New Jaguar XE R Dynamic 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Jaguar XE R Dynamic 2019 – Review Interior Exterior

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I have right here with me. the new Jaguar XE R dynamic 2019 model this car right here in front of me has. 300 horsepower and it’s really beautiful car you will see in the moment here are. some information technical information about the car so we have a 2 liter. engine all-wheel drive 300 horsepower the price 78 thousand francs or dollar. around I think 70 thousand euros or something. like that it is a great great price for a car like. that and you will see in a moment why I’m saying that it’s one of the most. beautiful car in this segment also it is Jaguar and you know Jaguar it’s always a. premium mark with a lot of great quality and also very very wanted is this car. right here and it has a lot of great great quality also you can see the LED. light the rims the exhaust pipe you can see the shapes also LED lights on the. number plate the shapes or the of the car are super nice also the diffuser the. exhaust pipe the lines and everything it’s it’s it’s gorgeous in my opinion. and you will see in a moment in close-up for example look at this nice rims the. red caliper the brakes disc look nice we have 19-inch wheels right here and it. sits look fabulous really I like it very much the way they made a mate is also we. have the newest test tyres outside you can see it has this rubber outside so if. you have rims bigger rims a 19-inch or bigger than 19 you have to buy these. tires with outside it has a little bit of rubber outside there that protected. the rims not to scratch very easy and I really recommend you if you have.

this kind of cars with big rims anyway the front of the cards super nice. if we have sensors parking sensors here in the front the bumper is nice in black. glossy and the shapes are really made for a better aerodynamic also the newest. is full LED matrix light that’s adaptive light you can see here the signature. from Jaguar they are fabulous and it looks super nice in the in the night the. front grille also it’s nothing complicated behind this Jaguar logo here. we have the adaptive cruise control Rada and also the grill with some kind of. plastic grey around the grill anyway the the front of the car look very nice the. shape it’s like an arrow for a good idea macand and the lights are super nice and. also these rims look fantastic on the car and this is my opinion also the hood. look nice with the shapes and also I like more when you have a black car to. have these white rims kind of chrome rims I don’t like black. rims life on the red car there you can see they look much much better when your. grey like that like on this Jaguar XE so here we have Jaguar logo with some. plastic kind of chrome here the mirror it’s simple nothing complicated just LED. lamp on the outside under here we have an LED light that illuminate down in the. night also on the mirror we have the blind spot here in the corner I think. you can see it maybe you cannot see it so well around the windows we have this. chrome that look nice. you can see it from close-up right in here we have tinted windows as well and. the nice nice nice shape down here we have some plastic glossy black to. protect the down part of the car it’s also looking nice. and this pass well with the car the the back of the car as well it has a very. nice shape very nice design in my opinion for a good oil dynamic there we. have the brake light you can see it it’s a very very tiny tiny light there but.

when you brake you can see it very well because it has LED light lamps also p300. all-wheel drive s II there we have a back camera and the LED lights for the. number plate the X a logo on the other side the exhaust pipe the lines sensors. for parking car here even this diffuser oil diffuser down here look very nice. it’s quite a nice car with great design now let’s go in the interior we have. electro electric automatic lift gate on the on the on the trunk here I didn’t. expect that not many cars have this automatic when you are I mean on the sit. down not on the hatchback or SUVs we have a lot of space here in. the trunk actually it’s huge space here in the. trunk you can load a lot of stuff going under the floor we have some extra. storage space where you can put a repair kit triangle extra hook when you when. you have one in the car anyway let’s try to fold down the seats and see how much. how much space we have there so I don’t know how to do that I think I don’t know. why I don’t know maybe you can’t do that I’m not sure if you can’t or not here in. the middle you have armrests with two cupholders really cool here we have a. button that you push it and then you can lift the middle part and you can carry. long items without any problems of great job you shall work for adding this to. the car I’m not sure if you’re gonna leave down the seats there I’m not sure. how can you do that why I don’t know really crazy I don’t know guys if you. know how to lift this sits down please write me and tell me I’m really curious. how can you how can you lift this seats down anyway anyways no button here or. something like that so I’m really curious but anyway let’s put this back. and go forward with the car so the seats are also great quality we have the. leather with Alcantara even here on the side we have this leather to protect. your back while you’re driving it’s really great and really useful to have. it it’s really comfortable for long trips and for the people that stay in. the back the door also look very nice the window you can see it right here I. don’t like this black thing in the middle I like more than windows with it. full window there also the quality of the door it’s very good soft material. very nice the chrome here on the Meridian sound speakers and also around. here we have some chrome with holes I like this design as well it look very.

nice on the car you can see it here closely I show you. closely and it’s look fabulous soft material everywhere also leather with. white stitches down here again a speaker with some chrome around space there for. your battle or whatever you want to put and also the the button for the windows. with a little bit of chrome there the seeds you already said they are very. nice and great quality on the roof we have their LED lamps very cool and good. quality as well now down there. under the front seat we have an LED light you can see here we have electric. adjustable seats in the front so it’s it’s great I like them also going inside. in the back we have LED on the legs as you can see it before the space in the. back it’s quite good I can not stretch too much my legs the. seat position it’s a little bit way in the back for me. but it can go a little bit in front and then I have more space the visibility. it’s yeah kind of ok not the best one here we have a handle a hook space on my. head it’s a lot of space no complaining at all I can put that this down and then. I have great great comfort I like to sit very comfortable here great great job. with that also in the middle vans here to vent pretty awesome there they have. Jaguar on them you can see their 12 volt port and again a space where you can put. small things there I don’t like the middle step here it’s kind of big. it’s kind of annoying and kind of pick this step also I like when an electric. car that you don’t have any step there in the middle it’s quite cool for the. people that stay in the back a lot of space on my knee a lot of space on my. head two fingers yeah I go a little bit in the front I have yeah I have okay. space not the best but okay in the left in the right you can have three people. in the car not long trips but for short and medium it’s. kind of okay

I guess it’s okay going outside from the car and then let’s go. in the front but first time that’s closed he’s automatically lift gate boom. all right so let’s go forward the front door the every single detail we go now. now that the window up here it’s completely all over from one piece this. is something that I like not like in the back soft material the doors are very. nice I like the doors I like the quality and I like the design of the doors they. are great this is a plus something that I find nice on this car a lot of space. down here also the speaker with a little bit of chrome around there the position. of saving position for two seats also married young speakers as in the back. also

I like this Jaguar with LED blue kind of blue green light very nice. electric seat very nice the seats are really comfortable very comfortable as I. sit on them and I also tell you before they are super super nice and. comfortable and you have also this side support you have also holes here for a. better ventilation in the summer so you will not sweat so much in the middle. also leather with in the center console aluminium pedals here we have the. buttons for the trunk and the luminosity in the cockpit the hand brake electric. hand brake and yeah let’s go inside inside the car all its feel so good on. these seats I like them so much they are so soft they are so good for the long. distance great job Jaguar again great great job for the seat I like them very. very much now here the vent has also a nice interesting design. a good quality here have rubber on the vans they feel so good as you touch it. this rubber and they feel good quality with Jaguar their logo leather on the. dashboard with white stitches also very nice the head-up display it’s fantastic. going in the middle we have the Jaguar logo there in the middle with chrome the. speaker and again all over the dashboard good quality materials leather the lens. is there and stitches come all over until here in the middle where we have. the multimedia system but we will talk about this –

I like the way they make. this dashboard you have great visibility on the windows. fantastic visibility the dashboard is great also a lot of space here in the. glove box you can you can put some stuff there it’s quite nice also an LED light. on this on the legs there the the steering wheel it’s super nice and has a. great great great quality also the logo and this chrome design here did there. are very nice the design it’s super nice and even the the buttons are good. quality and you have kind of touch screen or kind of LED lamps when you. start the car it will appear here something that I love about this car are. these pedals those pedals are aluminum so it’s no plastic like in most of the. cars so great job Jaguar making this from aluminum something that I really. like it it’s feel like you are in a very good high quality car even these. stickers handles here that it changed the light and those are. super nice and super great quality with chrome there they they feel very nice. and they look nice another plus now going in forward in the. front their digital cockpit the new one from 2019 it’s gorgeous fantastic great. colors great resolution you can also see it on my other videos I also made and. review with them so you can check it out in the other Jaguar cars also here we. have bands also the great quality so chrome around the digital display there. and everything feel and look very nice very good premium quality here down here. another screen where you can adjust the climatic system and all that information. about the climb inside the car you have to sit settings and the display and. clima so it’s very simple to use it also you have that wheels there where you can. change temperature and different settings so it’s super simple and it’s. also look super modern and you there you can charge your phone wireless also here. on the center console we have the same Chrome with with holes like on the doors. there if you remember before we have the same same shape and same nice design in.

the middle start/stop button also here in the middle we have this stick for. changing here here that looks fabulous and I like it as well the buttons there. for different settings also different mode of driving as you see before on the. side here we have this chrome chrome in the center console that looks super nice. two cupholders 12-volt word another space here to put your stuff when you go. yeah it’s look nice and it’s kind of practical. here in the hole you have a little space also two USB port one micro sim card and. 12 volt port these tools are very useful as well I like them very much up here we. have the mirror with LED light very nice as well going in the middle we have. great quality on the roof we have a space for the glasses here also very. useful we have here the buttons for the sunroof I will show in a moment pretty. pretty awesome LED lamps up here as well they work as a touchscreen kind of the. mirror it’s big and nice and very useful I like it very much good so the. visibility in the back it’s also very good no complaining at all quality of. the seats are fantastic I don’t have anything to complain as you. can see the seat it’s way in the back that way I didn’t have so much space in. the back because the seat it’s super-super way in the back. also the multimedia system front here it has great quality and the resolution. responsive it’s very responsive you can you can you can have here a lot of a lot. of option that you can change we have all kinds of settings about the car you. can connect your phone android apple carplay you have also the navigation. that work fabulous it’s work fantastic it’s one of the best navigation on the. market today great resolution great contrast and also you can you can move. to they’re very very easy so

I liked it very much. also the position of driving it’s it’s super nice up there is the solve that I. want to show you it’s a little bit bigger than the normal and I like it but. I prefer it all over the roof there I like the car. that have all over the roof done the glass and it’s phenomenal when you. go into nature with that courage it’s gorgeous. it’s it’s a big big nice feeling also the car looks super nice from outside I. like the windows I like the rims I like everything almost everything. about this car it’s super super nice yeah and also the front of the car look. fabulous and now something that I want to show you in the end is this cockpit. the digital cockpit it’s fantastic you can check out the different settings. here you can change a lot of setting is great great resolution great contrast. and a lot of information you have all kind of things that you can change here. for example the here are the adaptive cruise control with emergency break and. all that stuff you can change the menu there you can also see on the full. screen the map if you want to and the car has a lot of settings I would just. make this short because I want to make an extra video about the new Jaguar. digital cockpit that you can check it out on my channel and I will show you. soon so stay stay stay closed and check out my channel check out the other. videos and you will see it so anyway thank you for watching my videos guys. please subscribe to my channel don’t forget to subscribe and again thank. you.

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