New Mercedes E-Class Estate AMG Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Mercedes E-Class Estate AMG Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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In Bern Switzerland at mercedes-benz auto and I’m right here with a new. Mercedes e-class tourer estate this is the a 200 model imj and I’m really happy. to review it for you I will show you the interior exterior and I will try to give. you all kind of information about the car so for example let’s go inside the. car and let’s show you it has an amazing amazing interior guys I have to tell you. that and I want to give you some information about the car first time and. then we will review the interior and exterior of the car so I have right here. with me all the information that I’m probably you are very interested in for. so let’s let’s show you for example this is the mercedes-benz eat 200 four-wheel. drive T model they say like that this is tourer a state the way you want to call. it I am J line I’m gay also it has two liter engine 184 horsepower the price of. this car 65 thousand francs around the same neuro 60 I think it’s around 60,000. euro depend on the options you can see here the option right there if you are. interested you can pause the video and watch it also here we have in 9 you can.

see it’s automatic 9 right here 9 gearbox so this is really cool that it. has an automatic gearbox with 9 9 shifter I can say like that also Euro 6. the last the last emission co2 also the around. 8.1 the consumption and also 185 grams the co2 so I think this is really great. information for you as we start and let’s go outside for the beginning and. let’s show you the key where is my key of the car it’s right here guys so this. is the key the key looks super nice in my opinion also it’s very light and you. can also open the trunk from this button right here so you can hold it up in the. trunk it will open automatic and also you can. close it the same way you just hold this button and then the trunk it’s work. fabulous so smooth I think this is the smoothest car that I tested that work so. perfect you just have to hold it for a little bit the quality of the car it’s. amazing also something that I want to show you guys is the way the doors are. closing you can hear the noise fantastic you. don’t even have to. –

try it harder because the door is closing. fantastic and the sound it’s great the quality it’s a top level it’s it’s. amazing also in the back here we have LED lights you can see full that. idealized also the mirror are folding automatic also when you open the door. they will fall back so the quality it’s it’s very very good on this car also. outside we have a lot of chrome design you can see around the car around edges. of the car also down here a lot of great quality we have the exhaust pipe that. are hiding inside they’re super super nice and they look fantastic on this car. so you can have a family car and in the same time a sporty car that looks super. nice also up there we have the brake lash I think you already know it. have the e200 logo right here and on the other side we have the 4matic that tells. you this car it’s four-wheel drive those are the lights LED lights so we have. full LED lights in the back and also in the front also the blinkers are led down. here we have a back camera and also LED lights on the number plate so in the. night they look fantastic also some light reflector red down here. and on the other side the same and also parking sensors we have six parking. sensors in the back so you can see here on the side it beginning to have two. there and also we have here on this black plastic another two and on the. other side as well going on the side here you can see around the windows we. have this chrome design the choice to make it with chrome. and it looks super super nice this chrome design also on the handle right.

here we have the chrome half chrome half color that looks super nice and the. combination of those it is great really great the rims here. so we have 19 inch rims on this model and they look fantastic also we have the. iron gay logo right there on the rims that you can see it and they fit. perfectly on this car also big windows so we have great visibility outside from. the interior it’s great and great design also for the i/o dynamic the car have a. very good our dynamic so you can see the shape of the car that really had for a. better consumption now on the mirrors here you can see under the mirror there. we have the camera so this car have a 360 camera so you can park the car very. easy even in the city or in the tight places. we have LED full LED also on the mirrors here and I like the design they chose to. make it white with black around here and you can see the black right here around. the mirror that looks fantastic also blind spot technology here in the mirror. it’s fantastic really great it’s look super super nice I don’t know what you. think about the car but I like it

I like the design and we will go in the. interior and you will see it also in the interior up here on the roof you can add. some extra storage so you can see here this chrome also they chose to make it. with chrome because that that fits so good with the chrome around the window. and I like that I like the way the choice to do it also the front of the. car look very nice very good and we have full LED lights. right here the newest this technology from Exodus so in the night they are. gorgeous we have parking sensors six parking sensors again in the front as. well so you can see it there also some plastic here mat on the front bumper now. we go a little bit of chrome down there you can see it and also the parking. sensors are down the front grille it’s classic it’s look classic almost the. same like previous model only the difference in this model is that we have. this big Methodist logo in the middle and behind this logo we have the rudder. or adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that safety systems also a. camera up there so you can see the front camera I will show you in the inside the. car when we’ll go inside and also the hood look pretty nice we have two lines. shape here on the sides that make the car look fantastic very nice also up. here as you know already Mercedes have two cameras for lane assist and reading. the traffic speed limit and all that kind of technology that we have on the. car so

I guess you make an idea about the exterior of the car down here make. sure is to put this kind of plastic white that protect the down part of the. car and it is very useful you can change it very easily you can see here you can. change it in the future if something happened with the car you scratch it or. something like that and you want to change it will be very easy to change it. let’s go in the trunk guys so let’s open the trunk to show you this is the space. inside the trunk so we have here the button for the hook I think you know. what is this when I pull this button the hook will come out. down there so you just have to wait for a little bit and then here it is look at. this how cool it is this is all automatic you just have to pull this. button and then you just fold it again and wait a few seconds and then this. hook should go back so just like that critical amazing you just don’t even. need to touch it we have an LED up here have these handles we have the button to. close the trunk we have a lot of space here in the trunk and something that I. like is that the trunk it’s actually flat so we can load your stuff directly. flat here and we have also this aluminum down here it is fantastic it’s very very.

it’s look nice and it’s also protect this part of the car when you put your. stuff in here you have an extra carpet that you can order it and buy it from my. Terrace but you don’t necessarily need it only when you want to protect your. car hooks everywhere in the corner we have. LED light here and they look super nice this LED look fantastic really nice I. think the most beautiful LED that I see it in a trunk. those are they look pretty pretty cool we have the Racal kit here and some. stuff from my Terrace in the other side here when you open this we have the. electric stuff I don’t want to go into detail I’m not sure if you’re interested. in that also we have the buttons to folding down the seats here I will show. in the moment also on the other side and a 12 volt port here very useful very. very useful also this protection for the trunk you can also pull it up and if you. need it you can use it but the space in the trunk it is big it is really really. big also under the floor here we have again. a lot of space well it’s kind of in here electric cars kind of like in a Tesla. Model 3 a lot a lot of space down here pretty awesome pretty awesome

you can. have also you have also the triangle there and all. that repair kit for the car now let’s show you how its work with this button. right here so you just have to pull it and then BOOM. the seats are folding down in one second you just don’t have to do nothing and. it’s huge space your guys really huge space you have a lot of space and you. can even sleep in this car the space it’s enormous and also look at this it. is everything flat there so we have a flat floor where you can load plenty. plenty of stuff I like that great job materials huge space great. quality in the back there also well I’m really impressed in the fact that you. still have here plenty of space on the legs also on the other side plenty of. space on the legs and I like this the way the seat are folding down perfectly. straight it is amazing

I like that great job great great job also putting. back the seats it’s very easy you just have to take a little bit on the seat. belt and just put it back just like that very simple on the other side is simple. as that and then I want to show you here in the. middle we have this center armrest from leather very good quality leather here. also you can open it and you can put your stuff right here it’s kind of big. space here for your phone or wherever you want to put it and also in the front. we have these great cup holders for your drink pretty amazing I like that very. much let’s close the trunk here guys and then. let’s show you the I want to show you the interior of the car we begin with. the back of the car so first time what what come in mind in my head when I see. this car opening in the back this opening here it’s huge it’s huge and the. door is so big in the back I’m impress I didn’t see this before even. bigger than in BMW or I would eat and you have a big big entrance in the car. this is great you go in this in the car very easy also the windows are so big I. don’t know if you can see it in the video but the windows are huge so that. means you have a great visibility in the back also leather quality on the doors. right here you can see the stitches very good quality also here we have some. chrome design really interesting the way they do it also the speaker in black. here look very nice with that little horse we have leather almost everywhere.

on the door even here you can see the stitches the handle and chrome it looks. very nice and they feel good quality also down here we have leather only on. the down part here we have actually it’s leather – here Wow. really impressive they put even here the leather but here we have some rubber. inside here not plastic so no plastic arrow also an LED light so this this. door it’s it’s completely without plastic yes right amazing great great. quality good job Martellus I like that very much. also some aluminum here that look very nice at entrance in the car we have iron. gear carpet even the carpet are I am there. and then the back of the front seat here it’s very good quality and you can see. it down here we have some rubber good quality also storage space down there we. have hooks up here on the side here at the entrance in the car we don’t have. any plastic so for the passengers in the back it is very good quality as you can. see here you have side support with leather and this leather it’s also very. very good quality in the middle have Alcantara here I can see that Alcantara. with normal leather I can say like that and. it is very good quality you can see the stitches and you can see the design it’s. very nice as well also the headrest look nice and yeah. those are to sit so let’s go inside to see the space guys. but before looking at the space I want to show you the vents here in the middle. very good quality so you can see it I like this black very good quality I like. that also going down here and we have two USB port and a 12 volt port down.

there pretty useful these days great job again here we have kind of a big big big. big big step there in the middle kind of big step really huge but anyway let’s. close the door and immediately when you close the door you can hear the noise. outside it’s read this so now you cannot hear almost nothing. from outside because this car it’s very good isolated they make great job with. summarization so is relating the car huge space on my legs here not huge big. hole so I can stretch my legs a little bit under the front seat and I have a. lot of space on my legs also on my head now guys huge space on my head you can. see here a lot of space I like that also the visibility outside on the windows. it’s very good also I have great visibility and great position of staying. here in this car I like it very much I really like it. you feel really good and you have a lot of space on your on your back and you. feel relaxing this car interior it’s huge up here as you can see we have a. hook handle and LED light that you can open it very nice design here great. quality on the roof as well the roof it’s it’s good quality in this car and. going in the middle now going in the middle it’s not so hard so. actually I go very easily I have a lot of space on my legs in the left and I. had huge space as expected also on my head guys right here I have a lot of. space in the left I can stretch my hand completely so you can see my hand it’s. stretched completely and also on this side so three people here without any. problem it’s a huge car with huge space as expected in the e-class Mercedes. a-class it’s very spacious and very good quality and the price is not so big as

I was expected this is a great great surprise I like the price very much it’s. great price I show you before so don’t ask me the price because many of you ask. me the price but just check out first time the video the full video because I. have always almost always maybe 95% of the time I have the price in the video. so you just have to check out the price there in the video guys and don’t ask me. please let’s go in the front now all right. keyless entrance in the car you just have to have the key in your pocket as I. have it and then you can open and lock the car super super fancy and great. quality and also what I show you before look at this chrome design here around. the windows look gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous I love it I really love the. quality of this car the way they made it it’s fantastic. also big windows great visibility in the front amazing quality on the doors the. same as in the back you can see here the only difference is the shape here and. those buttons so for example we have here heated sit also in the back heated. seat I think how much what this button do maybe maybe it is. this heated front part or I’m not sure anyway just write me if you know what is.

this button also here we have the buttons for adjustable sit electric. adjustable sit so you can see you have plenty of adjustable position also you. can save the position from here the quality it’s super good also down here. leather handle it’s nice leather down here also we have the buttons in gray. for electric windows and when you touch these buttons the quality it’s fantastic. I love those buttons I love the quality when you touch it it feels so nice I. can’t explain that you have to try it it’s it’s something else. also here great great quality adjustable mirrors as you expected also we have two. buttons again here for the hook and for the trunk so I’m really impressed to see. this button for the hook here in the back I didn’t expect that usually the. car have this button only in the back but this is very useful if you don’t. want to go out from the car and outside it’s raining this is very useful really. cool or maybe someone else make it for you you just have to stay in the car. here we have the leather great quality also again a light here a lot of storage. space down there good quality great great door I like it also my chilis. bends down here we have the logo and also we have LED light in the night you. can see this illuminated this is pretty nice

I like that the electric seat in. the front you can see it as well as in the back great quality nice stitches. Alcantara here in the middle side supports here and. oh very comfortable even for long trips and they are also sporty you have a nice. sporty design on this seat so I like them I like them all but also down here. we have the aluminum pedals they’re great quality also the electric. handbrake the buttons for the LED light that I didn’t show you before so we have. LED light and you can see the design of the LEDs they are super cool like. crystals you can see how nice they look in the night look gorgeous. they are like crystals I don’t know if you can see it in the video but they. look blended fantastic also in the front I think you know the daylight in the. front there are those lines there now you see it because of the refresh. refresh rate of the camera I cannot see it so well anyway good quality buttons. nice chrome design there also let’s go inside guys it close the door and again. you can hear nothing from outside and here it’s a street a lot of car passing. by here because it’s a highway but you don’t you cannot hear the noise inside. the car because they do a great job with that great visibility on the windows as. well also outside great visibility also there have great great visibility in the. back as well you can see big windows nice visibility there also you can see. the the seat in the back from here a lot of space in the car I like the way they.

integrate the dashboard with the doors look how cool they make that this. leather also on the other side you can see it better the way they integrate the. dashboard and the doors it’s it’s phenomenal. great quality up here we have the speaker we have the big speaker and also. there have the head-up display just left let’s. start the car for you a little bit let’s go in the front for a little bit let’s. go in the front let’s let’s start the car the engine you can even hear the. engine it’s so silent and there you have the head-up display I think you can see. it you have all kind of information on the head-up display speed navigation and. all that stuff also the speed limit the quality it’s it’s fantastic here as I. told you we have leather all over the dashboard there pretty nice it’s close. to the engine now they have leather also here and also the bends are there they. are super cool those vents they look super nice you can also adjust it the. way you want it I like the way they are so fine it looks super nice and also the. chrome design on the dashboard look gorgeous also here you can control it. very easy and adjusted the way you want it they are very good quality we have. chrome nice glossy black also the new digital display there guys I think you. know it already

I show you in the other videos it’s one of the best out there. you can control different settings for example here you can change to see the. navigation from the rear steering wheel from this little touchscreen so here on. this wheel you have a little touchscreen that when you go left right up down you. can change different settings there the same touchscreen you have in this side. here and you can control for example there the multimedia system you go home. have home button and then you have a navigational radio media telephone in. office connect information about the car and about the system for example here on. the information about the car you can have the seat the assistant. driving select so you can change different driving mode so for example. sport mode and all that stuff I don’t want to go into detail now because you. already know it you can adjust the light that we want to have it you have also. the light in the mirror there I think you can see it from here very easily and. yeah I don’t want to go into detail much to this have a very complex multimedia. system and it’s one of the best if not the best in the market out there and I. love it also

I love this big screen here you can also control the multimedia. system from here from this wheel so for example you have shortcut button and you. have you can also very easily control the things and and the settings from. from this here and from this wheel as well so you can go just like that. go back just from the wheel when you’re driving it’s super nice it’s very easily. to control this the navigation it’s one of the best so the thing is that you. cannot use it at the touch screen this is the thing here so this is not a. touchscreen you can also connect control it from here or you can control it from. here from the steering wheel this is a great thing anyway because you have here. very easy controller so you can control it from here very easily so also the. volume it’s here and also other buttons they are very good quality and they look. fantastic anyway yes good now the display I. already show you you can change the different settings from here so you can. change the way you wanna see it there also the the distance consumption the. navigation and all that stuff you can also the cool thing is that you. can also change in the middle there what you will like to see consumption trip. and all that stuff you should push it on them you can go directly there so it’s. pretty pretty awesome I like that also you can press it on the. navigation here anyway

I don’t want to go into detail I. already make a video with this multimedia system mbox then you want so. you can check it out there now the steering wheel let’s go to the steering. wheel the steering wheel it’s a very good quality leather you can see the. stitches here I love the buttons here the gray the way they make this chrome. design here and here and also this little touch screen here it’s gorgeous I. also love that I like it very much and also the way they do it it’s not ruined. so you have a kind of sporty design here we have the clappers for changing the. gear manually that’s amazing here are the stick for changing the gear. so it’s very easy to go up and down and parking press this button here to go in. the parking mode super easy much better you have much more space down here for. your things and it looked much more clean and nice also here we have armrest. leather very good quality you press this button you open it and there you have. two USB port you can see it and also an SD card port and you have huge space. here not huge but it’s kind of big so you can put plenty of things there. you already see this in the middle this controller that I’m using it to change.

different settings there also on the wheel the buttons home button you even. have some some shortcut button there also here is dynamic mode changing the. different driving mode you have parking sensors here let’s try to start the car. because I want to show you that I just want to show you this so anyway you have. here the parking button for the sensors and for the cameras on the other side. you have you can fold down the seat the headers from here just there in the back. and also the volume controllers it’s here so now if I start the engine.

for example for a moment now I want to show you this thing here you go to the. cameras guys press the camera wait a second let’s go to home for a moment. menu and now alright now just watch that so you can you can go here you press. this button for the cameras you go down. these things just like that alright just like that look at this we have 360. degrees camera there guys so you can see around the car everything so look how. cool it is so you can see the camera around the cars and all that stuff. pretty awesome pretty pretty cool only from this button right here so this is a. great great thing here we have two cupholders. you already see it a big space for your phone there also a new SB port in a. small space here pretty cool also you can close this and this is. looking fantastic so we have this wood design here on the dashboard that looks. fantastic also to watch here look gorgeous in the middle we have. navigation shortcut buttons you just have to press it in then you have radio. you have media you have telephone and you have the car too right here press.

the car and then the multimedia system go directly to the car driving select. assistant consumption here the light and you have for example on the consumption. if you go press ok see the consumption there you go back. easily an assistant we have this car a lot of assistant systems cameras reading. parking active braking safety assistant and all that stuff blind spot and look. how cool is the doors and all that stuff anyway I don’t want to go into detail I. like this design I like this watch there those button for the climatic system are. also here you can see it right here and then you can play into the menu here. also from here the controls for these vents you can open it and close it just. from this wheel right here it’s super fancy and I like this the way they make. this chrome designer and the way they integrate navigation it’s it’s fabulous. this is the driver point of view and the view from the driver it’s gorgeous you. can control the things here very easily I like that. really really nice I like it very much also the start/stop button look gorgeous.

look fantastic as well up here we have a mirror and a great great visibility in. the back also a glass space up here very useful I like that. also the buttons for the light we have LED lights here you can also see it the. way they open it look fantastic yes it’s nice it’s nice to be here in this car. also a ladylike handle the microphone here gorgeous I think I show you almost. everything guys about this car just down here I have to tell you we have soft. materials I’m not sure if it’s leather or rubber but it’s gorgeous soft and. nice also huge space in the glove box you can also see it we have an LED light. they’re very good quality I like it I’m really impressed even down here we have. leather and good quality and soft materials

I like that now I have to pour. the car back if you want to go with me I just parked the car back and then we go. here in Reverse just like that and now we can see the cameras there in the back. and then I have to park the car directly back there it’s very easy to park the. car have also great visibility in the mirrors and also you can watch it on the. cameras it’s very very easy to port this car and I like it I like the engine I. like so so it’s so easy to drive it and the engine is so silent you are. immediately fall in love with this car I’m really impressed about this car the. quality inside it’s gorgeous just press the park and now the car it’s. working right here Christi’s and also you can pull down the electric brake if.

you want to and the car it’s parking in the perfect place so yeah that was my. review I hope I cover everything in this review for you guys if you enjoy the. video please subscribe to my channel check out my other videos like it and. share it with your friends this video that was my review I like the car very. much the price is not so bad as well as well as I expected you have plenty of. great technology and comfort and the seats and everything it’s perfect in. this car might say let’s make fantastic cars thank you for watching guys don’t. forget I go in Frankfurt next month at Auto Show and there we have a lot of new. cars to see also electric Avaaz wagon and Porsche Taikan electric and all that. stuff so thank you for watching stay tuned subscribe to my channel and I wait. you.

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