New VW Touareg Atmosphere 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New VW Touareg Atmosphere 2019 – Review Interior Exterior

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the brand new Touareg atmosphere v6 today it’s right here with me guys and I’m. really really happy to present you this car this car was was impressed me very. much when I go in the interior and I just want to present it for you as well. so I will try to make as usually a review interior exterior and I hope you. will enjoy so first time we will start with the exterior this car has also the. air suspension you can see how low the body stay you can see if you look at the. wheels I will show you the buttons in the interior later as well so this car. is super super cool that you can you can adjust the height of the car with this. air suspension so some information about the car. so to eric atmosphere free liter engine 231 horsepower six-cylinder diesel you. can see the price around eighty thousand francs dollars the same and around. seventy-five thousand euro also you can see there the consumption and all that. stuff you can pause the video stop it and then look at closely the interior.

it’s fabulous guys it’s just brand new they come here this month and the. interior it’s fantastic even this cockpit here you can see it’s a little. bit different with white and not usually like the normal walls line and this we. will talk about a little bit later you can see the LED light in the interior. here on the door it is fabulous I like it also this wood insertion here. actually it’s not real wood it is plastic also most part of this orange or. brown interior it’s it’s plastic but they made it the great job here it’s. plastic for example also the speaker but they do a great job with this because. the eyes of the people we’ll think it’s leather also up there. on the roof you have this beautiful sunroof also new LED lamps there we will. see it also a little bit later but the car it’s fabulous I like it I like the. way they think that why I ask myself in other videos also chrome around the. windows there I asked myself in other videos why they don’t make other color. the plastic from the interior of the car why all the car have to be black plastic. so you can see now the voice lock and try to change the the color and this is. great here it’s what I’m talking about the chrome design around the the car. looks fantastic also the windows the exhaust pipe you can see the real one. are there in the middle they look very nice also the lines the way they do. these lines I like it very much also the light reflector here the the LED lamps. look fantastic I like them very much I’m a big fan of the LED lamps also the.

spoiler with the brake light up there look pretty interesting and I like it. very much it’s almost the same like the new ID free full electric I will try to. make a video for you these days to show you the the information that I get even. if it’s in September in front foot how to show first time out I will try to. show you some information down here we have yeah the exhaust pipe the light. reflector red we have a camera with LED lamp there on the number plate also the. back of the car look fabulous in my opinion it has very nice shapes here on. the side as well super nice lines for for sportiness look also some plastic to. protect the edges very useful this plastic here when you scratch the car or. for the storms in time it’s very useful you can change it easily. also the wheels are not something special there I think there are 20 inch. wheels have to check out here I’m not sure but I think they are 20 if I look. better where is this where is this where is this I don’t know why I don’t know is. right here look it so 19 inch wheels ok yeah they. are simply nothing special but you can if you change the wheels the car will. look fabulous I think also keyless entrance as expected. normal handle the mirror also it’s simple nothing complicated just blinker.

LED blinker there we have some chrome design down here and that looks super. nice on the side also the lines that go directly to the ER to the hood on the. hood we have also some interesting lines there they look super nice in my opinion. and they make the car look more sporty agressive full LED lamps so we have full. adaptive LED matrix light there is the rudder for adaptive cruise control and. emergency brake I like the chrome design they dip they put a lot of lines of. chrome around the car and see down here we have also the parking sensors down. and the front of the car look as well as the back very nice and muscular and. strong and give you this feeling of a big car also there is the camera in the. middle four lane assist and traffic sign reading and stuff like that again this. beautiful interior the way they do the interior these days goes long and it’s. super nice for the price it’s it’s fantastic opening the trunk of course. electric lift gate here everything it’s electric we have there an LED light also. the buttons and triangle it’s up there the trunk. it’s super nice we have some aluminium here at the entrance it’s all flat so. you can load your stuff easily some aluminium hooks space in the left in the.

right to be the medical kit we have the LED on the both sides here is the handle. for the seats hook here very useful and down here we have the buttons 12 volt. port of buttons for the air suspension you can adjust it from here up and down. and then you have to hold it yeah but but and the other buttons are for the. hook I cannot show you right now the hook will go in or out but it’s it’s. it’s with this bicycle it accessory so this is this is a great thing here you. can have a protection for the trunk but you don’t have to take it out or in all. the time because this will go automatic when you close the door this thing will. go down automatically this is super nice it’s it’s come together with this one. here and then you have the the trunk. separately there also a lot of space under the trunk floor huge space. actually down here it’s a repair kit and all that stuff you have to pull this. like that and then the seat they will go down and I will show you just on the. other side yeah so just have to pull this a little bit stronger and then the. seat it will go down also

I have to take this out this is also the net for the. trunk but you cannot put it on the floor its no space there so if you if you fall. down the seat like that you will not have a hundred percent flat but it is. kind of flat and you have also a lot of space here on the legs and in my opinion. it’s very nice a lot of space you can carry a lot of things. here also I will show you the seats you can you have three or two positions so. you can fold it all the way back or you can leave it a little bit straight like. that you have a handle here you need both hands pull one and either push it. and then see if it will stay a little bit on the back so you have good comfort. when you’re driving for long trips a lot of space in the back you will see in a. moment as expected for so big SUV you have a lot of space also here you can. load plenty of stuff you don’t have to worry about the space in the new – all. right atmosphere so now let’s go to the atmosphere part so the window here it’s. pretty big with visibility also you have this I don’t know how it’s cold is. what’s the name the net or the window now going to the door soft material on. the upper side here we have this wood trim we have also the LED light. integrated there in this with this glossy black here

we have leather brown. leather here as well we have the chrome design we have some plastic on the down. part here with the speaker as well I like the way they make the speaker in. this brown color super nice also storage I liked it very much. so that’s the atmosphere and let’s go inside here we have some chrome and also. this plastic you see here it’s in this brown color I like this even the seat. belt finally they have other color then black and I like it very much I see on. Porsche as well also here it’s the same color brown the seats are here leather. here it’s a plastic storage space although here is the brands I don’t. understand why they don’t make these vents as well as the color the same. brown color why they make it black and since it’s not so nice down here we have. two USB port and also 12 volt port super super cool a little bit of step. not so big so I like it and the fabulous seats are amazing I. like it very much and like the design I like the colors combination and I like. it I like the model in the middle two cupholders leather good quality I like. them both Robin also I know they make great seats for long and short trips as. well they’re very very comfortable so we will go inside and we will feel a little. bit of this atmosphere you actually feel amazing in this car I. have plenty of legroom plenty

plenty you can stretch my legs you can see there. it’s fantastic great job all sargon also good visibility on the window. very good visibility and also I feel really good in this car cooks handle I. like this this led here it’s fabulous look how cool they make this LED on the. round when you open it you will stay open but when you close it you can see. the circle the LED circle around there it’s super cool it’s super nice how they. think and the consumption it’s very very low you don’t even feel the consumption. for this LED light there the panoramic view it’s it’s fabulous if you want to. impress someone in this car it is the perfect car and the interior it’s super. nice also have plenty of space and I can drive here for long trips without any. problem I like it very much also a lot of space on my head. pretty nice really nice you can see here coming in the middle a lot of space as. well on my legs on my knee on my legs on my head as well no complaining at all.

it’s fabulous great job also for free people no problem here I also also home. stretch my legs there at my hand there and three people can. sit here for long trips in my opinion without any problem. and the visibility it’s also fabulous I like this. touring atmosphere the atmosphere inside the car it’s amazing. also the front dashboard the way they design it the way they make the. multimedia and the cockpit the way the array arrange it there they did a great. job you have good visibility on the multimedia system and the door in the. front as well they have a big window we have led the same as in the back with. this black glass see here the wood actually it’s not good but it’s look. like wood so it doesn’t matter it’s better with plastic in the wood. shape because you will don’t have to cut a tree to have it in your car and it’s. also a little bit lighter so we have a better consumption. I like although the black buttons in this brown color it looks super nice. also electrics full electric seeds and the seeds are super nice they have side. support there you can see the side support you can see two lines and they. are super nice also very comfy now here we have some small space where you can. put your key or whatever some plastic in this color and I like this black the new. buttons for the lights I like these black buttons on this brown.

color it’s super nice I think we can do the same in the back with the vents some. combination but whatever here again this wood in plastic the black with LED light. event our nice good quality leather on the dash water you can see the white. stitch is going inside the car you can see my pants it’s it’s it’s passed with. this it I like it very much also there the. position of driver it’s fair it’s great comfort as well always I can expect less. from Volvo they did a great job also some lands up. here and a speaker the dashboard it’s super nice and I like the multimedia. system it’s it’s kind of directly to the driver you can see have a good. visibility also the mirror it’s nice and fancy I like it as well up here they. they they add some extra new LED lamp that they look super nice I like it. I like the background you can see how how cold it open and close and they are. very nice in my opinion also the histories buttons three buttons to save. the position I think they’re for the for the solar roof panoramic roof also here. we have LED light in two parts thank you for the Sun this is very useful when it. had long trips morning or evening also good quality on the roof a speaker on.

the a pillar distinguished I was expected to be a little bit different. not so kind of old model you can see they had this model from 2010 but. actually the quality it’s very good the buttons quality and they look nice but I. was expected a little bit different when you when you go to atmosphere maybe a. little bit of brown in the middle brown leather in the middle or something like. that some combination the cockpit it’s nice although I like it I think this is. the first cockpit maybe on the rolls-royce it’s also nice but the first. cockpit that I like it so I mean the old one and the old age we have some digital. in the middle as well but it’s nice it’s look good it’s look fancy also the lens. the way they integrate the vents here on the dashboard it is super nice and the. wood at come around the corner you can see all. the colors and all the design the lines the LED light here in the night look. super nice and super fancy anyway

I like the rubber here we have some rubber on. these wheels so everything it’s good quality down here very big space also. multimedia system it’s there as always on the walls honor also on the whole be. cars the multimedia system is the same as you know 2019 great quality the. buttons for the parking sensors and are their own clothes the multimedia you can. see here the visibility it’s fantastic I like at they put this navigation and. multimedia system directly to the driver so it’s a little bit on the side and. this is perfect that you have good visibility when you drive also the car. can read the street speed limit this is also a good thing again you can adjust. the different settings on the seats from the display here but you have to start. the car I need the key I don’t have to kill with me right now yeah but you. already see this navigation system on my on my channel if you check out my other. videos with the volt button you will see it I have all full review with this. navigation system and all this multimedia system so you can see there. so check out on my channel and write about navigation also the vents down. there they are super cool in the middle

the air will go directly in the middle. that’s good thing also some plastic here but in this nice brown color there we. have a space where you can put your phone we haven’t USB you can charge your. phone down there you have wireless charging and also on USB port. I like this tick they take it from the Audi and I see many many little things. from already in this car and that the looting also electric handbrake. start/stop button blinkers button down there off-road mode wheels here and also. the air suspension wheel where you can control the air suspension and you can. choice here how how how you want the car be leather here in the middle or the. armrest 12 volt port again in a space with LED light super fancy again I like. it also the visibility in the back super. cool and super nice this interior one of my favorite I love it I really love this. interior it looks super nice and I like the car anyway I hope you enjoy as well.

this review guys please feel free to write me and tell me your feedback tell. me what you think about this car what do you like what you don’t like about this. car also don’t forget to check out my other videos I have plenty of new new. cars on my channel thank you very much for watching my channel 200 and also. subscribe to my channel don’t forget to subscribe if you wanna see the new the. new videos that come next so thank again very much drive safe. you.

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