New Mercedes B-Class AMG Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Mercedes B-Class AMG Line 2019/2020 Review Interior Exterior

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Whats up guys and welcome lower back to a new video today I’m proper right here with the new Mercedes-benz B-elegance in Bern at mercedes-benz burn in case you are from. Switzerland each person test drive or purchase and machetes I genuinely endorse you.

Mercedes-benz in there so they may be great first-rate and that they have additionally lots of plenty. Of motors and a number of exquisite price so I must maintain with me proper right here I just. Want to show you the key first it’s also seemed very great in case you press this.

Button for example we’ve electric carry gate at the exquisite cool characteristic to have. For your vehicle I suppose and then you definitely press it again you fold it. Then the trunk it’s ultimate quite cool huh. Okay besides permit’s assessment it interior exterior after which we are able to speak approximately at. The end of the video so first time guys we are able to begin with the exterior of the. Automobile so for example I want to show you this new LED lamp that they appearance.

Incredible for my part also I just like the spherical form of the car they make this. Round shape that appears extraordinary top notch first-class in my opinion also I like this chrome. Design on the handles that appearance suitable and I just like the huge home windows the automobile has. This type of large windows and you have very excellent visibility outside additionally the. Traces down there look splendid extraordinary quality the rims additionally they are extraordinary fancy and.

Sporty and this front this front of the car it is appropriate. Observe this grille have a look at this study this grille observe this LED lighting. Daylight we have right here and also we’ve complete LED lamp adaptive light the brand new. Era from Mercedes 2019 you can see right here also the signature from. Mercedes additionally we have parking sensors inside the front right here I think we have six. Parking sensors inside the front here the auto had six parking sensors and additionally.

Appearance how cool they make this layout right here look how excellent that appearance and it’s also if. You notice the air going internal from here and it exit there for a higher. Aerodynamic in order that manner the auto have a better intake besides permit’s cross. Ahead with this lovely grill so I like the manner they make this grill with. This little chrome Chrome right here and also the lines and the. Brand in the back of this logo it’s the rudder for adaptive cruise control and also. Emergency brake and all that cool characteristic also the car if you see here the.

Automobile have additionally a the front camera so that’s a quite cool feature to have on a automobile in. This elegance and hatchback elegance additionally very stunning the the front bumper high-quality sporty. And you could see there the lines appearance clearly appropriate the ones strains down there. Appearance terrific I without a doubt like the the front of the auto and I think you’ll find it irresistible. – you cannot like this much service it’s extremely good terrific stunning additionally the strains on. The hood are gorgeous you have got those traces they look super first rate high-quality there.

We have the cameras for studying the velocity limit and all that characteristic so. In reality the car outdoors appeared very very beautiful for my part and also. Permit’s visit the replicate here so we have black mirrors with LED light proper here. Additionally we have blind spot generation there inside the middle you could. See it the mirror are big and great first-rate you have got exceptional visibility additionally the. Handles we have keyless access so I even have the important thing.

In my pocket and I simply have to touch it and the door it’s going to open additionally here how. Cool the doors are final very good great from Mercedes and also at the. Side right here we have this black sleek plastic across the home windows that looks. Notable amazing first-class in my view they did a high-quality process with this black.

Plastic across the home windows we’ve tinted windows in the back additionally they. Appearance awesome high-quality and they’re very beneficial going down to expose you those lines here. Look how cool they make this line right here notable high-quality all those lines down right here. They appearance incredible in reality in reality notable the tires as you could see right here.

The edges are black and that they appearance very great they bypass very well with this vehicle. Also you can see the IMG emblem here on the rims and we’ve taranta the first-rate. Summer tires this yr 2019 I even have it additionally on my automobile t 0 zero 5 the ones. Are the nice summer season tires this year’s this 12 months and they’re very good I have. To tell you I check it and they are remarkable 19 inch wheels and that they passed. Incredible wonderful precise with the car in my view it is superb wonderful fine also I. Just like the strains up right here the spoiler it’s first rate nice where is the brake light appearance.

How satisfactory it is and you can see the shape of the car it’s coming like that and. Then that is really helpful for the aerodynamic also going inside the back you. Additionally already see this those cool strains and additionally this plastic here it’s for. Diary dynamic that the air cross at once in the returned similar to that now the LED. Lights right here in the returned also they appearance very quality.

They are exceptional great great I like them very much. That is this round round edges and I like that so much also in the back we’ve. The back digital camera you cannot see it there we’ve got LED lighting at the quantity plate. And the lower back digital camera it’s hiding internal here whilst you cross opposite this may come. Out in order that the digicam would not get grimy whilst you force on the grimy roads faux. Exhaust pipe as you can see it right here very well they look super high-quality as properly and. The parking sensors also we’ve got six parking sensors on the lower back of the automobile.

And also once more this quality layout here for a better aerodynamic and additionally for a. Sporty look that make the automobile look much greater sporty with those design there and. Those strains besides let’s go inside the trunk we’ve electric carry gate as you notice it. Before and up right here we’ve got handles as you could see you just have to drag it.

A touch bit and the door it’s going to close automated so that you do not need to push any. Button you simply have to drag it a little bit after which the door will near. Routinely do not locate this in other automobiles right here you could lock you understand appearance and. Also right here I suppose you already know what is this study this to pull this button and. Then you definately just have to wait a little bit and. Then this will pop out and you then have to drag it and now you could idiot.

Your Caravan or something you’ve got you simply press it again and this it will cross. Returned just like that and then press it back in only and finish one-one minute. You do that operation so the trunk now the reality that I like about the trunk is. That we have a flat floor within the trunk look how cool it’s miles you could load your. Stuff at once there within the trunk wonderful first-rate high-quality additionally at the left side. We’ve got a few area garage area there additionally very useful hooks and elastics here. Also on the alternative aspect we’ve 12 volt port here and also this scientific package we.

Have LED lamp up right here additionally some hooks here and there that is a further carpet. Here that you can order form to this however the space inside it’s pretty massive it’s.

Quite large for vehicle on this class and some thing that I want to expose you subsequent. Row that you can take out this and then look how tons area you’ve got right here inside the. Trunk we have the triangle the repair kit as you may see some net and yeah you.

Also can take this out and positioned it down like that I suppose no longer certain in case you you. Are capable of try this or sure similar to which you simply take this out and study. This now you’ve got a lot more space you win I. Suppose five centimeter or some thing like that so that you can load bigger stuff and. More stuff within the trunk right here however anyway let’s placed it again let’s put it. Again due to the fact I want to expose you some thing else it is sincerely hard to place.

This again best with one hand right now so I like the fact that you may take you. Can fold down all the free components of the seat that is a completely excellent aspect that. You can carry long gadgets right here within the center this safety trunk here you. Can take it out very smooth awesome easy you could take this out if you need to hold.

Lengthy gadgets and you have a very large entrance in the automobile it is super remarkable. Quality besides let’s near the trunk after which let’s move. Within the vehicle allow’s move inner here at the car does not need to close the door. Due to the fact I assume sure the car would not near the door if something is right here so. The door we are able to forestall automatic so I didn’t word that this isn’t empty.

Right here so I just make it like that and then let’s close it now and then the. Door it need to near now sure oh very smart I like that and I also. Like this chrome design right here sorry about the wind men it is a variety of wind nowadays. Here and I overlook my microphone domestic besides I just need to reveal you right here. Inside we have this armrest and leather superb pleasant also you could fold this. Down from here it’s miles a button which you pull it and then you could carry long.

Gadgets just like that it is quite splendid I like that and also. You can pull down all the seats and they pass nearly flat. So that you can see it’s almost a flat floor here it is pretty exceptional. I like it very an awful lot and additionally you’ve got a number of space down here in your legs so.

You may positioned a variety of stuff down here it is quite quite cool I like that and. Additionally the the trunk is pretty massive as you see it earlier than. Let’s open once more perhaps you want to look it from the again so that you can see. Right now how a great deal area you have here and even if you take this down take this. Out you have got massive area here to hold your stuff pretty first-rate.

Good enough allow’s move inner permit’s positioned this returned I suppose you get the concept and allow’s begin. With the door with the doorways and with the windows the window it’s very very Large and you’ve got a high-quality visibility I like the window inside the lower back it’s it’s. First rate nice also the exceptional on the doors one of the satisfactory available you can see. Right now the stitches there the leather stitches it’s superb pleasant.

As you contact it additionally we’ve Alcantara right here at the door gentle fabric. Everywhere down right here we’ve got some plastic however the higher element it’s. Great it is it’s first-rate study this stitches take a look at this. Chrome examine the buttons they are so nice so excellent great and additionally the. Speaker look extremely good we’ve got a garage area right here and also the speaker down.

There quite exceptional the doors are great super cool now let’s go internal in my. Preferred element on this Mercedes and no longer only on this Alma to this this remains. 2090 commet terrific nice indoors and you may see on this seat you could see the. Stitches you could see the satisfactory you can see we’ve got Alcantara right here inside the middle.

In right here leather-based also a few plastic on the facet here however we’ve aspect help also. Down right here it’s pretty awesome airbag down right here and the satisfactory it’s miles appropriate. Tremendous excellent at the seat additionally the front seat we have right here a few plastic and some. Storage area down right here also going inside now I want to reveal you here the. Vents you can see this black smooth those are my favored vents ever in all.

The automobile I I take a look at until nowadays I find it irresistible they experience so right. They’ve so excellent first-class and that they look so nice also here we’ve got a few garage. Area down right here you can open two USB C port extraordinary exceptional for 2019 very useful and. Right here inside the middle we’ve sort of a step kind of a massive step down there however. Not trouble in any respect now the space on my legs I don’t assume I actually have to mention.

Some thing due to the fact you already know I even have large huge space on my legs now not large. Big space on my legs and the sitting it’s miles in my role it is in my riding. Function I have huge area I may even stretch my legs completely and I. Have a lot of area under the the front seat wow this is that is tremendous wonderful.

Pleasant and additionally the installation within the vehicle you may see you can’t listen. Not anything from out of doors and right here it’s a it’s a road that many many automobiles drive. Right here so immediately whilst you near the door. You can pay attention nothing anyway allow’s go forward and area on my legs massive as you. See it now on my head also a huge area here we are able to see maybe 5 six palms. You can see for your self I’m surely really at ease right here and. Also the visibility out of doors at the window it’s miles superb. I even have exact visibility because the window is very large and also the comfort.

The manner I take a seat here for long journeys with none firm. I experience clearly definitely suitable and I like I like this automobile I just like the area interior. This automobile also permit’s pass up here to reveal you some thing so as an instance up right here I’m. Now not positive if you could see it alright right now. Cope with books and LED light here is wonderful high-quality fancy first-rate superb exceptional at the.

Roof right here we have a sun roof sun roof we’ve a tumbler roof here and then. We have this pillar and then we’ve got another one there and it is look. Super I could open after I pass inside the the front and I will display you splendid first-rate. On the roof it is notable I adore it going within the center men it is very clean. As you spot now and I have a whole lot of space on my legs a big area I’m no longer I’m not. Involved about the gap on this car it is wonderful exact now in my head as well you.

Can see here I even have maybe right here no longer so much space as at the aspect but 4. Palms I nonetheless have it right here and if I cross a bit bit within the front because I actually have. Plenty of space on my legs I have big space no trouble in any respect and I can sit in. The middle without any problem so no problem Aero space at the left quite a few. Space I assume 3 human beings can sit down here without any trouble.

Appropriate properly exact posture here within the center I like that fantastic great space for. For a car in this class remarkable space now let’s go men in the the front of the auto. And I will display you the the front of the automobile permit’s move. It’s splendid super top notch and also we’ve got a big front so we move in the car.

Very very without problems now right here let’s stop the light ok right here inside the the front guys we. Have a large windows as well splendid visibility outside and the doors I do not. Even need to inform you the doors are first-rate great splendid. First-class take a look at the speeches have a look at all that buttons how first-class they’re right here we. Have the electrical adjustable seats heated seats memory seats so that you can.

Store the positions Alcantara here on the door additionally the handles are. Awesome fancy the lock and unencumber the car the stitch is only the down component it’s. With a bit little bit of plastic we have even an LED down right here additionally you may open. The trunk from there and you have the speaker as well down there and additionally the.

Chrome and the way they make the door it is awesome fancy so exceptional task man see. This great high-quality down here as normally we’ve got this mercedes-benz emblem that appearance. Fabulous and also some adjustment here for a lumbar element and leather-based seat. You already see it in the returned they appearance first rate brilliant first-rate I love them. They look superb tremendous seats aspect help nicely then can also adjust and. Alternate this the front component first rate job very satisfactory very very great additionally down right here.

We’ve aluminium pedals in addition they seemed pleasant and I like them there are. Pedals due to the fact this automobile as you know it’s miles automated so allow’s pay attention right here. Outdoor there are a variety of motors and when I close the door you could hear nothing. It’s just just so silent it’s it’s brilliant isolation they did a awesome activity with a. Answer great visibility at the home windows also. Outside the auto it’s extraordinary visibility inside the lower back as nicely despite the fact that the automobile have a. Again digital camera you still have an excellent visibility also you could also see the. Seats and all that stuff there now allow’s cross forward however I will open the door it’s. Better have better light the Vans my favourite vents proper here with the LED.

Mild right here ambient LED mild in the center extremely good vent also happening at the. Dashboard they’ve smooth material here here we’ve got plastic at the down element. But top part it is all rubber soft fabric all over there we have a. Speaker throughout tender and nice substances also those buttons here appearance brilliant. They are for parking electric powered parking and you already know the light and the. Luminosity the brightness of the of the screens I’ll display you the screen in a.

Moment they may be remarkable as nicely so excellent additionally the electric seats you can regulate. It from here so for instance in case you want to move inside the lower back simply pull it a little. Bit and it works so clean you don’t even pay attention nothing so the vents are. Superb now the dashboard and from the motive force factor of view it looks great. Also you have got a splendid splendid position of using here with outstanding visibility additionally.

You could see here this component here it is also tender the throw box it’s huge Globox. There you have got one part for the e book up there have also an LED light I assume. It is introduced both a yellow LED in a huge space the manner they design it’s far fantastic. Satisfactory additionally you can see the vans there that appears super pleasant additionally the manner they. Combine the door with the dashboard this chrome design right here and also LED.

Mild there it’s it is terrifi virtually actually gorgeous now. Steerage wheel I don’t want to tell you not anything approximately the string nicely it’s just. Amazing it has top notch nice materials leather-based. You may see the stitches right here even the stitches it seems super exceptional the buttons. As nicely they look awesome and they’re easy to apply clean to regulate each unmarried. Settings permit’s start the engine alright so each every single button do. Something and additionally I like this touchscreen the pothole is this. Obvious so whenever you go left wait wait. Left left or right some thing they will exchange and also right here you just have to. Pull you just need to put your button your hand just a little bit like that.

You already seen my different motion pictures the overview with the brand new digital cockpit and. The multimedia device they’re notable splendid splendid resolution brilliant assessment. You could trade distinctive settings the manner you need to look it there adaptive. Cruise control and intake and every unmarried even the GPS you may see it there.

In case you want and you may personalize the manner you want it is exquisite nice and additionally. You can see here how cool you may adjust extraordinary placing and you may carrier. Media radio upward push navigation assistant you could preference what you would like to. See there inside the center so it is amazing incredible high-quality extremely good cool I like that it’s. So clean to apply it additionally here you could exchange the one-of-a-kind settings there and. Not most effective from right here now not most effective from the guidance wheel controller however you could. Manage this show there with this with this proper right here this controller. Here so it’s very smooth you can see the navigation you can have there inside the. Center whatever you want simply from down here you could manipulate it. Outstanding satisfactory one of the satisfactory now not one of the excellent that is the quality navigation. First-class not navigation best multimedia system first-rate cockpit available on the market in my. Opinion guys additionally you could change inside the consolation right here the color inside the car so. As an example now you’ve got blue allow’s go to crimson purple and then you definately without delay see.

There the colour you may alternate on the vans and additionally here examine the bands. Appearance there red now and additionally there you may see sort of the closer it’s changing. Additionally down there also at the on the legs at the pedals it is splendid excellent also the. Vans right here are first-class begin/stop button they are terrific fancy I like that very. Much also right here we’ve these controllers for the kinematic device you already. Comprehend it it’s very simple to apply it just buttons right here to govern it here the gear. Shifter you already comprehend it like at the Tesla much Tesla take it from Exodus so.

You change the gear from here up reverse down drive pay parking mode you just. Press this and then I cross in the parking also we’ve clappers for changing the. Tools manually they’re excellent pleasant as you touch it and I like them very. A good deal additionally the middle console here have some. Black glossy plastic you can additionally near it like that you can open it here have a. Area wherein you may depart your cellphone you could price your telephone we’ve got USB see. Right here we have cupholders we have these controllers for the multimedia.

Machine also converting the distinctive mode of driving dynamic economic comfort. Volume outstanding great in the ones wheels right here are superb satisfactory good enough. Outstanding fine they appearance awesome quality additionally in the center leather armrests very. Tender and really great the button right here after which we’ve lots of space here we’ve.

USB C port right here if you may see that however you’ve got two USB C port and plenty a. Lot of space down there massive area right here a whole lot of us be in this car plenty of good. Exceptional also you can see here the mirror are appropriate you have got a remarkable visibility. Inside the replicate there inside the lower back also up here we’ve the roof I as I promised. You earlier than I need to expose you this button is for the roof so the roof is. Commencing within the equal time boat and it is good enough appropriate splendid excellent fantastic.

Or even for you and for the lower back passenger you have a first rate fantastic view. There besides up here the light its LED mild and it is fantastic fancy the ones LED are. Tremendous super fancy the manner they closed and I’ll show you before here is the. Microphone when I communicate at the telephone we’ve LED light at the mirrors they are. Awesome fancy additionally take care of up hearing good high-quality at the roof as I told you earlier than. And yeah remarkable here we have some facts about the.

Automobile that I need to show you I need to proportion it with you men. For example this car but to this Benz b-class 2 hundred T I am J aligned easy to me. Yes you may also speak with the free tech vehicle if you need I overlook to tell. You it has numerous settings you could see my different videos with a full assessment about. This additionally up right here the charge of this vehicle it’s 49,000 if you’re in Switzerland you. Can come in burn at Mercedes so that they have a incredible tremendous price this also we. Have a few cut price due to the fact this price this automobile has a 60 mm. Sixty- thousand francs a dollar besides you may see here all the. Statistics the shade if you inquire from me polar sensible.

Polar white and yeah anyway you may pause the video and you could read this. Later if you’re interested in this I in reality love the car and I cherished every. Unmarried element and also the LED mild that come right here on the middle console. It’s brilliant and this this vehicle this car do not to talk with me and I do not. Want to speak you could also use this as a touchscreen while you aren’t driving and. You’re on your driving you may use this or you can use the steerage wheel it is. One of the first-class machine that I may have it on my vehicle as nicely you can connect. Your phone software statistics about the auto simply open the door as it’s.

Particularly warm here and I cannot stay anymore the engine records but I suppose you. Should start an engine right now and you’ve got information about the engine. Facts approximately the auto gas brake all that stuff the. Consumption of the auto we’ve here all kind of facts about the car top notch. Notable useful media right here in the front you may see the automobile come up with all kind of. Statistics and you had the auto have of 360 stages digital camera that I need to show.

You or now not 360 stages I suppose oh sure it has wait a 2nd just simply time I just. Need to reveal you this press the brake begin engine the engine. It is also very very silent and whilst you go into reverse right now it’s in. Reverse you could see the 360 tiers digital camera there so that you can also park the. Car very very easy top notch pleasant I like that and then press the P after which your. Paintings high-quality best the engine it’s it is diesel however it is very silent you may listen. It top notch silent open the door. Sure so it is outstanding silent it is like petrol it is like a petroleum engine awesome. Quality also yeah I suppose I don’t need to go into detail I don’t want to make this.

Video too long I do not want to make it too lengthy if you need to see the. Multimedia machine review check out my other videos and yeah that changed into my assessment. Guys I desire you loved it I will show you one more time this beautiful. Lovely roof there that look high-quality in my view and also the indoors of. The auto look excellent we’re gonna cross simply and additionally the automobile. Exterior appears exceptional I honestly really love it. Without a doubt love the outdoors actually love all of the shape of this car the rims and.

The whole lot look tremendous also yeah I like it lots of recent generation a variety of. Nice shapes they did a incredible task with this vehicle and also the fee it is very. Precise for beginner this the charge it’s superb. Besides now men I’m gonna near this video for you so what I need to say. Approximately this car the automobile has a fantastic rate around forty five thousand euro for all. This new technology for instance the this fantastic great cockpit the leather the doors. The roof all that vents and ambient mild and leather-based understand will loads.

Of controllers automated gearbox sensors 360 digital camera full LED light and this is going. On the rate it is tremendous I see numerous cars at this charge much tons plenty. A good deal better than this so anyway I surely advise this vehicle. It’s on my first place on this magnificence if I should. Preference a big vehicle you’ve got also a variety of area you see before lots of area in. The automobile so I completely one of my favourite vehicle I did want to buy this vehicle before.

Preceding model however I failed to buy it as it’s too huge for me besides. I wish you experience it please take a look at out my other movies enroll in my channel and. I see you quickly men thanks very tons for looking. Do not forget to test out different movies by the way I actually have a new digicam please. Go away me your remarks and tell me what you think about the best photograph and I. You.

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