Introducing my ZIL 131 6x6 Ex Soviet / Russian Army Truck

Introducing my ZIL 131 6×6 Ex Soviet / Russian Army Truck

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I’m here with my good friend. mark and we are going to make something. awesome so here I am in my vegetable. garden which you may have seen in. previous episodes at the bottom of the. vegetable garden is where where I keep a. lot of bits and bobs. scrap from my safe but today we want to. go further we want to go all the way. down not just to the bottom to garden but at the bottom of my piece of land. right well you’re about to see is a. relic of the Soviet Union it’s it’s a. fascinating bit of Cold War history in. itself.

unfortunately I’ve left it neglected for some time let’s have a look. here she is this is a Zil 131 it’s that. you can’t tell at the moment six wheel. drive troop carrier at well. general-purpose vehicle from the Soviet. Union and this particular one was made. in 1975 which makes it as old as I am. the last ten years or so it’s lived here. in this head once a year I’d fire it up. you know it’s quite an event in itself. because this has a 6 liter v8 petrol. engine with no starter motor so you’ve. got the hand crank it fire into life. pump up the tires on the central tire. inflation system get it all up and. running and then I’d leave it for. another year just too expensive to do. anything else ribs anyway that’s I came. to a whole few years ago when it got. stuck in Reverse which is at the moment. and it’s backed into the tree behind it. and I just have to leave it there. finally the time has come see a quick. get the thing back to life as soon as we. get it run in I’m gonna rip the engine. out and put a more sensible diesel. engine and then the one day we’ll be able to hit the road again.

yeah it seems to be covered in bird poo. and cobwebs when I first got this these. are all warning signs in Russian and I. thought the Russian to English. dictionary but it doesn’t really cover. the technical words well I could work. out when I was something very very. important that you mustn’t do I was. still an idea what it what it might be. presumably I’m gonna happen there was. lots of paperwork inside saying that it. had been serviced every year the first. ten years and then it was a basically. fucked up and abandoned one of my. favorite features I discovered about the. zero was it had a seat warmer which is. this little hot water bottle here as a. brass tap next a hot water bottle when.

you fill up the whole water bottle from. the cooling system and then put it on. the seat and certainly it has pneumatic. wipers because this thing was designed. to work in Siberia among other places so. where electric motors would freeze up. when you turn the wipers on it’s. actually opening the little valve and. yet this is how we pump up the tires so. once the engine is running I’ll be able.

to engage this valve and then this will. go from nothing up to something here. it’s got different settings for. different payloads on the back so when. you’ve got a five-ton on the bag you can. pump it all the way up to fall in a bit. when you go off-road you let the tires down give yourself a bit more grip. right let’s get the brush color in. previous years then I would fire this. thing out and just drive it out the. brown board which is a lot more. impressive but yeah we’ve been stuck in.

Reverse that’s not really option there any further back I’ve run out of land. well that’s better I do feel bad about. having neglected it for so long now but. you’ve gotta remember even a year ago I. was just contemplating chopping this up. and waiting in for scrap. I mean I’d know I couldn’t think of the. use for it and it just become a magnet. for the local neighborhood kids to come. and pilfer bits off and just make it. look even worse than it and it did. before suddenly now with the van. projects awesome it has a purpose camp and. you wanna give a crack them up components I take it it goes here we go. you got to take it quite a pace right. when we do it for real and they got. valve lifters all right on it’s in gear. like I said last time I use this it got. stuck in Reverse.

and then let’s wouldn’t get it in. neutral we don’t really have to crank. the engine room fire it up take pops up. I recognize a neutral oh well I think. it’s like I can put it into its reverse. position what’s what I think he’s main gearbox neutral. so we pair to be stuck in gear as a I’ll. get the transfer box or the main gearbox. into neutral it’s a plan B will be to. take off a prop shaft and then I’ll have. to start it in gear but it won’t matter. because they gave on some be connected to it. right so we’ve got you successively. released it from being stuck in Reverse. like disconnecting the prop shaft we’ve. managed to get so ignition working I’m. open the ignition circuits on the.

indicator is flashing right now that’s. about as far as it goes within actually. I was the next animator right what I’m. going to try and do is slosh some perch. will string down the carburetor and then I’m going to turn this. alright alright today we’re gonna try. again. and wash the pants restrain the car like that like that. ¬†¬†come up now Susie report up. so we started it that’s a whole kind of. feel gone that we haven’t quite pumped up the tires yet but it’s alive. right back again it’s marks birthday. there’s a treat we’re gonna try and fly. this thing out maybe him drive it. boarding thing yeah Oh hold up yeah okay. and this appeals are distorted ties it played well place the site.

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