2019 Nissan Altima VC-Turbo – Watch Out Camry & Accord?

2019 Nissan Altima VC Turbo – Watch Out Camry And Accord?

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when it comes to family sedans Nissan  has always had a relatively solid. foothold in this very competitive. segment I mean if you look at the. numbers they’ve consistently been right. behind the top-selling Toyota Camry and. Honda Accord so although American buyers. still continue to switch over from. sedans to crossovers sales numbers have. been strong enough for Nissan to give. the Altima a full redo for 2019 this is. exactly what you’re looking at this is. the all-new 6th generation version. Nissan promises that it is riding on an. all-new platform. it’s sleeker it’s got to all new. powertrains so the big question I want. answered is is this new Altima a reason. for you to visit your local Nissan. showroom that’s what we’re here to find. out. [Music]. so as I said earlier

Nissan  is investing. heavily in the all-new Altima starting. with an all-new platform to match its. all-new look this design is definitely. very different from the previous. generation Altima you guys saw which ran. from 2013 until 2018 I actually think. the new Altima is quite a handsome. looking sedan especially when you look. at it from the front and I really like. the new corporate Nissan  vMotion grille. they’ve kind of extended the actual girl. into the lower part of the fascia it’s. got a slightly more pronounced V the. chrome bar shows the V and then most. Altimas will come with Nissan‘s pro. pilot 360 assist which includes the. radar sensor it’s a full suite of. drivers safety safety systems it’s only. standard on the SV and up trims which is. kind of different from what Nissan does. with the competitors now in terms of the. rest of the design full LED headlights. only come on the SR and up trims if you. guys go for the base Altima 2.5 s it’ll. still come with halogen projectors. speaking of which you can choose this. car in five different trim.

configurations now if you guys also. spring for an SP and up trim you’ll get. LED fog lights. unfortunately the turn signals are an. incandescent design so I do see a little. bit of cost-cutting there if you guys. know the new Accord the new mazda6 the. new camry you have full LED headlights. which come as standard equipment but. overall when you look at the actual. design of the Altima you can see Nissan. says they’ve made this vehicle about an. inch lower and an inch wider it. definitely shows a sedan buyers look for. more reason to choose a sedan automakers. that have kind of been forced to make. these cars look a little bit more. sleeker versus their previous. generations so checking out the side.

profile of the new Altima let’s first. talk about the wheel sizes now the. Altima is available in several different. wheels depending on the trim if you guys. go for that base 2.5 you’ll be dealing. with 16-inch steel wheels with hubcaps. so I probably avoid that these are the. 19-inch wheels that come standard on the. Edition 1 which is kind of the top trim. Nissan‘s only building about 4000 of. these for the 2019 model year they’re 19. inch wheels wrapped in 235 40 series. tires these are an inch bigger than what. you keep you get on the previous. generation Altima and their unique gray.

finish on the Edition 1 if you guys go. for an SR or regular platinum you’ll. have a different finish on the 18 inch. wheel all the other terms will have a 17. inch alloy wheel now in terms of the. actual size of the Altima because this. is on a new platform Nissan was able to. make it larger its wheelbase is about. two and. longer 111 inches long and about 192. point nine inches long it’s about an. inch and a half longer than the previous. generation this is basically right on. top of the new Accord in terms of length. so the ultimate kind of fits right in. the middle in terms of the actual size

I am noticing some Maxima design cues here. which doesn’t surprise me you have kind. of this floating roof like look at the. rear D pillar here it kind of gives it a. more coupe like look of course you guys. know the Altima Coupe has been. discontinued for quite a few years but. overall I think the Altima is design and. the side profile definitely has some. uniqueness to it I’m just not sure I. really care for the floating roof design. but it definitely looks more distinctive. than the previous generation so at the. rear of the Altima

I am seeing a lot of. influence again from the Nissan Maxima. which doesn’t really surprise me. although it is making people a little. bit more difficult ton choosing between. the Altima and the maximum but overall. the design is relatively handsome. although I am noticing some cost-cutting. here the taillights are not full LEDs or. even partial LEDs like you get on some. of the competitors you have an. incandescent turn signal incandescent. reverse light and an incandescent brake. light so I’m very surprised that Nissan. didn’t do that this one being the. platinum trim also has the Platinum. badge on the back here in addition to. that addition one outside on the back. and then as you can see here in the rear. you have kind of this rear diffuser. looking for a bumper you have dual. exhaust tips which are nice you have. nicely integrated rear parking sensors. now the Altima Strunk has it changed. from the previous Federation which. didn’t really mean to Nissan says it’s. rated at fifteen point four cubic feet. of space which you can see it’s huge. it’s a very large opening as well these. hinges will crush your cargo but the. seats also fold down 60/40 and the.

Nissan does include a temporary spare. tire underneath the floor so you don’t. have to deal with a fix applaud kit so. the exterior of the Altima is all-new. but let’s move on to the interior this. vehicle now first things first here is. the key fob for the Altima it’s still. the same old and Nissan  key fob really. really disappointed that Nissan didn’t. replace the key with something new I. know this doesn’t really need to be. replaced but come on this keys been used. for a few years quite a few years now. but anyways. push button start intelligent access key. is standard remote start is also. standard on every Altima trim which is. nice so as you approach the vehicle just. keep the key fob inside your pocket or. your purse there’s a button on the. outside of the handle push the button it. locks the doors to unlock it there’s no. sensor on the back of handle you have to. touch the button again and that will. unlock the door for you now my tester. has basically a black on black. a combination so it’s a black interior. with some contrasting stitching you have.

like a 10-way power adjustment for the. driver with a two-person memory there’s. some nice materials aluminum look trims. carbon-fiber accents there’s an all new. steering wall and the interior is. definitely and a huge upgrade versus the. previous generation the old one just had. looked very old you see you have that. floating tablet spout screen it actually. reminds me a lot of what Mazda and Honda. does in the interior so nice sounds kind. of copying a couple of things here and. there but getting inside the inside of. the new Altima you can see it. immediately feels a little bit lower. than the previous generation which is. kind of a good thing they wanted to go. with a little bit of a sportier route. and then when you shut the door it. sounds relatively solid so really good. first impressions out here in there now. when you want to start to vehicle up the. button has been moved from the this part. of the dash to next here right here by. the shifter so put your on the brake pushes button here to fire up the engine. now you can see the gauges honestly. don’t look like they’ve changed too much. aside from the slightly larger screen. there for your driver assistance which. is like a 7-inch display that the gauges. still do a nice sweep it’s not like the. full LCD but like some competitors have. done and this is the new VC turbo engine. [Music]. it definitely doesn’t have that nice. snarl of that v6 so I’ll keep an over. line we’ll go into the test-drive later. on now let’s examine the rest of this. interior first things first this eight. inch screen is standard with apple. carplay and android auto that goes. beyond what Honda and Toyota offers the.

Accord you have to get at least a sport. rim to get the apple carplay with a. larger eight inch screen. Toyota didn’t offer apple carplay on the. 18 Camry it’s coming for 2019 this is. really nice very large screen you can. see it has weighs in google.maps because. you have the newest update with Waze so. this is really great. love the new infotainment system in. terms of the rest of the materials here. let’s take a look because the dash is. now soft touch or at a soft touch here. the old one was a soft edge as well it’s. also a soft touch on this lower portion. here so that’s really nice you have this. imitation wood trim with some silver. painted plastic accents which is nice. you have a leather covered here on the. instrument panel which is also nice the. door panel materials here are soft touch. which is good you have an aluminum. accented door handles the windows are. expressed up/down for just the front. windows kind of hoping it was for the. rear windows as well this is actually.

included on the SV and up trims it’s. nice and padded right here there’s a. good place to put your phone a little. bit more storage down here a couple of. buttons here to turn on the the full 360. driving safety shield that Nissan is. known for and then overall the steering. wheel here is also a nice new steering. wheel I do like this new steering what’s. the same one that’s on the road you can. see you can turn on the Nissan safety. systems right here you have all your. different cruise and audio control. buttons here the wheel itself tilts and. telescopes it’s an electric power. steering system well go into the test. drive later on now let’s go back to the. infotainment system here with this new.

Nissan System now going to the actual. main and Nissan portion you can see this. is the way the audio system looks with. your presets it’s really nice honestly I. work Srila tively well it’s a very. smooth clear glass area which is really. nice if you go to the menu display here. you can see you have your navigation. sources here you can search to your. previous donation destinations you have. basically all your sources down here. here’s the actual map display which. again tries to look a little bit like a. tablet it’s not quite as quick as some. of the other systems I’ve tried but the. new updated maps look fantastic so Bravo. on Nissan on updating the navigation. system and the head unit this is. fantastic when you push this camera. button here you can see the car has 360.

camera this is only included as standard. appointment on the Platinum trim so if. you guys want this 360 camera you have. to get the Platinum the blind spot. monitoring is also included with the. rear cross-traffic alert that is. included on the SR trims enough the base. models do not have that as they do not. have the actual Nissan safety shield. system but they do come standard with. automatic emergency braking which is. nice but some of the competitors like. the according Camry all that comes. standard even the base trim Nissan. decided to instead give you a better. head unit here with apple carplay and. android auto they might do well with. some buyers but again when some. competitors offer that it’s definitely a. ding on Nissan but overall this is. relatively nice car plate you can see. his access when you just push the actual. display there it’s all logically laid. out you can go to your settings here you. have a wireless hotspot which is nice.

with Nissan connect so this is. relatively very updated very much class. norm so that’s great down here you can. see dual zone climate control which is. standard in most trims you have a heated. steering wheel and then you have to. level heated seats Nissan does not offer. cooled seats unfortunately so that’s a. little bit of a ding there’s no wireless. charging pad as well instead you have a. USB and a USB C and an aux port down. there a good place to put your phone but. why not just make this a wireless. charging pad I just don’t understand it.

this is the transmission selector for. the xtronic CVT it’s very traditional. again so if you guys prefer traditional. leaver you’re gonna really like this car. I don’t really care for this plastic. trim right here feels a little bit on. the cheaper side but there’s nice cup. holders here there’s a new electronic. parking brake with an auto hold feature. and this is also nice and padded it. gives you a really good amount of. storage in there now the seats these are. remember Nissan‘s zero-gravity NASA. inspired memory foam seats they are so. comfortable I’m like sitting in this. seat it’s like sitting on a cloud these. are really nice seats I just don’t. really care for the way they look I. think they’re a little bit plain looking. that’s kind of a nit picking thing with. the perforations here I just don’t. understand why they didn’t make them.

cooled but they are one of the most. comfortable seats in the segment so try. the seats out I think a lot of you’ll. like that. no panoramic sunroof is available. instead you just have a standard sized. moon earth which is kind of a ding I. wish Nissan would offer that but they do. offer it on the Maxima so those are. there’s a reason to upgrade another. thing I don’t really like no LED. lighting in the cabin this is all. incandescent lighting I’m really. surprised that they didn’t just make it. LED most competitors have gone to an LED. especially on this top trim the glove. compartment here is very large I it fits. a good amount of stuff it’s not lined. with felt but it is damped so its. overall. I mean this interior definitely is nice. I struggled to find reasons on saying. that it’s nicer than basically the new.

Accord or the mazda6 which I think are. still the class standard but Nissan has. definitely brought themselves up to par. here but most of the actual design here. is kind of just you know taken from. different brands and I wish that I wish. that there were a couple features here. that’s missing but overall it’s a very. pleasant cabin and a lot of you are. probably going to be sold just when you. sit in the seats so when the two inch. stretch in the wheelbase you’d expect. Nissan to be able to improve the rear. seat room and getting back here this is. my first time actually getting back here. I have to say it’s very nice I like how.

the floor is relatively flat in the. center here it’s also a good amount of. foot space underneath here I’m also. noticing a couple of features you have a. USB C charge port and a regular USB. which is nice you have rear seat air. vents keep in mind this is the fully. loaded Platinum Edition one version now. in terms of the space Nissan actually. quotes the legroom at around 35 inches. which is surprisingly about a couple. inches less than the competitors but I. don’t really notice it too much this. feels about as spacious as the last.

camera not as spacious as the Accord of. the Passat there’s a nice little armless. that folds down here the seats have. relatively good support in terms of the. materials it’s hard touch plastic back. here which is different from the front. seats which is a little disappointing. but you do have to math pockets but. overall I think two people maybe even. three would be pretty comfortable in. this vehicle so to show that Nissan  is. investing heavily in the own new Altima. Nissan has actually done away with the. previous generations powertrains. which is a first for all the Altima. they’ve never done two on new. powertrains when they’ve redesigned a. vehicle starting with the base motor and. obviously this is the vc turbo this.

replaces the v6 but the base engine is. still a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder gas engine. II now has direct injection it’s got. pretty much an entirely redesigned block. and heads it makes about nine more. horsepower 188 horsepower 182. foot-pounds of torque that’s very. competitive numbers now this is the. engine that most people are probably. more interested in the vq35de it’s gone. that v6 is gone so they’ve gone the way. with the Accord replacing it with a. 2-liter turbocharged gasoline direct. injection engine now it says VC because. this is the first application of a. variable compression engine in a Nissan. product we’ve seen this motor in the. Infiniti qx50 but not in a Nissan what. that means is basically the computer.

will allow its alter the actual. compression. so from like 8 to 1 to 14 to 1 depending. on the needs of the engine depending on. the needs of the driver so more. efficient or less efficient or if you. want more power that really doesn’t mean. much to a lot of people but it’s. supposed to go unnoticed when you’re. driving the vehicle now the numbers it’s. rated at 236 horsepower and 267 pound. feet of torque that’s if you feed it. regular if you guys feed it premium it. get a little bit more power 248. horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. those numbers are right on top of the. new Accord with its 2 liter turbo.

unfortunately unlike the Honda Nissan. does not offer a six-speed manual in. this car it’s all a CVT it’s Nissan‘s. xtronic continuously variable. transmission it’s been updated of course. for this new generation and fuel economy. was a top priority then you also mount. the new Altima gets as good as 28th in. the city 39 on the highway that’s only a. 1 mpg improvement over the previous. generation but the new turbo gets a 3. mpg improvement this is rated at 25 in. the city 34 on the highway that’s very. good numbers all Altimas are front-wheel. drive for the turbo if you guys go for. the base 2.5 it’s front-wheel drive or. available all-wheel drive for 1,350. bucks it’s the first time you Nissan is. offering all-wheel drive unfortunately. you cannot get all-wheel drive on this. turbo engine Nissan says that they may. change that depending on demand but as. this one sits it weighs around 3,300. pounds or 3400 pounds it’s the heaviest. that you can get for the Altima but. let’s get out on the road and see how it.

all performs shall we okay so if I had a. dollar for every time one of you guys. asked me when I’m going to review the. new Altima I probably could retire and. just not have to do these videos anymore. but I want to address first why I wasn’t. at the ultimate media drive last month. Nissan  just told me there wasn’t enough. room for me I was a little bit late. asking to get onboard and they just said. they didn’t have space for me but. thankfully I’m at the I’m at my local. 2018 Washington automotive Press. Association rally and Nissan  is here. with an Altima they’ve got two Ultimates. here so I’m in the VC turbo v6 is gone. this is a powertrain that a lot of. people love so let’s get out there and see how it performs shall we.

ooh there’s lots of low-end torque there. that that’s surprising now these roads. here are relatively narrow so I’m going. to wait until I find an actual good. stretch of road which is right here now. the roads are also slightly damped. remember there’s no I will drive on the. turbo model so no sport mode here let’s. just put our foot down a little bit of. spin oh wow okay this thing is pretty. quick like so many other turbo engines. it has lots of mid-range grunts and I. didn’t really feel too much in terms of. lag the CBT is just a little bit slow to. respond I’m actually really surprised.

because the old v6 with the CVT combo. was really snappy for CVT it was just. quick shifting which this really isn’t. I’m surprised like there’s a really big. delay when I first put my foot down. let’s try it again delay and then once the boost kicks in tires are spinning. it sounds interesting this is a very. interesting sounding fortune this is my. first time driving the actual VC turbo. on this car and then the Lane Departure. alert is literally yelling at me as I’m. going through as I’m crossing over the. Lane but the Altima has a relatively. good first impression but you guys are. probably gonna miss the v6 the v6 had a.

really nice noise that’s this one’s kind. of just lacking now as I go down the. road here I am noticing that the. ultimate feels considerably more refined. compared to the last one I drove the. ride quality is incredibly comfortable. it’s just kind of button down the. structure itself also feels relatively. good I am noticing this car feels a. little bit bigger especially on this. narrow road it’s a little bit it’s about. an inch wider so you are gonna notice. that on the tighter roads but it makes. the car feel more planted it makes it. look sporty or on the outside and the. electric power steering in this car is. really dead but it’s relatively quick. and it’s precision but overall it’s just. this is a commuter car remember it’s not.

supposed to be a sports sedan go buy an. Infiniti q50 if you guys want that this. is supposed to be a comfortable commuter car more wheel spin. now the CVT does try to mimic shifts and. it does a relatively good job but it. just doesn’t sound very pleasant I mean. it’s got that typical turbo for wine the. one thing I really like about the Accord. when they offer that 2-liter turbo is it. pairs with a 10 speed auto in the Honda. so this is a CVT that you’re gonna have. to deal with but when you’re conscious. driving it normally how does the CVT.

actually perform well it’s relatively. good at that regard it’s very smooth. that’s one thing that Nissan‘s always. done a good job in the visibility and. Haier is also pretty good good view out. of the front big side mirrors all the. driver assistance in this car is really. nice I like the Nissan 360 safety shield. which should be standard on all the. trims but you have to buy at least the. SV trim for 28,000 bucks so that’s kind. of a little bit of a ding but I’m really. liking the comfortable seats that this. car has I mean these seats are seriously. like a cloud they are the softest seats. in the segment they’re softer than the. camry is especially the Camrys the core. is that vibration in the steering wall I. like it but I’m just glad that it’s not. you know beeping at me but it’s. definitely very aggressive when you hear.

the vibration now going around this. corner here you can see body roll stays. relatively in check but this car has a. very soft suspension but there it’s. gotten great throttle response there I. put my foot down it gets up to speed. really nicely honestly the 0-60 time. probably feels like around 6 and 1/2. seconds for me it’s definitely slower. feeling than the v6 but the v6 also felt. faster because the CVT was just better. programmed it just you know made a nice.

incredibly loud noise which sounded. great – a lot of enthusiasts this is. just different this is this is the art. of downsizing this is what every manufacturer is kind of going to. now this road here is relatively dry I’m. going to put my foot down one more time here ooh. [Music]. but yet see it tries to mimic shifts. there which is fine but the sound just. is really unpleasant Honda’s two-liter. turbo makes a better noise this is very. comparable to the mazda6 2.5 turbo that. has a very similar noise but I will say. this car does feel quicker than the. Mazdas 2-liter turbo but there was a. time where Altimas used to be the. sportiest offering and you know Nissan. says they’ve retune the suspension and. steering especially for the SR trims and. up the steering is just kind of dead the.

body is really comfortable this is a. comfortable commuter car it’s not a. sports sedan but I think a lot of you. are probably going to enjoy driving. these on your longer trips especially. with these seats I cannot get over how. much like a cloud these seats are these. are just fantastic seats but overall I’m. impressed with the new Altima I’m just. not so sure that it’s impressive enough. to me that I would consider it over in. accord I might consider it over a Camry. or the Mazda 6 but the Camry offers a few features that I prefer like the. panel sunroof I think it looks even more. aggressive I like the v6 in the Camry.

there’s just so many choices out there. if you’re looking for a midsize sedan. but I’m really happy that Nissan has. decided to reinvest into the Altima I. just kind of wish that they put a little. bit more premium features in it and made. it a sporty or like the Maxima but then. and then they kind of dilute the reason. to get a Maxima now because I’m on this. really short you know Drive I can’t. really talk too much about fuel economy. but they did improve it by three mpg. I’ll have to wait until I get one for a. week to test to really talk about the.

fuel economy and talk about what it’s. like to live with on a day to day basis. but overall I think the new Altima is. driving dynamics have improved you’re. gonna miss the v6 sound but the turbo 4. has plenty of torque it has effortless. acceleration once you kind of get past. the lag the CVT reminds you that it’s a. CVT when you’re pushing it but when. you’re driving in it like 8/10 it’s a. relatively responsive smooth and just. unnoticeable transmission now in terms. of quietness I’m going about 55 this. road is actually really really terrible. it’s very gravely and the road noise is. quite subdued so Nissan is doing a good. job here with making the cabin really.

refined I mean that’s the big thing with. this new Altima it’s way more refined. it’s quieter. aside from the engine kind of droning. they’ve added more sound deadening. materials so it’s a really nice relaxed. highway cruiser and even on crappy. pavement like this you’re gonna be able. to just kind of enjoy relax and just. kind of forget about all the craziness. of the outside world so within the. Nissan brand the Altima has consistently. been one of the company’s top sellers I. mean if you look at the actual figures. they consistently do at least a quarter. million sales every year although that. number has kind of been dropping as. everyone seems to be buying crossovers. over sedans but where does that leave.

the all-new 6th generation Altima while. after spending the day driving one I’m. actually really impressed with how this. car drives it’s really refined. it has very sleek maxima like looks it. has a really comfortable interior with. those super supportive seats but we’re. the kind of falls flat is in the actual. overall driving dynamics this car is not. the sportiest to drive for sure that. distinction still belongs to the Accord. the Mazda 6 even the new Camry it’s. variable compression turbo engine. doesn’t make the most refined sounds but. it does have a lot of mid-range torque. which is why I like but a lot of. previous generation buyers are gonna. really miss that v6 and I really think.

Nissan needs to offer all-wheel drive on. the turbo engine as you guys saw earlier. although the roads were a little bit. damp on the drier sections of roads it. still has a little bit of trouble. putting the power down I think Nissan. also needs to tune the CVT to make it a. little bit more responsive especially. when you first put your foot down but. other than that if you’re looking for a. really comfortable commuter car that has. a lot of luxury car qualities at a much. lower price the Altima is definitely. worth a look and I think Nissan has done. a really good job with the 6th. generation version but what all that. said what’s gonna cost to put one of. these in your driveway well the new. Altima is more expensive than the.

previous generation as expected this car. starts around $600 more than the old. version it’s starting at 23 thousand. seven hundred and fifty that’s for a. base 2.5 s you can add all-wheel drive. to any version of the Altima as long as. you guys stick with the base 2.5 liter. engine it’s thirteen hundred and fifty. bucks I honestly recommend at least. going for the SR trim it’s kind of like. an accord sport or a Toyota Camry I see. it’s around $1,300 starting around. twenty-five thousand dollars for that. version that’s going to get you more.

features like 19-inch wheels the. slightly better look on the outside this. one being the fully loaded VC you know. Platinum Edition one stickers for thirty. six thousand eight hundred fifty that’s. including the destination that is a. little bit more expensive than last. year’s Altima but it is cheaper than a. Toyota Camry. little bit and roughly the same price is. a Honda Accord so I think Nissan has. priced it right and I think a lot of. buyers who are looking to purchase a. mid-sized family saying are gonna find a. lot to like what they also just know. that a CVT is standard and it’s not. necessarily the sportiest but it is one.

of the most comfortable offerings in the. segment but I hope you guys have enjoyed. my full overview on this 2019 Nissan. Altima s are platinum edition 1 if. you’re also looking see latest cars I’m. testing make sure you follow me on. instagram at red line underscore reviews. like us on facebook and as always guys. please keep subscribing to the red line. movies youtube channel for all the. latest reviews thank you so much for. watching I’ll catch you all in the next. video [Music]. you [Music].

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