Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

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This test will be the fastest ever with the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ which has a lap record at the Nurburgring of 06:44:97. here it is, it’s totally new, cardbon fibre frame, 770 HP at 8,500 RPM and 720 Nm at 6,750 RPM, it’s very fast and powerful thanks to its V12 engine. it’s an amazing engine made to be fast, you can hear its sound now.

I like it in its 1963 graphic layout. This is the Jota version, which means that, on the first Miura, it was allowed to race. this is not a Jota version, yet the fastest road car ever made by Lamborghini. It has an amazing design with a huge air extractor, big central muffler. there’s a huge wing, like on the Huracan, with an active technology, increasing the aero vectoring when turning, then there’s a single air intake in the center. 1525 kg with Pirelli tires 355/25/21 tires with carbon ceramic brakes. I really like the wheels.

HEre we can see the larger air intakes wchi work along the front air intake increasing the aerodynamic and the cooling. here we have a new active flap, increasing the downforce when needed, it looks beautiful. this car has a 4 wheel steering, it’s AWD and it has a single clutch shift which is a bit slower compared to a double shift unint, but it makes you feel the shifting. Hey guys! We’re here to test the new Lamborghini, we’ll try to have some fun!. I love this yellow colour, I love the door opening and the Aventador badge with sporty carbon fibre seats. It’s pretty hard to get in, since I’m tall, but it seems like a real race car. You turn it on from here, the screen is a bit small, but who cares. there’s a fully digital cockpit with temperatures and GPS system, then on the left we can see the light switches while on the right there are all the car’s options to be set up.

I love the Alcantara’s dashboard with leather finishesm then carbon fibre parts, it’s beautiful. Let’s go!. Here we are on the SVJ, I can’t wait to take it on track, I’ve already been on this track, but it will be an amazing experience. The V12 engine pushes like crazy, it has a beautiful sound, the AWD puts on the ground all the 720 Nm of torque power, the shift kicks you in the back, I’m really fast, some turns are very sharp. they’ve done a great job on this car, look at how fast it is, 5th gear, 278 kph, crazy, during the 90’s F1 cars were going at 300 KPH here, it’s super fast and the steering is extremely precise.

The rear wing makes you stay oon the ground, amazing. this car is made for those who want to have a rough car. Lamborghini has done a great job on this engine since they’ve achievede to have a very light unit, reducing the weights, it’s similar to a motorcycle’s unit, it’s very rough and fast in gaining RPM, it’s more sensible in shifting direction, great job. This is a monster car, rough,. the brakes have a great power, the ABS doesn’t kick in much, this is a race car, whith a violent kick, the shift is perfect for this car, the 1st one to have a carbon fibre chassis. the engine is amazing, just like its sound, the 4 steering wheels, AWD and everything work along in a great way, even though this is not an everyday car, obviously, on Road mode it becomes much smoother, but if you use it in Corsa, it’s a super car. the cockpit shows a small car picture which sows the aerodynamics, how it works. Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini‘s Technical Director. we wanted to built the fastest car and we made it, we’re really proud of it. here you can hear the sound. yes, we’ve worked a lot on the sound, in order to give emotions, it has a unique sound. How did you run so fast on the Nurburgring?.

we’ve started to build the Aventador in 2011 and we’ve increased its power and the number of units sold. Talking about the Nurburgring, this car has been studied in order to gain time where we were going slow with the older model, we were faster in each turn, working on the rear wheel steering and rear wing. this car is all made in Italy, right?. yes, even the carbon fibre chassis, it’s all made in Sant’Agata, 100%. this car is really hard to build since it has a very high performance but it’s homologated worldwide. yes, that was our target, we can seel it everywhere, this car is the same all over the world. thank you again, see you soon!. 63 units sold and 900 of the standard model. it’s a beautiful car, it has a great design. 349,000 euro plus taxes, I believe it’s definitely worth the money since it’s a very unique and sporty car. that’s it for today, see, you soon!.

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