2019 Nissan Maxima: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Maxima Gets a Big Dose of GTR for 2019!

2019 Nissan Maxima – FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Maxima Gets a Big Dose of GTR

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Now the Maxima is one of those cars that kind of marches to its own beat. Since it signs like a mid-sized sedans price like a full-size sedan, and it’s time to perform. It’s crud in a class. That’s typically known for appealing to those in their retirement years for 2019. this intriguing combination has been extensively reworked which is why we’re out at Gates Nissan ┬átoday checking out this. 2019 maxima platinum in pearl white. if you’re in the market for any new Nissan. Be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description.

So with that said, let’s go ahead and check out the changes Nissan ┬ámade to their flagship sedan. You. So starting things off with the exterior styling the updates are instantly recognizable. Everything has basically been sharpened like with your vmotion grille which traded in rounded edges for harsher angles. Now this year all the models received this look since the midnight edition is no longer offered. Turning over to the headlights they have also been thoroughly modernized since they are now fully LED across all the trims.

Previously only your high entrance had partially LED lights, but these have a really upscale look. Additionally down the bottom there’s a new color contrast area which houses the LED fog lights on the SR and platinum. Now heading around to the back the size is the same which at this point actually means that it is smaller than the Altima.

But as far as your rear design a lot of it has been updated. Like the front the old-school bulbs have been traded in for LEDs. So you have a very nice-looking design with clear lenses in the middle traced by an Amber LED strip. Down at the bottom you’ll also notice quad trapezoidal tips in place of the previous circles. But all in all while the parts that Nissan changed are really not all that significant. It did make a significant difference in the Maxima looking all the more premium and athletic.

Now another much appreciated change is most of the trims now coming with their own wheel designs. The bottom three trims do continue to come with the same 18-inch alloy. But the SR and Platinum come with this 19 inch alloy in two different finishes. The new platinum reserve package also adds a totally different gray 19-inch alloy.

Heading on up to the mirrors. They are blacked out across all the trims heated on all but the s in auto-dimming on the platinum only. additionally blind spot monitoring is included on all but the base model and. That’s a good segue into one of the most meaningful 2019 changes, which is more active safety equipment. Automatic emergency braking continues to be standard across all trips. But now adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert have moved down to the SV.

Finally lane-keeping assist comes at the sr. Level and rear auto braking comes on the Platinum. This is a very comprehensive suite but just be aware that the Avalon will give you most of those features as standard equipment. The last thing to look at on the outside is the large 18 gallon fuel tank which is good for 432 miles of range. Nissan does recommend that you use premium fuel but it is not required. Anyways, that’s it for the exterior updates, but now let’s go ahead and see if they made the cabin even more luxurious.

So every single version of the Maxima continues to come with Nissan‘s intelligent entry system and their corporate key fob. They have also included the remote start system standard across the board as well. Now get inside the vehicle itself Nissan does not put a sensor behind the door handle so you just press the button. All right. So checking out the cabin of the refreshed maxima as you can see it hasn’t changed a great deal in terms of design. However, it continues to have one of the most premium cabins in the class.

Now the Maxima has always had a lot of different interior material and color options and that continues for 2019. So starting on your base s that’s going to be the only trim that comes with cloth seating in charcoal. you can going up to your sv or SL is gonna upgrade you to real leather in charcoal or cashmere and. Then when you get out to the SR or platinum grades. You get the premium. Ascot leather with either the diamond quilted insert here or a diamond quilted Alcantara insert in the case of the SR. now the. 2019 change is that the brand new platinum reserve trim level that comes with diamond quilted semi-aniline leather. Which is of course the most premium grade of leather you can get on a car and that comes in an exclusive. Ricuda tan color.

Now turning over here to your door trim it continues to be very upscale. So you’ve got some color. Contrast leather with stitching on the armrests as well as above it and then it is even stitched across the top. And you will also notice you have a new. Faux wood trim that looks a lot more realistic than last year. now as far as your windows. There are one touch automatic for your driver and passenger only and then you will also find two person memory seating on the Platinum trim.

Now coming down to the sea all models do come with an eight-way power adjusting seat. However, the S model will do without the power lumbar support. Additionally the SR and platinum now come with a manual thigh extension. It is worth noting though that this used to be standard on even the SV and the SL. But anyways, this is the premium ascot leather like I already mentioned and it continues to be really beautiful.

Feels very soft and supple. It definitely looks luxury car grade. But like I said first looking around the cabin, there’s not a great deal of changes. But this is a car that definitely didn’t need a great deal changes. It already has one of the most premium cabins in the class. So you’ve got a real leather with some stitching across the. Gauges here and then going over all the upper dash is made from a soft touch plastic with some more color contrast stitching. Drop me down.

You’ll find more of that new realistic looking full wood trim and. Then you’ll even find leather that runs all through here where your knees will touch up into the armrests. So overall, it looks and feels really really luxurious. Now all models do come standard with push-button start. When you press it you will see this 8-inch display fire up across the board. Now checking out the gauges here they are unchanged for 2019.

So you continue to have analog gauges and then a large 7-inch helper display here in the middle. That’s controlled with these steering wheel-mounted buttons so you can scroll through all the types of different features including a navigation. audio. And as well as your various safety systems. Now coming back to the steering wheel. This is one of my favorite parts of the cabin all models get this lovely leather wrap and flat-bottom steering wheel. And there are a couple different finishes you can get it in.

The SR is gonna finish these side and Alcantara and if you get that new platinum reserve package, it’s gonna be two-toned. But regardless it does have a really nice feel to it great feels great in the hands and. Then off to the side here. You’ve got your standard fare buttons these control your multifunction display as well as your audio then off to the side here. You have your buttons for your adaptive cruise control. Additionally on the Platinum grade you do have rain sensing wipers as well as a power adjusting steering wheel.

However, you will have heating on the steering wheel on the SL. Now another platinum exclusive feature that’s over here on the side is your rear sunshade. So you just press this button. As you can see you can block out the light in the back that’s a rare feature they usually don’t see. In a normal mainstream car, it’s usually reserved for flagship luxury vehicles. But anyways moving on to storage the Maxima continues to have a pretty good amount despite being a smaller vehicle than what it competes with.

Turning out with your center console here as you can see it is reasonably deep and it is finished in a nice luxurious felt lining. Additionally you do have a 12-volt outlet inside. Of the front of that you’ve got your two cupholders. And if you open that up, you’ve got a surprisingly deep storage bins. It is also felt lined and there’s a little.

Little cubby there that can hold your phone straight up if you want to set it in there. Additionally, you do have a USB port you have a new USB type-c port this year and your traditional aux jack. But anyways moving on to the shifter you continue have this leather wrapped and piano black shifter it is traditional. So you just pull back for drive you can bump over here to the left to shift manually. Now one interesting thing even though this is the four-door sports sedan.

You will only find paddle shifters on the s part row a. Heading it to reverse you will find this around view monitor. Standard on only the platinum trim. However, it is available as an option on the SR. All the other models come with a regular backup camera. But as you can see, you still have the regular view as well as the 360 view on this model. Additionally on the platinum the mirrors do tilt down winter reverse to help you see the parking lines better. There is no electronic parking brake it is foot activated just to point that out. Now as far as what’s behind the shifter you’ve basically got the Infinity in touch controller back here.

This allows you just to control the Nissan connect system, even though it is a touchscreen. you may not want to put finger prints on the screen and. Then you do have your traction control off button as well as your sport mode. Off to the side of that. You’ll find your seat controls. You will find three-stage heated seats on all but the base model. However, the three-stage ventilation is exclusive to the SR and platinum.

Now as far as the other climate controls you have a dual zone automatic setup across every trim of the Maxima. As you can see it is very easy to use. You just have some simple knobs and controls here. Everything is nicely laid out. So I’ve got no complaints. And now that brings us to the audio system, so on this model we’ve got the 11 speaker Bose premium audio system. However, the standard model s and SV would come with an eight-speaker sound system. Let’s go ahead and take a sample.

Some quality of this system continues to be excellent, but. Anyways now that brings us to our Nissan connect system, so let’s go ahead and take a quick look. So as far as your Nissan connect system, this hasn’t changed for 2019. So, like I said, this continues to be an 8 inch display. It is a touchscreen. However, we’ve got your shortcut buttons along the side as well as that controller on the dash, which I already pointed out. As far as this system it’s kind of stuff like an Android phone. So you’ve got apps as well as widgets that you can drag around and customize to your liking and then you’ve got your shortcuts along. the bottom. Now heading into the navigation this is one of the changes for 2019.

Now most of the trims do still have navigation but the base model has dropped the navigation system. however. That base model does still come with Android auto and apple carplay like all the other trims. So you can’t still use Google Maps if you prefer to use them. That’s pretty much the main features of the Nissan connect system. However, we do have a dedicated tech help video available.

For those of you who want to learn more a link to that is provided in the video description. Now moving on up you will actually find this auto dimming mirror with homelink universal remotes standard on all models even the base s. And then your top trim models. Will come with this power panoramic. It is standard on the SL and the Platinum.

However, one of the changes for 2019. Which I really appreciate is that it’s now an option on the SR. So if you want these sporty or exterior and interior, you can now pair it with the luxurious panel. Moonroof as you can see the front panel does open up and you do have a window. But overall, I find it hard to find anything to complain about with the Maximas cabin. This continues to be a very luxurious place to spend time.

Honestly, it’s on par with a lot of luxury vehicles definitely feels as nice as the Infiniti q50. For example. But this does ring in a lot cheaper and you have a lot of standard of features even on the base s model. When you do open the door these seat and steering wheel do move out of the way. And I also want to point out it didn’t go off because I haven’t opened the rear doors. But all the trims of the maximum now have a rear seat reminder system to you know. Basically, so you don’t leave your children in the back seat?. But anyways now go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will finish up the rest of the cab. So checking out the rear seat of the 2019 Nissan Maxima.

This is one of the areas where it falls behind some of the competition. You’ll find thirty four point two inches of rear legroom and thirty five point eight inches of rear headroom. Which does place it below the Toyota Avalon and even below the Nissan Altima?.

Now turning over here to the door trim it is finished exactly as you would expect out of a luxury vehicle. So you do have a nice leather wrapped armrest with color contrast to change. It even is leather wrapped above that and even on the top portion. It is leather wrapped a lot of luxury cars. Don’t even give you this. Now down below that you do have a power window and you do even have some door storage.

Now turning over to the seat is that beautiful Ascot leather here in the Platinum model it’s even diamond stitched. It’s super nice and it even is a bucket seat in this very comfortable. Now here in the center area there are plenty of nice features. so all Maximas will come with these rear vents and. New for 2019 as you have a smart charging USB port as well as a USB type-c. It used to just be two smart charging USBs. Now also new for 2019 is the availability of heated rear seats and that is available on the platinum reserve package.

Now here in the scenario armrest does fold down nicely it’s very long leather wrapped and it does have cupholders in the end. Nowa cup you will find one of my favorite features about the Nissan Maxima and that’s this beautiful panoramic moonroof. It really helps to air out the cabin and a lot of the rivals skip this feature like the Toyota Avalon. Now beside that you do have some lighting it is LED this year and it even has an assist group.

Now as far as rear space is concerned. Like I said, this is rated as smaller than most of the rivals however behind drew seating position. I still have about 6 to 7 inches of rear legroom and my feet can’t easily slide up under the seat. and sliding over. Even with the seat screwed all the way back. I still have about an inch or two of room.

Overall I’m extremely impressed by this Maxima’s rear seat. It has every feature you could ever want and it just has a really premium ambience back here. Now coming around to the trunk. All you have to do is look at this little button under the lid and it will open right up. No one’s inside you are gonna find a little bit smaller space than you would in most of the rivals. Once again, you’re gonna find fourteen point three cubic feet of space which does make it less than the Toyota Avalon in Altima.

However, I don’t think most people will have very many issues with the amount of space back here. So as you can see. We have our camera bag as well as some of our audio equipment and there is plenty of room to spare. Additionally the seats do fold 60/40 split by using these little grab handles. The passenger sees that same beautiful design and it is also power adjusting on this model. Now just like every other area the maxima you will find really nice materials in front of the passenger.

So you have this padded dashboard with stitching some nice wood grain trim. And down below that you have a really nicely sized love box. It’s nicely felt lined and it is also illuminated. Now up top you do have a Sun Visor with the light and mirror and it has also detach and extend. Well guys that sums up all the rear areas of the Maxima. So now let’s go ahead and get on the road and say the powertrain performs. All right, so let’s go ahead and talk a bit about the powertrain.

Then it continues to be just one option. you’ve got Nissan‘s venerable 3.5 liter VQ v6 engine and that continues to make 300 horsepower and. 260 one pound-feet of torque. Unlike the Altima which has added all-wheel-drive the maxima continues to be front-wheel drive only and power is routed through a continuously variable. Transmission it is the xtronic CVT with seven simulated gear changes, which I mentioned you can control manually. According to Car and Driver that is good for a under six second 0-60 time 5.9 seconds. Which is very quick for a big vehicle like this Absolutely it.

And then lastly the fuel economy has been slightly revised this year. We’ve actually lost one MPG combined. So our rating is now 20 city 30 highway 24 combined. But anyways now, let’s go ahead and see how this 4-door sport sedan performs on the road. Now I’ve spoke about it in the past but I am a fan of the way the VQ sounds even it start up. It’s got like a really raspy and sporty sound that you’re simply not gonna find on. competitors like the Avalon. All right, so first taking off and the 2019 Maxima. this is actually my first time behind the wheel and. You tell right off the bat power is definitely very good. This is a naturally aspirated v6 engine.

so you’re not going to be dealing with a hyper turbo lag or anything plus 300 horsepower is more than what. many of the rivals with turbo floors would offer. You have very fast responding. Engine and transmission combination you notice right off the bat that the engine revs really fast and really freely. And the CVT it does respond quite quickly.

You don’t feel too much of the rubber band the effect that can play other CVT. So they definitely tuned this for the sport response as you would expect. But actually talking about the power here first I can. light dimension 300 horsepower is a very healthy number and you can definitely feel that like when you. Put it down.

I mean not even that hard of an acceleration. You could definitely tell that this car has an athletic. Scoot to it and you can get going wherever you want to you can merge onto the freeway or whatever perfectly fine with no issues. ‘since I just ran over some bumpier areas of the road. That would make a good time to talk about the ride quality. Everything it’s pretty comfortable. You can tell this is a firmer tuned. Vehicle then, you know maybe something like the Avalon. but at the same time here on the platinum grade.

They definitely take the effort to smooth things out and you don’t really feel the harshness. You kind of feel that you hit something. but the. Harshness does not transfer it into your body. Yeah, I would definitely agree with that. I don’t think that this car is really going to be the one that like breaks your back what you hit a pothole or anything. It’s like he says a sporty-er thing, but you can definitely tell that it’s still a very luxurious ride.

This is definitely not your everyday type of ride quality. It feels like a luxury car in here. We’re just driving along I’ve already complimented it the main part of the review but the steering wheel. Not many cars that you consider mainstream how steering wheel this nice. Flat bottom smooth luxurious leather. I just really feels great to hold into steer. And speaking of the steering, of course like as the theme of this vehicle. It is more dear than.

What the competition offers you can tell that the hell the steering is nicely weighted. It’s not super commutative, but it is like I said nicely weighted very fast responding. so as you can see, you can definitely tell where. The wheels are placed you feel pretty confident in it and it really matches nicely with. the flat and neutral. Chassis tuning. Now this car actually does not have auto start-stop. Let’s go ahead and try out the sport mode since we’re here to stop.

So I state the sport I am will take off her and see how she does. I have to say that really big possum Wow. Most car is doing you push the bucket sport mode. You really can’t tell that much but that really made a big difference. As soon as you get on the throttle. We got that instant response. Whereas in the comfort mode, you can kind of tell there’s like this threshold, right? So you push a little bit. That’s so you can take off smoothly.

But then once you get past a certain point then you get that acceleration, but when you put on the sport mode that happens immediately. You can also tell that the sound deaf point there’s a lot more sound coming into the cabin. I believe it is enhanced with the speakers, but it sounds really good the vq. Like I’ve said many times it just sounds really good. It has a unique tone to it. Nothing else. Sounds like it. Also the sport mode you got a more of a traditional feel to the CVT and kind of simulates the gear changes a little bit. It’s not as convincing as it is and the new Altima then the ultimate you actually feel like this. Shifts having this actual kick throughout the shift.

This is kind of more of just a visual and audible change. I. Guess you can credit that to the newer CVT in the Altima. But this is certainly not bad, but overall I have to say I really found the 2019 Maxima to be an enjoyable vehicle to drive. Of course Nissan calls it the four-door sports sedan, and it is a sporty sedan. You know a lot of people get hung up in that marketing. You know saying oh it’s not rear-wheel drive, oh, it’s got a CVT. Yes, it does and it would it be sport air if it didn’t have those things sure you just think of it as the more. luxurious and more. sporty alternative to a midsize sedan and. Just ignore the marketing.

I think you’ll find this is a really really satisfying vehicle you. Now as far as the pricing is concerned for the 2019 Maxima you are gonna find a great value just like you would last year. So for the S model that’s gonna come in at thirty three thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars. Then as you move up to the SV. That’s thirty five thousand nine sixty the SL 38 four forty. The SR thirty nine five thirty and finally, you have the top dog Platinum. Which is what we have here and that rings it at forty one thousand four hundred and forty dollars. Now that is worth noting that that is about a five hundred dollar price increase over the twenty eighteen model year.

For all of the trims besides the SR which is a thousand dollars more expensive this year. But it definitely continues to play a very good value in the class. There’s a lot of luxury in here and a lot of power and we’ll see how it and all that stuff. So. Definitely a good value in the segment. The Avalon is a little bit more expensive than that as well. Well guys. We’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2019 Nissan Maxima platinum. delicacies!.

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