a leather wrapped area for your armrest as well as an area above that. Additionally do have a nice silver door handle as well as a power window. Now in addition to that you will also notice that we do have two-stage heated rear seats, which is an ultimate exclusive feature. Now coming down to the bottom just for storage. And the seat itself isn’t really nice design david has perforation and you can also recline it and this is how you fold it. Now Hyundai does fix you up pretty nicely with features in the Tucson. So you will find these rear vents on SEL trims and higher and down below that you will even find a smart charging USB port. In addition to that you do have a nice arm s does fold down and it has even more cupholders in here. And coming up you will notice my absolute favorite feature about the Tucson and that is this absolutely beautiful. Panoramic moonroof as you can tell it does even go back behind the rear headrest. So I would say this is probably the biggest panoramic moonroof in the class and it really helps air out the cabin back here.

Now in addition to that with the space you will find plenty of it. so I’ve probably six to seven inches of rear legroom and my feet can easily slide up under the seat behind his position and. sliding over. Even with this heat scooted all the way back. I still have several inches of rear legroom.

Thanks to these nice neat cutouts. But overall, I am extremely impressed by this Tucson’s rear seat. It has every feature you could ever want in this ultimate trim and also has plenty of space and comfort. You know the seats do fold 6040 split so like I mentioned earlier all you have to do is grab this little handle. Coming around to the tailgate of the Tucson. It is hands-free power on the sport trims and higher and a typical hyundai-kia fashion. All you have to do is stand next to the tailgate and it will be three times indicating that it will open. And once inside the trunk of the Tucson you are going to find a little bit less space than you would have most rivals. So you’re going to find 31 cubic feet behind the second row seats and that expands to 62 cubic feet if you fold them. And like

I said that is a little bit less than the Honda CRV and all new rav4. However, Hyundai does finish out really nicely back here. So to have a nice carpeting as well as under the floor. you do have a spare tire and. In addition to that you have a 12-volt power outlet as well as some lighting. I. Come a hundred passenger seat it is that same nice design and you will also notice that it is power adjusting on the high trends. Now in front of the passenger you do have really nice materials. So this area is leather wrapped and above it is a soft touch plastic. And down below that do you have a pretty nice size glovebox?

However, it is not felt lined. Up up the Sun Visor does have a mirror and light just turn it on there. And you can also detach and extend it. But anyway guys that sums up all the rear areas of the Tucson. So now let’s go ahead and check out the powertrain and see how it drives on the road. Let’s go ahead and talk about powertrains which have changed this year. So your base model that stays the same so you continue to have a 2-liter four-cylinder with 161 horsepower and 150 pound feet of torque. However, where the change occurs is that the old 1.6 liter turbo engine paired with a DCT dual clutch. transmission that husband discontinued this year in favor of a more traditional. 2.4 liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder. And that engine produces exactly 20 horsepower more than the base engine 181 horsepower and 175 pound feet of torque. Now since the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic has been discontinued with the turbo your only transmission now is a 6-speed automatic. and then across all the trims you have standard front-wheel drive optional all-wheel drive for. $1400.

As far as your fuel economy, it is pretty efficient. So your base model with front-wheel drive is going to get 23 City 30 highway 26 combined. And then moving up to the bigger engine. Which is what we have with front-wheel drive that will go to 22 city 28 highway 25 combined. so you only lose 1 mpg combined and. Then both of your all-wheel drive models get the same combined rating of 23. But it raised that’s a basic summary of the powertrain situation so let’s go ahead and take it on a test drive. All right, so first taking off in the 2019 tucson. Power feels pretty good off the line this has. 181 horsepower it with the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder and I’d say it’s about average for the class of. course like we mentioned this engine does replace the. 1.6. Liter turbo engine. So going with natural aspiration. Obviously is going to completely eliminate air go alive. so I. Do appreciate that part of it.

It does also have its benefits. It’s uh a little less noisy than the 1.6 last year. And. for me the biggest. improvement with this combination. is. Changing the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic to a 6-speed automatic. You know nowadays. Everything is always like we’re marching towards higher and higher technology and but I really appreciate that Hyundai took a second to reevaluate. What. do customers want and. Having the more traditional powertrain and going back to a six-speed automatic transmission. It’s just been able to bring us back to superb smoothness. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the dual clutch automatic before but it was a little bit. rougher and more jarring than the six-speed automatic and I think this. definitely. Cares more to the family. But yeah, this transmission is definitely very smooth very refined. Like you said that the maker engine now it’s less stressed. So. There’s a lot less engine noise. Yeah, so overall it’s definitely a more refined. powertrain setup gonna be 1.6 turbo. We’re to stop here because one thing you might notice we actually do not have auto start/stop on this vehicle at all. So that’s something that I know a lot of the people might actually consider a positive thing, but. going back to just. Keeping things with a more traditional and listening to the consumers.

There is no auto start/stop. I’m just writing along here. I do want to take a moment to mention. How comfortable this vehicle is. this is of course a family crossover and what they aim at being is. extremely comfortable. The Tucson definitely nails this just driving down the road here. It’s extremely quiet inside the cabin and the seats are extremely comfortable. So I’m very impressed by this car. We’ve been in pretty much every single rival. I’m I think we actually have been in every single rival. And this is definitely one of the top ones in the class for ride quality and comfort. Because Hyundai really has smoothed everything out you hit a bump and you just don’t even notice. Taking it up to highway speeds here. You can see it doesn’t have too much trouble getting up to speed. It’s not gonna knock your socks off power or anything, but it does a pretty good job for the class. It also seems pretty quiet in here. There’s quite a bit of wind noise, but that is because it’s super windy today. So it’s a little bit hard to tell. How much of that has to do with the car and how much it has to do with the day?. But as far as throat knows that yeah, there’s no road or tire noise it’s very easy, I don’t hold a conversation with P children.

Do recommend Hyundai for the steering as well going around a few corners down this road. They’ve really done a good job with the steering. They’ve given it enough weight that you know, what’s going on, but not in a you know, an obsessive amount of weight. for a type of vehicle like this so you can definitely have a good sense of. Where the wheels are placed and stuff like that. We can try out the Sport mode there only to drive modes in this car normal and sport. So see what exactly changes here to the sport mode. So you can actually tell a pretty noticeable difference. It definitely just Tunes the throttle response.

To be ready to go, you know sobriety soon as you get into it here have an instantaneous response. Versus you know, the more fuel economy minded. Dumbing it down doling it down a bit for better fuel economy. Now I could even tell a difference from the passenger seat away the thought of respondent. It’s like my car then it will just basically make the throw application about two times this. Right, I mean this is not a type of car it’s not changing the damage right now like that. You know, this is just a list a little extra touch of sport just to make you feel. Like you’re having a little bit more fun. But overall the Tucson really drives very nicely I think. The biggest.

Person that this is ear toward is someone who wants more of that. traditional. Feel from their crossover. You don’t have the turbo. You don’t have a CVT. You don’t have a dual-clutch automatic anymore. You have auto start/stop, you know, these are a lot of things that people complain about. You know because a lot of automakers can’t integrate these things. But not in a fully baked form and then you have to deal with it for the lifetime of the vehicle. and I think Hyundai is really listening to customers and gone with a more traditional approach because. just because you have. What is perceived as less technology does not mean you have an inferior experience?. This is a very smooth. powertrain as plenty of power the six-speed Automatic shifts much more smoothly than the DCT used to I. think they have. improved the experience of the Tucson. by going with your lower tech solutions. And as far as the pricing is concerned for the 2019 Tucson you are gonna find a little bit of a change from last year. Since I did rearrange some of the trim levels as well as add a few new ones. so that for the very base SE trim is gonna ring in at twenty three thousand two hundred dollars and. Then the next rung up is now the value addition.

Which it didn’t used to be but now it is and that is twenty four thousand six hundred and fifty bucks. Then you have the SEL trim which starts at twenty-five thousand six hundred then new for twenty nineteen. you have a Sport trim for twenty seven seven and. then you have a limited trim for twenty eight nine as. Well as a night. Edition on top of the limited which is thirty thousand six hundred fifty. Now finally, if you go for this fully loaded model. like what we have here that is the ultimate and that starts at thirty one thousand five hundred and fifty dollars and. An all wheel drive is an option for fourteen hundred dollars across every trim level of those. Now as far as how this particular Tucson is equipped this is the front-wheel drive model. So it’s thirty one thousand five fifty and then we do have a few accessories added onto that. So we do have carpeted floor mats for 135. cargo net 450 reversible cargo tray for 115 and mud guards for one hundred and twenty dollars and. Then finally when we include the destination charge of a thousand and forty five dollars. This model in particular as equipped is thirty three thousand and fifteen dollars. Which definitely poses a huge value proposition on the segment because most of the rivals. They’ll run you forty plus times. So this is like seven thousand dollars cheaper and its highest and. Configuration. So this is a very very value oriented vehicle and definitely has a lot of features for the money. Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching one of the first in-depth looks at. 2019 Hyundai Tucson ultimate. automotive delicacies!.

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