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2020 Subaru Ascent – FULL REVIEW

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Now Americans have long loved the outback. So when Subaru introduced the three row ascent it wasn’t a surprise that it has been very successful. They actually had trouble keeping up with demand all through the 2019 model here. And now today we are already with the 2020 version. Of course. we do want to take a moment to specially thank our friends at. Quantrell Subaru for giving us access to this 2020 ascent and if you’re in the market for any new Subaru. Make sure to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description. So. If that all said, let’s see how the ascent stacks up against the competition. So getting started with the exterior styling.

Even though the ascent is larger than any Subaru before it it still looks like a Subaru. It shares very similar cues to other models but stuff like the grille has been beefed up to make it look a bit tougher. The headlights also have a recognizable design. Especially if you choose the limited or touring which come with these full LED lights and the LED fog lights at the bottom. The base and premium models don’t have fog lights and instead come with halogen headlights. Moving on from the front the rest of the design. Follows the same pattern of making the styling look bulky and more outdoorsy than the average class entry. You have two chunky taillights, which are partially LED connected by a chrome strip. And then at the bottom all models have dual exhaust outlets that really set off the design. and.

While we’re down here. I will go ahead and mention the tow rating of 5000 pounds on all but the base trim which can only handle 2000. But anyways, the design of the ascent is overall conservative, but still handsome looking just like most of Subarus other products. Now turning our attention to the wheels most of the trim levels do come with different designs. we have the largest option the 20-inch gray contrast alloys which comes standard on limited and touring and. Can also be optioned onto the premium via the sporty package. Normally the premium and base model come with 18 inch alloys either with or without black contrast inserts. Heading on up to the mirrors there are three possible combinations. Black on the base model body colored on the middle trims and the top touring gets satin silver ones.

All but the base model do also get blind spot monitoring. Finally last but certainly not least we have loads of advanced safety features standard on every ascent. the eye sight safety suite includes automatic pre-collision braking. adaptive cruise control and Lane Keeping Assist. Plus you also have Auto high beam headlights and reverse automatic braking on the limited and touring. This all together makes it one of the most comprehensive Suites in the class. But anyways, that’s it for the outside so now let’s go ahead and hop inside the cabin. So only the top two trims of the Subaru scent will come standard with their smart interest system as well as this really nice solid. Feeling key fob. Now you cannot remote start from the fob itself. But you can be at the Subaru StarLink app and that’s gonna be free for one year.

Now as far as getting inside the vehicle itself there is a sensor behind the handle so all you have to do is grab it. All right, so taking a peek inside the 2020 ascent. As you can tell right off the bat you just share the of course the same design languages last year since it was all new. Now like most other Subaru models, they do keep it very simple when it comes to interior material and color combinations. So what you’re looking at is your bottom two trims, which is based in premium. They’re gonna come with cloth seating and then your upper two trims are going to come with real leather. and as far as your color options you. Most of the trims only have two it’s just going to be either this ebony or the warm ivory option.

However, if you go for the Touring you do have the exclusive option of Java Brown. And that’s also the only trim that will get wood accents. Now turning over here to your door trim it is very nicely finished. You’ve got a lot of contrasting materials, but you look really nice. They’ve got the leather down here on the armrest with the light colored stitching the perforated leather in the middle and then a lighter color. Leather through here with a different color stitching. As far as your memory seats they are two-person on the limited and the touring only and. Then our front two windows are one touch automatic. Putting down here to the seat you will find a power seat on all at the very base model. Which is six way manual of the premium is 8 way power and this is a 10-way power adjusting seat with the power lumbar. We also have manual thigh extension as well. And. Then like I already mentioned this is real leather and just like the door trim. It’s very very nice-looking. Got a lot of intricate details here with different types of perforation different stitching designs. So it looks and feels very attractive. So the inside of the Subaru scent is pretty similar to the other Subaru models. Um, however, there are some unique touches that make this a little bit more premium.

Now across the upper – you’ve got a soft touch plastic with a nice stitching detail through it. But down here in the middle unlike most other Subaru models. We have a nice leatherette strip. This is color contrast and it feels very nice. And as far as your lower areas, these are hard touch but in the typical Subaru fashion. Everything does fit together extremely solidly with no panel gaps or anything like that. Now on your limited and touring a sense press the button to start. When you do you will find this eight inch display fire up on all but the very base model which has a six and a. half inch one instead. Now checking out the gauges here these are the typical Subaru gauges. So you’ve got two analog gauges and then a 4.2 inch multi-function display in the middle. Now this does contain some information but not is basically just containing the driving information. however. The other information that some automakers include in here. Subaru actually uniquely includes in a separate six and a half inch display up here on the top of the dash. Now you control this display with these buttons here. And I’ll zoom in on it real fast. But as you can see, it’s got a ton of different information. Some basic stuff like your.

Trip information, but you do have some more advanced things like your weather as well as different things like your percent of acceleration. So it’s definitely a very handy. accessory screen to have. Now coming back to the steering, of course, it is electric power assistant, it is also leather wrapped on all but the very base model. Far as your buttons here. these are for your audio voice controls and your phone and then on this side is for your standard adaptive cruise control and. Then we also have the heated steering wheel which comes on the limited and the touring. But as far as steering wheel itself is manual tilt and telescoping across all the trumps. All right, so moving on to interior storage. This is certainly one of the most important aspects of a family crossover. And the ascent does have what I consider to be a class typical amount. So starting out with our center console here we can just lift this up. As you can see the first thing we’ve got is a removable tray. But once inside this actual bin, it is very very deep.

and they nicely felt lying the entire thing from top to bottom which is usually something that only luxury crossovers do. In. front of that we’ve got to ambient lit. cup holders right here. And then up in front of that. We have another really large bin. This is definitely a great place to stake a cellphone and then way back there. There is a 12-volt outlet and up in the front of that. You’ve got your two charging USB ports as well as an aux jack. Now a lot of you guys will appreciate that. Subarus giving you this much space and still kept a traditional shifter. So. All you gotta do is just pull back for drive bump over to the left for a manual shifting mode. And you do actually have paddle shifters standard across the board. You’ve got eat simulated gears even though this is a continuously variable transmission. Heading into reverse, of course as you’d expect we do have a standard backup camera and Subaru has also nicely included active trajectory. We have rear cross-traffic alert as well as parking sensors here on this limited model. and then if you went for the touring you would also have a. 180 degree front camera system as well. And back behind the shifter we do have an electronic parking brake as well as a brake hole feature right here.

Now next to that we have a button labeled x-mode this is the off-road mode for the ascent. It does come standard on every single model, basically. It just takes all the different systems of the vehicle and just amplifies them and makes them specifically tuned for off-road use. Now next up we have the climate controls. We do have standard three zone automatic controls across every single trim. I in a typical Subaru fashion, they keep things very simple here as well. So you just have two big knobs for adjusting your temperature. one right here in the middle for your fan speed and then all your other buttons are. Represented physically so you don’t have to dig around in the display or anything like that. As far as the seats. We do have three-stage heated seats on all but the very base model. But you’re going to have to go for the loaded touring if you want seat ventilation. All right. And now that brings us up here to our audio system now all trans besides where the terrain comes standard with a six-speaker audio system.

However, even this limited model. We have popular package 23 and that throws in the Harman Kardon sound system. That’s usually reserved for just the touring that has 792 watts and 14 speakers. So let’s go ahead and take a listen. Now quality of this system is perb. All right, so that brings us here to our Subaru StarLink system, so let’s go ahead take a quick look. So this of course is the usual StarLink system. It is the same as it is in other Subaru models. So when you do have two different home buttons one physically and one virtually as well as some shortcut buttons down here on the bottom. You will also notice that all the models come standard with both Android auto and apple carplay. So you can use that instead of the startling system if you prefer. Now this specific limited also comes equipped with navigation. That’s part of that. option package 23. But normally only the Touring would come standard with the navigation system. So anyways, that’s just a brief little introduction to the different features of the Starling system. But of course we do have a dedicated tech help video available. If you want to learn more about it a link to that video is in the description. Now jumping on up here to your mirror. most of the models do come standard with this auto dimming home link universal remote mirror. And we do also have a compass built in as well.

Hang on up a little bit more. But if you press this down, you will find a sunglass holder. but if you let it go back up partially, um. It is also a conversation mirror or a mirror that you can spy on your kids with. As you can see we actually have the panoramic moonroof that does not come standard on the limited. It comes standard on the touring only but this was part of that. popular package that we added to this model and as you can see the front portion does open up just like a traditional. Moonroof and you do also have a windscreen as well. But overall, there’s really a lot to like with the cabin of the Subaru ascent. Just like most Subarus they really they keep things simple, you know. So you don’t have a bunch of complicated gimmicky type things. They just hit all of the things that families want. Now what you’ll notice right here is actually our only interior change for 2020 and that’s that we now have a rear seat reminder. That’s standard across all four of the trim levels. So that’s pretty much it for the up in the front. So now I hand it off to Mason who will finish up the rest of the cabin. Heading around to the 2020 Subaru since rear seat you’re gonna find a very class competitive amount of space. So you’re gonna find 39 inches of rear legroom and 40 inches of rear headroom. which does place it right on par with the toyota highlander and honda pilot and. It is plenty of space for any of your family members. Now turning over here to the door trim. You are gonna find a very nicely appointed one. It’s honestly nicer than the front one. So you do have a nicely leather wrapped armrest all through here. It is padded leather above that and you do have some nice color contrast leather here. Additionally you do have a power window is not automatic. And you do have another cup holder. Another cup holder down here and some more storage. Now turning over to the seats themselves you will notice that this model does have the captains chairs. This is a no-cost option on the premium trims and up above and you like I said. You can’t have the bench seating if you want that. Now the seat itself is a beautiful design. So you have nice leather wrapping and is very very comfortable.

Does also slide and recline as well. Now here in the center Subaru definitely has made the family happy because there are tons of features back here. all but the very base model will have their own climate controls and you can adjust your fan speeds ends up and. temperature right here and. Down below that you will also notice that this model has the heated rear seats and that is standard on the limited and touring trims. Now down below that to keep everyone’s phone charged up. You do have two smart charging USB ports and. Further below that you do even have to pop out cup holders as well as some storage space back here. Like I said, we do have the captain chairs on this model and up on the roof. You will notice this beautiful panoramic moonroof. It covers. It goes almost past the second row seats. so it really helps to air out the cabin back here and you already have a lot of headroom and. Off to the left side. You have some LED lighting. Your your vent as well as an assist and a cup hug. Now like I said, this is right on par with the main competitors in terms of space.

So behind your seating position I have about probably eight inches of rear legroom and my feet definitely do not have any issues. Sliding up under the seat. So people who are in the second row are definitely going to be comfortable. And you also want to point out it looks like I failed you mentioned that this limited trim and the touring have the. manual rear window sunshade. Now in order to get back into the third row seats a subaru has made it really easy. So you have to do is locate this little lever it up and it does slid right out of the way. Now looking back here you will notice a another class competitive amount of space. You’ll find 32 inches of rear legroom and 36 inches of her head room, which is class and pettite of with the main. Competition. So heading back here let’s see what it’s like. So my first impression is actually very good. With the seats scooted all the way back. I still have about one inch of legroom. Which is very impressive. Very few vehicles give you that and my feet have tons of room. As you can see I can even move them up and down. There’s plenty of space. And in addition to that I have good thigh support. So this really isn’t much of a downgrade from the second row. I’m actually very very comfortable back here.

Now turning over you do have some more cupholders Subaru is actually said that there is 19 total cup holders. So there is plenty back here. And in addition to that on both sides, you have two smart charging USB ports and a little storage cubby. Up top Subaru is also given your event in the light. So overall, this is a very very nice place to spend time. I’m very impressed with this third row seat. And in order to get the seat back into place just pull. Putting around to the tailgate of the ascent it is power on they limited and touring trims. So just locate the button under the lid and push it open. Now when you do you will find another large amount of space this one actually best Detroit a Highlander and Honda Pilot. So you’re gonna find 18 cubic feet behind me third row seats. If you fold them you’re going to get 48 cubic feet, and if you fold all of the seats. You’re gonna have a maximum of 87 cubic feet. So like I said that is larger than the major the main Japanese rivals and just behind a pilot and Toyota Highlander. And that space is definitely going to be appreciated for most families. now after this side Subaru does finish up very nicely so you do have a nice light here as. Well as a 12-volt power outlet and if you want to actually fold the seats, it’s a pretty simple process here. So you have to do is look at this little strap here. and. push forward. Now obviously we do have the headrests extended so that doesn’t need to come down first.

But folding like I said is very easy. Now underneath of the floor Subaru does also give you a little bit more space so you do have. probably 8 to 10 inches deep of space here across the entire floor as. Well as a good spot to put the cargo cover it when not in use. Now over here at the passenger seat it is four-way power on the top two tramps. And in addition to having nice materials in front of the passenger. You do have some storage right here as well as a good sized glovebox. It is nicely felt lined. Up top we have a Sun Visor with lights and a mirror does also detach and extend. Well guys that sums up all the practical stuff about the ascent so not to hang it on the road and see how it performs. out there. All right, so let’s go ahead and get into the powertrain information. Now for this is sent to brew does keep it very simple. You’ve got just one version across the board. And that’s gonna be their brand new turbocharged boxer 4 engine. I’m so it is a four cylinder. and that makes 260 horsepower and 277 pounds of. Power is routed exclusively through a continuously variable transmission.

And like I already mentioned earlier in the review you have eight simulated gears that you can’t switch between with the standard power shifters. Now of course as with every single Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive is standard equipment. and like I mentioned. That does produce since there’s only one version. We just have two different fuel economy is one for the lower end trams with the smaller wheels that’s going to be 21. 27 23 combined and then if you go for the top trims with the bigger rims. That’s 20-city 26 highway 22 combined. But anyways that pretty much is the specs so let’s go ahead and take out on the road and see how it performs there. All right, so initially taking off in the 2020 Ascent. it’s actually the first time that I drove in the ascent, we did review it last year, but it was a. Pre-production model and we weren’t allowed to drive it. So this is new for us to check this out. But definitely the initial acceleration very impressed by that. Like a lot of Subarus the throw response is tuned to be pretty aggressive and. Because of that it it really feels surprisingly fast off the line now once you get going, of course, you know, you can feel it. You know drop off just a little bit.

this is not gonna be a super exhilarating vehicle as a family crossover after all, but. You know initially the the acceleration feels definitely right in line with the v6 competitors. Yeah it definitely it’s going pretty well from the start. Yeah. Another thing I’m noticing is the ship simulation. And a lot of other supermodels they don’t really either don’t have it or it’s not as. noticeable. But you can definitely notice that a lot more here in the ascent. So it’s not just like simulating the ship’s basically in certain situations, but it seems to be simulating Nicias. most of the time. It is to the point that I think that the average person might not really notice too much of a difference. You know and that’s a good thing, you know CVT.

They’re just you know, it’s it’s basically for fuel economy. So, you know, they’re just trying to minimize its effects. And if the average consumer can’t notice then you know. And you get the benefit. That’s right. This is a family crossover after all. A lot of the competition does have CVTs not all of it. But like you’re saying it really it’s not a very noticeable thing. Especially here in a family vehicle because most people are gonna be driving around like I am right now just kind of cruising around light. acceleration. And under these circumstances. It’s really just goes under the radar. It was turbo-4, it feels really good you. know I don’t feel really much like turbo lag or anything because you know. Sometimes you you have to wonder a CVT and also a turbo engine if we’re gonna have kind of a laggy experience. But you know overall it really feels quite good even you know. Kind of give any acceleration while we’re already moving stuff like that. It feels good in a lot of different situations. I’m definitely impressed. And of course there’s the fact that this engine is gonna be in the out the new outback here soon and. That’s definitely gonna be in a smaller vehicle.

So yeah, I’ll be really cool to kind of see it apply there. Now stopped at this red light would be a good time to mention that there is not auto start-stop on this car. The only Subaru that has it right now is the Forester. So whether or not you care about that. some people a lot of the competition you will have auto start-stop, especially the newer offerings, but. Once again, if the fuel economy is there there’s really no need for auto start-stop. Yeah, the throttle response might actually require a little getting used to it is. You know, it is very sensitive. I’ve noticed that in a lot of other Subarus they do have that I get I guess is an on purpose to you know. Make it feel more responsive. But yeah, it’s a it’s sensitive. So you will have to get used to it’s kind of taking off with a lighter touch than what you would. Think for a bit crossover like this.

But just riding around here in this family crossover, I do want to mention how comfortable it is. You know Subaru is definitely put, you know, comfort over like driving dynamics or something. Which is what a lot of people want in here, you know it is so comfortable in here. You know just riding around it’s extremely quiet. These seats are extremely comfortable. and really there’s just a lot of room in here for you and all of your family’s belongings and. It really just nails that mission of you know, the core mission of keeping the family. comfortable and happy. and like Mason said this is definitely family and luxury oriented. But that’s not to say that it’s sloppy here anything like that?. on the steering it. Feels pretty good it is of course. lightweight and. Electric power system but it does have enough heft that you can tell tell where everything is. You know where the wheels are placed and everything like that. Now it does go around corners and stuff it does roll quite a bit.

You know, it is just it’s a softly sprung you you will notice that or reap the benefits of that. Softness, you know comfort and not driving dynamics exactly. 99% of the driving that this car will do you’ll be reaping the rewards of that. But overall just like most subaru models. the see the ascent knows what it wants to be and it totally. accomplishes that you know Subaru they do things their way and they have a very unique and very. Successful formula keeping things simple. They don’t complicate things too much and they make sure that they. You know. Hit all of the important aspects of a family crossover and they’ve definitely done that here with the 2020 Ascent. So now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing for this twenty twenty Subaru ascent. So for the very base model. You’re going to start at thirty one thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars. Now if you want to go up to the premium trim that’s going to be thirty four thousand three hundred ninety five dollars. The limited which is what we have here. It’s thirty nine thousand three hundred and forty five dollars and the touring model. Which is the top end model with all the features has starts at forty five thousand and forty five dollars now.

That is worth noting that that’s about a between a two hundred and three hundred dollar increase across all of the trim levels. besides for the very base model for 2020. Now as far as how this particular ascent is equipped, even though we do have the second from base model. We have quite a bit of optional equipment tacked on to that. So we do have the option package 23 for twenty nine fifty and we also have the popular package. Number three for nine hundred and two dollars now in addition to that. We also have USB charging ports for the third row for two hundred and thirty. LED lighting upgrades for 185 and splash guards for 168 and. Finally when you add in the destination charge of one thousand and ten dollars. This particular model as equipped comes in at forty four thousand seven hundred ninety dollars. Which I will admit is, you know, that’s a good price point for this class of vehicle. It’s right in line with a lot of the competitors. If not a little bit less than some of the main rivals. Please are those like and subscribe us if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time. This is sampling work the latest automotive delicacies.

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