Automumble - Ford Mexico vs Westfield

Automumble – Ford Mexico vs Westfield

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okay so we’re back here with with Kim. and Robin with two more Haggerty cars. we’ve got the classic performance board. you know who paid fast boards from the. seventies Ford Escort Mexico nineteen. cents for car absolutely stunning. they’ve gone up massively in value in. for the last few years and land and. interest in the most it’s gone up I mean. it’s without doubt it’s a it’s a classic. doesn’t yeah it’s just business on. quality shape and body so I can’t go to. coach station Ralph someone asking. stories about it is it real wanted to do. yeah I had fun my dad has one it just. evokes the memories of childhood. including the sweet some of our mercy. and enjoying sort of being systematic no. sleep um you move around the back as. well yeah for me this is commercial.

pedigree are the other historic problems. when it’s Australian and then when I’ve. chopped fire when I had it and this big. guitars invited Keith I had another car. building and you kept instead and sell. the project and how long would you have. a ten-year now and it is an original. here Mexico and giochi numbers with. lending remember the match of Nelson. gets in the gas but the most a copper.

penny venules. enjoy it enjoy it as much as I can and. it smells awesome inside thank you get. in and it’s just that Oh royal fuel. unleaded petrol makes more memory than. just in fact when you get a car. I’m all about the engines we are all. original slightly 27 just over a hundred. thousand miles now but how does it have. had work it’s giving them at least like. really since only award as they all do. but no thunder carb some of their box a. very empty engine there when you look in. there that it’s always happy fruit doing. some work and how much break also see. nitrate horsepower so take the modern. terms not max amount so it’s it’s. definitely quite nice and feel care of. right away so it’s through the twisting. spirit to come tonight. okie-doke wanaka brilliant it was fun I. mean there’s no question does that the.

class yeah I’m so rubbing across your. car 92 Westfield yeah this car was built. as a performance Road car wasn’t it yes. it was. yeah what we got under the engines about. 115 horsepower okay so well enough for a. lightweight car very much so yeah it’s. really exhilarating to drive would you. say that’s a classic car I think it’s. more of a specialist carbon than a. classic car it does go back to the euro. of Colin Chapman adding extra lightness. except rust yeah and this is an example. confirm a modern equivalent of the seven. cars that will feel back in the day I. quite like it because there are very. kind of modern aspects to it so the. engine is from a 1985 XR – yeah so the.

felling modern. running gear enables you to keep up with. day-to-day running of the vehicle okay. it’s interestingly because 92 we’re with. ensuring cars from 92 as plastic cars. well we I mean that’s that’s usually. pretty 90 but it’s that yeah it’s on the. cuffs with bringing your classic car on. its own right indeed yeah yeah and I. guess it’s the way that you drive them. you know if I was driving this on a. daily basis okay and all the specialists. are but I look after it my service it. regularly and you know I go out and have. fun on it on sunny day so other than the. performance you know what is the link. what what is the link here is it is it. just that that passion for the color

i think. both cars that people would desire to. have yeah he’s that kind of special once. in a while drive that you only get from. vehicles like this you know I think. people strive toward Casey you’ve seen. two fantastic cars here today and each. of them is a love of the Haggerty member. of stuff but we want to know what do you. love which cars flick your switches let. us know go on social media come on a. website or do the old-fashioned thing. and just give us a ring. tell us what are your classic car love thanks for watching this has been a. thanks for watching this has been a Haggerty also mumble production.

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