Kia Proceed 2020 in-depth review

Kia Proceed 2020 in-depth review

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This is the new Kia procede and it’s a. little bit like a second-hand. mercedes-benz CLA you see it’s similar. money as a second van CLA yeah it starts. from just over 23,000 pounds but with. this car you’ll get seven years warranty. it’s obviously new whereas one of these. is gonna be out of warranty so yeah the. dangerous now if you want to see how. much you can save on one of these cars. or any car for that matter just click on. the pop-up banner and the top ranked on. the screen or the link below the video.

to get a car whoa because you can save. an average of two and a half thousand. pounds of one of these keys let’s start. this review by talking about the. proceeds design now I don’t just think. this is the best-looking care I think. it’s one of the best-looking cars you. can currently buy right now it’s really. smart for a simple family car looks. really really sporty now as you move. with the range you get things like red. trim on the front bumper like that you. get LED headlights you get larger alloy. wheels although the standard car looks. pretty smart as well but the best bit is. this this kind of side profile it just.

looks so right they have done a cracking. job and then ran the back it’s sort of. Porsche isn’t it with this kind of light. bar but yeah once again a great looking. car now this is the GT so it has this. extra bit here like this diffuser effect. I’m really surprised but and that’s. sloping roofline surely it does hamper. rear passenger space well let’s just see. is it form have a function well. thankfully look at this if I sit up dead. straight I have that much Headroom and. people over six-foot will have enough. headspace into knee rooms all right as. well so it’s not too much of a. compromise at all it’s not perfect. though so I can’t slide my feet under. the chair in front if it’s low down so. you feel a bit cramped in the footwell. also these seats don’t provide much. under thighs to pocket I feel like

I’m. putting all my weight just on my. buttocks that will get a bit annoying on. a longer journey now if you need to. carry three people in the back at once. well there is only a minor hump in the. floor so it’s okay for people’s feet. this central seat is a real narrow. little part and it’s quite high up and. then Headroom is compromised but the. biggest issue is the fact is quite. narrow-body and safe like thread ups in. the back no shoulder room at all it can. be really quite uncomfortable kids with. her in the back will be fine now terms. of other areas of practical I see well. look at this is father then he got a. couple of cup holders big Wow I’d much. rather have some through loading so you. could carried see people in the back on. either side and then something like skis. or what-have-you but you can’t you’d. have to fold out one of these seeds

and. then people have to squish into this. area here which wouldn’t be great. another thing that isn’t great as well. is the fact it’s quite dark and gloomy. this is probably the biggest problem. with a pro seed that sloping roofline. means that the back windows are quite. small one saving grace is though I need. to turn it off what I was saying one. saving grace is though it’s one saving. grace is though he is annoying hey works. the windows got the way down got a lost. interest in that for a while Wow again.

anyway now when he comes to make a child. seat ice fixing problems are really easy. to get to because you have fall down. covers you don’t have to remove them. also the doors do open wide enough to. get a seat in the problem is is if. you’re trying to fit one of those. rear-facing child seats you have to move. that front passenger seat for quite a. bit to fit it in and then it’s gonna be. uncomfortable for the person in the. front if it’s not set there it’s not a. problem a normal child seat though is. absolutely fine if you have two child. seats side-by-side.

yeah there’s no way you’re really gonna. be fitting any one in between them times. over there is a practicar – you got some. nits there or you can keep you Kia. brochure we have and that’s about it. bit of a shame there are no USB charging. points for mobile devices in the back. that is a bit of an oversight if you ask. me let’s move into the front and see if. things get a little better in terms of. connectivity there on ophélie it is way. way better so we’ve gotten all going. down there for old-fashioned. connectivity. there’s USB there there’s a 12 volt. there and underneath what looks like a. 12-volt cover.

here’s another USB don’t know why they. do that but they do and it’s fine so. penny connectivity here in the fridge. and that. Breezie on to this cause equipment list. the procede range kicks off with the GT. line and that gets an 8-inch touchscreen. with apple carplay and android auto and. built-in satellite navigation there’s. also a little screen between the dolls. and then there’s the dual zone climate. control heated front seat and even a. heated steering wheel it also gets. plenty of safety kit such as auto. emergency braking lane departure and. driver attention warning and high-beam.

assistant the next level up is the GT line s which gets a powered tailgate. and there this car doesn’t have it. because it’s the GT the GTS model also. gets Tim wait electrically adjustable. front seats and adaptive cruise control. let’s get to near this review by talking. about this card infotainment system so. the operating system itself is very easy. to use the on-screen buttons are a good. size the menus are logical and inputting. a postcode is easy. although adding a waypoint is a bit more. of a faff and you can’t pinch and zoom. on the map like you can with most. touchscreens. still at least you get apple carplay and. android auto as standard over all the. infotainment is pretty good but it’s not. the most advanced system out there same. applies for this little screen in. between the two dials there’s not. actually that much that it can show and. you can’t configure it like you can on.

an Audi a1 in fact if you want to see my. full in-depth video review of the Audi. a1 then just click up there on the. pop-out banner right now let’s talk. about this car’s interior design so the. dash is actually taken from the normal. seed and what it looks okay it just. doesn’t have the same flamboyance as the. exterior design it’s alright though and. the pro Cee’d is lifted slightly over. the normal seat by some black piano. shiny trim here some chrome accents here. and there down here on the doors and. stuff like that and you get some chrome. bits here as on the window switches on. the steering wheel which do help a bit. and of course around the dials there but. it’s not amazing quality is pretty good. so all the controls do feel pretty nice. and sturdy and this shape this into. console it doesn’t move it is robust. well done for that Kia and everything of. course bigger care it’s pretty sensibly.

later so you’ve got your driving stuff. down there you’ve got your climate. control e stuff here there’s your safety. stuff they can control lots of stuff on. the steering wheel yeah or simple dead. easy to use driving position is fine as. well plenty of adjustment in the. steering wheel and the driver’s seat. plenty of headroom as well so you can. Jack it a really high even if you’re. tall you’re not gonna have a problem and. you can slide it all the way back quite. a long way as well big or small you will. be fine in this Kia there’s plenty of. cubby spaces as well. so I’m going to talk you through them. big Groban’s got two bottles in there. decent enough cubby under there there’s. some cup holders here.

so a smaller one for smaller bottles and. a larger one for larger bottles perfect. also you have a place we mobile phone up. there as well. on certain models that’s wireless. charging the glove box is just about. decent too and there’s a weird little. cubby space just here where you can kind. of keep bars and I suppose we could keep. stuff under there as well if you really. want to you have a place for your. glasses up there and now I’m not going. to see a thing oh dear so just continue. the review anyway like this and by God. look at that good job the mirror is big. because now with my glasses I can’t see. bugger all yeah it is me finally let’s. talk about the proceeds boot so. according to the brochure it’s pretty. much 600 liters in capacity which is. like 30% bigger than the normal seed. hatchbacks and it’s bigger than most. cars actually every when you look at it. you go yeah that is big but it doesn’t. seem like 600 liters and that’s because. the total includes these underfloor. storage areas which are good in a way. but they mean that you can’t quite fill. the boot up with big boxes. now you might expect to on a car with a. boot that’s 600 liters in capacity but. what have we got in here and what kind. of cupboard space is there is a little. Hoover here which is no use at all. because there’s no 12 lot something to. plug it into maybe that’s why there’s. all these bit in the boot of the car. whoever has this car is a bit of a messy.

person there’s some more storage here. so a jet washer for washing the car. which they haven’t used does another. storage area just here there’s some what. the heck is going on and under here this. some more this is all a bit weird really. what’s all this stuff into here as well. it’s all a bit odd whilst we got under. here okay. I don’t know whoever’s been running this. car has some odd habits what’s a tire. that’s useful blast I might use this in. a bit and there’s some other more useful. bits in this car say you’ve got some.

tie-down hooks there somewhere to hang. your shopping off it’s a bit annoying. that you can only fall down the rear. seats by leaning in Hank should I tell a. lie on the top spec car you get some. release handles in the. but– and the raised seat split three. ways rather than two like on this car. still need for the seats down get a nice. flat load area and then you can just. slide things pretty much right to the. front lot in terms of what you can. actually fit in this boot there’s room. for two large boxes along with twelve.

small ones don’t expect to be able to. fit much on top of these however given. the sloping roofline my dear you’ll be. able to fit a bike in no problem at all. with both wheels attached but the seats. back into place and install the load. cover and space is relatively tight you. see only two large suitcases will fit. into the load floor alternatively you’ll. find room for a single large suitcase. along with a baby buggy and a set of. golf clubs. so yeah this car looks good and it’s. practical but I could say the same about. a Peugeot 508 and if you want to see my. full in-depth video review of that car. just click up there on the pop-up banner. or follow the link below the video now.

then it’s time for the car wife five. annoying things about this car interior. grab handle for the doors actually cut. out of the armor so when you’re driving. along your elbow just ends up in the. hole which makes it far more comfortable. when you tried to shut the boot with the. handle you can’t quite get enough. leverage to shut it properly it’s kind. of nope did it at night the switch is. for the mirror controls aren’t. illuminated so you end up prodding. around and then press the wrong button. folding mirrors in sync onto anything. this car plays fake engine sounds. through its stereo speakers to make it. seem more sporty but. [Music]. you can clearly tell the noise is coming. through the speaker on the dash it’s so. lame the rear camera is so exposed it. gets covered in road grime so you. constantly have to clean it to not to. see anything in the image it’s not all. negative though here’s five good things. about this car you can program the cars. case that when you stand near the. tailgate it recognizes that you want the. boot over and it automatically opens so. you don’t do any of that kind of waving. of your foot underneath which often. doesn’t work how many other cars I in a. straight it’s here now on this one but. like I explained before it doesn’t have.

a power tailgate so I’ll just you pretend. brilliant the proceeds ET comes with. Michelin Pilot Sport for sporty tyres. for improved handling now we don’t even. get tires as good as this on our long. term. howdy rs3 it’s way more expensive rather. than having to soccer through some menus. you can just turn the lane departure. warning off easily there the press of a. button which is ideal if you’d like to. take the racing line on a twisty back. road as with every care you get an. industry-leading. seven year warranty for I did check this. out for some fairly smart packaging look. how the low cover fits nicely underneath the boot floor brilliant makes me wanna. sorry okay let’s talk about engine. choices on this Kia pro Cee’d so you can. get to petrels a 1.4 liter or a 1.6. liter turbo so the 1.4 can do naught to. 60 in nine seconds the 1.6 which is what. this car is can do it in seven seconds. because it has 200 horsepower.

yeah you can also get a 1.6 litre diesel. then you do not sixty in 10 seconds and. should return around 54 miles per gallon. now all cars are available with either a. 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed. automatic this particular car is the 1.6. liter petrol automatic GT models if I. put the details into the car wire. configurator I’ve got an offer back but. that much which is quite a decent saving. now if you want to check out the car. wire configurator on this coral any car. for that matter just click on the pop-up. banner up there or follow the link below the video to give it a go. this procede is pretty nice to drive.

from the motorway feels secure at speed. you can just bomb it along no problem at. all. the only complaint I do have is that you. do get a bit of noise from the Thais. they’ll be on the loud side you see this. thing may look like a Mercedes CLA but. it doesn’t feel quite as luxurious in. fact if you click up there on the pop-up. and you can watch my full in-depth video. review of the Mercedes now if you’re. cruising along 50 miles an hour and you. need to overtake somebody it can take a. little bit longer than you might like if. you’ve got the 1.4 liter petrol or the. 1.6 liter diesel no problem with this. 1.6 litre petrol though because look I’m. gonna floor it gearbox gets down pretty.

well and we’re off and it’s got quite a. bit of punch and noise and there we go. that was $70 really quick that day’s. Australian out drive on the motorway. as for economy well doing that will not. help it this car is still averaging 38. miles per gallon which i think is pretty. decent one of the first things you need. to know about the Kia pro Cee’d is that. it has stiffer suspension compared to. the normal seed and you feel that a. little bit when you’re in town going. over bumps they’re just a little bit. more jarring than that it’s rather. pleasant steering’s lie braking is good. also this car has a good turning circle. it’s tighter than something like a. Volkswagen Golf Estate so that’s really. good for do u-turns I like that about it. there is something I don’t like so much. though the manual gearbox can feel a bit.

notchy then there’s the automatic and. that can feel a bit jerky. they really notice that when you’re. doing parking maneuvers as I’m about to. do now so yeah having an auto is always. easier than a manual you’re not a fan. around with your club. but then it can get a little bit. hesitant when it’s run to the fine the. new ring not to crash into something. actually parking this car is generally. quite easy because you’ve got the. parking camera that standard really. really does help now there is bit well a. little bit jerky when he just he’s. forward but got light into space and the. only real problem the visibility is the.

back window is quite small that’s it the. rest of its actually pretty good that. was one of my better parking attempts if. I do say so myself it has all come down. to luck but the car did help me out that. was massive contradiction Mathew they. can’t all go down to luck and the car. helped him out it’s bit of both. finally then let’s try this car on a. twisty road so I’m gonna put it to. sports mode now being the GT model it. has stiffer suspension over the normal. car and I think I’m going to change. gears myself using the paddles actually.

the front end grips pretty well does. alright you know this thing if you want. it to it can move around beneath you and. you can get it kind of hooning a bit and. with the car in sport obviously got a. bit more weight on the steering and a. sharper throttle response and he’s. actually quite good only when he starts. around why does the stability control. start to just nip away and tidy the car. up it’s not quite as much fun as a Ford. Focus but I must say I’m pleasantly. surprised so then what’s my verdict on. the Kia procede should you avoid it. should you consider it should you. shortlist it or should you just go right.

ahead and buy it well I reckon you. should consider the proceeds it’s great. looking and it’s good value it’s just. that some normal estate cars are more. practical and better to drive and it’s a. little bit like a second-hand and. received there was shooting brake driver. attention warning and me doing it again you don’t have to cycle through there. you don’t have to cycle through there little bit little bit of yep.

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