2020 BMW 750Li Review - Comfort Plus Big Grille

2020 BMW 750Li Review : Comfort Plus Big Grille

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BMW 750 li xDrive with launch control. ready oh my god. there’s that violent launch control we. like okay so this launchers will start. it in first not second yeah like the M. 760li that we drove two years ago I. don’t think we drove out I think we. drove in the backseat oh yeah that’s. right and as for drivers we got the most. famous YouTube drivers we could find you. guys are doing a great job up there I’m. glad you guys are enjoying the drive. that was the best driving I’ve ever seen. you’re amazing you guys want to. experience launch control [Music]. we have those other really good drivers.

instead they were good okay horsepower. and torque 523 horsepower 553 pound-feet. of torque from a 4.4 liter twin turbo v8. so now let’s get it into comfort plus. and relax for the resolute Lea okay so. first thing I’m gonna do is put into. comfort Plus and there’s actually a huge. difference between comfort and comfort. plus yeah so I’m also gonna turn on my. massage seats right now let me turn on. mine so right when I picked this thing. up I put it into comfort plus was. driving on the highway was getting. massage was listening to my XM radio 44. and I just zoned out completely missed. my exit it’s so quiet it’s so. comfortable in here yeah that’ll happen. in a comfortable car I love it it’s. amazing and I also had adaptive cruise. control on with Lane keep assist which. worked very well not as well as Mercedes. still okay so this is the new style BMW. in here. so this one will say and it’ll respond. that’s right we don’t want to trigger it. and there’s this new mode that says hey.

BMW activate executive mode that. function is currently not available oh what a coincidence hey BMW vitalize me. unfortunately that function is currently. not available this car costs a lot right. it does weird yeah it’s figures so with. that out of the way a very luxurious. send into cliched corner in comfort plus. this is unbelievably comfortable the. suspension is so soft there’s so much. body roll this feels like an 80s car it. does in the best way possible but it. does like move a lot yeah in comfort. plus it’s refined 80s boat mode you feel. like you’re in a yacht on the water. enjoying yourself with a cigar which you. don’t have in here but anyways I love. how this drives but if you were to put. your foot down to floor it this will do. is 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds which is. unbelievably fast and obviously X Drive. means that it’s all wheel drive so we do. get very good launches every single time.

and this is the ZF 8-speed Auto which we. absolutely love in every car but I love. how they tuned it differently for every. car and it always feels very different. this one has the most seamless. up-and-down shifts ever and since this. one is all new refreshed because it’s. not a completely new 7 Series it does. have active comfort drive so it uses. cameras and sensors to sense the road up. ahead just like the Rolls Royces do now. that’s pretty cool I haven’t noticed it. not working and that’s exactly it so I. assume it works great yeah it must it’s. just so quiet so comfortable it’s even. quieter than the previous one so overall. driving this is just a joy it’s so nice. I would love to drive this to work every. day would be basically stress-free but.

we don’t have a work no we don’t this is. our work is work and I’m stress free. right now actually to be honest so the. most glaring and obvious thing that we. should probably talk about the looks the. front grille yes I mean it kind of suits. it it suits it very well I really like. the grille like I don’t mind the big. grille fat I think the memes are funny I. think the cars look good yeah model. problems here I’m not upset by the big. grilles at all and we do have the laser. headlights and they work quite well they.

also look really cool yeah I feel like. these lights are shorter and more. aggressive yeah and they’re also have. more blue on them than other laser. lights from BMW and then if we move up a. bit the hood I love how chiseled it is. pretty much just as much as I love how. chiseled the hood is on the GLI we just. drove as well yeah like it looks so good. and I. this hood and front end overall is two. inches taller than the previous. generation I think most of that went to. the grill but it is overall two inches. taller in the front might be crash test. safety ratings and stuff – maybe but. they used it for grill and I’m fine with. it and then how about the side profile I. really like the wheels I want to talk. about those first on the side any way. that they look so good they suit the car. so well they look like executive sedan.

wheels but don’t you always wish there. are Alpena wheels yes and what is the. Continental recommended tire for the. seventh series the Conti Sport contact. three on the side profile the body lines. look pretty good nothing too crazy or. anything yes you’re supposed to just. look big and classy and if we look at. the back end my favorite part is these.

new taillights yeah that line that goes. all the way across that just makes this. look so much better now. and the taillights they’ve got like a. little dance when they come on and off. yeah I noticed that it’s like it’s. really classy the way that they did the. taillights I think they nailed it. yeah it was definitely a solid refresh. and then how about the refreshed exhaust. tips yeah they didn’t nail that one they. brutalized that actually like I kind of. like don’t like it too much I guess you. like the m-performance connected look. more than seeing the pipes inside those. are better than seeing the pipes inside. but not as good as the real end models. with a real exhausted yeah I agree. BMW come on guys and then this color I. think really helps make the body lines. pop kind of like Mercedes all of their. colors make all their body lines pop.

yeah like silver Gray’s are boring. colors but it’s soup – this car is kind. of a boring like silver in a good way. it’s like silver beige and then we also. have a kick to open trunk yeah and I. will talk about the trunk space later. cuz it’s kind of interesting I mean we. could just talk about it now. yeah I guess we could all right so. there’s a fridge back there yeah a. fridge yeah so there’s a gigantic fridge. in the middle of that so if you option. that just you’re gonna lose a lot of. trunk space so with that out of the way. let’s get you into the driver’s seat and. talk about this interior because there’s. a lot to talk about in here yeah.

like Wireless apple carplay you didn’t. think I was gonna get in the front did. you what’s that okay so I prepared. something for us there’s a fridge back. here as I mentioned earlier Red Bull. better be red Bull whoa – Red Bulls oh. my god how did you know I was tired we’re always tired bro Cheers I know.

that’s really cold. long as I’ve been in there for a couple. hours all right I’ll go to the front now. yeah I’ve just discovered something. what’s that it fits perfectly in these. cup holders Oh Red Bull holders right. that’s what they designed these cups for. they must them I put in Sport+. absolutely no only support I forgot. about that it’s comfort Plus on these. models and Sport Plus on the other. models that’s right and handling wise it. definitely feels like a sports car and. it’s super fast it’s kind of not like a. sports car in terms of body roll and. stuff but still feels huge like a sports. sedan yes it’ll definitely keep up it’s. way cooler than anything front wheel. drives today right.

I guess I’ll just punch it. it’s got a lot of torque it does but the. 760li felt like way crazier yeah I can. almost feel like you got to get the v12. but I think you do yeah I can’t afford. either but you kind of have to get the. v12 like if it was an AMG I don’t know I. think we’ve driven a v12 AMG have we. know what we haven’t so I don’t even. know the difference there if you gotta. get 65 or 63 but I feel like the s-class. felt thrust e’er than the v8 in this. yeah we’ll find out one day one day so. since this is a newer BMW we’re gonna. have all that cool lane keep stuff yes. and it does work well and we’re gonna. have the automatic backup thing that’ll. automatically back you up 50 meters and. we also have the 3d cameras and all that. stuff then we have a wireless apple. carplay we don’t have any Android auto. no we don’t. so however what we got an Android tablet. in the back so it’s even better than. Android auto because it’s full Android. yeah where’s your Apple tablet bro.

so Apple did hook me up with a phone. with wireless charging so I can hook it. up to here I’ve got wireless apple. carplay wireless charging I think I’ve. had so many BMWs then now I know the. dance for hooking it up and it’s not an. issue anymore really it only took me. about 10 different BMW models so I mean. if you’re a guy who has a BMW that will. probably only take you ten weeks right. but it is very convenient have wireless. charging and infotainment so I’m. actually very excited about that now I. like wireless charging however I don’t. have Android auto in here so whatever. and then when you’re in a car with. wireless charging plug and carplay.

you’re like all right like am i charging. twice as fast now welcome to my life of. wireless charging with no Android auto. wireless however they still put the USB. port in the dumbest book however there’s. a USB C right in here yes there is and. this quilted leather is so nice yeah can. we talk about the I guess interior now.

yeah let’s do that please so this. interior is like a darker chocolate milk. brown or chocolate milk with a hint of. strawberry chocolate milk sure I just. like the quilted miss everywhere this is. BMW Individual so it is fancier than the. regular leather and it’s stitched onto. the seat which is super cool and we’ll. get to the back seats in a bit but up. front we’ve got this like kind of wood. not gloss black thing which I’m.

completely okay with because this is the. nicest gloss black thing in the world it. kind of looks like it’s all broken glass. but in a good way. and then if we move to the center part. we still have the same stuff from the. older 760. yeah it’s all pretty much the same and. then we don’t have the new style cockpit. thing here however this one feels a lot. better in the click enus of it it looks. really nice too with this aluminum. aluminum yeah or as the UK people would. say aluminum yeah honestly saying stuff. the right way for everyone is hard yeah. exactly. pretty much doing anything for everyone.

for free is hard yeah or just doing. anything for anyone is hard yeah thanks. for thanks for watching guys the sound. system is also really good we do have. the Bowers & Wilkins you can also change. the lighting on that just like we could. in the older 7 Series and the ambient. lighting in here is slightly better than. the old one but not that much better I. think it’s exactly the same it’s the. same stupid colors like lilac and green. more then you got out he doing like yo. you can do any color you want and we got. the same lines BMW the colors are the. same I I guess I’ve just come around to.

enjoy the lighting from the ceiling and. stuff when you’re sitting back there. yeah I just need more customization in. my colors all of the materials are like. top-notch everything although aluminum. all the leather up on the dash. everything feels and looks really nice. you know what I’d love to see is all. this stuff in like an m2 competition you.

know what I mean like if this it’s very. similar I mean yeah you’d get rid of a. lot of the plastics in the m2 and then. make that like $150,000 but this. definitely feels like crazy compared to. like an m2 competition interior yeah. that one feels very plasticky and this. one feels like more luxury than I guess. a lot of s classes really well like this. individual think this quilted is next. level my quilted is next level all the. quilted stuff in here it just looks like. it’s handmade like it looks as much as. it costs to get this on yeah ok that’s. good unreal and the headrests are nice. and soft but not as soft as the ones. back there yes the added pillow ones so. let’s talk about the back seats now so. we do have an Android tablet shout out.

Android it has been updated the graphics. are a lot nicer you can press a bunch of. buttons it has automatic peasent. blockers you can close every sunroof. every blind all through the tablet so it. all works quite well but unlike the 760. Ally that we drove last year this. doesn’t have the foot rest and the seat. that goes all the way up exactly so you. can control this seat but you have to do. it in like two different motions and it. takes forever so it’s not as good as. that full-out executive package I think. you need a full out executive package. with a fridge and I think you can get. that in this this one just doesn’t.

yeah well I’m sure you can like option. two crazy stuff exactly depending on how. rich you are that’s right. shut up money we also have massages in. the back and they work quite well in. every seat and heated and cooled and. everything the back seats are unreal in. this so I guess with pretty much. everything out of the way let’s get to. the price a lot of money obviously but I. think it’s kind of reasonable again. starts at one hundred and twenty six. thousand four hundred dollars Canadian. this one is one hundred and fifty five. thousand eight hundred dollars you know. I think that’s less than I thought it. would be considering this interior. exactly it’s weird to say that this kind. of has some value to it at a hundred and. fifty five thousand dollars but it kind. of does so then this would kind of. compete with an a8 oh it fully would an. s-class yo yeah absolutely number one.

competitor is energy 90 I guess so yeah. like kind of like that would be a bunch. of version of this but maybe you know. people maybe close yeah exactly does. Cadillac have anything I don’t think so. the sedan DeVilles that still exists no. they should do six they should do the. car scale aid and the Lexus LS which we. haven’t driven yet and then there’s. probably a big four-door jag – oh. absolutely there is which we also. haven’t driven yet I think it’s the XJ. so of all the competition you kind of. know which brands interiors you like the. most yeah which one would you feel the. most comfortable in of all those

I still. like the Mercedes one it just pops the. most it stands out the most it’s just. it’s nice it has that wow factor that. this doesn’t as much for me how about. the G 90 because we know how much we. like Genesis Hyundai Kia’s inside but we. saw it at the Auto Show and it looked. super nice it did look super nice I. don’t think it’ll be as nice as this. overall you don’t think they’ll reskin. it enough to like be different than the. rest of the company I don’t know and. then how about the Audi a8 because we.

absolutely love the interior of outies I. have a feeling that the Audi will feel. the most comfortable sitting inside. because everything will be laid out very. well but I don’t know if it’ll have that. Wow nice that you kind of need at this. price like 7 Series goes a little. farther than an a8 like name wise yeah. exactly and this also has the M Sport. Package which definitely helps the. appearance and the inside. I think the selling feature for this. over everything else is that comfort. Plus setting I agree fully like once. people get in it and test it they’ll go. for this and I think the only way you’re. going to go with the g9. is if you want to be different on. purpose yeah well I really like the g90.

wheels like the whole of the j9d like. the new one is stunning it’s it looks. amazing I kind of more excited to drive. the g90 Wow yeah you’re gonna be like. what is that I think this big grill. honestly helps this a lot and I think. they’re gonna sell more of these now. because of that so let us know in the. comments below which full-size luxury. sedan is your favorite and why are you. brand loyal or are there just features. that work better and other cars that you. like more so let us know in the comments.

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