New Nissan Qashqai Tekna+ 2019 Review Interior Exterior

Review Interior Exterior – Nissan Qashqai Tekna 2019

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The new Nissan Qashqai 2019 it’s right here with. me and I’m really happy to review it to show you the interior exterior and every. single detail about this car for the beginning we will start with the. exterior of the car so we will see the shapes and what new technology and. feature bringing this car for example it comes with a full LED light in the front. a nice beautiful grill also the car has super super nice rims also a price the. price it’s fantastic forty two thousand nine hundred also here are some. information so on this car we have 1.7 diesel engine picanha Plews. this is the version of the car so you can also check it out here we have the. camera for adaptive cruise control and traffic speed limit reader up there we. have a place for an extra trunk I like this grey glossy grey here on the. mirrors I think they did a great job also full LED light here in the middle.

we have a camera down here so this car have a 360 camera around the car big. mirror and also blind spot technology so in this price $42,000 francs around. 40,000 euro you have a lot of new technology and beautiful SUV also we. have chrome around the windows that make the car look much sport here also the. chrome line down there look fantastic the rims look also gorgeous they are 19. inch rims and they look fantastic on this car I like it so much you can see. here they look super super fancy you can see 19 inch wheels down there we have. Dunlop tires that come with a car and they look super nice also the shape of. the car it’s fantastic we have this LED light in the back that looked like the. new bmw x5 if you see from my previous videos here is not full LEDs so we have. all applied for the blinkers and also for the reverse reverse light it’s a. normal ball but up there we have to brake light and I like this shape the. way they make this shape here look very interesting and very nice

I think it has. also a technical technical thing for I already know meek also we have a back. camera and normal bulb light for the number plate. I like this gray here down the way they integrated this grey plastic down there. looks super nice no exhaust pipes just bumper back there also here parking. sensors only for we don’t have on the side here parking sensors but I like the. fact that they put this plastic here to protect the edges of the car this is. super cool because when you scratch it or something happened you can change it. very easy also the shape of the car it’s it’s very interesting and very nice

I like even this boy love here looks super super nice in my opinion it has a super. interesting shape gorgeous also the lines here that go from from way from. front to back also down here we have some plastic in blue if you see it and. also this chrome that you see before also very good for protect the car we. have a big ground clearance so we can go off-road without any problem bigger. ground clearance and another car also the shape in the front look nice in the. front here we have also this protection parking sensors for clamps.

and this rubber to protect the wheel down there and all other articulation. here we have some grey plastic glossy with sensors full LED light adaptive. cool LED light you can see there the logo cascais and they look super nice in. and they’re great in the night also here you can see the front grille also in. chrome and in the middle we have the Nissan logo and behind the Nissan logo. is the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake it’s very nice

I like the grill I like the way the design is front of the car it’s really typical. for Nissan and look gorgeous in my opinion also the shapes of the car even. here on the hood they are very interesting and make the car look a. little bit more sporty also the lines on the side there as well really impressed. with this car this car it’s really impressive it has a lot of great quality. and a lot of good taste in terms of design also the trunk it’s not automatic.

so I’m not sure if you can order it automatic this protection here for the. trunk you can take it out without any problem when you carry long items down. here I like the fact that it’s almost it’s flat so you can load your stuff. directly here the trunk is not so big but I like the fact that you can load it. directly there we have a light here on the left side down here under the trunk. we have another I think five centimeters down there so you can carry extra. luggage if you take this out and under the floor there we have the repair kit.

and some technical mechanical stuff when you want to change the wheel repair the. wheel I mean anyway you can also take this out if you wanna if you want to. carry bigger items it’s no problem anyway yeah that’s the. trunk not so big but yeah I was expected to be a little bit bigger you will see. the moment one thing that I like is that the trunk. it’s flat here we have keyless entrance in the car I forget to show you so the. handles are super nice and super good quality also you will see in a moment.

the interior it’s it’s super cool also here the fact that this seats go all the. way down you have a small space here on the legs but the fact that the seat go. all the way down you have a lot of space here in the back you can see as well. huge space so you can carry carry bigger items not as big as in the other cars. but I mean other cars in this segment in this class you can check out on my. channel the other one and you can make a comparison but I like I like many things. about X car for example this window here is super nice great job I like it is big.

and you have great great visibility also here in the back we have some plastic on. the doors handles are very good quality I think one of the best I see best. quality I see the handles and the way the car open the doors here we have. plastic only here we have some leather I mean in the back door in the front you. will see it’s different and the button for the electric mirrors and also. speaker in a small space for a bottle I like that you have a big entrance you go. inside the car very easy let’s practice sit here toes sit in the middle we have. a center console two cupholders leather great quality I’m impressed how good. quality it is as you touch it also here we have some plastic down here but it’s. no problem because you have side support leather here up here this is super cool. because it’s very useful when you make long trips you have a. great comfort and quality of the seats. four fingers here no problem for me maybe four very tall people will be a. little bit of problem but for me no problem at all. it’s good the space is good the comfort of the seat it’s very good also the. visibility on the windows it’s it’s gorgeous so I have great create. visibility

I can see outside without any problem and also I like the handles they. are super super good quality going in the middle now here I have also enough. space but my head space it’s not so good as on the passenger from the left or. right side stay so if you are a tall person you want to stay in the middle. you have to go a little bit in the front and you will stay here I guess it’s not. the best place in the world but it’s okay also left and right we have a. plenty of space really impressive you can carry three people here without any. problem so let’s go out the head space is not so good but the side space it’s. super good let’s go in the front to show the other part of the car closing the. door but I like

I like the shape of the car it’s super nice that I already know. me it’s great the way that they close the doors are also great quality and I. like it very much in the front here big windows great visibility I like that. here we don’t have this plastic this time here it’s rubber and it’s soft. material up here super nice I like that for the driver’s side also a lot of. leather good quality handles I tell you it’s good quality because it’s better. than most of the car that I tested also leather with nice stitches buttons super. beautiful also a lot of space there storage space and we have the speaker. boss with great great sound the sound it’s very. good entrance in the car very simple buttons for saving the position for. electric seat

so I’m really impressed how many how much technology is cascais. have for this money for only 40 thousand to have an SUV with full leather full. electric seats saving position side support great great seats and you have. also roof glass roof you have LED light you have a lot of great technology here. are the buttons for Eco mode also Lane Assist parking sensors and lock lock two. wheel drive or four-wheel drive so you have a four wheel drive SUV with a lot. of great technology with a great price really impressive now I show you look.

look at my legs normally the seats will stay in the front so I will have much. more space in the back that way that that’s the thing that I told you before. here we have a mirror to light up here and also the roof have good quality now. as you touch it it’s very good quality much better than other cars the only. thing I can change about this car it’s this light there I wish it has LED light. inside here is the key very light very small super beautiful also the dashboard. and now when you start the car thus it will adjust automatic we have climatic. sis – automatic system this is also easy to use and nice feature to have on the. car pretty awesome the cockpit it’s nice here is the beautiful panoramic sunroof. one of the best in the car that I see ever it’s huge it’s almost old older. roof there it’s in glass and it’s look gorgeous I have to tell you one of the. best I don’t remember Pedro has.

one beat like that and I don’t remember the other cost check out on my channel I. don’t remember sure if you wanna see which car have this solar roof but it. looked fantastic it’s all over there so no no nothing in the middle I like it. that it’s only from one piece so that that’s super nice also big mirror great. visibility on the sides left right you really feel good in this car great. comfort on the seat up here we have soft rubber all over the dashboard on the. upper side of the dashboard also the design of the dashboard is pretty nice. you can see there the way they integrate the door with dashboard it’s really cool.

I find it really nice and really interesting soft material here as well. rubber it’s simple the visibility it’s good you can see for the driver point of. view it’s super nice also you can see on the mirror in the back the comfort is. good those toes lights here I wished it was LED and then the car it is almost. perfect also the vents up here they feel good as you touch it good quality even. if they are plastic and so the quality is good there we have the copied kind of. cup of digital analog in the middle of Napa digital display that you can change. things there you can see the speed limit up there and in the middle you can. customize it the way you want the steering wheel it’s very good quality. leather and it’s nice it has a very nice shape you can see it down here it’s. straight not round Nissan logo the buttons are also very. good quality and very easy to use you just touch it left and right and you. can change different settings there for example adaptive cruise control this car. have a lot of technology the price it’s it’s soup. nice

I don’t know I have to check the other at other SUVs in this class price. I don’t remember too good right now but this is one of the most cheap and good. quality car that I see in this class I’m really impressive it’s really impressive. I mean yeah a lot of great technology adaptive cruise control LED light we. have also those 360 cameras we have leather inside electric seats heated. seats great steering wheel it leather cockpit it’s nice you can the car can. read the speed limit it’s amazing also we have leather here at the center. armrest also good quality and then first first we have a space here that you can. put your phone or small things down here we have a USB auxiliary and also 12-volt.

word a lot of space down there to put your stuff also very useful I find it. very useful this space here down there we have the buttons for electric seats a. small space for your key two cupholders in front and then going forward we have. some ambient LED lights down here for the night so you can see it very well in. the night pretty nice also leather great quality on the center console and see. here then black glossy with some chrome design this stick it’s simple nothing. complicated it’s easy to to change the gear from here it’s good position we. have electric and brake again a great feature super nice to have it on the car. 12 volt port and again a small space in the front where you can leave your stuff. down there so anyway yeah it is may be discarded it. is in my first five top five in this class top five cars with price with low.

price and good quality the climatic system you already know it’s very simple. to use here are all the buttons also the multimedia system what can I say about. it we have touchscreen with a matte screen. it is kind of smaller than what you see in other cars but it’s very responsive. the colors are very very good I like the colors I like the contrast so you can. see it very well there and also the map it’s great I think you can see the. navigation also here on the on the cockpit I’m not sure how to do that or. maybe

I have to drive a little bit on the street and then we will charge it. will load in there in the front I’m not sure but anyway yeah the multimedia. system it’s super nice if the screen was a little bit bigger I think it was. perfect you know I think it’s not the best on the market there but it’s quite. responsive you can also see here it’s worked pretty well and also you have. shortcut button you go directly to menu it’s not so complex it’s very simple you. can see down there you got the phone info with your menu map connection and. settings so it’s super simple everybody can use it.

the colors are good navigation it’s also good and fast and also here and change. different settings you have radio bluetooth you can connect your Bluetooth. you have the cameras around the car 360 cameras so you can see when you park. your car you can see around the car very useful very very useful I like that very. much I’m really impressed about this feature. and yeah kind of this is all as I said you can see the time as well there here. you can connect the whippy setup here you can change different settings from. yeah for example language here and all that stuff units I wanna see another. units kilometer or miles so yeah

I guess that was the multimedia system if it was. a little bit bigger he was cooler the center console it’s it’s nice the globe. box is not super big but it’s big enough it’s big enough you have a plenty of. space there to put your stuff also you have a book space out there I think I. like this car I like it and you have also the start/stop button there I like. this car it really impressed me with the quality with the materials in the. interior the seats are fabulous the doors steering wheel the dashboard. everything it’s it’s not the best it’s not perfect but it’s almost perfect. and in all category it’s almost perfect but yeah the glass roof it’s perfect and. also the steering wheel it’s almost perfect and the seats are almost perfect. and the shape outside it’s almost perfect

so I like the car I really like. it I think you can take it in a consideration if you want to buy it and. it’s also looked like in BMW x5 from the back with those lights anyway thank you. for watching please check out my other videos I have plenty of new cars and. guys bye.

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