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Direction the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Bugatti The Black car. on the road with the post photo franck of central musica you. know and in fact we are on the road to go to geneva we will go to. Geneva Lounge we left with a comedy of Bella. id mark that I showed you everything from then so here is the beautiful makeen. so it’s a maserati gran cabrio so the cabriolet version of the gran turismo. here we provide a version mc for Corsican maserati and color it’s a. gray al fihri from the name of the pilot theillet the lollipop in sight we will laugh at. Geneva there was my step reign little ones. like a car of madness I do not want to drive well. tunnel more beautiful for. there everywhere. I hope you we. so you take a chiron and then you put it in a grinder and that. give you this evocation deluga ti 57 57 s in particular. it’s a unique model that a priori would be sold in the 16 million. euros she’s absolutely crazy look at me. it. they managed to do even more that china. such as life is worth 1500 horses. we will just look at the back. look at this line.

two fires look there is a. the exhausts there are six exhausts she came here. I said we will go down a little on earth with. appearance side is still far in the heavens but this chemistry. special if my sport I do not know if you must have seen them look. here it’s bodywork entirely in blue carbon she is gorgeous with. this species barrette shot all the way along to celebrate the hundred and ten years bugatti is. which is fun anyway is that we make gas residents they have. released an edition is well in colors tricolor look underneath that that. fun and this blue carbon is absolutely. 2 have you ever seen an engine. also if you Yeah, well, look here. the engine is just monstrous will count together. c turbo. to pass the side. 3 4 it’s just a spirit. why this but. it’s a work of art. so we continue in the class the distinguish elegance with that always. at mansory are the friends of small colors goes everywhere even on a. smart we will appreciate the interior design. look. it’s closed but I leave you appreciated. we arrive on a small gold little name shreds you. recognized it is from Russian to Russian the sauce so mansouri. all finesse and distraction with always then that’s the mint on.

stuffs on this year these hoods years I think it’s carbon with a. very special design we’re going to ask for a raise that he. think that ludo do you think what you of all that, it’s missing more than. a beer shooter and but a printer to gold beer because otherwise it’s not. class carbon gold because it has to because it. have to stay distinguish and and I find that he saved to sublimate the lines of. this adventador we recognize more 1 that is to say that in fact a car. it’s finished the gloves and he made it a thing. complicated actually we’ll say that this is complicated. we will not spit on mansouri just here it’s not our cam. we can understand that it is the cam very rich people who have everything and who. do not want to have the car from everyone. here a clash and I have so much he is big I do not have enough perspective.

i with the logo look here that is illuminated and it’s a troubled star. because in it we can put troops. I’m going to buy a lens to put the 308 and. we’ll put luggage with walt and that’s left. at a time when we have a lot a lot of money we say we’re good. am going to buy a chiron and then I entrusted to mansouri and then especially the. result it’s going to be what are you gonna lousy chiron I’m sorry but she. is disgusting what to look at raw carbon plating it looks like in. does it look like a formica table no there I’m sorry I do not agree what they. have completely distorted the car original. next to a culinat so always the world version smile the chic version and. disappeared is still happening to you notice one the sublime ones. it’s sublime I would say drawings on support head with mark billionaire a. billionaire yes but so much to do on go posted it everywhere they should have. put small dollar in gold on the sides in more here then one of the cars. which I particularly like you know I want to cry.

the new continental bentley gt they have then happily they have them. badges and the public badge leave and love so much better if at least we can. believe it’s not a bentley but frankly tell me what you. think but me personally I do not adhere to all the dance and it’s not possible. oh there, this one he is well disgusting too it’s a range rover. oh damn it’s ugly momo moment. oh there, we are in bad taste but the team has a good this is only my. notice a give me yours you know it I’m quite attached to the brands of. English luxury here at rolls royce you have the new ghosts in a. pretty dull finish with this white the matte gray hood. look right here. the spirit of ecstasy that is in a matte metal also it’s absolutely. superb and then me what I like also what. I like at these builders British. it’s sometimes this bit of extravagance look at this one is rice with this. absolutely flashy blue they dared I have not if you know it. but at rolls royce the banks you see there his buddy to. the hand there is a person actually in the factories that painted these tapes. I love his flashy colors that’s me really car in value. we will take a look inside. braided carbon leather blend of wood. it’s chic it’s clean it’s done well it’s very very well done. we are going to make a kiff we will go up to the best place. in a phantom rolls because the better place and well, it’s not. behind the wheel the best place in a phantom rolls. it’s at the back and we’ll try to climb in what is this note. ok ok 5 you understood it we can not. to settle aboard this phantom I will still show you. inside because it’s a material exclusive look at the finishes are. crazy it’s gold plated cook them. if they are beautiful always this carpet in real actually here you. have a herd of cows a flock of sheep. there is lacquered wood there are only precious materials it’s absolutely. still blaming of course this to the star is good after a while. still raises the question of knowing if it’s not kitschy but hey. will say that it depends on who is this type of vehicle. at rolls there is always this bit of madness with this culinat the suv so rolls. royce and this species.

I would say of options for the trunk that allows to sit at 2 and enjoy a. champagne glass is simplicity British charm. we take the opportunity to watch a little bit interior. and. so of course we always find the same environment cook the carpet. very very thick everyone is taking pictures here. it’s funny I believe that I too take. picture so I’m with ludo’s male points like and we’ll do a. game here we have possible combinations color rolls and well what I tell you. proposes the back is to make the color the most disgusting possible then. what are you going to choose. I do not know what to choose is true then you will take small courses of accor. coupled with what needs to be disgusting. so at the green the pink green is a little I think it’s not bad if we take. it would be colors to travel that if we take this brown if we did it was this. small orange brown is what happens in what we. call a disgusting shade because you see. well it’s actually happening that’s the magic of rolls royce and that everything works if. it’s a little disgusting to color that and that’s not nice, well you won. curtain yet a place in which one do not go normally except when one is. customer and well it’s behind the stand rolls royce with. what they call here the department bespoke bespoke actually it’s the. customization department of rolls-royce is to say that if your. rolls royce a series does not suit you no you can come to bespoke’s.

requested all changes look at this one there is interesting. since watching the straw and this leather a little neon green you’re going to definition the. beautiful carbon so. that we find everywhere we are in a custom rolls bespoke. so of course we’re not talking about price. but it’s absolutely beautiful. I think I’m going to pascal here I saw pascal obispo. we are in the extraordinary since he succeeded me. punctuated super hyper wish suddenly this station. finally everything to the south. but have we become it’s a message. race oriented still a large cage with bars. in its orange color of months but but in this country next door all these. typed patterns car. a little pale. we will also here perhaps become of lagonda brand. finally if you save this big sedan of the 80s there. had some evocations in the 2000s was. daddy yeah that’s what could we book the future of lagonda this. a sort of the big suv. I will not dwell on it. short break at our bentley friends with a nice enough view. we see there so the new models bentley to know a little bit later here. it is lamborghini and then if we take a little walk we are. taking a short break here then it’s a place. that usually we do not have a lot of to show you but still. part of the luxury and charm of the salon de Geneva. a lot of news this year at bentley we start here by this. continental gt in this version specific to celebrate. 100 years of the brand with. a particular finish see here the black you have on the doorstep. to go see the other side. no flatter. look here at the door sill. I. and 1919 2019 with stitching specific. not really a job that range is even more in beauty. Yeah. at bentley again we celebrate the exceptional you have here. this model that makes it to win a lot of events he won the mans he won. racing at brooklin in short this is a extraordinary model since led. by several members of the bentley boys so much that it means he is. even almost invaluable so he is rare and if you look.

you have on the grille via the number 9 this year. we will go on the other side a version of the continental gt was produced in. tribute. and look there this is. the famous number 9 and sion valais and if we will see here on the grille. finds. this number 9 so the color is the same as his ancestor and all the finishes. in fact are in tribute. look inside you have here. a hammered steel console you have topstitching here copper color then. why the copper color a little bit everywhere and well because on. this one you have leather parts especially so it’s not going too much but. you have here all that is leather and so all the copper notes that are. times here including. on the center of high is still a a tribute. to this glorious ancestors this version 9 is the only one able to dispose of these. exterior color combinations inside and will of course be a version. limited. this is the bentley descent and at this opportunity. bentley took out of his collection this bentley blower absolutely fabulous. why fabulous then certainly the model is rare but this one is still. more rare since he was driven by one of the famous bentley boys and then it’s. especially a model in the palmares absolutely extraordinary look here.

I do not just have to see it but you have a plate here with all these. victories 1929 irish jump and 1929 tourist trophy 1930. external 1930 the mans brief you have here a model that really helped to. the image of bentley racing is priceless a model like that. today we can not put a price because it’s really unique. and it belongs to the bentley collection if we go past we’ll notice. something we’ll notice that on the calender. but saw the compressor briefly on which one you had the number 9 is. well in tribute to this bentley blower and even as the seven years for. his 100 years here we are at maserati then at. maserati the big novelty actually it is especially the will to climb very. high in terms of services offered let me explain. maserati partners with leading brands like here giorgetti or castelli for. find the craftsmen who see here by example are really specialists. wood or here you see some of the steel specialists with steels. here who actually get their color only by natural oxidation and. then all that and well we’ll be able to find precisely in cars

I will show you here in this sales and we go alone to lome a little bit but. if you look at the first step for example with castelli metal. it’s this door threshold here look at a copper door sill with this. specific color that was obtained precisely with oxidation. and then among the associations that we are going find. we will also find we will go one little further down there a. association with a big brand specialized in the fabric called. aignan and who today specializes also in automotive leathers with. an exclusive for maserati a leather braided which is extremely flexible and which. will be able to adapt to all parts of the car we are going to watch. in this quattroporte here you see. we find here braided leather on the dashboard but look also. on the seats with this rendering absolutely unique. in fact it’s a bit like a fabric but it’s leather. we are in Switzerland so we will inevitably take a walk around brabus with. first of all this 850 brabus which is a class g I would say a raised hair you. see here with. this little specific interior next to you have brabus 901 on base of. mercedes class s. it’s still more chic it’s sober. look at this brabus 800 based on mercedes s coupe.

we will take a little step back. full black absolutely superb we will watch. inside now good it’s a little more loaded inside. with his keys of red we love we do not like my wife and my au. the least it remains relatively discreet and especially with see it’s. it’s piping brabus everywhere it’s very inspired by fashion in fact. a little agf a little one gets along and then always a good place that that. I still enjoy the classic Come on we’ll have fun. me who loves classics we go buy has taken a look sorry at this. mercedes 300 sl 1955 gray interior blue livery look at the. tartan blue plaid on the seats it’s sublime. the specific luggage set since marries the outlines of the back beach. going he will. the famous ventilation grid of course.

it is superb. and in fact it’s a restoration signed brabus so like what brabus is. custom modern mercedes but that’s. also make all their beauty to classic mercedes. look at any carbon here go around. I tried to take a little bit of retreat for you to see well. look at this carbon coin here. 10 and the drawing of specific rims. brigitte lahaie is not me I did not not going to take a look at. engines. here. the escape no. so it was really big novelty presented here. Why. here we are aboard the new ferrari is fluid tribe early i’m going to close the. door to be a little more calm so we’re in a ferrari so that’s. necessarily sporty yes there is ja of carbon per lap the famous flying with. the little magneto that allows to set the driving parameters good on. is not going to lie to 10.88 on the change is to daria but hey we’re going. not to do the difficult ones we are when even rather pretty inside. this new ferrari there is really everything in Geneva there. understood from huge limousine then here on mercedes base look at the width of the. door is look at this interior which really reminds. put bar and like the name of the constructor says well these are.

very cars class is what you knew that at the. base lamborghini was actually manufacturer of. tractors and ben lamborghini at the base it was beautifully restored. and then look at what we can do with a lamborghini tractor which one. can do a kind of hot rod tractor so we agree it serves. absolutely nothing so that’s what makes it absolutely desirable. imagine that in a field at bottom the checkout. look at the brushed direct exhausts to absolutely crazy. and it’s a centenary you. good after at the low price level it has surely billy because look. two hundred and fifty thousand euros of java you have to have an innovative offer. love because pay I think to. and mclaren we have the 720 is this roadster so some we know we already have. seen but hey it’s always a pleasure to see her again with that color that because. that I had never seen this blue one little bit not been that makes very very.

well. so here we come to a preparer Well known ruf and ruef. German swiss preparer who has always actually doing the preparation. on base porsche keep up where is the preparation and chassis suspension. everything is completely homemade here so you see you have a few. pretty classic models here that show that eurofins actually do you work with. porsche for a very long time almost from the beginning so that know my. passion of classic cars one of very first models of Porsche 911. since look good actually it does not is not called yet 911 it’s called. 901 it’s the 78th produced by porsche it’s a rare example here because. practically as soon as it was released refused by in a few days refused to. porsche the right to use the numbers with a zero in the middle because it was. a peugeot patent to put the crank and pretty much from the. exit 63 the 901 porsche were called. Porsche 911 but here we have a Porsche 911 so that dates from before rectification. number is absolutely unique then at ruf we also have good here. this kind of monster. so that’s a ruf ctr that makes 710 horses.

imagine the monster another one behind in yellow is. absolutely monstrous so here is so if your simple port does not. you do not just come and do a little tour at roush and you will find. what to turn her into a monster then to Geneva at the bend of an alley. we come across this marvel it’s a singer then actually ape if they do not. did not know it’s absolutely crazy your concept they take from. porsche and he improves them to the extreme while keeping you see this look at. the old with the small parks shocks people fuchs the decals but by. against you have an inner quality absolutely crazy. look. we. in fact it’s a mix between all that the old porsche. can do beautiful but also everything that can. 12:02 modern for me it’s really the perfect mix.

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