New Opel Astra K Turbo 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Opel Astra K Turbo 2019 – Review Interior Exterior

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The new Opel Astra K 2019 model it’s right here in front of me. this is the tool ball B turbo model with the strongest engine petrol engine 160. horsepower it’s kind of expensive engine and not so economical but today we will. not talk about the engine we will talk about the interior exterior of this Opel. Astra turbo model and also I’m really impressed to see how nice this car it’s. in the interior from the previous model it’s much much better and also have a. lot of future new future that the all new cars have on it. plus the price it’s amazing also have this nice signature from aster I’ve see. almost on all the cars chrome on the upper side and matte black on the side. on the downer part of the windows the beautiful handle also you can see here. blind spot on the mirror also come with blind spot technology here and let’s go. forward on the mirrors you can also see that it doesn’t have any light on the. mirrors the light it’s down here on the body all the other manufacturer on the.

companies almost all the other have the blinker on the mirrors but the car this. car the the new Astra doesn’t have it the front it’s in my opinion very. beautiful and also on the white Astra loop much much better than on the other. colors maybe because I liked why I like white the cars here we have the newest. technology as delight from Astra this is quite great. and his dozen blind the other traffic spotters it has automatic dim also a. great great new technology the front grille look nice a lot of sensors here. on the sides and also the grille it’s very simple and nice only Chrome light. line there down there we don’t have any fog light on this car because doesn’t. need the LED light to make everything for it to be perfect. also you can see the rims are really really beautiful in my opinion it’s look. perfect on this car they are fantastically nice in my. opinion now again you can see these lines on the side also down here we have. a plastic to protect the downer part of the car from storms and rust and water. he’ll have the front camera using it’s used for traffic light recognized or.

Lane Assist also from the sides the car beautiful. and with these rims in white it’s quite perfect in my opinion it’s really. beautiful and you will see a little bit later the price it’s it’s fantastic you. never think to buy such a nice car new car nice with so much technologies with. this price that I will tell you soon in competition with other cars the price. it’s fantastic also I like all the design in the back also the exhaust the. lines the design the way they do this back of the cards look fantastic to. exhaust five sensors a lot of sensors in the back even the front camera is in the. back here they also have the back camera so you guys. I’m in the back camera here the trunk also you can open it if you push it down. here under this logo logo logo here is the Astra logo and also had to go. writing on the right sides there now this button here it’s locking all of the. car you just have to have the key with you I hear this car can be locked and. unlock with the mobile phone something that it’s really awesome you know even. you can start the alarm of the car with the mobile phone the interior it’s much. much better than before you can see here the cars have even an LED ambient light. in the interior soft material over here and you can see pretty nice also here. kind of simple to the lock/unlock buttons and the chrome plastic door. handle on the side here we have the soft material on the upside down they are. plastic here in the middle also plastic glossy black the speaker down there

i replace a global place enough place for your bottle quite good down here we have. a soft and leather and now we go to the buttons they are simple black simple. nothing fancy just a simple model so the design of the door is pretty nice down. here you can have some information about the car weights I guess I forget to tell. you about the car weight 160 kilogram or less than the previous model so the car. aerodynamic it’s much improved and also the life is improve for a better. consumption than the previous model even so the car is not very economical the. rival cars have better economical cars now the seats here are as you can see. manually adjust so you can adjust it memories not it’s. not the excellence dream level you can check out my other video with the Astra.

I have another review with the high-end option car inside with leather and. Alcantara and it’s quite cool now these cars are public see these seats are. public seats and they are very comfortable the car even have the. aluminum pedal and even you have a place here to put your stuff. the seats are also very comfortable and I’m not complaining but this car full. option it look very beautiful with leather seats in the interior look. fantastic you have the the light button where you can open the lights and close. it depend on how you want it’s quite quite simple to use it and this was. before the same I just want to show you the light the new LED light you can see. there a line for daylight and in the middle it is the main main light a full. LED 600 650 meter automatic team they are perfect in the night you have a. great great visibility almost the best and on this price on this car price on. other companies you don’t get LED light full LED light in the front LED light in. the back look how beautiful it’s look with this LED light on the bed it’s. quite fantastic in my opinion from mainland and also on the video you. cannot see it so well like in the reality you really have to see this car. if you want to buy it you have to go and test it and show and look for yourself. because it’s looking much much better the cars sometimes look much better in. reality than in the video here all over the dashboard it’s soft material as you.

touch it really impress that no plastic over there up there simple straight. almost straight and soft material quite amazing you can see the matte screen. seven inch screen here in the middle the colors are very beautiful I will show. you a little bit later the colors are nice. it’s simple is not something fancy but it has everything you need in a car and. it’s also big and position it in the perfect position for the drivers view so. on the side on the dashboard you can see this black glossy with this chrome that. come all over down here it’s kind of nice the way they design it’s nice in my. opinion the globe box is big we don’t have a light there to show you what it’s. really big a lot of space and in the glove box and also a lot of space for. the passenger legs now the cockpit design I wish they come with something. electro/house a display like electronical display and not so analog. speed we have an electronic display in the middle but on the side as you see. the 200 meter and the speedometer it’s also analog analog and yeah I kind of. don’t like that and I want to see much more car with tablet style LCD display.

and stuff like that the steering wheel on the other side it’s it’s quite nice. and it’s great quality you can see the buttons here the leather stitches and. holes and chrome and the design is it’s really beautiful. it’s really nice I also changed camera style of filming because I have so many. people that company wide angle is not so good so I hope this time will be better. now we have heated seat heated steering wheel and also ventilated seat but not. in this car but you can order it if you want it with a leather seat also here. you can see all the climatic system buttons are up there and here you can. put some for the interior the Opel have the option to have like a spa and you. put some of us smells inside and sometimes you push the button and come. inside the car nice it smell if it was in the spa or in the sauna it’s. something similar that you can put there some extra things to smell in the car.

anyway this car have it’s manually and it says 6 gear manually gearbox has this. stick here in the middle chrome on the side black glossy also electric hand. brake pretty cool I’m really happy to see this on the path 12 volt port there. and two cupholders also with chrome on the side and you can also close this. very simple if you don’t need it you don’t want to use in the middle level. armrest leather as well as you can see it and down there we have a USB port you. cannot see it maybe because it’s dark sorry about that but it is the newest B. port down there and a small place to put your stuff also you can adjust this. armrest depends how you want it one more time I want to show you the seeds also.

fabric they are well made is also there the side the side hold. it’s also here and also you can adjust it in the front the way you want so the. seat are really comfortable I stay I sit on them and no complaining about the. seat it’s great comfort for long roads as well here we have normal both fly. nothing here I don’t understand why they don’t put one glass glass holder there. because many people wear sunglasses or even seeing glass so you need to place. here for the glass up here is the perfect place now in the back the same. both lights normal no LED light in the interior and there are the seats we will. go in a moment and

I will show you the seats they are also quite simple and no. arm rest in the middle on the back there thanks well as you can see yeah but. here’s the display the multimedia system and the colors are really beautiful in. my opinion very bright and very very nice very easy to use you have shortcut. buttons here and you can see there you can connect to the phone Android auto. bluetooth mirror link and also upper pal played different settings that you can. change the language the date the radio stuff and display and even the tag. camera how you want to see the lines on the back depends on every people. preference it’s quite simple and interesting also you have the media here. in radio and also listen music from your phone here you have the telephone. navigation system also big and nice also it has a 3d map you can see the stadium. there and some buildings it’s not something important but yeah it’s just.

an extracting it’s work pretty fast and it’s charged really really best kind of. interesting simple simple simple also we have traffic traffic information. you also have in this new cars you can call if you have a problem with the car. you can also call to the Opel and someone will help you with whatever. problem you have and even they can remotely access the car and see what the. current problems have from the Opel Center so it’s quite quite interesting. also here I made a test a short test with the navigation and it’s show that. its work by advanced and I’m really impressed how fast it’s charged this car. when you put the destination so anyway I think you make you made an idea also on. the premium level you can tap this screen in 8-inch normal come standard. 7-inch but if you get the premium you will get an 8-inch display a little bit. bigger

there’s not much different in my opinion 7-inch it’s also good and it’s. looked nice and it’s also easy to use very intuitive very practical it’s not. something fancy like on the materials or all the. but it’s everything simple and instead she’s job perfectly whatever she want to. do now I want to share that the engine maybe some of you guys are interesting. interested it about the engine and they want to see the compartment here it’s. pretty easy to open it the trunk also is not automatic it’s manually from the. door this is the engine for most of the people and it doesn’t say anything but I. hear some people want to see this part here so

I just show it so no problem. anyway here are some information about the car. it’s Opel new Opel Astra 1.60 OPC line you can see there one six engine. 4-cylinder 200 horsepower and the price thirty two thousand nine hundred dollar. francs in Switzerland if you are in Switzerland the price it’s amazing for a. new car Opel Astra car you can see their kilograms the co2 emission it’s quite. quite amazing price for this car and if you are in Switzerland if you are around. there you can come here and burn as at better luck and you can check the cars. you can just drive it and you have amazing discounts I see today a lot of. discounts on this car I see even seven thousand Frank. discounts on I don’t know I think on the mock-up of a mock-up but even this car. have almost great great great discounts for a new car it is amazing for how much. technology have this car on it’s really really great. now this is the exterior guys look how beautiful this new ¬†Opel Astra look my. opinion want one of those you can head back on the market now let’s open the. trunk and

I want to show you the interior of the trunk here you can see. we have a lighter you can also have the entries in the car. a little bit down so we don’t have a flat flat trunk it’s kind of deep trunk. you can see here my hand stay there down and you can see how deep is this strong. so you can need a deep trunk this is the perfect car for you the light is not so. good here to show you we don’t have 12 volt port here or something fancy it’s. just the trunk and under there in case you cannot open it this is it’s really. deep and big but it’s not that you cannot put it flat you cannot arrange it. the way one in the back here the doors are almost the same like in the front. well here we have some plastic on the upper side down here we have soft. material leather and here the simple buttons not a fancy speaker down here. and a placeholder for your bottle of water so quite simple entrance last week.

only side also we have plastic here now front seats they are with soft material. no plastic to protect them in the back there. now the public ship you can see leather here stitches very nice and in the. middle of fabric material here we have leather in the middle as well you don’t. have an armrest in the back and down here we can see that we have two USB. port really really helpful these days in 2019 USB ports in the car are amazing. and really really helpful and this Opel Astra come with them and. it’s fantastic you can even leave the seat down very easy you don’t have a.

flat floor but there you have a lot of space to carry stuff for it’s a bundle. the tire or whatever you want to carry there it’s quite simple but also has. easel fix for kids I’m gonna start it very simple here it is all the space I’m. not using wide-angle lens so you can you can see close to reality. how this car interior look like and in my opinion for a hatchback it’s quite a. lot of space in this in this Opel Astra so what do you think guys I’m really. curious what you think about the space in the trunk really happy to hear from. you some comments and also please comment and tell me what you think about. the camera lens it’s better like that or was better with wide-angle lens I’m. quite curious and I wanna I wanna hear this feedback from you guys yeah so. that’s that’s kind of space in the car in the back also really simple to leave. it down and lift it up the back seats are easy to use and

I want to go inside and show you the space on my legs it’s quite enough space even. if the front seat sits a little bit in the back and I think you can put it a. little bit in the front but it doesn’t matter I still have a lot of space I can. stick my legs under the front seats here you have just a little bit of hole on. the legs and even on the head you have huge space for five fingers it should be. no problem to sit here for long roads short strips whatever whatever you you. drive you will be comfortable here on the passenger seat and also the roof. it’s soft and yeah kind of okay quality visibility on the windows. it’s also good not perfect but good there in the middle you can put your. legs without any problem we don’t have a big step they’re quite great a lot of. space I can put my legs in the middle but not so good like in the other SUV on. the upper side still a lot of space left side right side still place for free. person and it’s really quite comfortable in the middle I was impressed how. comfortable I can sit in the middle of this car not many cars you can sit in. the middle so comfortable but in this car it was ok it was ok from humans. perfect now I’m I can really really reach inside the car and outside the car. and move in the back quite easy so I guess that was my review guys I hope you. enjoyed please subscribe to my channel like it share it please comment and tell. me your feedbacks about the videos and check out my other. videos of the newest s car and I will be happy happy to review a new one for. you.

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