NEW Audi RS6 Avant 2020 - FIRST LOOK!

NEW Audi RS6 Avant 2020 : FIRST LOOK

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Hello and welcome to,. Because the identify of this video could certainly be a whole. Advocate special video. Now I felt the call for for this. To be opened with the apocalyptic weather that takes place outside,. Because you in all likelihood be aware the rain sound. That the roof touches ahead. I are aware of it’s a strolling comic story in this channel. That it always rains in my films,. However even if I’m inside,. It nonetheless seems to have an effect on matters!. It does not be counted that today is a large day. I think we can all agree. That because the release and advent of the Audi RS 2,. Which lies comfortably over my shoulder,.

Audi has developed this cult status around the tremendous property. After which we cross from the two to the 5 to the 6 and the C7. Now, the reason I draw interest to this vehicle,. Is that I turned into really a long-term proprietor,. And that I changed into without a doubt lucky to see the performance of an Onlinlin. Audi Audi RS6. I owned that car for 3 years,. Did approximately 30,000 km. And unfortunately said goodbye approximately three hundred and sixty five days ago. Now it’s a vehicle. Of which I have no longer discovered anything else until nowadays. To fill that void. And here it is. This is a second. What I and in reality Audi fanatics round the world had been anticipating,.

we’ve seen it examined. We have seen it examined on the Nordschleife,. Now I occur to stand for it, the day earlier than it’s far launched. So I need to make this Ed quite sharp. And bet what my audience in America on every occasion. That I published my previous RS6,. There were many feedback that incredible vehicle was so stripped. That it isn’t to be had in North America.

Well, the phrases in order to come from my mouth,. The new RS6 might be to be had in North America, big news. I can’t watch for the specifications. To look who hit the road there. At least that gets within the manner. Very excited. Let’s see it. The correct information from the moment. That they have got retained the dual-faster V8 engine. Permit’s get 600 hp proper away. And jumping eight hundred newton meters of torque.

That is 100 newton meters extra than the basic C7 degree. RS6 right here. Now. If you have got hung out searching at my content material,. Do that car is not slow in any respect,. However it is the couple. That offers you the sensation of drive. While you press the accelerator pedal. So even though it isn’t in Horsepower as such,. It is in verbal exchange what’s crucial to me in any case. So nothing for 60 times. Well nothing until 60 to time as it have been of simply three.6 seconds. So I suppose we are 60 to approximately three and one. Half of a 2d from a car.

will obtain as a way to no longer be forgotten. Has that famous formulation of 5 seats. And area inside the lower back to place your dog in. To put if you need. And that’s what this formula makes for me on this car. Even so special these days. I still ought to find a automobile. That ticks as many bins as this automobile,. Specially if you like overall performance. And value and permit’s be sincere,. Particularly in the case of this new vehicle,. Seems correct or in a single package deal.

So while you believe you studied the time is as much as 60 times loopy,. The time as much as 124 instances is inappropriate within the UK. But of path these men are fortunate in Germany. To have that during simply 12 seconds. Can pass zero to one hundred and twenty four miles according to hour. Again, this is a cut for me. One of my favourite components are traits of the C7,. Which we’ve got here to compare,. Turned into of path the aesthetic and the way it seemed,.

I imply in the meanwhile. That it turned into released and until the release of. This vehicle there had been few cars with a the front give up. As that suggested warding off. And now we just have this automobile searching at it. The image is surely striking. So earlier than we maintain,. I want to attract attention to the wheels, now super,. They’ve fitted the non-compulsory 22-inch wheels,. Isn’t on my own. That from aesthetic point of view simply large wheels,.

you could additionally have large tires, so more grip and traction,. However it additionally contributes to these brakes. Now I’m not positive if the digicam does justice. The dimensions of the calipers on this one. Carbon ceramic brakes is gigantic and that comes. Because those are 10 pot breaks. TEN pot. I consider growing up inside the discipline of hot shutters. And if you had 4 or six components for your vehicle,. It changed into a huge problem.

This is rocking 10-pot calipers, which is actually exceptional. The derivative is herbal. Which you need to have an awful lot large wheels. And so that is now at the optionally available 22-inch wheels. As a long way as a contribution goes to the styling and mind-set,. Simply examine it’s miles without a doubt first rate The trip peak now too,.

I will problematic in this in greater detail. Whilst we pass interior. The car might be two options for suspension,. Particularly air using,. Which gives you a bit more flexibility.

on the subject of adjusting the driving top of the automobile,. However I will remark in brief on that,. However because it stands now mindset looks. Just phenomenal. So except the front doors the roof and I suppose. That the tailgate every other a part of this. Vehicle is one-of-a-kind to the RS collection,. Each bodywork panel which you see now,. Except this segment.

of the tailgate there’s one-of-a-kind to RS6. And allow’s simply pass over the ones components in regards to what. Makes this very distinctive. Then the sixth occasion,. What that is primarily based on. I need first of all its width. That is the factor that hits you first. Again, I’m not positive if the digicam does the whole thing about this,. However take it from me. This component is so wide from the back. I nearly in comparison it as a type of DTM. Car in its style,.

because it’s so huge. That the contribution that almost comes from those large wheels is the truth. That they’re the width of the flared. Have enlarged arcs by means of forty millimeters on each aspect. So if I suggest this nook here,. I mean look at the plank in this from this first-rate plank. Above the rear and. Then as opposed to falling almost like a vertical wall.

It simply flows away and keeps on going. And will study it sincerely from the lower back. If I’m just standing here like that. It is so white once I start searching out of doors,. There’s the bow,. The width of the car continues rolling. It’s exceptional now that we are at the again,. It nonetheless keeps the iconic oval exhaust recommendations. One issue you’ll word is. That the more traditional diffuser that typically simply sits there,. We can see the silver of the exhaust additives.

Well, you’ll find that Is now not a conventional diffuser. And I suppose it’s definitely the maximum crucial phrase. That traditional Audi went backwards. And checked out the rear of other automobiles in this sector. And every body regarded. To rock and type.

standard diffuser that might take a seat here. So to this appearance. In order to create, they’ve removed it and given the field its very own. Now, what’s quite cool approximately this setup,. Is that you have the choice of a retractable towbar. To specify and this is most effective possible through this styling kit right here now. To do away with because of compensated. Via having it here on this precise vehicle,.

it is styled in silver,. However the men from Audi have let me know. That you could specify this in carbon fiber end. And they have additionally long gone to date as to introduce a black package deal. So no longer handiest you could have the enduring Audi emblem in black,. You can actually have the RS6 brand in black. So those guys genuinely notion approximately styling. In relation to this automobile,. Another extremely important thing approximately this car is. That it is one of the first and URS products that min. Or greater be the new RS design language.

So get used to an aggressive-looking front. View considered one of my favorite capabilities now,. Especially on this matte or satin paint end,. To the photo at the hood. So these regulations right here, the one going for walks there,. At the moment are known as the strength dome,. Not handiest is that a super call,. However it is also only a tip of the hat to you. To will let you understand that this includes the most powerful model. From an A6 platform. So these might be the only six editions that will be able. Across the twin-turbo V8 six hundred hp 8 hundred newton meters of torque. To run and extend notification three and a half of seconds.

It’s getting ridiculous. All proper. So even as we’re near the automobile,. It also takes over the new RS Matrix LED laser headlights. So these have a darker end than the usual finish. On the non-RS of the product. However have not driven with Matrix LED headlights. I can tell you. It’s like having stadium lighting fixtures in your car. These matters are so clean. Fortunately, those are routinely adjusted. And dimmed to oncoming traffic. I don’t know what form of witchcraft they used in this,. But it is nonetheless capable to finish your lane. To light up whilst you dip the lane subsequent to you. So you don’t blind oncoming site visitors. It’s a strange sensation in the beginning,.

however it just appears to paintings. It’s in reality clever era and speakme approximately lighting fixtures. This goes backwards fast. They additionally have a unique launch. And lock lights collection designed and developed. So once I pressed the discharge button like that,. He had a very cool sample. Maintain the Quattro all-wheel force now. I will in brief comment on the nuances and variables right here. However to start simply revel in. Just permit me know at this stage what you watched in the feedback underneath. What this car seems like.

as he has been inside the improvement section for years,. As I said within the beginning. We have seen the testing. As an interpretation of ways this car has developed from the C7 RS6. What I suppose is technically that you may now name C8. Let me know how you watched inside the remarks underneath. That it feels and looks like I’m going to place it there now. The digicam does now not do the width and squat of this Justice. I look at it via my. Instance screen and it simply seems super to my eyes. Look at the scale of these wheels. It’s the craziest issue. What’s new. Are those RS-particular sills now in this car are alternatives. With the Chrome bundle. So this wager is silver here.

But just like the uncommon ones,. You can also specify that in a carbon end. They also released that I have not seen but,. But after some days of disclosure. The web configurator will certainly move stay. Apparently. They have released a 5 Matt paints. This is a. They additionally do a silver that is essentially available. Is with the R8 GT three right here and you can finish those. In mat in this card. I am Matt has continually been a piece hard to take care of,. Until you have got a mat ppf on that,. However I simply assume it is really worth it,. Due to the fact examine the finish of the sculpture. It is truely very contrasty.

We have a greater traditional gloss paint here. In which this top notch. Lines type are misplaced compared to this paint. Take a take a look at that. What an awesome element. All right. So here we are. I simply were given within the C7 vehicle. I added back all the memories of my own car. But while you soar in,. It looks like you’re stepping into a prototype vehicle. They have brought an large new enjoy to the indoors sport to such an extent.

If you are familiar with the preceding gene, it really is cool. You go into this and the whole thing externally externally. It now looks like something absolutely new,. Then I said: permit’s talk about gearbox. Now with Audi a part of the indistinct group. I certainly idea they now have a gearbox. With a double seize in this automobile,. That isn’t only fate. I am now a large gearbox,. However I love a manual or double grasp. However, Audi reassured me, they said: appearance,. We’ve a more traditional eight-velocity automobile. It is a Tiptronic.

However, it is a completely new gearbox. First of all to deal with the greater torque and energy,. While it is nonetheless an eight-velocity Auto. I am satisfied. That the switching speed and the tactility of. The shifts had been revised,. But extra importantly,. It has been redesigned and developed to work with plenty. More strength to move. I ought to keep my judgment until I surely drive it now. It wasn’t that the C7 became bad. It just wasn’t Lightning Fast inside the down shift up shift. Have been exceptional in the down shift as a double seize box.

But let’s see what it’s miles like, it does not truly matter,. Because this is not a track car,. But it might had been cool to. To look how this will had been with a double link. Anyway critiques aside. I actually have not driven it and they’re much like riding. Earlier than you comment. We assume we have achieved a fantastic task. At some point of the redevelopment of this gearbox. Let’s see. So Quattro four-wheel drive,. As I said at the outside of the auto this is virtually retained,. It truly is one of the USPS,. The particular promoting factor of. In spite of everything,

the RS6 is now all wheel drive,. It’s far a 60/40 split in step with conference 62 the back. Forty in front. However, it has a variable as it were. Torque implementation in that. Which means that it’s far capable of as much as 85% of the rear power. 70 earlier and 85 within the back sounds interesting. You recognize what which means. Now, 5 riding modes are controllable on the Dynamic Drive selector transfer. Comfort efficiency sport Dynamic. And in my view the rest speaks for you in my view. All variables that make up these other settings. Manage into a pre-configured setting that.

you could store on your profile speak of profile. There are actually two absolutely new modes referred to as rs1 and rs2. What is a nice function. Is that the opposite?. To having a widespread a 6 there. There is a particular RS6 when you press the row pick out transfer,. So I carry this up once more. So check in an RS6 and when you appearance down,. Appearance right and left of The wheels,. The terrain at the animation modifications depending at the form of avenue surface.

that it wants to replicate what I particularly favored. When you visit Dynamic,. Turns are proven like small information on a racing circuit. Very cool. When we cross again to the disk selector transfer,. Here are the RS1 RS2 modes. And right here you may regulate those modes. So you may do all types of distinct ones. Tweaks assign this for settings / characteristic. View all this from gearbox to throttle response. Even the handlebar weight and sense are all in it. It is very cool stuff and you may assign to it. Specific profiles rs1 rs2 and then without that putting. To go every time.

which you set it to that setting. And then you definately simply swipe it backward and forward twice. So that you can see it there. You can scroll through the various settings with the push of a button. It’s quite a pleasant characteristic. And right here is the brand new RF reveal that taps a button right here. And it brings all components. Of the car on this menu specifically now,. You may find that it’s miles all currently in German. I’m in a prototype for production. So of route all texts in German,. But these are all instruments. And all power additives that the brand new RS display you. Mainly. I like braking temperature.

You have the engine temperature of the oil temperature,. Even the diff temperature is quite cool right here. You see, we constantly have the tire temperature on hand here. And what can we have G values ​​here?. Yes, very cool stuff. So it is all there for you. And this is a key that correctly tells you. How optimized every thing clearly internal. Its own temperature range. We have become cooler hotter.

and tougher and you can probably cool matters higher seemingly. While testing the brakes at the Nürburgring. They most effective controlled to heat them up. To get in the yellow band. So it really is quite trick stuff. And once more in you anyone who has spent. Time in a Rowdy a six or one. Modern-day Audi or later find this infotainment gadget. Well recognized are the 2 foremost monitors here infotainment here,. Weather control underneath and then for us,. Here you notice your RF mode. So in case you press the RS mode button here,.

so that’s a new button that presses this. And this comes in RS mode now this. When you refuel it. And also you pressure it in your hand with this new one and this one. Are solid aluminum shift paddles hooked up on the wheel here. While you operate it inside the guide,. There’s a function that is filtered down. I consider in the Audi R8 a good way to efficaciously leave this display red. Flash to indicate you. Which you are in the most desirable velocity range to. The acceleration cooling feature. To alternate whilst you manage it manually,.

however I think it’s essential to me,. It is just a a laugh feature with the intention to in addition immerse you. That that is an Audi Sport product as an RS product. And that they have components from Audi’s which have the A dust filter. Added them down from their Flagship fantastic car,. Who ended up on this vehicle Barry trick stuff. Now this may seem like a small element,. But it’s miles certainly very cool within the C7 RS6. You had been not able to apply the again seat. To effectively get the RS7 that had one extra, I think,. Beautiful sculpture about it.

They have been more like a settee. You couldn’t have the integrated head restraints. As you can see there. So with this new RS6 you could now the rear seat of the RS7 the picture. And feature the inlay and simplest the manner. On which the seats within the car are prepared,. You just experience greater element. Of the automobile in preference to only a sort of flat folding couch. You may additionally don’t forget.

that this precise cognac-coloured leather is simplest an special choice. From the Audi variety,. Which means that it turned into no longer best available on. The common test container of the same old optionally available extras. It is now what certainly cool information is due to the fact it’s far absolutely lovely. So there you’ve got the very first look at the all-new Audi RS6. I’m so excited to ultimately be right here. I even have speculated in my own mind. Not too much online about what I think. That this automobile will be and we simply observe it. It is so threatening.

I cannot wait to visit the configurator. To head and look at the specifications as I said earlier than. Other matte or satin paint jobs are to be had. They have also launched 30 different paints to that. This automobile may be spent. And in case you actually need to go crazy,. You can go Audi one-of-a-kind and in fact specify what you need. So as usually ask your questions.

and comments under approximately this brilliant system. I can’t wait to drive it. It will take a while. I think purp first public unveiling subsequent month on. Could be the Frankfurt Motor Show.

So if you have time try going there in a different way,. This vehicle will surely. Power speedy and there may be a few different information round. As soon as I have driven it. Let’s see how it is going. Thank you very plenty for looking. Bye.

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