2019 Lexus UX 200: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | U Only Need $30K for This Lexus!

2019 Lexus UX 200: FULL REVIEW and DRIVE | U Only Need $30K for This Lexus!

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It’s no secret that crossovers are the key to a brand success nowadays. So I’ll Lexus already has four of them in their lineup. They found a gap on the low-end that a yet to be filled. that’s why we now have the UX a. $32,000 subcompact crossover. That’s the new entry point into the Lexus lineup. Of course. We do want to give a special thanks to our friends at Lexus of Lexington for providing us with this F Sport UX. 200 and if you’re in the market for any new Lexus be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them on their website. which we provided a link to in the video description, so.

With all that said let’s go ahead and check out the latest addition to the Lexus line. So starting out with the exterior design the UX has a fresh new design. More inspired by the lf1 concept then the current crop of Lexus SUVs. Compared to the NX the face is less angular though. You still have the signature spindle grille up front. Now we have the f-sport. so our grille is finished in a sporty or black mesh and outlined in a darkened chrome and. That’s compared to the web texture and silver outlining for the other models. as. Far as the main headlights they have a very premium design. These are the standard LED setup with only the turn signal being incandescent. While Lexus is fancy our triple beam LED lights are an option across the board.

The housings around the LED fog lights are the same way and there are also cornering lamps in there. Looking at the side the UX has good proportions that cover up its small size. Well. It is about 2 inches longer than some of its main rivals. So it avoids the egg-shaped problem that plagues most subcompact and. Then around back this is where the UX really stands out. it is the first Lexus to adopt the LF 1 full width tail lights as well as their 3d shape as. You can see they almost form fins, which I imagine must have some kind of aerodynamic purpose. Beyond the taillights. The bumper has a unique design on f-sport though. The exhaust pipe is always hidden. But overall Lexus has done a great job with the exterior. It has distinct and modern styling that avoids the odd proportions that plagued a lot of the rivals in the class. The wheels are another thing that definitely helped with the styling since 18-inch alloys are standard across the board. Unlike the NX where 17s are standard now.

There are two different designs this dark grey f-sport wheel or ones with lighter colored accents for the other trims. Moving back the mirrors have a cool three-part design that’s typical with Lexus products. They are always heated, but you will need to get the luxury trim for auto dimming and power folding. We do however have the blind spot monitoring which is available as a standalone option. Now as for the rest of the safety systems the UX becomes the second Lexus to have the new safety system plus 2.0. So beyond the usual automatic emergency braking Lane Departure alert with steering assist. adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlights. version 2.0 also includes bicyclist and low-light pedestrian detection. Road sinuses and lane tracing assist that keeps you centered in the lane.

Most of the rivals require you get expensive packages to get these features. The last thing to discuss on the outside is the small twelve point four gallon fuel tank. I’ll cover the actual fuel economy numbers later. but for now know that the excellent fuel economy still allows it to achieve four hundred nine miles of range and. It does run on regular unleaded fuel. So that pretty much covers everything for the stylish exterior, so now let’s see if the cabin keeps up the same vibe. So starting out the UX does have standard smart entry and it comes with Lexus’s newest key fob design. All exactly the same. Is there more expensive vehicles except. hard touch plastic. Now you can’t remove start from the inform app if you want free for one year. Now to get inside the vehicle, all you have to do is grab the handle and it unlock. All right, so first looking inside the all-new Lexus UX as you can see the interior makes a really good first impression. Now this is available in a variety of different colors, there are four colors for your base and luxury trims. That is black glazed caramel birch and then birch with a special blue dash. Now, of course, we’ve got the F Sport and that has two different colors.

That is black. And in this really really nice circuit red color. Now the material is always NuLuxe synthetic leather seating. Turning over here to your gorge room. It also looks upscale. You have got the same color leather here on the armrests as you do on the seats. And then the rest of everything else is padded. Now a four of your windows are one touch automatic and you do have memory seating available on all models. or standard on the luxury trip. Additionally f-sport does give you a few extra touches like your aluminum scuff plates special floor mats as well as your aluminum pedals. Attorney over here to the seat itself all models who come standard with this 8 way power seat with 2-way lumbar. However on the F Sport model you do have a special design. It has more bolstering to hold you in place as well as your special embroidering. Now, like I said, this is the newluxe synthetic leather. However Lexus does this really really well. It feels just as nice as a real leather and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. So like I already said first looking around the cabin it really makes a good first impression. It looks very upscale for a vehicle that starts at only. $32,000 and that is backed up by nice materials. So all of your upper dash is made from a nice soft touch material with stitching.

And then below that you have a nice textured plastic trim as well as more soft touch materials. Moving down to your lower areas. You do have a leather path here for your knee to rest against and of course everything does fit together extremely well. Which is typical for every lexus?. On the ux you do have standard push button start, so does press it to go. When you fire up the electronics you will see a 7-inch display on the base and F Sport model standard or a. ten point three inch display standard on your luxury trams. Now that larger display is also available on the two lower trims if you opt for optional navigation. Thankfully one thing that is not optional are really cool digital gauges. Now this of course is the F sport. So it has a slightly different setup with the favorite component the sliding ability. basically. this just moves the tach over to the side and allows you to expand the. Multifunction display to show really neat things like your g-force meter. Among other things like your safety systems as well.

Additionally, you can get a head-up display as an option on any trim, but we don’t have it. Now moving back to the steering wheel it is really really nice it’s basically straight off an LS. You’ve got the same thick rim padded material perforated and you’ve also got your F Sport badging. Now as far as the buttons, they are typical Lexus. So these control the multifunction display as well as audio phone a voice?. Then on this side is mostly dedicated to your safety systems as well as your adaptive cruise control. Now back behind the shifter on f-sport, you will find standard paddles as well as rain sensing wipers on this model with the Premium Package. The wheel itself does manually adjust tilt and telescoping and it is also heated as an option. Now moving on to the storage component the UX does really good for a vehicle so small. Starting out over here at your center console. This has the newest Lexus.

Way of opening where it opens from both sides as you can see, it’s actually surprisingly large. Plenty of space for different things and it is felt lined at the bottom. This is also where you’ll find your two USB ports as well as an aux jack. Up in front of that. There is another nice place right here for a phone and this can also be equipped with a Qi wireless charger. Press right here and you’ll get to your 12-volt outlet. Now coming back to the shifter. This is another part that is straight for more expensive Lexus models. And you can see it has perforated leather as well as real metal. Trim right here. And a very it’s very easy to use. all you have to do is pull back for drive and you can bump over here to the left to shift manually right here or. Via the paddle shifters that I just shown you.

When you go into reverse, you will see a standard backup camera appear on all models. There is no 360 camera available, but that’s not really a big deal. Since this is a very small vehicle parking sensors and rear auto braking are an option for all the trims. Now I don’t know if you heard that or not but that was the sound of the automatic parking brake engaging you can. Engage or disengage it manually right here and then behind the shifter you do. Have a brake hold function. Now turning over here as you can see you’ve got your standard Lexus controller. But this new part right here is something that’s never been on a Lexus before basically right here at the armrest you’ve got. Buttons that line the edges so you’ve got your volume. tuning skip from side to side as well as your radio media buttons. So now that we’re here, let’s go ahead and stable the standard six-speaker audio system. Sound quality is actually pretty good for only six speakers, but there is not an available upgrade like a Mark Levinson or anything like that.

It is also worth noting that you do have a CD player which is surprising and modern vehicle, especially one, you know aimed for Millennials. But anyways that brings us up to our dual zone automatic climate control. This is standard on every model it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is just push up or down on this toggle for both sides. You can adjust the fan speeds as well as the zones all right here with your physical controls. When you make an adjustment, it does also appear up here as well. And then down below that you’ve got a row of buttons. On this model here we have the Premium Package which includes our optional heated seats. They are not standard on the F Sport or the base model. As you can see they are automatic so they do sync with the climate control and the same goes for the. Optional heated steering wheel that we also have you can get three-stage ventilated seats, but only by opting for the luxury bomb. But anyways that brings us up to our Lexus enform system, so let’s go ahead and take a quick look. So this is obviously your newest version of the Lexus enform system. It has the updated graphics and features that have been rolling out over recent Lexus’s.

It is controlled with the touchpad controller that I showed earlier. And you got shortcut buttons to take you to your menu and your home screen. So starting out on your home screen. You can customize this to be any three things that you want and you can just click into these things to expand them. Here in the audio you can play and pause through the standard Bluetooth. as you can see. you’ve got a little effect that kind of the blue traces where your hand is going so that. Helps you to have a reference point to what you’re clicking on hang it to your menus where you’ll find all your other applications. So you can go into your phone in here. It defaults to go to your. contacts which automatically sync over you can’t search through these or you can go over here to the side and. Expand into your messages or your keypad or whatnot. in your apps these come through the inform app they have on your phone and you can connect to the system via bluetooth or. You can now use apple carplay via the projection. so this vehicle it does not have Android auto but it does have apple carplay and you do also have Amazon Alexa and.

Then like I already mentioned at the beginning. You can of course get the big ten point three inch display that comes with navigation and that also gives you the split screen. Ability that you’ve seen in other Lexus models where you can have the menu and then a secondary screen with other stuff that cycles through. But anyways, that’s all I’m going to cover in this video. However, we do have a detailed in forum tech help video. If you want to learn more a link to that will be provided in the video description. Movin on up we do have an auto-dimming mirror with compass and your home link universal remotes. This is optional on your base two trims and standard on the luxury. Same also goes for your moonroof. We have the optional one. It is just a standard size unit. I’m not gonna open it up since it is raining. But it does look very big. But overall, I’m really impressed by the uxs cabin.

This is of course your most affordable lexus at only starting price of only thirty two thousand dollars. But this cabin does not feel entry-level. It’s still got all the lexus characteristics. You expect like really nice switchgear premium feeling materials and it looks really stylish as well. So overall great job places. But anyways now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will finish up the rest of the cabin. All right, so looking in the back of the all-new Lexus UX of course, this is a small vehicle. But you’re actually not going to find too bad of space. So you’ll find. 33.1 inches of rear legroom and. Thirty-six point six inches of rear headroom that does make it three inches smaller than the Lexus NX. But it is bigger than the Infiniti qx30 and Mercedes GLA.

And turning over to the door trim it is made of nice materials. So you do have some red leather where your arm arrest as well as a padded material with a graining texture. You have a silver door handle and your window is fully automatic, which is a nice touch. Now the seat itself is a really soft design it’s made of that beautiful Rioja red leather and it’s actually a very comfortable seat. Now even though this is a subcompact vehicle it is still Alexis, so they throw in a lot of nice amenities. So you will find vents on all models and down below that you will also find two charging USB ports. Plus this also throws in a nice armrest. So leather wrap and it has two cupholders in the end. Now above that we do have a nice LED lighting a good sized headliner and you do have an assist grab in comfort. Now like I mentioned this is a subcompact vehicle. So you kind of expect it to be small but behind your seating position. I still have probably four or five inches of legroom and my feet can easily slide in front of the seat. And sliding over here with the seat scooted all the way back. I do have a very minimal amount of legroom. However, this is for a really tall adult in the front. But overall, I’m actually a really big fan of the UX’s rear seat I’ll be honest. I came into this review thinking that this rear seat would be a really crappy place to spend time.

Very cramped and not luxurious at all. But I’m actually pleasantly surprised for average-sized people. It’s pretty comfortable back here. And you do also have some nice luxury amenities. Now to fold the rear seats just locate this button on the back of the seat back and it does fold 60/40 split. Now heading around to the trunk. We actually do have the hands-free power option, which is an option on the F Sport and base model or standard on the luxury. So just wave your foot under the bumper. And it will open right up. Now inside the cargo department of the UX you’re actually going to find another large amount of space you’ll find. 21.7 cubic feet behind the segment row seats, which actually makes it makes it larger than most of the rivals now. Lets us do not provide an exact measurement for what the seats folded, but I would suspect there’s actually a pretty good amount of space. Now it is also nicely finished back here soon to have a nice carpeting a nice silver trim back here. as well as a fix a flat hit down there and.

You do have first aid kits as well as all of the lining and a nice cargo cover. Now over here in the passenger side to see is a beautiful design as f-sport branding in the headrest as was color contrast and. It is also power adjusting with some black trim pieces. Now like I said in the rear you really don’t sacrifice much of the materials even though this is Lexus is cheapest model. So you do have a nice stitch dashboard as well as a patent material in front the passenger. And down below that you do have a nicely sized dampened glovebox. Up top do have a nice mirror and light does also detach and extend. But anyway guys that pretty much wraps it all I’m going to talk about up here. So now let’s go ahead and get to the powertrain and do a quick test drive. All righty, so let’s go ahead and talk about the power trains. So we’ve got the UX200 that is your gas powered model and that has a two-liter four-cylinder. Engine no turbo charging or anything like that. 169 horsepower and 151 lb.ft. of torque Now that is less than what most rivals give you. If you go for the hybrid model, that’s the UX 250 H. it actually has more power at. 181 total system horsepower now this shares a platform with the Toyota CHR and the Corolla hatchback. So that does mean that this particular model is front-wheel drive only. However, if you go for the hybrid model, it is all wheel drive only and that’s because the electric motor powers the rear wheels. Like the Corolla this has the new and innovative transmission that pairs a single.

conventional gear with a CVT so you launch into a regular automatic transmission and then it hands over to a. continuously variable for the best efficiency. As far as the performance that gets you it’s gonna be 0-60 and. 8.9 seconds for the UX 200 and that falls to eight point six seconds with a hybrid and. Going for the F sport does not change any performance or anything like that. Finally. We have the fuel economy, which is really excellent. This UX 200 is 29 city. 37 highway 33 combined and the hybrid has not yet been rated because it won’t go on sale until January. and for those of you wondering that is eight miles per gallon combined better than the NX if your cross shopping this -. But anyways, now let’s go ahead and get some real quick driving impressions. So first sitting off in the UX. Power is decent. Like I said, it does have less power than a lot of rivals. It’s not something’s going to. Knock your socks off, you know because this is a power train. pretty much shared with the Corolla hatchback. so. You’re not paying for big power when you purchase this vehicle. I was talking about that transmission. It’s really quite seamless. you would think you might be a little weird having a conventional gear to launch in and then a CVT to take over but.

Really? It’s seamless you wouldn’t hardly notice. It just seems like you have it’s more responsive, you know and a vehicle like this. You’re really looking for it to be quiet and refined and this engine really is. You know when you accelerate obviously, it’s not super powerful or anything like that, but it is a very quiet engine. You’re not gonna hear too much noise out of it. And like you said the transmission is also very good. It’s very refined and you feel like you’re in a luxury vehicle. right. Power is not the focus of this vehicle UX. Stands for urban explorer and this is a vehicle. It is geared for urban environments a small tight really tight turning radius. You know and power is not what you’re looking for necessarily in an urban situation what you’re looking for is that. maneuverability that comfort you know. you can hit a pothole you do stuff like that and it takes it just as well as a bigger Lexus and. That is a feat and a vehicle as small as this. As to the steering of this vehicle it’s really fast. We’re descending normal mode right now.

But it’s really fast responding and then the steering wheel itself. I mentioned it in the main part of the review. It’s really a beautiful steering wheel. This is straight from more expensive Lexus product. And last thing I want to say. Really is I’ve already touched on it is just how much this small model still. exhibits all the signature Lexus characteristics. We’re riding along here. And it is so smooth. So you’re not coming. It’s not used to small cars riding so smoothly and being so quiet. I mean, it is really clutched. It’s even raining outside. The roads are when the roads are wet. And yeah, you don’t even hear like the splashing or anything. It is really quiet up here. So, I think this car really succeeds at its mission. You know, if you’re looking for big power numbers and stuff like that. This is not the car for you. But if you use it, the way Lexus intends you to use it which is to use. It in an urban environment. As a maneuverable smooth riding very. Efficient and surprisingly spacious crossover and I think you are going to be very satisfied with the UX. Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching one of the first in-depth looks at the 2019 Lexus UX 200 F Sport. We’ll catch you next time as we sample for the latest automotive delicacies.

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