New SF90 Stradale Shows E-Mode – with $1 BILLION Ferrari Line-up

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Hi men I’m Shmi hello and welcome returned. To the channel wherein you be part of me in one. Of the most heavenly locations you’ll. Ever see this is the  Ferrari Lord on the. 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. And surrounding me here we have quite. Actually over one thousand million greenbacks of. Ferraris some of their maximum unique automobiles. Which have ever been made a number of the. Absolute rarest we’re speakme to. Ferrari 250gt OS there are three.


Testarossa’s there are challenged vehicles. Race vehicles race winners some Formula one. Automobiles there are all the road motors the. Modern-day lineup of the present day Ferraris.the SF 90 sturdily and the FH tributo. We’ve additionally were given some special projects the. Likes of the PITC there is the fxxk fxxk. Evo there are even one in all most effective the 350. GTS inside the global this lineup is unreal. I’m knitting my fine now even though to expose. You around and take within the truely.


Outstanding display here with Ferrari at. Pebble Beach this yearFerrari is. Celebrating 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari. The racing Scuderia Italian for racing.the race crew subsequently the brand new SF ninety. Straddle a but simply ceremonial dinner your eyes on. This small part of the display behind me. For the time being we are going to go through. Things very quickly to take all of it in. Earlier than coming lower back in greater detail but. Right here you have a pair of 250 GTO s and.


This automobile by the way. Sold for 70 million dollars as him. They’re each really worth about that and we are. Off to a quite robust begin next to. Them the 250 testa Rossa one in every of three.which might be on the lawn right here and once more. This is probable 25 million dollars. Apiece we’re looking at some super. History here from Ferrari spinning. Round we’ve got some of the race motors. The f40 GT it is come over from the United Kingdom. A variety of the extraordinary project gt3. Race motors this is the f50 GT considered one of handiest. 3 as I said the car that is. Immensely cool and to come back lower back to that. In greater detail in a while as well some.


Extra of the gt3 vehicles over this side as. Nicely your spot Formula One.just in the back of coming via here around. The crowd we have got the fxxk of path. The current music vehicle now not a race series. Automobile in step with se coming via there is the. PITC the automobile that I rode in clearly at. The Goodwood Festival of Speed. But displayed now in its other trim the. Concours trim coming through just look. At this we’re taking within the truly. Creme de l. A. Creme of Ferraris history. Here those motors are simply incredible.the entirety we’re searching at as a 330 LM.


The Daytona competency OD you can see a. Trio of Formula one cars here the 2010. Automobile over toward the proper if I hold. Wandering via we have got . Testarossa’s simply over there that you. Can see them down this manner you’ve got the. Current lineup however genuinely this line all. Of these automobiles it’s jaw-dropping if you. Have any idea what we’re looking at here. This stuff so many priceless cars and. I’m now not joking when I say it’s a billion. Bucks now not you’re no longer hearing me incorrect. No longer 1,000,000 a thousand million over 1000000000.


Even simply the testarossa’s and the 250. GTO s together we’re already right into a. Couple of hundred million and that. Virtually makes those present day automobiles look. Nearly well a bit bit toy like in. Contrast I am going to come back through. Though because for longside me right here we.have the brand new SF ninety street dolly. That is of path Ferraris new hybrid. Named after Scuderia Ferrari 90 Stradale. Being the phrase for avenue this is the road. Going car 1,000 horsepower I actually have to say.


In yellow it appears wonderful I love this. Component the electrical cars supporting at. The front and new digital dashboard new. Controls internal absolutely up to date automobile. And in reality coming in at a charge tag. That virtually amazed me inside the UK it is. Round 4 hundred thousand kilos.which for the overall performance that this. Offers is mind-blowing is a wonderful. Design around the the front you’ve got the. Mid-engine v8 dual rapid v8 occurring. Behind but have a look at this clearly.


Beautiful car the SF 90 is just been. Launched I can’t wait to get in the back of the. Wheel of 1 of those clearly clearly cool. Thing coming down beyond although here. We have got the lineup the principle lineup for. Us nowadays in front of us at the eight:12. Wonderful speedy evidently aspirated v12. In advance 800 horsepower named eight:12. Really because. 800 horsepower. There’s no 12 812 this automobile and giallo. Journey put up righto the triple-layer yellow.paint looks exceptional.


Alongside it right here we have got the pista. Pilate the Pilate Edition you could see. With the livery over the auto become completed to. Have a good time Ferraris racing success with. The 488 gt3 available only to Ferrari. Race drivers you can have it in a. Wide variety of various configurations I. Assume crimson blue silver a couple of. One-of-a-kind shades all with this precise. Livery to fit up with the race automobile. Subsequent to that we’ve got the FH tributo of. Path that is the current collection. Manufacturing v8 supercar from Ferrari at. The moment only a coupe a but anticipating.


The spider to follow on in a while but the. FH butoh just updating things and name.via the manner tributo to pay tribute to its. Engine the v8 the three.9 dual turbo v8 that. Obtained loads of awards in the 488 GTB. And also the variants used in the. Portofino and the likes paying tribute. Then with this cart of that along it. We’ve got a GT c ideal o v12 of. Direction additionally available with the twin.


Faster v8 after which we’ve got the. Portofino at the quit of the line. Currently parked roof down so those are. The cutting-edge cars that is a quite cool I. Know in its personal proper but this stuff. In terms of rate factors compared to. Some of the more traditional stuff that.we are gonna be looking at in a 2d or. In a nicely a completely distinct league this. Isn’t always the equal via any stretch of the. Creativeness this car truely has some. Tailor-made touches observe the Italian. Flag strike however it’s were given again there but. Additionally around the aspect very very cool.


Details the painted Scuderia shields. Typically that would be a badge at the. Side in place of painted and beneath the. Lacquer but that is searching certainly pleasant. This though. Sticks out from a protracted way away to me. The SF 90s – lolly I’m in reality excited. Approximately this vehicle it has an lively spoiler. In this hole so that you can see how it’s open. It permits air glide to return thru that. Can actively closed whilst required to. Help with extra downforce because a lot. Of different trickery to it with a bit of luck I’m. Going to be mastering about when I do get.


An possibility to take one out and see. What it is like out on the roads so I. Wish you are getting a small experience then. For what’s there’s approximately the Pebble.Beach Concours d’Elegance one of the. Finest activities inside the world right here as. A part of car week in Monterey California. Then you definitely simply have this all the flags. Telling us the 90 yr party. I suggest we’re strolling round testarossa’s. Right here this car it’s virtually cool of direction. These are vehicles which can be iconic from. Ferrari and this pair we are searching at. 50 million bucks among the ones . Vehicles on my own so we had been 3 three five. Sports along that it is weight at we. Head so we check out the Formula one. Vehicles I’ve were given a 2010 f1 automobile simply here.


Coming beyond we got some slightly older. Automobiles in 1987 1994 fortuitously the entirety. Is genuinely classified so I’ve were given an awesome. Idea of what we’re searching at that is a. 365-day toner GT before competence the. Best study that though with Bill Hader. Arches stripped south interior next to. That 275 gtb able Sione. Two-seven-5 the preceding car back in. The 60s race model of a 275 gtb again. A crazy thing front engine v12 this well. Seems a touch GTO s however it is a 330 LM.the GTO had those distinct 3. Openings up on the front subsequent to that. Properly this is pretty cool with the yellow. No longer what you call it lipstick across the. The front grille the 250 GT Berlinetta there.


Are so many this is a 250 GT so the. Painted stripes this lineup simply 750. Monza of direction the Monza you will recognize. The sp1 and SP mothers because the first . Ferraris I Kona Series the motors which might be. Paying tribute to a number of the automobiles from. Their history in this situation the 750 Monza.


Or be 250 Monza resolved various. Special generations this alongside at. The 250 months are absolutely the Monza. Being this layout and fashion of car. Truly that is that is virtually. Something what are we searching at here. The 166 and then of direction going manner. Lower back Nineteen Fifties 1953 then we have were given I noticed. This vehicle riding the alternative day a 250 mm. Mm no Amelia 1953 absolutely that is this. Is quite high-quality a key what are we looking.


At 212 inter I’m not certain I’ve visible one. Of these before myself we’ve next. We’re going to weigh about Fifties 212 export this. Vehicle. Beginning up duties method I cannot honestly. See what it is right at the second one it’s miles. A340 America then we have got an Alfa tipo. Be this is pretty cool Alfa Romeo however.Scuderia Ferrari conceive of a 1934. Coming around onwards this list just.


Goes on and on 250 GT Berlinetta what. Are you examine right here this is cool little. Blue with the crimson indoors 500 mande are. Just to expose you what’s in the back of me 166. Into game coarser 166 mm 340 America. Move up in the back of up we had been looking at. Before coming up this way 500 TR 500 TR.TR testa Rossa 412 s was all of those. Cars racing lower back on the time preserved.


Lots of them macula now 500 TRC and lots of. Still wearing their racing numbers 250. GT Berlinetta. 250 GT Berlinetta and then I examine. This who could be a mild blue with the. Burgundy stripe on that one as properly what. An outstanding that something just. Taking off I think we will listen over. That away I’m gonna walk you around this bit of wine up to the is taking place behind us and possibly.


Approximately to be making a touch little bit of noise. As well and they arrive I show you two. Motors I leave out that my way beyond simply here. In the front of the Ferrari hospitality unit. Where interior there may be genuinely an fxxk. Evo you can see the evolution the brand new. Wing that my vehicle has returned on the stage. The 340 America just there like I’ve. Visible that car before as nicely behind it. There from here a proxy 333 once more.painted his profession Ferrari shields this.


Although like I stated the p80 see this became. The 38 Ferrari special initiatives that. Bespoke one-off commissions wherein. Clients are invited to have the. Possibility to create their personal car this. Was the first one based totally off considered one of their. Race motors to 488 gt3 so it really has. Exceptional configurations this is the. Concourse intensification with the large. 21 inch wheels and nowhere as I.enjoy the automobile and inside it is a. Absolutely stripped out gt3 because it turned into at the. Goodwood Festival of Speed became going for walks.


On 18-inch wheels of direction racing. Rubber and then on the returned have the. Constant wing mounted just about see in which. The mounting brackets and play. There is a gt3 automobile it currently seems. Like this and a robot maximum specification. Magical magical issue this manner you purchased. Any other fortress behind it it truly is now not epic.factor or BB LM what the fxxk with its.


Thousand on horsepower hybrid v12. Model a Ferrari. Phoebe. Pretty a crowd simply there are two or. Yeah of them and then we get a 288. GTO Evoluzione e that is cool as well. The race version opportunity 8 GTO I. Suppose there are simplest a handful of those. Round one epic aspect then we’ve got were given a. 360 GT we get to the f40 GT truely oh.


I can’t wait to get out with approximately f50. Simply over there.we do not have all of the road vehicles like. The f40 pfft Enzo and so on these are commonly. Race automobiles Scuderia Ferrari after all of the. Ninety years of the race crew however the 360 GT. And we’ve were given the f430 GT c then we’ve got. Got the PF @ EG Kesey’s well after which. Beyond that we have the overall five-8 gt3. Grand Am just line up the 312 PB 512 m. 275 P and then these the 2 250 GTO.


S from the 60s there are handiest. 30-some thing of those ever made and. Total love no longer wearing the British. Quantity plates out here of route this. One belongs to the proprietor of WeatherTech. Became offered quite publicly private sale. In preference to an auction with seventy. Million bucks this car seventy million.bucks sat proper right here on real perfect. Wide variety plate for it as well 250 GTO.


Wow Wow k allow me maintain round this. Come through then and check out this 50. GT simply over this manner be mendacity straight. Toward it it’s far one of the favorites. In terms of having those kind of. Motors the noise and this makes is. Fantastic this is chassis number one. Says chassis primary I suggest have a look at. It primarily based on the f50 the extension to the. Front splitter sitting low our new.


Wheels come around towards the rear the wing mount of route the f50 had. That body paintings incorporated mount however this. Has a much taller centrally mounted wing. At the lower back spoiler and the roof snorkel. As properly to cover that rear deck you look. Via particularly with the sunlight. Proper now it’s essentially empty inner. Just light-weight carbon-fiber body paintings. Searching epic right here on the garden I still. Had a few more automobiles to take in just to. Swing across the 4 5 eight gt3.


Then we have were given the four 8 8 GTE. After which we’ve got got 4 as a gt3 as well. Just to confuse the whole thing I suppose this. Car has been a race winner too if I’ not wrong that exact one we’ve got. The F 33 SP and again to the three four. Eight challenge I yeah I suggest this is a. Bit of a whistle-forestall excursion you could tell. I’m out of breath I’m broadly speaking out of. Breath out of fascination from this to.


Be honest I tried to do my quality to reveal. You all round I want to move lower back to the. SF ninety however what this is correct this is. That is so loopy. You don’t see a lineup like this you. Simply do not this is some thing to don’t forget.oh I cannot agree with I did not understand is. Virtually all here earlier after which back.


With this like I said a sequence. Manufacturing Ferrari truely not a. Constrained version in terms of the quantity. They’re going to construct Ferraris first. Series hybrid I suppose the first of many. To return within the future however a automobile that. Really appeals to me I’m not gonna lie. That is some thing I would like to get my.


Arms on potentially that is some thing. I’m really thinking about whilst you. Consider what this gives and the. Fee tag that comes in at I sincerely like. How it looks as well I assume it’s.special but it’s probably at the least. It comes throughout before driving it as a. Very usable model of a automobile that gives. This a whole lot power if you think.


One thousand horsepower is insane 200. Horsepower greater than a Senna for instance. That is a massive massive large quantity it is humorous. How they provide the chassis range however the. 2019 SF ninety straddle a anyway something. Like that a 400,000 pounds represents a. Very small proportion of this whole. Garden Pebble Beach in reality it’s almost in.a faculty it could be forgotten it is. Crazy.


This occasion is full of remarkable. Cars there are sincerely patron vehicles. Are out the other facet in which you have got a. Ferrari laferrari apart-er TBF 599 GTO. And masses extra but simply be here to be. Within the presence of all of these amazing. Ferraris and with a purpose to take a look. Around the mall it’s unique it is very very very unique. They cross electrically it’s roll out time. Look at that site in reality masses of the.


Cars are now going for walks 250 GTO wobbling. Away in the back of me right here.returned and two of them are going out masses. Of the automobiles we get a few short clips or. They’ve all gone I imply how frequently do you. Get to right here and see a car. Of this cost and beauty at the moon.


Have a look at this just just that’s a Ferrari. 250 GTO what element and it’s now. Departing from Pebble Beach. [Music] in fashion. Listen to the sounds slowly getting. Ready to move all out but all of these. Of path approximately to move off we have got.the 288 GTO competency simplest now evolutis the only story ever Lutz the early to 18.


What an advantage spent see and pay attention some of. The vehicles departing of path the SF 90. Stood out overdue departed mode silently. You could fear a number of them out at the. Roads heading toward the transporters. To take the numerous automobiles home this. Lineup though is just beyond phrases the.most stunning show of Ferraris from.


All eras nineteen thirties forties. Fifties Formula one motors conventional motors. Race vehicles. Scooter air Ferrari ninety years vintage and. This display what a way to do it ah yeah. I’m a piece speechless to be sincere I’d. Take me in any respect on this has been.remarkable so thank you very tons for. Watching I admire your aid. As continually men it truly is it for now even though this is insane I’ll see you once more very. That is insane I’ll see you once more very soon Cheers.


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