New Peugeot 3008 Allure 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Peugeot 3008 Allure 2019 – Review Interior Exterior

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I have right here with me the new Peugeot. 3008 allure 2019 model this is one of the most the most review SUV on the. market today and in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful SUV in 2019 in. this class small SUV and I’m really happy to review it for you and to show. you every single detail on this car this is the a your line so if you ask me yeah. I just tell you I just show you here some information before I start to. review and you can see the price you can see the engine you can see the all. technical detail and all that new technologies the car have the newest s. LED light on the market from a show full LED light even the fog light or LED we. have also here you can see it for yourself the daylight it’s also LED and. it’s opened right now you can see it it’s look beautiful look gorgeous here. in the middle two beautiful chrome design even the front camera we have a. front camera there there is the big brother 5008

you can check out my other. review video review with the 5008 on my channel and also you can subscribe to my. channel if you want to see the newest this car on the market and all other new. ratios that are now on the market also down here as I say the LED fog light. with with the parking sensors we have six parking sensors in the front also. beautiful design down here with a grey matte or. on the side of the car I’ll have this plastic to protect the edges of the car. and the paint to not rust in time and also for a small accident or scratch. it’s really great you can change it very easy here you can see 2005 600 lumen the. light this this LED light can illuminate until 700 matter so it’s a great light.

in the night also beautiful chrome design here on the side of the car. really nice design they designed this car beautiful the Michelin tires with. this beautiful rims look amazing 18-inch rims on this new 3000 and up and eight. sorry 2008 also beautiful chrome design here also we have here LED light to. illuminate the door entrance in the night. nice mirrors also camera in the front for Lane Assist and also for reading the. traffic signs also you can add some extra trunk on the on the car there if. you want to carry more items it is a really really great great feature also. big windows tinted windows on the back look gorgeous the chrome design upper. upper side and down we have some black glossy in the back again the same. plastic to protect the paint of the car this is the best thing that

they can do. they do in the last years I see many car manufacturer put that plastic around the. edges of the car that made the car last much much longer on the street and not. rust in time so ease in and even for small accident the scratch can be found. really easy so I it’s a great idea even this LED light. looks fabulous on this car now down part here this part here up here. it’s really really useful for our dynamic of the car for a better. consumption and also look beautiful again this black glossy plastic here

in the middle looks fabulous and I see it on the new 208 that will come in the in. a few months now you can subscribe to my channel and when we come on the market. you will see the videos I also have made a video at Geneva Motors anything in. 2019 and you can check it out the video with a new 208 electric also there now. the sensors again six sensors parking sensors in the back chrome design really. beautiful in the back you can see the car the back of the car look look great. if you if you can see also here that the light on the number plate our bulb light. normally yellow light now the trunk it’s open we have electric electric trunk. gate here also huge space in the trunk the entrance is with a plastic here to. protect the entrance of the car this is really helpful here again we have flat.

flat floor in the trunk and a lot of space here down here we have the 12 volt. port and light even this is hole here for the road the state and some small. place on the side under the floor we have some space here there’s some repair. kit and other stuff a small place there so if you pull this this button here you. will have sit down and you can see it is a lot of. space there and it’s a flat floor we can even take this out. it’s normal simple like in the hatchback cars we can take it out very easy now. going here you can see the doors are are nice we have a big windows in the back. with visibility from the interior

we also have this beautiful fabric. materials also the leather two stitches down here pretty great quality also the. buttons and all here the even this focal speaker are fantastic so the speaker and. the sound in the car it’s amazing the big storage space in the doors also very. useful and this beautiful seats that go all the way flat this isn’t super extra. clothes for the car and I like it very much. that you can carry a lot of stuff up here we have the light the LED light and. we have on the roof this beautiful glass roof that look amazing. I will show you in the next day another review with this car and I will show you. every electric and infotainment system cockpit and maybe on test drive so stay. tuned on my channel subscribe to my channel and I will be back soon and you. will see it when I will post the next videos here we have the beautiful seats. in the back leather with fabric material combination so it is a really really. great combination as you can see here also it has side support and great great. comfort and sit on them and they are really comfortable and one of the best. seats on the market now in the back here we have some storage we have soft. material here on the back of the seat also here we. have two 12 volt port and vents and a small place down here down there it’s. nothing and something that

I love about this car is the flat floor like on the. electric cars we have a flat floor there so no step in the middle something that. I love it I love it for the back passengers that stay in the middle if. you have kids you can see the LED light there in the in the roof. we have ambient LED light there around the roof and it’s looked amazing in the. night I will try to make another video in the night to show you how nice look. this car with the ambient light on the solar roof here the flat floor like in. the electric cars make the car much much greater for the people that stay in the. back for example you have kids you have a big family a lot of people in the back. you carry three people all the time this is the perfect car for you because you. have a flat floor you can sit with your legs together

you can see you have a lot. of space on my legs even if the front seat sits way in the back so you can. pull the seat a lot more in the front a lot of space on my head. great space on my head no problem hook and a handle here closing the door you. can see I have great visibility on the windows big window great comfort I. really sit really good in this seat for long roads long trips they are fantastic. also I have great visibility on this solar roof that look gorgeous here we. have LED light like I showed you before and going in the middle it’s very simple. and one second I can stay with my legs together something that it’s really cool. the kids can do the same here in the back and you can you can drive with. three people in the back here for really long trips also a lot of. space on my head no problem on the head there it’s a really really great car. with a lot of space in the back here

I really like it really really like the. car now the cockpit and the front of the car look also fabulous I really like it. I really like all the design how they designed the cockpit the chrome. insertion the leather all that fabric material and soft material even the. steering wheel it’s one of my favorite I have to say the steering wheel it’s one. of the in the top three I think the most most most nice design in my opinion it’s. this this steering wheel on the edge of the 2019 model even here the leather. it’s great on the front door a lot of spaced speakers and all that great. design and great qualities look fabulous even here the focal speaker on the upper. side of the door look fantastic now the entrance in the car pays your logo on. this plastic also full electric car seats here you can adjust every position. you can save the position electric heated seat as well great side support. nice stitches in the sit there look very beautiful really really beautiful one of. the best seats ever also in the middle center armrest

we have leather here you. look gorgeous and also fancy and premium a lot of. space down here I really can stick my hand there and I didn’t find the. end of the hole so it’s a huge hole they’re really impressive how much how. much space is there how many things you can stick there this is something that. really impress me and it’s amazing how many things you can put there something. really impressive any way you can put this thing in every position you want. you have to potholders there in the middle you also see here the chrome. designed black glossy plastic on the side there that go all the way to the. buttons up there the buttons that control the infotainment system the. chrome design that go all the way to the doors the chrome around the band’s here.

in the front also they feel good quality when you touch it and when you move it. also the button the volume control and all that buttons for the navigation. system and infotainment system are here even the blinkers button are there in. chrome they think very nice this signature a soft material all over the. dashboard here we have some some nice fabric material like on the doors that. go all the way there to the door chrome big globe box like in all visual cars. very long there you have a lot of space to fit your stuff now down here we have. USB port and again the buttons for the heated seat and dramatic system were. under this button for from the infotainment system again interesting. design down down down here we have a new SB port and a 12 volt port and also. place for leaving your phone down there pretty useful we go up to the start/stop. button

I like to start stop button in the chrome color also place here for the. keys or wherever you want to put it also the stick. for changing the gear electric handbrake button gorgeous sports mode here button. and black glossy plastic around them they look very nice and in my opinion. they are cool the infotainment system it’s right here. it’s a matte screen not glossy also soft material around it I would also make a. video with this cockpit and infotainment system soon so subscribe to my channel. and you will see when I post the video so you can check it out I will make a. full review with this boat cockpit and infotainment system now with the newest. especial also the steering wheel it’s beautiful everything it’s in the perfect. place the grip it’s perfect the size of the steering wheel it’s perfect and also. on clappers for changing the gear manually everything it’s in the perfect.

place it’s well done and great there in the front we have a digital cockpit. display and it has great resolution up here we have some LED LED light mirror. with two LED lights as well the roof the handle it’s great quality materials on. the roof here as expected now if you want to see some information about the. car for consumption and how many kilograms everything’s pause the video. and you can check it out just for the people that are interested I see many. people ask me about that also this LED light ambient light it’s also here in. the cupholders in the front and also on the roof up there you can also see it it. is it is great it’s look great look fantastic. now electric trunk all swell here in the back automatic gate that was my review. guys I hope you enjoyed the review it was short.

I will make another one and next week so subscribe and you will see when you come. on the channel so thank you for watching again I hope it was helpful if you have. question and feedbacks feel free to comment and tell me what do you like to. see next what car you would like to see and thank you again for watching my. you.

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