2020 Lexus NX 300 F-Sport: FULL REVIEW | Sporty Style, Lexus Luxury!

2020 Lexus NX 300 F-Sport – FULL REVIEW | Sporty Style, Lexus Luxury

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It’s been a while since we’ve been able to bring you guys a Lexus. But today we’re changing that with one of the first. 2020s the NX 300 f sport. Now there haven’t been a lot of big changes this year nevertheless. There are a few updates to what is one of Lexus’s best selling models and one of the top selling products in the class. Of course. as always we do want to give a special thanks to our friends at Lexus of. Lexington for giving us access to this NX and of course if you’re in the market for any new Lexus be sure to stop by.

Their dealership or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description. So. With that all set, let’s see what has made the NX so popular year after year. So getting started with the exterior design if I had to guess this is likely one of the biggest reasons why people choose the NX. It has always been a design that stands out in all configurations. But especially so with this F Sport Package. It completely changes things versus the regular model. So for the grill, it is larger filled in with black mesh and surrounded by smoked chrome. Plus the vents and fog lights are also shaped differently. However aside from the fog lights. The rest of the lighting does stay the same between the models so they will always be full LED with the separated Arrowhead. But there is a fancier adaptive triple beam lighting arrangement available as an option. as.

Far as the rest of the styling it does carry on with the same level of aggression. So you’ve got a sculpted side and a very angular rear design. the coolest touch though are the fully LED tail lights, which have a 3d design that protrudes off the body and. Then finally at the bottom all models have dual exhaust outlets, but only the f-sport has the extra accent between them. So overall the NX continues to have a very distinct design especially in a class that’s typically pretty bland. Now turning over to the wheels all but the base model are going to come with 18-inch alloys. These of course are the F Sport exclusive design. But regular premium and luxury models will also have 18s with a similar look to them. Moving on back to the mirrors like pretty much every Lexus.

They have a really cool contrast design either all black on the F sport or partially body-colored on the regular models. Heating auto dimming and blind spot monitoring are also included with the comfort package. Now speaking of safety features the Enix continues to stand out for having standard automatic emergency braking lane departure. alert with steering assist adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beam headlights. standard across all models. This is an area where most of the rivals still require extra cost options to get all those features. And. finally, the last thing to mention on the outside is the fifteen point nine gallon fuel tank that does allow the front-wheel drive NX to.

travel 398 miles on a tank or 380 s view with all-wheel drive and. Premium fuel is required. Well that covers everything on the outside, so now let’s go ahead and move on to the cabin. So as you would expect every version of the NX does come standard Alexis’s smart entry system and their typical graham keeper. Now Ramil Start is also standard equipment. You can do that via the inform application or a sequence of buttons here on the top. But that’s only going to be free for one. Now as far as getting inside the vehicle itself. All you have to do is grab the handle since there’s a sensor and when you do the mirrors will fall out. All right. So checking out the cabin of the 2020 Lexus NX. As you can tell there haven’t really been any major design changes, but of course here at the export model.

We do have the more exciting design. Now as far as all your interior color and material selections they have carried over this year. So what you’re looking at is going to be new luxe synthetic leather on. most of the models including this F slips F Sport model, but if you go for the luxury package. Which is available just on the regular. Nx300. That’s going to upgrade you to real leather. as far as the colors. You’ve got black cream glazed caramel or a dark red for your base model when you go for the luxury model. You’re gonna get black or cream colored with a real wood trim. However here on the F Sport we have black or this special unique color called circuit red. It’s just a basically a more intense red than the regular red available in the standard model.

Now turning over here to your George Ram, of course, it is very nicely finished especially here on the F Sport. So this is all leather and we do have a nice accent color through here. We’ve got matching red stitching across the top which is softly padded and then on the export we kind of have this faux. aluminum or carbon fiber trim. As far as the windows, they are one touch automatic for all four. And you will notice we also have the aluminum plates as well as the scuff plate right here. Now coming to the seats they are 10-way power adjusting across every NX with your two-way lumbar support and. Then like I was saying here on the F Sport, this is the new Lux synthetic leather. but as I said in many other of past lexus reviews. New Lux is really the best synthetic leather I’ve ever experienced. I honestly don’t think that most people will be able to tell the difference at all. So like

I already mentioned the main parts of the design have not changed for 2020 and that does include the materials. So across the top you do have a soft touch dashboard. here on the f-sport. We do have the red stitching we’ve got some more of that trim and then all through the middle here. We have a nice leatherette trim with more of these stitching details. Drop me down to your lower areas. But you have a nice leather pad right here for your knee to rest against and all the other things do fit together. Very nicely as well. Standard across the board you do have push-button start. Now turning over here to your display this is the upgraded 10.2 inch display it comes when you option on navigation.

Otherwise, you’re going to come standard with an 8 inch display. Now checking out the gauges over here they are slightly different for the export as you’d expect. You’ve got some white trim around it, but the main components like the 4.2 inch multi-function display. They are the same across the entire range. So as you can see, you’ve got a lot of different information. including for your standard safety systems. As well as some interesting things like right there. You’ve got the boost for your turbo. So that’s pretty cool. Coming back to the steering wheel every NX does have electric power assisted steering. and. Once again here on the F Sport we have a slightly revised steering wheel with the special F Sport badging though. Every model does have the nice leather wrapping. As far as the buttons while you’ve got your audio phone and voice controls right here and then on this side. You’ve got your buttons for your multifunction display as well as some of your safety systems. Up top here you will find rain sensing wipers.

If you go for the luxury package, and we do of course have standard adaptive cruise control. As far as the wheel itself it is power adjusting when you go for the F Sport Package or the luxury model. And we also have standard heating as well. Now moving on to interior storage the NX definitely has an abundance of spaces to stick things. So we’ll start out with the main space which is their center console here so you can open that up. We have a little sliding tray. It is removable. And then once inside here, you’ll find plenty of space and it is really nicely finished with a really soft felt on the side. You also have two of your USB ports both charging and aux jack and a 12-volt outlet. Up in front of that. you’ve got two of your cupholders and. You have this interesting. Little storage area here where you can stick something like your key. And then the back side as we’ve seen previous model years is actually a mirror.

And then finally you have a little shelf up here which could be good for storing something small. Now unlike some of the competition and Lexus has kept with a traditional shifter which many of you will appreciate. So you just pull back for Drive you bump over to the left to shift manually right here. Or if via the standard paddle shifters, they come on every NX not just this escort. And when we go into reverse you will of course find a standard backup camera with active trajectory. we also have the optional parking sensors on this specific model and then there is the additional option of a. 360-degree camera system it’s available as an option across all the trim levels. and. When you reverse the mirrors do tilt down to help you see the parking lines better.

Now you may have heard that noise that’s the sound of the automatic parking brake deploying. So when you put into park it automatically employees, you don’t have to push anything. And we do also have a brake hold feature. Up in front of that, we have our drive mode control. So we have a normal custom eco sport and for the F Sport only a sport plus mode. So our next stop of the dash here is going to be our audio system. Now the NX just comes standard with an eight-speaker sound system. however. Our model with the optional navigation does have 10 speakers and there is an available Mark Levenson sound system as an additional option. Let’s go ahead and sample this middle sound system. Overall it definitely has a very full sound it fills up the cabin well. Now above the audio controls on this uniquely shape – we do have the climate controls.

So standard on every NX has two zone automatic climate controls and cooperation is super simple. You basically got these two really nice metal toggles. So you can just adjust the temperature for both the driver and the passenger right there and you’ve even got a nice-looking analog clock. Right in the middle now. the rest of the controls are located physically right there and then as far as your seat controls. When you go for the comfort package, you’re gonna get three-stage heated seats as well as the three-stage seat ventilation. But anyways that pretty much brings us up here to our Lexus enform system which has received. one small change for. 2020 so let’s go ahead and get into it now. I know I just said that that was a small change. But for a lot of you it’s actually going to be a pretty big change. And that’s the fact that now on the NX we have apple carplay as well as Amazon Alexa. So that’s certainly an important thing for many of you guys

and something that’s been sorely missed on the previous. Indexes, I can’t actually show it to you because I do not have an iPhone. But indeed it is there and available for 2020 now as far as the rest of the system it is the same. updated enform system that the 2019 hat on so that you have the menu that pops up along the bottom as an overlay and. You can just swipe through using the same informed controller and go to different sections. You can swipe up to quickly go into certain shortcuts. Like I already mentioned this being the 10.1 inch display. We do have navigation as well. Obviously you can go into that or you can just click the map button. So as you can see you have the same map as typical for Lexus and you can pinch and zoom straight onto the trackpad. Now one of the nice things about having the big display is I can go over here and click this button right here.

This is going to expand out this secondary display so I can have two things up on the screen at the same time. But anyways, that’s basically the gist of the 2020 updates. However, if you want to really dig into the inform system, then follow the link in the video description to our detailed tutorial video. Now moving on up we do have these auto dimming mirror with the built-in Homelink Universal remotes available as a standalone option. And then coming up here we also have the power moonroof.

This is available on the F Sport in the premium F Sport Package or or available as a standalone option on the regular. Nx300 now. I’m not going to open it obviously since it is raining. But as you can see it is there there’s not a panoramic one available though. But overall the cabin of the 2020 NX continues to age very gracefully. This is a car that really it just has such a cool interior design. It really just continues to stand out amongst its rivals. All right, so now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will finish off the rest of the cabin. All righty. So heading around to the rear of the 2020 Lexus NX you are going to find a good amount of space for its class. You’ll find thirty-six point one inches of rear legroom and thirty eight point one inches of rear headroom. Which like I said is class competitive. However, it is a little bit less than the Acura RDX and Audi Q5. Now turning over here to the door trim. it is really nicely appointed and I’m a really big fan of.

this red and black leather combo. We have some red leather going through here some black stitching and it is even red stitching on the upper portion. Now, of course your window is fully automatic and double of that you do have some bottle storage. Now turning over to the seat itself that is very comfortable very supple leather. And once again, I really like the red and black combo for the design. Now hearing the center Lexus does keep it pretty basic on the features front. So all NX’s will come standard with these rear vents. However, you will not find any power outlets or anything like that. And turning over to the armrest you do have a fold-down armrest with some cup holders on the end. And up top you do have some LED lighting.

Now like I mentioned this is on par with most in the class if a little bit less than some of the. Rivals, so behind your seating position. I still don’t really have any issues though. I probably have six to seven inches of rear legroom and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat. Now the seats do fold 6040 split so all I have to do is I’ll hit this little lever and it does fold right now. Now coming around to the tailgate it is power optionally for $400 or if you want to hands-free one that is 550 dollars. So in order to open it just push the button under the lid. Who wants the truck weapons you will find a little bit less space than you won some of the rivals. You’ll find 18 cubit feet behind these second row seats and that expands to 55 cubic feet if you fold them. Now like I mentioned that is a little bit less than the Acura RDX and Audi q5. However,

I don’t think many of you will have issues in terms of space back here. that Lexus does finish up very nicely so you have some LED lighting as well as a 12-volt power outlet and. all models were nice enough to include this cargo cover and. underneath of the floor here. You do have a little bit more storage spot. Now coming over to the passenger seat itself, it is 8-way power adjustable I note. And in front of the passenger you do have nice materials and underneath you have a really good sized glovebox. And it’s very nicely fault line. It’s very premium feeling. And up top and you have a Sun Visor with a mirror and light. Does also detach and extend. Well guys that pretty much sums up all the rear haze at this 2020 NX. So now let’s go ahead and get on the road and see how this F Sport drives. All right, so let’s go ahead and talk about the power train. So for the NX for 2020 just like most of the rest of the vehicle power train is carry over.

So you’re gonna continue to find the same 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Making 235 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. It is paired exclusively to a 6-speed automatic transmission. And all the models can choose between front-wheel drive or optional all-wheel drive. as far as your zero to 60 Lexus just quote that at 7.2 seconds with front-wheel drive and seven seconds with all-wheel drive and. Of course, it is worth mentioning. There is also a hybrid model. We’re not going to cover it in this video because it’s pretty distinctly different. but. There is that hybrid model you can buy available. And actually a lot of people end up choosing that model as well. Yes, and also noteworthy. Is that the S Sport which is what we have that’s not going to receive any changes to the powertrain. Finally as far as your fuel economy is concerned. Is rated at 22 city 28 highway 25 combined with front-wheel drive and that drops one mpg down. If you go for the all wheel drive version and then as far as your F sport, it does have a slightly different rating. But still the same 24 combined. But anyways, that sums up the powertrain. So let’s go ahead and take it out in the road. All right, so first taking off and the 2020 Lexus NX F Sport. Your initial take off is definitely very good I’m not feeling any type of major turbo lag or anything like that. I’m definitely noticing you right off the bat kind of an interesting so

und. I. think it’s f-sport exclusive but there’s. basically a sound simulation you’ve actually got like a little knob down here underneath the steering wheel where you can adjust the level of. Sound enhancement you want. So I in a second. I’ll take a look and see what level that set on. but it definitely doesn’t sound like what I was expecting it to sound like so I’m. Anticipating that yeah, it’s cranked up to the to the maximum level, but it did sound pretty good. I thought it sounded unique. I’m pretty good. It definitely makes it sound. deeper, you know a lot of turbo four cylinders kind of. Whiny wimpy sound you could say for sure. Of course this does have a six-speed Automatic transmission. Which it is down a couple gears from most of the competition. however, it does shift very smoothly and. At least initially here. It doesn’t seem like it would be something that’s going to you know, bother the average person. Certainly no. So my hypothesis was correct about the. Sound enhancement. So I turned that off. We’ll take off here and see if it sounds noticeably different. Yeah. It does sound different. It’s still very quiet though.

I’m impressed by how quiet the engine is. It’s not intrusive at all. So really it’s almost like do you want to hear something or do you want to hear nothing. Yeah, I have to control more more so than like do I want to sound better or worse?. It’s kind of more of what it is. Definitely I definitely like the way this engine feels. Yeah. You have plenty of torque and it just feels really a lot more. Powerful and peppy than the specs, you know. Yeah, I mean 235 horsepower is not that much and yeah thats kinda low for the class as well. But it really doesn’t feel like it’s a lot slower or anything like that.

Yeah. No, I. like it. Also try out sport mode as well. Brings the doll response a little bit more responsive. Now as Mason mentioned we do have the adaptive variable suspension on this F sport now. I have not driving it backed back with the non. adaptive variable suspension, so it’s hard to tell exactly how. different this is but. Definitely feels, you know pretty firmly planted. It feels like. Or all these many changes here. but what I was trying to say was that. It definitely feels planted going around the corners, but it also rides very very well. And I imagine yeah, probably the kind of a balance that is mostly due to that system being able to adapt to those situations. Yeah for sure.

I mean he hit a bump there and I do want to talk about this because like he said we have the adaptive suspension and. Even though it is firmly planted at the bump and it’s still very comfortable. You’re not gonna have to worry about in this vehicle. It not being comfortable. With the adaptive suspension and really for the F sport, you know. A lot of you might be concerned going in saying that maybe I like the F Sport styling. But you don’t want a firm ride or whatever. You’re really not going to get that here. You know, the F Sport is more of an appearance thing. It’s not going to make your ride like terrible and I can guarantee you that because it’s very very comfortable in here.

It’s quiet and it really knocks all the boxes off that you’re looking for in this type of vehicle. You know, the seats are extremely comfortable and it’s just a very nice place to spend time right ultimately the other day. this is still the Lexus so our like Sport luxury spectrum even this F Sport is. Mostly towards these luxury side of things, you know, if you want something a little bit more sporty. The Germans are still going to be a better option. but but this. Being a you know luxury crossover. This has a really appealing balance between still have being fairly athletic. But also folk, yeah. But all in all the driving dynamics of the NX are definitely very good. You really like Mason said it honestly just kind of checks off all the boxes it’s tough. Certainly a good choice if you’re looking for a luxury. Crossover that also has just a hint of sport. And now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing for the Lexus and X. So for the very base in X 300, which is what most people will end up choosing. With front-wheel drive that’s gonna start at thirty six thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars.

Which is a is worth noting that that’s about a five hundred and thirty five dollar increase over last year. Now if you want to go for the F Sport, which is what we have here. That’s not going to cost too much more and it’s going to start at thirty-eight thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars. Which is up four hundred dollars over last year. Now new for this year is they’re kind of considering the luxury package and new trim level. So the nx300 luxury is now going to be forty three thousand eight hundred and ten dollars. And like I said, that is newly considered a trim level this year. Now all-wheel-drive is an option across all of the models. We have selected that on this particular model, and we do also have plenty of other options checked off. So we have the adaptive variable suspension for seven hundred and seventy dollars. The windshield wiper de-icer for one hundred the auto dimming in side mirror for 125. We also have opted for the navigation system with ten point three inch display for eighteen hundred and sixty bucks.

The rear parking sensors for five thirty five the power rear door with the hands-free function for five fifty. the premium F Sport Package for two thousand eight hundred and sixty five dollars as. well as all Weather Floor Liners for two seventy for the cargo mat for one ninety nine the. body side moldings for ninety nine a cargo net for sixty nine and he gloves for ten dollars and. Finally when you add in the destination charge of a thousand and twenty five dollars. This particular model as equipped comes in at forty eight thousand eight hundred and forty-one dollars. Which is about as expensive as you can get the F Sport model. You can get the luxury above fifty thousand. but this is pretty much top dollar for the. NX lineup and it is worth noting that a lot of the rivals do cost a little bit more than that. Namely like the Germans like Audi q5 and stuff those definitely be running you closer to 60 instead of 50 as a stop top price. Well guys hope you enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the. 2020 Lexus NX 300 F Sport, please. delicacies.

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