New PEUGEOT 208 GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New PEUGEOT 208 GT Line 2019 – Review Interior Exterior

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the new Peugeot 208 GT Line 2019 2020 model it’s right here in front of. me and look at this amazing LED light and this really nice design also here on. the side of the car we have a plastic to protect the paint in the glossy plastic. and interesting design also here in the front we have the front rudder with all. the new technology adaptive cruise control lane assist emergency brake and. all that technology that come these days on all the cars also look at these rims. they are very very beautiful with this tiny tire they look fantastic in my. opinion they look very well also this yellow color it’s amazing and look at. these lines here on the on the cars they are really interesting also this let’s. see a little bit the engine here we also have and manual you have to hold it. yourself because it’s not automatic so look at this engine I think this is the. petrol engine for sure here or I’m not sure

I think so I think it’s the petrol. engine anyway this is the engine guys through the tight up there also the. mirror with black glossy outside really interesting really tidy and it has a new. style and interesting style also blind spot technology there I really like this. black glossy here on the side of the windows it look fantastic. also these new lines on the car look very nice and yeah they make great job. with the exterior of this car I really like it on the exterior also the. interior of the car look fantastic and nice also we have. LED light here on the doors panel quite interesting design speaker and some. stitches with leather and also plans to here but interesting yeah interesting. because they make it look very nice also the page roll over door there down there. and look at this jet airline logo right here on the back in the chrome it’s look. so beautiful this lines on the car looked fantastic.

look at these guys all over the car come these two lines all the way back to the. front and give the car a new style very interesting I don’t know why they choice. to put this here I didn’t see on the small cars this protection paint. protection here it’s in a black glossy but maybe they want to protect this edge. of the car in the back we have the same same quality also plastic here on the. side the seeds are combination between. leather and fabric here on the back we have not plastic on the back of the. seats we have some rubber there is the dashboard card look. fantastic the dashboard and the exterior it’s the favorite of my car. no armrest here in the back also to LED light there or lighting the passenger in. the back quite interesting also we have here two USB port quite new and very. useful here on the back of the seat I tell you before it’s kind of rubber it’s. not so plastic we have a lot of space here for the legs too even if the city’s. way back because of the the guys that stay in the front. also have this panoramic sunroof that look really nice I wish it was a little. bit in the back but yeah anyway it’s looked very nice. or it’s moon car with this panoramic sunroof look fantastic. high in the middle I passed this and I show you that’s quite a lot of space. right here in the front also on the head it’s a lot of space and you don’t have. problem if you stay in the middle it’s quite interesting also leather here for. the armrests and adjustable I would show a little bit later when we go in the. front also someone lifts this cup from BMW. right here

I don’t know why but look at this look at this design look at this. back design of the car it still look amazing and everything it’s perfect I. don’t know who designed this car but if you look fantastic even this plastic and. this this red brake light right here down here it’s quite an interesting. design they did a great job and I like these three lines here and this black. glossy all the way on the car also if you see here you can have an. interesting oiler up here quite nice and it has great great design in my opinion. it’s one of the most beautiful small car in this compact class it’s quite amazing. everything it’s amazing it even this space here in the trunk it’s amazing. look at this guy’s it’s a lot of space right here in the. back also you have a light it’s you don’t have any 12 volt port but the.

trunk is huge even you have here a spare tire down here that’s quite interesting. and really really great great for two people to have a lot of space in the. trunk and still a small car like this new page or two 208 jet airline even. this I don’t understand why they make this so big. in comparison with the car this is really big you will see in real I don’t. know in the video if you can see it so well but it’s quite quite really big. also this black glossy margins there are really really big with the car. look look amazing in my opinion I I like the car very much also going in the. front to see the quality here same as the passenger some interesting design. here if you see also LED lighting many colors you can change the colors also.

here you have soft material I could leather I’m not sure if it’s leather. something like a fake leather but here are the buttons quite simple to use and. it’s work perfect its feel the quality they really do a great job with it they. did a great job with this car it’s great quality they’re really nice beige your. logo again here we have manually adjustable seat here as you can see the. pedal aluminium pedal or stainless steel he’ll have the technology lane-keeping. and all other the seats in the front are also sport and they look nice we have. stuff with but let’s go now to the interesting part the dashboard and this. new digital display the dashboard is quite interesting like you see here also. mirror with LED light quite a great quality also up here very interesting. the mirror and all look at these guys look at this thing so beautiful this. thing wheel and also as you know page or you can adjust this steering wheel if. you don’t see the cockpit there anyway this is the great interesting design.

here in the front with this new dashboard. solutely look like freidy a little bit and look at this. quite interesting and there I don’t you can see it but it’s look like 3d this is. the first time when I see on the car and display that look 3d 3-dimensional it’s. like it’s kind of strange even of Metis or BMW or Audi doesn’t have 3d display. it’s like going to the cinema and you watch a pretty video but only this time. you don’t have a glass own but quite interesting you have to see it with your. eyes I don’t know you can see it so well here in the video but in real it’s look. really interesting I really like it so I give 10 for this I really like this car.

if you ask me now if I will buy this special 208 and definitely yes I will. buy it but I will buy the electric version I make a video with electric. version you can check out my channel to see it in the electric version – it’s. amazing the car I don’t want to buy it with an combustion engine but I want to. buy it with electric engine because the the car is fantastic I’m really I’m. really surprised how good job they make and even this display its oriented to. the driver and it’s it’s amazing you’ll have great visibility and easy to. use everything here only the things that I don’t like so much is this multimedia. system from page shorty it can take and do a better job with it I think in squad. up was wagon group it’s much much better and I wish it was the same like here.

here as you see for yourself the new stick that’s one of my favorite it’s. easy to use and it’s look fantastic no big stick like and the Volkswagen. also charge the phone there here as you see on the other we have two USB see USB. right here quite useful and quite interesting design also the buttons we. have right here that you can use very simple and pretty cool yeah that’s the. only – that I see on this card is multimedia I wish the software was. different the screen everything is okay its position is perfect but I wish the. software inside it an application system and everything

I wish it was better. also this LED light go all the way to the other part of the car quite. interesting and this you have a huge space there like always visual did with. their cars also the dashboard it’s very soft and great quality and I’m well. surprised it’s it’s in a great car I think this car it will be sell in very. very many a job will sell a lot of this new 208 know Jetta line or maybe Jetta. or maybe a 208 anyway the car look fantastic from the driver’s view also. look amazing and everything has great quality here inside so guys yeah I hope. you you enjoyed this review with the car please check out my other video check. out the other visual a 208 2019 model the new model because it’s it’s amazing. it’s look great and I have also with the newest ace card come this year in the. market check out my channel and now one more thing this visibility on the new. 2008 it’s better than previous model because you don’t have you have only one. pillow there so you can see great great visibility they improved the car a lot. and for patient five stars to this car and look at the back of the car it’s. from create create design very good design. very good designer but you have great great designers amazing okay guys thank. with more videos so take care bye.

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