New VW Golf R 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New VW Golf R 2019 – Review Interior Exterior

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I have right here with me. the new Volkswagen Golf R-Line here in front of me and today I will try to. review it for you interior/exterior and I try to show you. every single detail about the new golf air so let’s do it guys.

and by the way I forget to tell you if you are in Switzerland and you want a. test drive or buy a Volkswagen Golf R-Line you can come here in Bern. at AMAG Bern they are great people here they have great service they will help. you with everything you need so anyway let’s do it. so here is the key guys it’s a simple key just like the previous model it’s a. little bit lighter I like that that is not so heavy and anyway you have also. keyless access to the car so for example you can lock and unlock the car only. with your finger you can see here you just press this here and the car it’s. look when you want to unlock it you just put your hand here the key is in your. pocket and then the car will open also you have electric folding mirrors there. as you see and also blind spots right here in the corner you can see the light. for the blind spot it’s really fantastic and I like this new technology on the. car it’s one of the one of my favorite anyway let’s go around the car a little. bit to show the car is not so much different from the normal golf it has. some some kind of change

I like this color this grey color it’s. super nice also those those design right here on the spoiler look very nice. also we have to break light up there as the normal version we have the air logo. here on the left side and two exhaust pipe that looks super super nice on this. on this golf and I like the air diffuser down there the plastic glossy looks. super nice down there you can also see it from close up it’s very nice. really nice also parking sensors in the back as expected. also we have a LED light on the number plate and also the back camera it’s back. here behind this logo now going on the side on the mirrors here we have this. LED light on the mirror the mirror are black and they look very very nice here. on the side we have the R-Line logo down there that look very very nice also. the windows and all the design it’s it’s almost the same like the previous model. I really like this color it’s really nice.

now the rims I just wanna sure the rims are really different on this model we. have air 19 inch rims right here they look super super nice also the disc to. break this car a little bit bigger and also the the caliper you can see we have. R-Line logo there because this car it’s really fast and it could break. to break also down here we have a plastic glossy to help the car for. better handling Tyrel dynamic it speeds much better with this also the lines of. the car you already know it from the previous model they look super super. nice going in the front as well here we have some changes but not so big changes. the big changes are down here a little bit of different style we have there the. R-Line from yeah from the air now here on the light. we have the full LED lamp you already know it. adaptive LED they are fantastic if you didn’t know it check out on my channel I. have a few review with this light in the night and they are gorgeous super nice. also

I like very much the way they make this design here with this plastic. glossy and down there it’s look fabulous also the grill down here looks super. nice in my opinion behind this logo we have the rudder for adaptive cruise. control emergency brake and if you see here closely the air diffuser the air go. here in and then go out to the brakes and they cool down the brakes a little. bit so that’s a great design also up here. as you can see we have the camera therefore Lane Assist and reading the. the street sign now let’s go in the back in the trunk just want to show you the. trunk I also like the tinted windows let’s open the trunk so in the back I. think I already show you those lights here in the back they are fantastic if. you see now if I close the car if you see when you’re blinking we have.

following LED lamp they are super nice and also it’s full. LED here even the reverse brake it’s full that ID and they look fantastic in. the night maybe you already know it from my other previous videos up here. everything is the same as a normal version also have this protection trunk. that you can take it out very easy from here if you want to carry big items now. the floor here as you can see we have some plastic at the entrance and you can. also leave the the down part of the trunk like that or you can put it in. this way so you have extra 10 centimeter and then you have a flat floor directly. here now here we have some extra space where you can put some stuff also in the. other side the same 12 volt port right here very useful we have some hooks. around here if you can see the hooks are there and also here and then under the. floor you have some small storage space very small but the the great thing is. that you can take this out and then it put it like that it is again just like. that and then you have kind of a flat floor here just like that and kind of a. flat floor and right now the floor it’s a little bit higher and then under this.

floor you still have some 10 centimeters down there so this is pretty pretty. awesome and I like that very much also you can. leave this down like that and you can carry long items without any. problem I think you can see it it’s pretty useful also you can fold down the. seats I will show you now I’ll show you right now you can fold down those seats. very easily and then again you will have almost a flat floor here you can see you. have a flat floor you have a lot of space down there as well so you can. carry many many things super nice and super spacious in my opinion you can. also see it’s almost flat it’s very big half disk off and I carry with him. mobile and all that stuff and it’s really practical even if it’s a small. car it’s it’s very very practical this car it’s super practical and it’s also. drive very nice anyway let’s go back to seat it’s very easy you put it back also. here in the middle we have two cupholders and armrests. it’s very nice we have fabric material but those seats are very comfortable

I have it also on my car and they are super nice here we have a different. different fabric design you can see it closely but it’s also very very. comfortable and on the side we have some combination of Alcantara you can see. some insertion of Alcantara here on the side with fabric material and also white. stitches so the seat look very nice in my opinion they are super super nice. anyway let’s go to the door I like the door windows they are big and you have. good visibility you will see it in a moment also here we have some plastic on. the doors I like this design although it’s it’s very nice I don’t know if you. can see it but the design it’s super nice. the way they make this part here it’s very nice and also this insertion of. Chrome there I have some leather here and then the speaker again some leather. and then this button here looks super nice as well with a little bit of chrome.

there down there we have a speaker and a space a storage space and yeah in the. car the these doors are not different from the other version of course now the. front seat also we have only soft material here and a storage space in the. middle here we have vent to vent and nothing else and also this step there in. the middle it’s kind of big just like that I just want to go inside. the car now to show you the space inside the car something that I want to tell. you guys this those seats are really comfortable and I feel really good in. them I had this car as you know the golf GTE in the same seat and they are super. comfortable even for long trips also my head space it’s a lot of space on my. head as you can see here huge huge space on my head and also I have this handle. this hooks here the quality of the roof is fantastic here in the middle we have.

LED lamps as you can see it also great great quality my legs you can see now in. this position I have a lot of space on my legs even down there I can stretch a. little bit the legs and I have a lot of space the visibility on the windows it’s. very good great visibility on the windows and yeah going in the middle is. not super easy a little bit tricky but once you’re here you have enough space. on your legs and also enough space on my head. no problem with the space

I can go a little bit in the front and I’m sitting. really comfortable what’s happen really did great job with the cars and I’m. really excited to see the new Volkswagen id3 the electric one will come at the. end of this year and I’m really excited now in the left you see the space in the. right as well I have some space for three people it’s no problem sitting. here maybe not for long long trips but short trips no it’s it’s a lot of space. now we will go now in the moment in the front and I will show you this beautiful. dashboard and the new digital cockpit and the multimedia system they are. fantastic one of the best in market today so let’s go out so going out from. the car it’s not so hard because the entrance in the car it’s it’s big enough. let’s go in the front.

now this window here it’s also very big so you can see it’s super big and you. have plenty of good visibility on the windows also the quality of the door. it’s very nice here we have the mirror adjusted settings so you have electric. adjustment down here we have leather again leather the buttons with a little. bit of chrome super nice and also the handle a huge space here in the door. storage space also the light reflector and the speaker right here. it’s pretty nice down here we have an aluminum with a little bit of LED light. that you can see it in the night kind of ambient light in the night you can see. it it looks fantastic also on the door here we have an LED light that you can. see it in the night I will try to show you the seats are manually adjustable as. you can see there and here but they look very nice and I like them you have also. the air logo here on the seat we have Alcantara here in the interior with. white stitches and side support very comfortable the way the same as in the. back they are fantastic I like them I sit on. them many times and I Drive a lot so they are great

I have to tell you here. we have leather in the middle and it’s also adjustable this is pretty pretty. awesome a lot of space down here as well so you. can put your stuff down here now we have a 12 volt port here as you can see out. of old electric handbrake 2 cup holders right here and also close it and open it. aluminium pedals and also a storage space down here pretty awesome very. practical I like that I like this car super practical Volkswagen make amazing. practical cars also great quality here on the roof we have a speaker there. good visibility on the windows you already see that in my other review so. I’m not complaining at all even if this thing is here like that you see in the. new models like that the new ID free will come a little bit here something. like that will be interesting to see the visibility but I don’t have any problem. with that even at the first sight you feel like you don’t have visibility I. have to tell you how good visibility anyway soft material on the dashboard. everywhere it’s soft and nice like a rubber everywhere here again this nice. design on the dashboard the globe box it’s huge huge space in the globe box. very practical after I see so many cars now going back in the Gulf. I feel like this car is really practical here we have some plastic but it’s well. made it’s really well made also start/stop button the way they make the. buttons here the way they look with chrome and this stuff also parking. sensors a driving mode you can see for motion because we have four-wheel drive.

in this car also the stick changing the gear super nice you can see the design. here it’s look fantastic also you can open this and there you. have a space for your phone I think you can you can charge your phone as well. down there also we have on USB port very useful these days and chromatic system. pretty simple to use nothing complicated also the buttons for the seats heated. heated seats in the front on this car then the vent looks super nice and fancy. and they feel also good quality no complaining at all. also in that side there here you see the the light adjustable buttons and also. black glossy around the dashboard nice from design up here the mirror that look. also nice and have good visibility in the back you can also see it right now. you see it’s great visibility it’s very good up here we have a glass space I. love this I really need this in my car I don’t have it right now but I wish I. have it in the future in the next car anyway here LED light very nice also. here we have LED and the mirror this is super nice fancy also visibility in the. back you already know it and great visibility a few words about the car was. VW Golf GTI 2 litre petrol 300 horsepower they CJ 4-wheel Drive because. you see the brakes before they are very big brakes at 300 horsepower and also. the design in the front if you see it where is the grill on the side the air.

come on the side and cool the brakes when you have fast cars and it could. break and good cooling also active in for display blah blah blah and all that. stuff you already know it this is the price francs around the same. in dollars maybe fifty thousand euro will cost this car but this car come. with amazing amazing new technology and also if I have the key in my pocket I. just press the start button and the car will start. right now it isn’t break now I want to show you this cockpit it’s fantastic the. way it’s look you can hear the sound right here I just want to stop this I. don’t push anything but the sound from the start it’s it’s fantastic the sound. of this car but lets me finish with this I think you already see this this. multimedia system in my other videos I don’t have to go too much into detail. but you it’s fantastic it’s very very responsive. the navigation system it’s gorgeous it’s also very big and have good visibility. from the driver point of view one of the best best car out there also you can see.

the navigation right here on the display you can also change it from here you can. see you can play with these buttons and you can choice for example information. about the car consumption you can go lap time you have also information about the. car telephone media audio you can connect to bluetooth or navigation also. you can see navigation like this or you can see it like that the way you want it. super nice also you you can change different things there in the front it’s. super super nice also if you push the view you can choose what you would like. to see navigation consumption you can see if you can change what you would. like to see in the middle so how cool is that navigation in the middle there. super nice huh what do you think about that I like it I really like it first ok. and then I don’t know he press view and then it go back super nice the great. resolution great quality also from here you have adaptive cruise control you can. change from here the buttons are fantastic you see it. before the steering wheel it’s also great great steering wheel we have air. logo right here on on the down part some black glossy super. nice super super nice and it’s very good I like the fact that it’s not round. that’s this thing here so I have a great grip and look the visibility from the. driver point of view it’s fantastic it’s it’s really a great car they did a great. job with this car and

I like here the navigation you can see how big it is you. have also you just have to put your hand around here and it’s working this is the. main screen you go to menu you can connect your car to different Android. out or up or calculating all that stuff setup here you have the language and all. that option that you can change it I don’t want to go into detail because you. can check out on my channel have a full review with this is this place so it is. really really amazing car and also. it’s a very powerful carcass anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this short review. with a new goal fare if you have questions please ask me if you want to. see a test drive also comment and tell me what you would like to see next which. car and all that stuff feedbacks are welcome always again check out my other. videos subscribe to my channel if you didn’t do it yet thank you very much for. watching my channel and I went you back next time so see you soon guys stay safe. you.

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