New Peugeot 508 SW Estate GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Peugeot 508 SW Estate GT Line 2019 – Review Interior Exterior

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I have right here the new Peugeot 508 SW estate. tourer or combi GT line 2019 the way one call it depends where you are in. the world and I would like to review it for you interior exterior and every. single detail about this car I will show in in the next minute so let’s start. with the front you can see this beautiful LED light this is the daylight. how they choice this line look fantastic also the car have front sensors six. front parking sensors you can also see it here gorgeous and also the car have. the front rudder here is for this is for the. adaptive cruise control and emergency brake the front grill also in the same. style like beige oh look fantastic with this chrome line also the hood with. these sharp edges look gorgeous in white the white color also make the car look a. little bit much better and the sharp edges look much better here some. information about the car 177 horsepower the price fifty four. thousand francs dollars

here some information if you are interesting you. can pause the video and you can read the information about the car I’m not going. to go into detail you can also post a video very simple and just read it now. let’s go forward the car look very nice it’s one of my favorite car in 2019 and. also the rims look beautiful they have also Michelin tires great. quality 18-inch rims you can see it here if you are interesting the size of the. tire Jetta line logo on the side so when you see this logo you know this. is a very special car with special features. now the mirrors here with a blinker LED blinker in the middle they’re black. glossy also we have a blind spot sensors there in the middle so the car have

the  newest this technology also the keyless entry ins you can see the handle look. beautiful and simple this white color it’s one of my favorite also we have LED. light on the mirrors in the night when you go inside the car the mirror will. illuminate your way the beautiful beautiful design on the back also the. windows are gorgeous with this black glossy around them and tinted windows. look fabulous in my opinion also this white pearl color look fantastic up here. we can add an extra trunk if you want to carry more stuff with your car also on. the roof we have sharp edges here beautiful let’s look look very beautiful. this lines there on the hood also here we have this brake light LED up here the. back of the car look fabulous and I have no words for this car one of the most. beautiful estate tourer cars in 2019 or the designer of visual did a great job.

this year and even this LED lights with this line black line in the back look. fantastic all the new technology LED lights on the number plate this. beautiful lines there beautiful design lines look nice as well. this black glossy plastic here in the back. look very nice up here we have again the page your logo and again the plastic. glossy they use a lot of glossy plastic on the car ratio in the last year’s you. will see on the new 208 visual the same jetta line logo here also really nice. camera back camera and LED light on the number plates as expected. also the 508 logo here on the left side of the back of the car now we have six. sensors on parking sensors in the back of the car you also have this beautiful. diffuser black glossy also the back light of her right here reverse light.

and the sensors on the diffuser the two exhaust pipe right here in the left and. they look very nice as well as the car I really like these rims on the car these. tires with these rims look fabulous really nice and I also like how they. design these these windows and how its look with tinted windows with this C. pillar in black glossy look nice great job page oh very good job. very good job I really like this is backlight big these back lamps are. really beautiful we have manually I didn’t expect that to. have manually drunk here but I like this aluminum on the entrance look fabulous. and also protect the car there also LED light in the interior of the car the car. it’s full LED light everywhere I don’t think it’s a place where the car doesn’t. have LED light here we have a speaker great great quality.

a sound in this car also the handles to live down the seat they’re very useful. you can leave the seat down from from behind from here from the trunk so you. don’t have to open the doors here again some chrome beautiful and down here we. have a spare tire but you can take it out put some repair kit and you have. much much more space down there also the hooks are in chrome that make the car. look much much premium much more high-class. also this protector for the trunk really useful in my opinion really great now. here you can see how can you leave the seat down and they go almost flat I will. go now in the back because the front seat is not it cannot go down because of. the front seat so it just push it a little bit and it’s go almost all the. way down flat and you have a huge huge space here this car they did in 2019 you. can see also the LED light there LED light up there in the roof also as I say. the car is full of nav light in 2019 I see the producer make this tourer car. the estate cars they are much more sporty they look sporty and in the same. time they are family cars so they combine that for the customers they.

combine the beauty of beauty of the sport car with the powerful engine with. a lot of space with this practical cars I also love these doors this windows how. the choice to don’t have that frame there it doesn’t have to frame and they. look gorgeous they look gorgeous the doors the quality of this car. it’s it’s blow your mind it’s really nice read. great everything it’s looked perfect everything it’s it’s in a premium it’s. in the premium class you can see the focal speaker they are really great if. you don’t know they are fantastic and they do they have collaboration with. some car manufacturer and they did a great great job also the stitches with. leather beautiful there we have the button for the windows also speaking in. a lot of space for your bottle here in the back gorgeous and very simple in the. same time I really like this car it’s one in my top three cars tour in 2019.

this car it is in my top so if you ask me I really recommend you to buy it I. really like this car for a family car you have you have here a lot of space a. lot of practicality you can also see here the cupholders the space in the. middle for long items huge space great quality great for the kids a lot of. space it’s beautiful car good view and also for the driver it gives you the. satisfaction that you drive a beautiful car a sport car and even you can go to. meetings with this car I think you can also do a lot of stuff so it’s not only. for family car so it’s in the same time a very beautiful car anyway.

fantastic seat also great leather nice stitches also great comfort side support. I don’t even need to say too much about this car because about this seat because. you see it in the image also we have air vents in the back really useful a nice. little step there we go in a second to show you so down there which. have we have to USB port now you can see it very well really useful in 2019 and. also a little step not so big something that I like it it’s a little so kid we. can can stay there without any problem a lot of space for my legs even if the. front seat it’s way in the back I still have a lot of space for my for my legs. there I want to put the front seat a little bit in the front in the normal. position but yeah I guess the electric seat doesn’t work right now because the. car doesn’t have the battery anyway down there under the down there I still have. a lot of space even if I cannot put seat in the front I still have a lot of a lot. of legs ro

om as you can see now I have huge space I still can put my my feet. under the front seat not all the way but just a little bit and that make it. comfortable my head space it’s huge no complaining about huge huge head space. and yeah also up hearing about LED light and a hook you cannot see it so well. because it’s really dark inside the car so sorry about that guys now going in. the middle it’s very easy if you are a kid you can even stay with your legs. together I have still a lot of space so if you are a kid you can stay with legs. together so no problem for three people in the back it’s really really easy to. have three people in the back here so. you can see my hand almost straight so you can carry three people without any. problem here now I want to go in the front and show you this beautiful.

cockpit and beautiful dashboard you can see the old chrome insertion there it’s. look gorgeous really gorgeous really it’s a futuristic car from from the. future it’d look really nice it’s really great. also the keyless entry ins you can see it right here but you can also open the. car if the ballot batteries it’s empty now the doors the great great quality. the great speaker here in chrome also we have on the front door LED light ambient. LED light you can also see it there close to the chrome design also. beautiful leather and also nice buttons here in the front with chrome Chrome on. them now huge space huge storage space here in the front and also the speaker. there the entrance it’s special logo here on the chrome aluminum a much at. Easter I think aluminium and the electric seats full electric seats. saving position there on the seat and heated seat as well also we have side. support and lumbar lumbar changing position electrically from here side. support grid stitch is same like in the back great great great quality and I. like the side support of this seat you sit very very good in the seat even when.

you go on many curves or you drive on with speed the side support are. fantastic now aluminium pedals as you see down. there really great really useful going up here we have Lane Assist that are. also really great and really useful beautiful dashboard great quality. the vans the VINs look fantastic you can also see it in the image the chrome. around the cockpit they look very beautiful also hearing up soft material. on the dashboard and you can see the design it’s really nice. I’m not sure what kind of materials is here but the chrome again the Chrome or. the chrome again the chrome again the black glossy around here and there even. on the steering wheel you will see in a moment so now the steering wheel you can. see have two lines of chrome that make it to look gorgeous. my opinion it’s really beautiful also good quality great grip nice design. we have the clappers even the clappers there even these holes and steering. wheel we have some holes

I think you can also see it the buttons look very nice. with the chrome and all the clappers as I say there they look fantastic and jet. airline logo here on the chrome look also nice and as you see it’s really. good stable one of the best and it’s not so big as well so the Capri digital. cockpit I will show you in another video and also the infotainment system I will. show in another video it’s a great quality resolution its look fantastic it. has great colors and the eco bit from page or the new one it’s it’s fantastic. it’s I have to say a few words I will do another video soon so stay tuned on my. channel I will come with the video with the cockpit in the next days or week so. also the dashboard great quality of the vents are nice with chrome design. and yeah here again the same soft material that look great I’m really. curious if some of you know how is call this material please tell me

I’m really. curious big big big Globox like always we do. have pretty useful and nice also we have soft material down here something that. really impressed me I didn’t expect to have soft material down there now the. buttons as you know here the digital infotainment system here I will make a. videos special video for with it as I say soon. now up here we have the mirror great visibility and beautiful mirror also the. buttons the new buttons the new design here for volume control and then we have. the buttons like for music the hitting the navigation and all that stuff the. black glossy you can see it around look look amazing I really like it I really. like how they they integrate that there in the cockpit look fantastic. now everything everything it’s well well worked here even this leather here on. the side even the back under the you can see under the center console there it’s. another place where you can charge your phone USB another stuff start/stop. engine or also the drive mode this thick and chrome on the side look very nice. really beautiful also down here we have another space with 12 volt port really.

really cool really great to look nice also the the button for. electric handbrake we have it here and two cupholders in the middle around some. black glossy plastic and leather and every single detail its work they work. on every single detail a lot and they did a great job with this car down here. we have a lot of space so you can carry a lot of things there you have the outer. layer fourth there so if you want to go classic can use the Alex alia or tau -.

so anyway great great great car great quality premium car great visibility. nice windows night design great interior one of the best tourer after this new. 508 sv estate it’s fantastic I like it I really like it I really recommend this. car and I love the new cockpit I loved the new infotainment system and also on. the roof great quality the mirror LED light everywhere really really fantastic. car I really liked it I hope you enjoy it

I hope you enjoyed the video – guys. I will come back with infotainment and the cockpit the next day so subscribe to. my channel and just see when I post it so you can you can also see it very fast. or you can subscribe to my channel and see every time I post the new videos and. I will be back in the next day with the newest this car on the market from a you.

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