New Mazda 6 2019 6AT 2.0 Skyactiv-G SkyPassion Petrol Gasoline Engine Automatic

2019 New Mazda 6 6AT 2.0 Skyactiv-G SkyPassion Petrol Gasoline Engine Auto

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Here you will see test of Mazda 6. this is SkyPassion version. 2.0L petrol engine with 165 HP. Thanks to BMG Goworowski Gdańsk Gdynia. we get this limousine. in Soul Red color. Here we go. The car looks awesome. In this version we have LED Matrix head lights. See yourself. thought this model has lifting a time ago. It is still drawing attention.

I can’t wait to go inside :). Let’s do this. we’ll check how much space it has for tall people. but leaving dust outside. And. as a tall person 194 cm. I feel here great. It’s very comforting. this is a SkyPassion version. It has as standard leather seats. with ventilation.

and the space for me. see this. there are. no problems. and still I have some space to move back. now its awesome space. and the person behind. will fit. preferably not tall. but still we can move forward. to give some more space. additionally. in SkyPassion ver. we have 2 sets. for two persons. from time to time. they can change. just choosing their fav set.

and the rest. easily can adjust different one. that fits them. Now let’s see how much space is on the back if a driver is tall like me. having 194 cm high. Room for head. it’s okay. but for legs, not so much. my Wife would feel here great 160 cm :). But tall driver and person behind him. would have problem if 5 persons are here. But with 4 persons in a car, it’s okay. Here you see Headlight with LED. in this version. SkyPassion. are matrix LED. these lights. not as standard LED in lower version. they are capable.

to control. light beam. by turning off/on needed parts of matrix. in my opinion. looks better than in other cars. Arteon. or VAG cars. having better shape. awesome. we can say something about color. Soul Red. It has also maroon color. thanks to. two techniques applied. It is reflecting aluminum flakes. But it has also flakes which absorb sun. that is why. in different light. it can be seen as Red or Maroon color. This version for about 140.000 PLN. it comes with big nice looking 19 inch ALU wheels. on the front we get interesting. chrome finishing. what make this car looking awesome.

Let’s drive this car. to see how much it consumes of fuel. at speed 90, 100, 110. 120 adn 130 km/h. Hear this sound. here we have. pro sound. it is Bose. with eleven speakers. Perfect sound quality. Now we cruise at 90 km/h. with cruise control on. as for now. droped to 5,6 l/100km. to remind it is 2 L gasoline engine. with no air intake. this was achieved. with 1.4 tsi Passat. and difference between. In Passat 122 HP. Here we have 165 HP. we drove 23,5 km. and consumption dropped. to 5,3 l/100km.

we drive not in sport type. like eco drive but not stopping others :). Capasitors are fully charged. and we can use. this power from recuperation. to use. for a/c. or Radio. now you see how good are. Matrix LED head lights. where light beam follows turn side. we go again. to see consumption at 100 km/h. we go S7 route. with no traffic. after 16,5 km. average is 4,5l/100km. we go with cruise control on 100 km/h. now we cruise at. speed 110 km/h. average 6,3l/100km. it’s great as for 2L engine without air intake. now we go through. bright part. but soon it will end, and we will see.

how good are Matrix LED from Mazda. coming as standard in SkyPassion version. it cost 147.000 PLN round 39k USD. to have all of this in Audi we need to pay 200.000 PLN around 53k USD. A4 Avant. and 10000 PLN less. for 2019 Passat. Mazda has high quality. especially in suspension. where we can go 200000km without big problems. what cannot be said about Passat. from 2011. at 40000km. Audi. after 70000km we had no problems. but for the price 20-30% more. than for Passat. Now you can see clear road with brith light. LED are very good we can compare it. or they are better. than in Audi 2016 A3 Etron. our previous car. plug in hybrid. we go further now after 15km. still 6,3l / 100km. it’s great average. now it’s. 120km/h. for 21km. 6,4l/100km. it’s better than in Passat 1.4 TSI. or A3 Etron Plug in. hybrid 1.4 TSI. First we drove for 4 years second for 3 years.

  1. we have some comparisons. in real life. it’s not sport driving. just cruise control on. 120km/h. and only 120. it on flat road with its ups and downs. 22,6km. there is no going down as from Zakopane to Kraków. there is no big wind. no advantage from it. Now it’s 130 km / h. For 11km. 7,1l/100km. it’s engine with small inner resistance. makes it. really. nice unit. and interior in the night time bright enough. for few hundreds PLN. we can get white LED. but warm white is better as for me. but these finishing strips looks amazing. and about the noise with 130km/h. there is no big noise inside.

with music turned on we can forget to hear wind. sadly it’s a last day testing Mazda 6. will now see interior and finishing inside. front doors are well composed. nothing cracks. materials are fine. Let’s test Mazda Navi. Choosing destination. and searching. destination is very easy. just type street address. each letter give results. so typing first letter. gives last searched address. we go forward. let’s assume for now. we want to find new address. like this one. house number 3. and go to. as You see. Navi works perfectly. no lag. no delay. btw, in Audi A3 Etron from 2016. that Navi was chocking. an update didn’t help. low quality of Processor. but here it works smoothly. design is nice. easy to get used to.

i was using VAG group Navi for 7 years. but. this unit is working and lack nothing here. and it’s how look like. Control Panel. It’s SkyPassion which has. Ventilated seats. also heated. and heated steering wheel. i checked seats heating. with lowest setting. It works in 30 seconds. its comforting. not to hot, ideal. and well balanced. we can turn on A/C. or A/C Eco. Eco mode is enough strong to cool down. yesterday in sunny day. 25 degrees. cooling down to 21.

was easy and give comfort. additionally in Auto Mode. turns on internal circulation protecting Air. we have front wind shield heating. and rear too. Front has warm air heating. we have also. vipers heating. and to. for passenger you just press sync off.

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