2020 Infiniti QX60: FULL REVIEW | New Keyfob and More for 2020!

2020 Infiniti QX60: FULL REVIEW | New Keyfob + More for 2020

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Infiniti’s lineup has been undergoing. some changes over the last few years yet even with products like the all-new. qx50 coming out it’s actually the qx60 that remains their top-selling product. that’s why we’ve come out to infinity of Lexington today to check out the latest. version of their breadwinner and see what’s changed for 2020 of course if. you’re in the market for any new Infiniti make sure you stop by their. dealership or visit them virtually via their website which we provided a link. to in the video description so with that all said let’s see what has made the. qx60 such a popular offering.

so as always we’ll start with the exterior design which for 2020 is. unchanged despite that though it still looks pretty fresh since infiniti has. previously updated the styling several times to keep it up to date with the. latest design language the limited model from last year is no longer offered so. every model gets this double art grille with chrome surround and black mesh in. the middle now turning to the headlights we have our first 2020 change and nasibi. headlights have been upgraded to LEDs instead of the previous HIVs and that. does now make it match with the LED daytime running lights and the LED fog. lights heading around to the side and back it continues to hide its eyes well. thanks to the sharp body lines and narrow partially

LED tail lights like. the front all models now share this same style. so overall the small continuous updates to the qx60 have kept it looking pretty. fresh and stylish now moving on to the wheels there continues to be two options. on the ’60 what we have are the upgraded 20 inch 15 spoke alloys that come on. models with the sensory package but the standard wheel on both trims is an. 18 inch contrast value coming on up to the mirrors every model will have. heating power folding and blind spot monitoring plus auto dimming is. available when you add the proAssist package. And speaking of the pro packages. those are where you will find the extra active safety features besides for the. standard forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection lux models can. choose either the proActive or the proAssist packages which both offer. adaptive cruise control auto high beam headlights rear auto braking and blind.

spot intervention but the assist package also adds Lane Keeping Assist and. pre-crash seatbelts. anyways that’s all the updates on the outside so now let’s see if anything is. new on the interior. so walking up to the 2020 qx60 right away you’ll notice one of the 2020. changes and that’s that we have a brand new key fob design now a lot of you guys. will be very happy to see this because this is not and whether or not it rolls. out to all the 2020 infinities I do not know at this time but it definitely is. here on the QX60. Now as far as the remote start system that goes on the. luxe model. now to get inside the vehicle all you have to do is just press this button on. the door handle alright so taking a look inside the cabin as you can tell the. design has not really changed with this year now as far as your color and. material options they do also carry over for 2020 so what you’ll be looking at is.

either a graphite color option or this wheat color option across all the models. no matter what materials you get and then as far as the actual materials on. the pure and luxe without any optional equipment they both come standard with. leatherette seating but if you go for the essential package that’s where. you’ll upgrade to real leather with a graphite weave color trim when you go. for the sensory package that gets you upgraded to this models leather here. with the special hourglass stitching and it also comes with the exclusive maple. wood trim. now turning over here to your door trim it is of course very nicely finished you. got leather over most of it including above it with some nice stitching detail. and then like I was saying the sensory model does give you this exclusive.

Maplewood trim you have two-person memory seating when. you go for the lux trim and all four of your windows are one touch automatic. coming down here to your seat it is tan white power adjusting with to a lumbar. support the two-way power lumbar is a luxe exclusive model or feature so you. won’t find that on the pure then like I already said this is of course real. leather it feels very nice and I do appreciate the hourglass stitching. definitely adds that extra level of detail and we do have some silver. contrast piping along the side as well. now as most of you probably know by this point the qx60 is related to the. Pathfinder but she’ll be happy to know that you will not notice anything really. with the interior materials so across the upper – you do have a nice soft. touch plastic and a really nice color contrast ditching detail that runs. across it dropping down to the middle here we’ve got more of that nice soft. touch plastic the real maple wood trim and down even in the lower areas we do. have a really nice leatherette covering where your knees might touch now to. start every qx60 just press the button. when you do you will see this 8 inch display fire up across every single. model. now checking out the gauges here these are your traditional infiniti gauges so. they’re mostly analog with that nice kind of purpley hue to them and you do. have a multifunction display in the middle this can cycle through all of. your basic information clean your navigation you have some settings as. well for your driver’s assistant systems. now coming back to the steering it is electric power assisted and you do have. a load the wrap steering will across all the trim levels and also some color. contrast stitching as well on the wheel as far as your buttons these have to do.

with your multi-function display your audio phone and voice controls and on. this side you got your adaptive cruise controls as well as the button to turn. on and off some of your safety systems when you go for the essential package. you will get rain sensing wipers and when you go for the lux model that’s. where you have the power steering we all have it so as far as interior storage. infinity does do a really good job of maximizing it so we’ll start out over. here with your center console now this actually opens up in two different tiers. so you’ve got upper and lower obviously your buttons correspond to that so if. you open up the upper part you have a small bin this would be a great place. for sticking small objects and it does have a really nice felt lining on it and. when you the lower that’s where you open up the much larger compartment it is. quite deep and fairly wide you’ve got two different layers to it and this. whole thing is also nice and beltline so I do like that about it you will also. find a 12-volt outlet and two of your USB ports right there beyond that we’ve. got two cupholders and you’ll find an additional USB port a USB type-c port. both are the higher voltage charging ones and we do also have a 12-volt. outlet inside of this textured storage bin that will help keep things in place. now unlike some of the competition such as the MDX infinity has stuck with a. traditional shifter here so you’re just gonna pull back for Drive you can bump.

over here to the left is shift manually through some simulated gears but you’re. not gonna find any paddle shifters. heading into reverse you will find a standard backup camera on all the models. but if you choose the lux with the essential package that’s where you’ll. get the around view monitor so as you can see this does work the same as other. infinities models so you’ve got your both your traditional view as well as. your 360 view on the right side and you probably also heard the sound effects of. the person walking behind that’s the moving object detection I. don’t believe we have it set on right now but the mirrors will also fold down. to help you see the parking lines better when you’re in Reverse as far as what’s. behind the shifter here you do have your drive mode selector so this is normal. this dot right here is the normal mode you also have a sport mode and eco mode.

and a snow mode and then next to it you’ll find your controls for the. climate-controlled seats now three-stage heating is standard across all the. models however you will have to go for the sensory package to get the. three-stage ventilation. all right so now that brings us up here to our audio system so all but the very. base pure model is going to come with a Bose sound system however when you. choose the sensory model it’s gonna upgrade from a 13 speaker Bose to a 15. speaker rose that of course is what we have so let’s go ahead and take a listen. sound quality of this system is excellent and I do also want to point. out the fact that you do have all these physical controls right here which is. something a lot of companies have moved away from as well as having a CD player. all right so now that brings us up here to our climate controls now this panel. is kind of shared dually between your control knob for the infotainment as. well your climate controls so you can notice the climate controls run across. the top and your temperature adjustments are here on both sides so obviously to. change the temperature you’re just gonna click those buttons right like that you. can change the zones right there and you will notice some of the information pops. up on the display to show you what is going on

you can also press the climate. button to make adjustments up here so you’ll notice that we can turn on and. off the steering wheel heating even though there is also a physical button. over there we can also make adjustments to the rear climate from here or they. can do it of course in the back it is three zone automatic and standard. equipment alright so now that brings us to our. Infinity and touch system so we’ll go ahead and take a look around that now. this is the newest infinity in touch software however it’s kind of merged. with the older-style physical controller down here so basically what you’ll be. looking at is not having a home screen but instead you’ll navigate through the. different sections using these shortcut buttons down here so we’ll shoot into. the navigation to start off with this is a standard if you go for the essential. package on deluxe model and as you can see we do have a nice map display does.

have pinch-to-zoom as well as reasonably good graphics. the closest thing you do have to a home screen as your status screen and you can. just cycle through a few different things to choose kind of what you want. to display here but that’s pretty much all I’m going to cover about the. Infinity and touch system however as always we do have a dedicated tech help. video available for those of you who want to learn more a link to that video. will be in the description hang on from that we will find an auto dimming mirror. with your built-in three homely universal remotes across all the models. a checking out the moonroof here this is actually standard across every model no. matter what you choose it’s just a single panel however we also have the. separate dual panel in the back as you can see it goes all the way back to the. second row as well as the third row and you can control the sunshade with this. button up here in the front this is part of the sensory package on the : loaded. model which slowly. but overall the cabin of the qx60 remains a very comfortable place to. spend time there’s plenty of space there’s lots of luxurious features and. this is a vehicle that cost quite a bit less than a lot of the competition so it. still continues to be a good choice in the luxury family crossover segment when. you open the door you will notice that the steering wheel and the seat do move. out of the way to help easier entry and exit all right

so now I’ll go ahead and. hand it off to my brother Mason who will check out the very important rear areas. so heading around to the second row of the 2020 Infiniti qx60 you’re going to. be very pleasantly surprised since this is one of the largest offerings in the. class you’re going to find 42 inches of rear legroom and 38 inches of rear. headroom which does place it above its main rivals like the audi q7 and Acura. MDX now turning over here to the door trim you do have a really nicely. appointed one so it is leather wrap all the way through here as well as above. that and you do have some more wood as was a padded material on the upper. portion of course your window is fully automatic and down below that you have a. cup of bottle to bottle holders now turning over to the seat itself it is a. very nice design here on this upper end model we do have the quilted stitching. here as well as perforations and it’s also a very very comfortable seat. now here in the middle area Infiniti does give you plenty of features so you. do have these rear vents which are standard across all of the models and. you also have your own climate controls down here now it is three zone. automatics so you can adjust the fan speed as well as the temperature and. down below that you will find plenty of connections you have a 12-volt power. outlet as well as a household style outlet which is included in that theater. package and down below that you will find two stage heated rear seats. included in the sensory package on it looks as was a charging USB port and an. HDMI now you do also have a nice fold-down armrest with cupholders inside. and up top on this model it we do also have the dual panel moonroof it’s not.

super great for the second row because a lot of it is covered up by this middle. portion but for the third row you will see in just a minute it is actually a. very very nice feature to have off to the side you do have some lighting as. well as an assistant cook and working our way down you will of course notice. that we do have the theater package on this model which includes the dual eight. inch screens as well as a set of wireless headphones now like I mentioned. this is one of the largest offerings in the class and that definitely shows. behind drew seating position so behind that I probably have at least 9 to 10. inches of your leg room and my feet can easily slide off underneath the seat so. any passenger back here is going to be extremely comfortable. now to get in the third row that qx60 Infiniti has made it actually very very. easy so I have to do is locate this little lever pull it up as you can see. that it will kind of fold like a little sandwich the bottom will fold up and. then you can slide it right out of the way infinity also brags that if you have. a child seat installed that you will not need to be removed. now turning around and looking in the third row you are going to find a class. competitive amount of space so now let’s go ahead and get back there and see what. it’s like for an adult. so first sitting back here it is descent for an adult back here so I don’t really.

have any legroom but it is worth noting that this C is scooted all the way back. and you can’t slide it forward if you need to now in addition to that my feet. do have a spot to go which is nice it’s a little bit cramped and thigh support. is not the best in the class however it is not too bad if you had a child back. here now off to the side infinity does give you some pretty nice features you. have two cup holders as well as a smart charting you must be poor on both sides. and like I was mentioning the second row I really do like this dual panel. moonroof setup it really helps air out the third row especially in an otherwise. kind of cramped space. and in order to fold the seat back into place you just push it and it’s a very. very simple process. we’re heading around to the tailgate of the qx60 you are going to find a.

standard hands-free one so I have to do to open it as wave your foot under the. bumper. no one’s inside the queue exits these trunk you are gonna find a class. competitive amount of space you’re gonna find 16 cubic feet behind the third row. seats and if you float them it expands to 41 cubic feet now if you fold all the. seats you’re going to get 77 cubic feet is a maximum which like I mentioned is. bus competitive with the audi q7 and Acura MDX now as far as how Infiniti. finishes the back here it is very nice as you can see you have aluminum scuff. plates here and underneath of the floor you do have some more storage. compartments as well as your bows suck Luther and in order to fold that Thoreau. Infiniti has made it pretty easy so I have to do is pull this little strap. they’ll fold the headrest and push that forward now

I do also want to mention. that Infiniti has given you a power return feature which is really quite. nice because folding it obviously is not that hard but actually getting it back. up is pretty difficult so Infiniti has remedied that by just giving you this. power return function. now after that you do also have a 12-volt power outlet as well. now turning over to the passenger seat it is 8-way power adjustable jury do you. have nice materials and now below that you have a really good sized ball box. it’s actually quite massive it’s one of the biggest love box I’ve seen and it is. also nicely felt lined up top we do have a Sun Visor with the light mirror and it. does also detach. but anyway guys that sums of all of the rear areas of this qx60 it’s not so I. can get on the road and see how it performs up there. all right so let’s go ahead and get into the powertrain now like most the things. about this vehicle for 2020 it does carry over unchanged so you’re looking. at these same three and a half liter naturally aspirated v6 it is the VQ. series and that produces 295 horsepower and 270 pound feet of torque you can. choose to put the power to the ground via the front wheels or all-wheel drive. regardless of which trim you choose and your transmission will always be a. continuously variable transmission with D step logic as far as you fuel economy. that does also carry over again it is rated at 20 city 27 highway 22. combined with front-wheel drive. 19 City 26 highway 22 combined with all-wheel.

drive and those numbers do put it pretty much in line with rivals like the Audi. q7 and the Acura MDX but anyways let’s go ahead and take out on the road and. see how it performs there. all right so first launching off in the 2020 Infiniti qx60 how it feels pretty. good we got getting started there I’m noticing it right off right from the. start here it does feel like it’s definitely too differently from the. Nissan Pathfinder definitely because they do of course share the same. powertrain the same transmission but yeah right from the start of noticing it. doesn’t really feel the same I think it’s just because it’s just to to be. more aggressive make things feel more lively straight right from the start you. know where the Pathfinder you really have to get into it to get things moving. we’re also cruising along here on a relatively bumpy road and you want to. comment on the fact that I can basically hear the bumps but really can’t feel. anything so we do have a nice ride as you’d expect before an infinity.

you have throat response yeah definitely a lot more aggressive. I like that about it because the Pathfinder could feel a bit heavy I mean. it just kind of just felt like a big SUV and this feels lighter on its feet just. because when I tip into the throttle we start moving immediately we get going. like I said where as them a path finder you have to get into it a little bit. more just kind of makes it feel like it’s heavier and more slower and you. know this car it definitely has a better sound than the Pathfinder has like. almost a raspy type of note which is really quite uncommon and like the. luxury class of vehicle you know when you first step step on it you know it. does it sounds pretty good I actually kind of like it. and like Drew was mentioning with the ride quality this qx60 definitely is. rides like a luxury vehicle you know sitting here I’m extremely comfortable. these seats are you know one of the most comfortable seats that I’ve sat in and. is just as you know it’s so quiet in here you know

I could see a lot of. people just like taking this down the freeway and just like all seven other. people besides the driver were taking a nap because it really is a cushy ride. it’s it’s very luxurious feeling in here and it quiet. you know it’s an ultimate you know family hauler here. our rounding that corner there onto this on-ramp it is worth mentioning this is. not a sporty you know crossover this is definitely luxury minded Infiniti is. very clear about that and you will notice some body roll as such but like. we said usually you’re not going to find both a really great ride and a lot of. body composure unless you’re going for some type of really fancy adaptive. suspension like you may find in some of the German competition that cost. twenty or thirty thousand dollars more than this vehicle so just something to keep. in mind. now what I’ll go ahead and do is click it into our sport mode to see what we’ve. been in the normal mode the whole time so we’ll try and see what the sport mode. does differently.

again what’s gonna happen is it’s going to ramp up the aggressiveness the CVT. you know CVTs are variable by nature and they can just kind of change. depending on what type of mode you have it in so when you’re in the Eco it. really doles down the throttle response keeps things tamer but when we go into. the sport we really rev things up and get things moving overall I think the. driving experience here in the qx60 is quite pleasant like I mentioned I say I. think Nissan needs to take this this tuning of this powertrain and bring it. to the Pathfinder because it really doesn’t feel like the same I was. expecting that it would feel a lot more similar to the Pathfinder and like

I said really it’s amazing what a little bit of differences with the tuning or. sure how much difference that you can make because this feels like it has like. 50 more horsepower and it just felt a lot lighter on its feet and you know and. then having the more luxurious ride it does feel like a different experience. for if that was something that you were worried about. now as far as the pricing is concerned for the 2020 Infiniti qx60 you are gonna. find pricing very competitive for the class. so for the base front-wheel drive models you have two trim levels so you have the. pure model which starts at forty four thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. and you have the lux which starts at forty six thousand one hundred and fifty. dollars now you might be thinking that’s only about a two thousand dollar price. difference between the trim levels and basically what separates those two is. just a few features but the pure really cannot get any option packages on it so. you’re going to be you know right at that price point whereas the lux can go. way up to where we have this one equipped now if you want all-wheel drive. that’s going to be an additional two thousand dollars on both of those trim. levels now like

I just mentioned this particular model does have quite a few. options packages check it off this one’s about is fully loaded as you can get it. so we do have the essential package for $2,900 as was the sensory package for. 3500 the proactive package for 3400 the theater package for 2150 premium paint. for 500 as well as they cargo package for three hundred and sixty dollars and. finally when you add in the destination charge of nine hundred ninety five. dollars this particular model as equipped comes. in sixty one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five dollars you know which like I. mentioned is pretty much top dollar for a qx60 now that the limited trim is. eliminated and you know it is very class competitive you know it fits right in. line with the Acura MDX and it is going to be quite a bit. cheaper than the Audi q7 if that’s what your cross shopping yet with. well guys we’ve enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the 2020 Infiniti. qx60 deluxe playset those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already. delicacies!.

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