2019 Nissan Murano: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Even More Style & Luxury

2019 Nissan Murano – FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Even More Style & Luxury

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Good morning people of YouTube. We’ve always liked the stylish design of the Murano. So we’re happy to bring you one of the first reviews of the newly refreshed 2019 model. This has always been a very popular product for Nissan and these changes are designed to further elevate the upscale feel. Of course. we do an especially thank our friends at gates Nissan for providing us with this 2019 Murano and. if you’re in the market for any new Nissan. Be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them on their website, which we provided a link to in the video description. So. With all that said let’s get to checking out the 2019 changes. So starting with the exterior, this is definitely the place where Nissan has done most of the work.

Now initially, it won’t seem like much has changed. but when viewed side-by-side with the old model you’ll see that nothing from the front has carried over the. grill itself is now made from a flat chrome beef filled in with a honeycomb texture and. Then the black area around the grille now goes down a lot further than it used to. Finally, there is also a chrome bar that goes across the entire bottom. The headlights also haven’t significantly upgraded. Since they are now fully LED across all the trims as opposed to only the platinum last year. the overall shape is similar, but everything just looks a lot more premium, especially the daytime running light and. Then at the bottom SL and platinum will also have LED fog lights. Now it is worth mentioning that none of this front changes between the trims and at least for now there is no mid night addition.

Moving on to the side nothing here has changed so it continues to look very unique. One of those unique elements is the floating roofline that leads straight into the brand-new LED tail lights. Just like the headlights. They are now standard across the board and look a lot more premium than last year. and. Then at the bottom you’ll continue to find dual exhaust outlets. So overall despite the relatively small changes. They make a big difference in making the Murano look more modern and upscale than ever before.

Now one thing that will look familiar to you on most trims are the wheels. The lower two trims continue to come with 18 inch alloys and these cool 20 inch. Contrast alloys have moved down from the Platinum model to the SL trim. However, the platinum trim does now get its own unique 20 inch wheel this year. Checking out the mirrors they are always body-colored power adjusting and also heated on the SL and Platinum.

Blind spot monitoring is standard on all but the base model with the indicator being located inside the cabin. And as far as all the other safety equipment Murano continues to have a ton of it. you’re looking at standard automatic emergency braking on all trims the BSM with rear cross-traffic alerts starting on SB and. adaptive cruise control on SL. Finally the Platinum trim or SL with tech package adds Lane Keeping Assist. pedestrian detection Auto high beams and rear auto braking and. Finishing up the outside. All Muranos have a nineteen gallon fuel tank which is good for a fuel range of. 437 miles as equipped.

It does use regular unleaded fuel. Anyways, that’s it for the changes to the bold exterior. So now let’s see what Nissan ┬áhas done with the cabin. So as with most Nissan‘s you do have standard smart entry here on the Murano and. You will find remote start on all but the very base trip. Now we get inside the vehicle itself, there is no sensor behind the door handle so you just press the button. Alrighty so checking out the cabin of the. 2019 Murano as you can see, there’s not been a big change to the design itself.

But instead refinements to the material selection now as far as all the different choices. You’ve got you’ve got three different color schemes three different seating materials and three different trim pieces to choose from. So starting out with your colors. You’ve got cashmere. Graphite and mocha and then for your seating s and SV will have cloth seats. This SL comes with real leather seating and then now on the Platinum you have an exclusive. Quilted semi-aniline leather for the seating and it’ll ask me for your trim pieces. You have this silver trim a light wood trim or a dark wood trim reserved for the Platinum only.

Now turning over here to the door trim it is very nicely appointed. You have a generous use of leather through here with a really nice-looking double stitched area through the armrest. You’ve got some of that faux wood trim right through here and all the other areas are soft touch. as far as the windows. they are one touch automatic up and down for your driver and passenger and. Then on SL and platinum you will find two person memory seating. Come over here to the seat. It is 8-way power adjustable two way lumbar on all that the base S where you have a six-way manual seat.

And of course like I already said this is real leather here on the SL. Has a really premium feel just like in a luxury vehicle and if that’s not even enough, of course, like I said. You’ve got the Platinum with the semi-aniline leather. And that’s something you never see on vehicles without a luxury tag on the front. So that’s really impressive. So the Murano has always had a really high-quality cabin for a mainstream vehicle and that continues for 2019.

And so on all of the upper dash you’ve got a soft touch. Material except for over the gauges here where you actually have a leather material with a really nice stitching detail. Like I said, you got three different types of trim through here. Which is a faux aluminum or some faux wood and then all this area is also soft touch. Finally down here at the bottom. You have a big swath of leather through here with stitching gives you a nice place to rest your knee against. So all in all really good materials and everything fits together very nicely.

Now start that Murano you do have push button start standard on all the trims. When you fire it up you will see an 8 inch touch display on standard across all the trim levels. And checking out your gauges this premium set up dust comes standard across all trims as well. this is a. 7-inch central display for your driver and it controls all different types of functions that you expect like your drive computer fuel economy. Including your safety systems and like your speed limit detection as well. I. coming back to the steering wheel. Of course, you do have electric power steering and you will find the leather wrap steering wheel on all but the very base model. up here. You’ve got your various phone and voice. Commands as well as for your multi information display and then on this side since we have the tech package. We do have adaptive cruise control.

The wheel itself is manually tilt and telescoping on all but the Platinum we’re at is power. However on both the SL and platinum we do have steering wheel heating. Now moving on to storage of course, this is a crossover. So it’s very important to be practical and the Murano does a really good job. It’s opening up your center console here. as you can see.

You’ve got a couple different tiers so you can keep things up close to the top and then right next to it. You’ve got a really deep area goes all the way down and there is a removable pad down there at the bottom. Additionally outlet as well. In front of that, you’ve got your two cupholders and another big area to stick stuff. And then dropping down you’ve even got some storage that runs along through here.

Well down here does give you a good view of the ambient lighting which comes on SL and platinum. And that is also underneath of your door handle as well. So really nice looking. And I do also want to mention your connections over here. Since you now have a USB type-c in addition to your traditional USB port 12 volt outlet and aux jack. Now coming back to the shifter, this is pretty much the same as last year. So it’s just an easy to use traditional shifter. You can bump over here to the left to shift manually.

However, no Murano comes with paddle shifters. And then when you go into reverse on SL and platinum you’re gonna find Nissan‘s excellent around view monitor. This course is the same as you’ve seen in other Nissan and if they’re new products. You’ve got your traditional. view over here on the left as well as your 360 view on the right and it does have a moving object detection with. Parking sensors on all the sides so you can tell when there’s any objects around. Additionally the mirrors do tilt down when it reverse to help you see the parking lines better. Now moving back from the shifter here on the SL you will find two’s mode heated seats.

These are standard on both SL and platinum optional and SV. However to get seat ventilation you have to go for the platinum. But as far as all the rest of the climate controls these are dual zone automatic across all four of your terms. It’s a very simple setup to use that you can see you. Got your. two large knobs to control the temperature. For both sides as well as your traditional physical controls for everything else down here and one easy-to-use place.

And now that brings us up to our audio system so on SL and platinum you have an 11 speaker Bose premium audio system. So we’ll go ahead and take a listen. Sound quality of this system is excellent. You can definitely tell that it’s shared with a lot of Infiniti models. But anyways that now brings us to our Nissan connect system here, so let’s go ahead and take a quick look at that. Alright, so this is the newest Nissan connect system. Same as all the other Nissan products.

You’ve got your home screen where you can lay out different apps as well as the widgets kind of like an Android phone. So that’s unique from a lot of other systems. You can of course click into these different widgets to expand them. So here on our Bluetooth audio we can’t play and pause the music straight from here. You can also click the source button to see all the various other sources available.

There are shortcut buttons alongside clean your home button at the top and then there are duplicate shortcut buttons along the bottom as well. And over here, we have navigation on the SL trim and the Platinum trim. Which is a little bit different than last year since all four of the trims have navigation. However, nevertheless I all four of the trims do have Android auto and apple carplay. So regardless of whether you have the integrated navigation, you can still navigate with Apple or Google Maps.

But as far as the actual navigation map itself by it is reasonably detailed very responsive and looks pretty nice. Well, it’s pretty much the Nissan connect system in a nutshell. However, we do have a much more detailed tech help video available.

If you want to learn more a length of that video is provided in the description. Moving on up you will surprisingly find an auto-dimming mirror with homelink universal remotes on all but the base model and. Then our model also comes with the panoramic moonroof. Now this is standard only on the Platinum. However, it can be added to both the SV and SL optionally our model comes through the technology package.

As you can see it isn’t really big and this front portion does open up just like a traditional. And you do have a windscreen as well. But overall, I’ve always been impressed by the Muranos interior. It’s a very luxurious space and it gives you really a lot more luxury than a lot of the rivals do. Nissan‘s always claim that this competes with the Lexus RX more than any other model and based on the changes.

They’ve made for 2019 I’d say that’s more true than ever. Now I’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will finish up the rest of the video. So in the back of the Refresh 2019 Murano you’re gonna once again find a large amount of space. You’ll find 39 inches of rear legroom and 40 inches of rear headroom. That does make it a little less than the Ford Edge, but it’s larger than the Lexus RX. Now coming over here to the door trim, it is really nicely appointed. so you do have a leather armrest with a really nice stitching detail going through here and.

You do have some more of that silver trim as well as a nice door handle. now down below you do have a fully automatic or auto down window and. You do also have a duck course the door storage with a bottle holder. Now the seat itself is a very comfortable design it is even perforated here in the rear and it can also recline.

Now here in the center you will find that the Murano SL is loaded to the gills with features. So up top. we do have a little bit of a storage area and. Down below that you will find two state heated rear seats on the SL and Platinum trims. Which is really nice for a chilly day like today. Now in addition to that the 2019 refresh adds the USB type-c port and there is an additional smart charging USB. now down below that we do also have some vents and. It is outlined in nice silver trim. So it looks really nice.

In addition to that we do have a nice armrests slow the raft and it does have cup holders and storage at the end. And up top we do also have the panoramic moonroof. which is a really nice touch really helps air out the cabin and beside that you do have some lighting which is LED now as. Well as an assist and coat hook. Now like I said, this car comes in middle of the pack when it comes to space and that shows behind drew seating position. I have probably about a foot of. legroom between my knees in the seat back with the seat adjusted to Drew and my feet can’t easily slide up under the seat and. Moving over even with the seat scooted all the way back. I still have a good 5 inches of rear legroom.

But overall, I’m super impressed with the Nissan Muranos rear seat I have been since it came out in. 2015 and this rear seat just has all the luxury features you could ever want and imagine and it really feels like a luxury car. Back here, except it’s not at the luxury car price tag. Now to fold the seats just grab this little strap it will fold right down. Now heading around to the tailgate it is hands-free power on the SL and platinum trims.

So just wave your foot under the bumper and it will open right now. Now once inside the Murano’s trunk you’re going to find a lot of space again. You’ll find 32 cubic feet behind the second rough seats. And it expands to 67 cubic feet with the folded all the way now that is significantly larger than the Lexus RX. But it is once again a little smaller than the Ford Edge. now Nissan does give you some handles back here to fold the seat back so you can do it 3 as well and. As you can see it does give you a nice little flat loading floor.

Now under the cargo floor here it is kind of hard to pull up. You will find a spare tire and it is really nicely finished back here with the carpeted floor mats. We’ll talk about the pricing here in a minute. Passenger sees that beautiful design again and it is also for white power adjusting on all but the very base estimate. Now in front of the passenger we do have really nice materials so you do have a padded dashboard. You have some silver trim and it does connect to the door. which is a really nice touch and.

Down below that you will find a nice glove box that is really nicely dampened and it is also a felt line. Now above that we do have a Sun Visor with a mirror and light and it does also detach and extend. Well guys that pretty much sums up all I’m going to talk about for the rear areas. But now let’s go ahead and get to the powertrain and do a quick test drive. All right, so let’s go ahead and talk a bit about the morano’s powertrain.

This is one of the areas that hasn’t really changed from last year much at all. You’ve still got Nissan‘s venerable three and a half litre vq v6 and that continues to produce the same power. Which is 260 horsepower and 240 pound feet of torque. Power is put to the ground. We have the front wheels or optional all-wheel drive and then you continue to have the continuously variable. transmission with the D step logic to simulate gear changes. Finally, we don’t have full EPA 2019 year ratings yet. however.

This specific model is rated at 20 city 28 highway 23 combined. Which is a 1 mpg combined decrease from the 2018 Murano I was in but like I said. I don’t know exactly if it were varies by trim this year. But anyways, we’ll go ahead and take it on a quick test drive, right?. Off the bat you got I love that VQ startup. Yes always been a fan. All right, so sitting off the 2019 Murano. Initial takeoff is pretty good. It definitely feels. responsive.

Really sounds great, too. So right off the bat I can already tell that the steering and the handling are good. You know, this is a two row however, you know, it’s sized pretty large it’s a it’s a large vehicle and. You know this definitely feels a lot tighter a lot more button down and the steering is a lot more. Responsive and you can see it really responds quickly. There’s no dead spot or anything like that. so.

Definitely a lot better than I was expecting actually. Also some rough spots here on this road and it definitely seems to be taking the bump really well. As far as your a Nissan xtronic CVT, like I said, it does have the D stop logic system. So you’ve got simulated gear changes now?. It’s not exactly the same as like the in the newest products like the 2019. Altima that I drove about a month ago. So there’s not exactly like a kick sensation of a gear change. What you do have the audible and visual. Variation of the RPMs to still make you seem as though you’re shifting.

In the ultimate you would do it at all times and the older-style it would do it under hard acceleration. So this is the older stuff so it will do it under harder acceleration. There is no auto start/stop system on this vehicle if you were wondering. you know, that’s a. Pro for some of you guys if that’s something that annoys you which I know from comments that some people don’t like the auto. start/stop system.

So there is not one on. This vehicle and there are a lot of brands that will not even allow you to disable it if you dislike it. I’ve already touched on briefly but this road. is pretty rough. now, you know for a car that claims that. It competes at the Lexus RX you’ve got to have really good ride quality and I am happy to say that it does. There’s this road as rough like I said and it is handled everything expertly.

It really does right like a luxury car in here. Yes, the seats are super comfortable and it’s also very quiet. You know you have not only the refined white ride. but you also have a very quiet cabin and it’s a very luxurious experience through and through because your seats are comfortable and. Everyone if you have a family is going to be really have enjoy the nice ride of this car. You have power in this is definitely adequate for a vehicle like this. You know idiots of the speed. perfectly fast it. You know, it doesn’t make a bunch of terrible noises or anything like that. It’s actually as I already said. Might just be a personal thing, but I like the BU the way it’s a nose. So that’s a pleasurable in that respect.

Almost has a little bit of a recipe sound to it. It’s not like all the other 3.5 liters. But overall, I’ve really enjoyed the way that the Murano drives. I didn’t really know what to expect. You know, like the rogue for instance is not really all that sporty. And this is not like really sporty or anything, but I was impressed by the way.

It handles has really it has a tight. Fast and accurate steering and you know going around corners and stuff. It feels pretty button-down. It doesn’t feel as big as it is and. Of course, there’s just so luxurious, you know. So it really it’s a good balanced package that gives you all the luxuries, you know. It’s as well-equipped as a luxury vehicle. Well guys we hope you enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the 2019 Nissan Murano SL. We’ll catch you next time as we same for more of the latest automotive delicacies!.

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