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Suzuki Vitara is selling thoroughly in Taiwan. Recently made a small exchange. We have been invited through the original manufacturing facility to Yangmingshan. The climate is superb these days. In reality, the volume of its trade is that I am nonetheless complete. Of path, the fee is likewise a bit more. Is the newly released Suzuki Vitara.

Then we’re assigned to ALL GIRP. The highest specification model. Currently it’s far divided into 3 degrees. The maximum popular is the Vitara 1.6 herbal intake. Its fee is 770,000. The 2d element is that the rate of Vitara S is 860,000. Both front wheel drives. We are testing the four-wheel power today. Its fee is 910,000. It is the model of Vitara S ALL GRIP. Ok, in case you want to pick us nowadays, check force for every person.

This -colour body. Must purchase a 4-wheel pressure to have. In addition, if you want a very convenient cell smartphone link. Includes a display and a reversing CCD. You should purchase the model above S to have. So the access version that represents herbal consumption.

A lot of things, it’s miles not possible to pick out. Then we take a look at force for everyone today. In particular, Suzuki Vitara has made a major improve to the safety equipment. We are actually at the mountain. Everyone endures the sound of this humming. In the second part, many human beings are pronouncing why I regularly trap this manner.

Because we are inside the mountains, the black mosquitoes start to itch every time. Itching is starting to seize, but it’s now not that I didn’t take a bath. Because those mosquitoes are too many. Good look, allow’s take a glance. First of all, due to the fact it’s far the very best specification ALL GRIP version. So two-colour body. This price boom is 10,000.

In the front part of the automobile. In fact, it modifications your appearance. You will suppose that wow has lots extra chrome trim. Contains a water tank protect, this chrome trim strip becomes upright. This is from the start of the dinner party, all people is upright now. It seems more sporty. But I think the most important factor is under the license plate. This black body. And front windshield in front of this.

Whether it is a lens or a Sensor. These two fashions make Suzuki the primary one to be indexed in Taiwan. ACC has a blind spot on the aspect of the lane offset warning car. Rear traffic caution and automatic prevent characteristic for vehicles.

These functions are on top of any vehicle that Suzuki has published in the past. Nothing is handiest available to Vitara. Ok, this equipment is ideal to use. I will take a look at it for each person.

The shape of the headlight is particularly due to the relationship of the water tank guard. So its complete front seems appears very exclusive from the previous technology. Its complete chrome trim is simplest used inside the the front. There is handiest one at the side of the car.

Is a small one above the fender. It incorporates all the window frames with out chrome trim. Then the traditional halogen bulb within the fog mild underneath. But there may be an upright daylight hours next to it. And at the decrease edge is also blanketed with a completely thick chrome trim. Headlights configuration excessive beam is a traditional mild bulb. Directional lights also are conventional mild bulbs. Only the low beam is LED.

Then on the whole facet of the car you will see this clamshell hood design. Still in use in this generation. In reality, its appearance chassis frame length incorporates the whole design.

This time, due to the fact it’s miles a small trade, it has now not changed a lot. Of course, its rate exceeds 900,000. You have to buy 900,000 to buy a automobile made in Taiwan or imported.

To have ACC, these excessive-degree energetic security definitely has. But with this form of imported CUV or SUV. It is presently the primary. The rim is configured with 17 吋 and its tire length is 215/fifty five/R17. The front and rear wheels are the identical.

Then the brake system is a 4-wheel power. In addition to the authentic LED directional light on the rearview replicate. This time, there is extra blind spot device at the side of the automobile.

Then you may see because of the 2-colour frame. It’s a reflect finish that appears plenty like a panoramic sunroof. It has no way to choose a standard size or a wide ranging sunroof. But there’s a very textured silver bags rack on each facets.

B-pillar replicate paint however you may see it somewhere. I assume if it is able to be used to spend a bit greater on it,. I suppose it is going to be higher. First, the first one is the pedestal above the rearview replicate. Only this piece has the lower fringe of the window frame. It is a black matte plastic material. But other than this, you observe the facet of the complete vehicle side.

We certainly can not communicate about scratch-resistant materials. Scratch resistant cloth is of path black plastic. But due to the fact this piece of the base is black. If it could do the same as the mirror end. The texture that looks above the waistline could be higher.

The sensor key of the door is likewise the the front two doors. Both the primary officer and the primary officer. From the nook of the headlight to the road at the rear of the auto. It is the maximum obvious frame shape of Vitara. There is every other part this is after the C column.

There is likewise a small window that allows you to get within the automobile. Especially the occupant after the B-pillar. The back seat occupant’s ride pressure might be slightly reduced. Then there’s a non-shark fin antenna above. It’s nevertheless traditional, so you can turn it down just by using turning it.

The design of the rear is also much like the previous generation. The taillights with better reputation have been up to date this time. LED small lighting include LED lighting.

It is a mixture of 4 bulbs but the different is a conventional bulb. Rear fog lighting fixtures and reversing lights are incorporated inside the middle of the pole. On the proper is the rear light and the rear fog mild. Then this time, you may without a doubt see it.

Its whole taillight base may be very large. And it extends to the facet of the automobile. It is a pity that the auto side will now not light at all. It’s just an awesome look. If you could make the auto aspect slightly brighter,. In reality, it’ll assist a little for driving protection.

There is almost no tail at the pinnacle. Then there is a built-in 0.33 mild. The rear windshield is likewise the design of the complete tail. Keeping a few books is just like the preceding generation.

There is a nameplate at the rear to inform you that it’s far the highest specification. Only it’s miles a four-wheel force. The lower edge of the keeping rod consists of the wheel arch that consists of the front protect. Have a huge vicinity of ​​scratch-resistant material. However, it has a distinct color remedy below the part of the rear bar.

Let it have a little chromatic evaluation to lessen a little little bit of plastic. Another part is the opposite CCD. Why do I say this?. Jimny, when you have an Apple Carplay display screen,. This rear CCD will no longer be despatched to you with the aid of the manner. But Vitara may also constitute this one, it’s far Japanese unique.

Jimny, you need to ask the foreign manufacturing unit to do extra installations in Taiwan. The quality and texture of the reversing CCD. To be honest, there is nevertheless lots of room for development. Let’s introduce its strength heart. In reality, this engine is the same as the previous generation. Fuel consumption performance is slightly higher.

But strength efficiency is the same degree. The test price posted within the unique model of the four-wheel force model is 16.Three. One liter can run sixteen.3. The version of S can run 17.6. In addition, the version of herbal intake can run 17.2. So in reality, the 3 cars are almost.

Only the distinction is that there’s turbocharged and there may be natural consumption. We opened the engine room and lots of people asked us to ask. It’s a little creation to every vehicle. Can talk a little approximately what we normally can maintain.

Or what may be found?. First the first brake oil pot is right here. Then you’ll see that it has a higher one. And a decrease scale, is there a. You handiest want that oil in it. In truth, all and sundry can choose. Brake oil will slowly devour. But it is very sluggish. If you locate the quantity of oil inside the oil can. When it’s far under the lowest scale.

You should cope with it speedy. Otherwise, in case you run the air inside, you’ll be in hassle. You should spend lots of money. The 2nd one is at the tank cowl facet. There might be a caution to tell you. You have to never open from right here. Remember, unless you’re cold inside the morning today. But I suggest that you don’t have this terrible addiction.

Never open from right here. Next to this green one is telling you. You can upload coolant from here. In addition, the 0.33 most essential person can have obsessive-compulsive sickness.

As lengthy as there may be no wiper water, it’ll now not force. This may be very clear to tell you that that is the wiper water. After the remaining dipstick is opened, it has the same upper and decrease scale. You take it in with a paper towel after which go in again.

Go in and pull it out for about two seconds. Pull out the amount if you find that your oil is within the center of the upper and decrease scales. In reality, it’s far perfect. Be cautious whilst you are under the lower scale. Going maybe your engine has oil. You need to add some oil. The engine’s displacement is the same as 1373cc.

On the 1400 genuinely 1.6NA and 1.4 rapid. The taxes on the two vehicles are truly the equal. Because we in Taiwan use 1200 to 1800. To make a tax area. Maximum horsepower a hundred and forty torque 22.4 kg meters. Regardless of any version, it’s miles a 6-speed guide transmission. Only in a single location, anyone knows less.

Is the very last bypass. If you are gambling with a hand-automobile inside the early days like me. You understand the significance of the very last bypass. No one is watching this now. That in the faster to boom its very last bypass is three.867. The very last pass of herbal air intake is 4.067. It is obvious that natural intake is negative due to poor overall performance. So it must be a large bypass. In this situation, its torque overall performance could be better.

However, the relative velocity that Taiwan does no longer use could be a chunk worse. Ok, the engine can see that it’s miles upright. So the front side is the exhaust pipe. It tells you that the turbocharger is here. Next to you, there is a pressure remedy valve. It’s very clear to peer it in this area. Never touch this location. In reality, its door sensor key. Black button further to 2 front and rear riding doors.

There is any other one here. This is also locked. I see if there is lock. Yes, this is also locked. So this black dot is also equal to an induction key. Open the tail compartment with a solenoid valve. Two license plate lighting fixtures one CCD. But there is no electric tailgate. 900,000 cars do now not have electric tailgates.

This is another element that everybody might be slightly sour. Because you do not have an electric powered tailgate, there may be no kicking induction. People who purchase such automobiles will care approximately space necessities. Will care about space desires which you frequently use the returned compartment.

Whether it’s going to a hypermarket or no longer going camping. Whether it’s miles a child safety seat for kids. Stroller or diaper. You often use this tailbox case. In fact, there is an induction tailgate. It is certainly more convenient. But it’s very smooth to open it all. In the case of the help of the hydraulic ejector on each aspects.

You won’t have a hard switch. After starting, I noticed that there may be a detachable account board on the top. And it is obvious that it’s far a four or six separation. On the left is six proper and four. Its bags compartment space is 375 liters without knocking down. 710 liters after pulling down. This is the same as the previous technology.

Then there may be a baffle beneath. This bund may be used to make layers of settings. Let the peak of your suitcase be better. Then the baffle below opens to see. There is not any spare tire internal. Most models in recent times should now not have spare tires.

Next to the air compressor and tire restore agent. This is authentic due to the fact there are definitely many Taiwan tire stores. If you’ve got a hassle with your vehicle tires. In truth, it is easy to locate. Look at the other aspect of this aspect with two covers.

Let the width of your suitcase be extended. There is a a hundred and twenty watt power deliver here. There is likewise a small lamp. Can close this on my own isn’t terrible. Then there’s a small hook on this aspect. There is a small hook at the left. But I suppose these forums.

The first one has a 2d colour, and its texture is not excellent. No problem in other parts. The cushion setting in front of me is highly low. I normally take a seat a bit decrease. But you spot if I set the minimal. Compared with the back cushion, it is higher later. Is there a higher stage for kids or the elderly?. I have talked a lot and it will likely be higher. But you have a look at the space of this foot.

The space of the sole is simply too narrow. The commencing area can also be angled. But the foot is that this vicinity so you can without difficulty hit. Then after sitting in, the distance is a bit bit cramped. Sitting in the car, absolutely the complete cushion. Different settings earlier than and after. A barely concave seat cushion in the front.

The again is almost flat. But there are such slip-resistant substances on each sides. So your anti-slip impact is right. However, the entire aid and safety are not as appropriate as the front seat. It seems a bit flat later. First, allow’s talk about the shortcomings first. First, there is no air outlet. And this base extends slightly returned.

You will reason the occupant to sit within the center of the ache. Its sole have to be on each facets. The 2nd component is that this. The door panel is in reality essential. Everyone has to open and near the door every day. You have to face this door panel. Its meeting best is super. But this door does no longer realize what is going on. Getting commenced with 70,000 tens of thousands of doors, I can receive.

However, the high-profile 900,000 matching 30,000 plus 940,000. I don’t have any manner to simply accept the material of this door panel. Then its spatial performance is likewise discussed by using another netizen. A fist in the knee space and three hands.

Head space is right, four palms three to four arms. It’s similar to the preceding era. Because its complete body is unchanged. But I think if those textures may be progressed a touch. Because why can we say this?. You can take it with you, say Mazda, probable the pony we introduced before. Even which include HR-V. Although HR-V does no longer have the ones ACCs, even this modification is very small.

However, the texture inner it does no longer appear to be this. So all of us will compare those. Then the leather of the whole seat extends to the back. There is a storage space in the back of the second one officer, but there’s no riding. Even this ought to be taken off. Let’s begin the engine begin button first. To introduce you to its indoors.

First of all, approximately nine need to be one hundred%. All the clients whilst you pay in your money. Suppose you paid 910,000 and then pick out this display screen for 20,000. CCD and -shade body 10,000 in the back of. How many is that this 940,000. You will virtually go to see the present day auto marketplace in Taiwan. What is the choice of 940,000?. And you will absolutely examine. For example, HR-V, consisting of Kicks. Differences of their gadget and rate variations.

And the identity is called imported or made in Taiwan. I think these components are what most customers care about. Another more realistic consumer. What will you care approximately?. Maybe you may pass to expose the intergenerational technology.

Do a little bit of homework and ask it. How a good deal does it fee you to hold a small protection for 10,000 kilometers?. And you would possibly question me if I have a rear view mirror broken. Broken through a motorbike. This rearview reflect is electrical and has a blind spot. How plenty does it cost?. Another part is its gas consumption.

And the final payment if it is your spouse. Is the finance minister within the own family. Go with it to revel in the automobile, its decision or not. Will decide what automobile you will pressure in the following few years. Why do I say this?. In fact, the car emblem is very aggressive now. Many humans visit the display room are static vehicle rides.

When you get into the car, perhaps the engine is not jogging. What all people is comparing with the bare eye is what these are. And its whole design. Because you didn’t start you, you might be more than if you commenced it. The above side has changed the gentle plastic now and this has progressed.

Then there are some mesh plaques in this facet. This may be very stunning. But all the following facets are all. All these places are like this. But here is a few matching of flannel and suede. It’s a pity that the design of this vicinity. The first one is very flat and it could be flat for area necessities. But its fabric isn’t always true.

Because it is 90,000, so all and sundry is this. Ok, permit’s communicate approximately its protection system. Passive protection, seven airbags, all automobiles are general, that is super. Active and cozy part of the model above S. Basically its safety gadget is similar. Only one difference is steep slope descent. Steep slope descent as it doesn’t have a four-wheel pressure, so it won’t fit. S model isn’t any, but full pace area ACC.

But take into account to keep in mind that its full pace domain ACC does now not have Auto maintain. It can be set from one kilometer. But if ACC is completely helping you forestall,. Two seconds it’s going to elevate the brakes. At this time, the car will start to slide forward. So don’t forget your proper foot. When you stop the purple mild, recollect to step on the brakes. If you walk in the front of the car in seconds, it’ll follow.

But best this two seconds. Another part is that it automatically stops. Its computerized stop has no way to detect pedestrians. Can most effective discover vehicle visitors warnings on the rear of the car. These models prepared with S and above are general. This is the region wherein I suppose Vitara has made the most progress.

These belongings you have a look at the steerage wheel. Don’t fear about the system you use. There isn’t any clean key on the light guidance wheel. Then there’s simplest one left at the left. Just ORO goes to be full. Then come returned to us and there are three circles above. In the middle, that is the clock. The left and proper sides are bloodless air shops.

It has a complete of 4 wind guidelines that you may adjust. Below this screen host. I look at its CCD slightly better. Its CCD decision is better. If you are a foreign manufacturing facility, it’s not so proper. Another part is to tell each person. This 20,000-piece display. Suppose you are now signing a agreement with the enterprise. The unique factory has no way to upgrade after you don’t have any choice.

All Suzuki models now have this screen. Comes with the back CCD. Only one is Jimny, so Jimny wants to change it. The unique rationalization is due to the fact there may be a large spare tire at the back of. So it does now not understand where to put in CCD. So it does now not install the aircon machine beneath is a single zone consistent temperature air conditioner. Then there may be a USB slot under and a traditional cigarette lighter. Is 12 volt power deliver. And there may be a double layer of the garage layer that can not be modified.

Gearbox 6-velocity hand-operated gearbox. You can switch to M mode. Switching to the M mode steering wheel has a great shift paddle. Handcuffs are nevertheless traditional. I want to wait till the large trade to make modifications. In addition, there may be a big difference inside the a part of ALL GRIP. This has numerous key points. Like I am now inside the case of Push Auto.

You press lock LOCK it may not lock. Why does it inform you which you need to be in snow mode. Is the SNOW mode pressed. It is capable of switch to fasten. A new 4.2-inch color display may be visible through the dashboard.

What is your current mode?. In truth, I suppose there’s nevertheless a part of Vitara this is very a hit. It’s a splendid plan for its storage area. The worst component approximately the distance planning is what is the worst in Brunswick. Everything else is first-class. Look on the cup holders on each aspects of the cup holder area.

There is likewise a huge garage space at the rear. Plus there is a hollow right here. This is likewise the storage area. Then this time, I introduced a handrail to slide forward. How good is that this if it’s miles on Jimny. Steering wheel 3-role left manipulate sound.

Contains the sound facet that carries the mute length sound. Control radio alternatives here. The name to the Bluetooth cellphone inside the lower left nook is also cling up. And in case you select up Apple Carplay now. Press Siri to begin. On the right is constant velocity, its restrained velocity and 3-stage adjustment of the subsequent distance.

This is a very important one for this time. There is a 4.2-inch colour records display within the middle of the double spherical of the tool panel. This facts display screen could be very rich.

After urgent this at the right, it’ll change a variety of options. But unfortunately it’s English. You can see that it consists of the clock and its G cost. Torque horsepower output graphics. Then the auto is like I am riding a brake now. Is there a automobile that lighting fixtures up?. I placed it away and slowly put it. Another component is that the common gas consumption can also be displayed. In reality, the content material it shows remains complete. There are no electric chairs within the two seats.

This different one will be told that there are not any greater than 900,000 electric powered chairs. Will absolutely be instructed. But its standard texture overall performance. Look at it like a flannel or suede. This has anti-slip impact. Then there is leather-based and white stitching thread next to it. Both seats are six-manner.

Front and rear slips include height adjustment. Includes adjustment of the lower back perspective of the chair. But all are guide. Since this time Vitara has ACC. Of direction we’ve to check ACC first. Just got a car. This chicken does not have eggs at all.

Suddenly there has been a vehicle to check it. In truth, the linearity of its brakes because we are measuring downhill. The linear performance of the brakes is handled very well. Downhill is very good, there must be no trouble. Then its linear overall performance inside the system of increasing and accelerating isn’t always horrific.

It may not provide you with full throttle due to the distance from the the front vehicle. So in fact, most of the car producers now most effective need to release ACC later. In truth, the first-rate is getting higher and higher. Every car factory isn’t always stupid. It is launching this kind of issue whilst doing pc settings.

It will simply confer with different manufacturers. It is impossible to check it for your own way. So how do other brands have to be better?. So the extra ACC coming out later because these two pedals are too essential. What the driver will worry about is the two pedals. It controls is not linear sufficient and you will give up the usage of it.

If it controls very linear you’re in the snow tunnel you’re in any site visitors jam phase. Your possibilities of the usage of it will be high. Just use it for a hazard. After a long time, you may feel that this element is truely top. But nonetheless understand that sentence.

We cannot depend upon it, we can’t positioned arms. Or can not slide the telephone and ignore the previous situation. You still have to because it isn’t always absolutely automated. It is assisted riding. One greater part is because it has simplest a hundred and forty.

In reality, 1.4 turbocharged a hundred and forty isn’t always very powerful. So it approach that its boost cost isn’t always very excessive. With the cutting-edge unique 140 horses, its Tubro Lag can hardly experience it. This is also very important. Because when you raised Tubro Lag. Its complete output modifications linearly.

It is feasible that for lots novice drivers you’ll be afraid. Another pedal brake is likewise very linear. In reality, Suzuki’s reaction in mechanical feedback. In addition to placing, speaking about hanging putting. Just were given the auto 310kpa. The authentic factory is a public check run have to be every person 310.

I suppose nobody ought to visit the tire stress. The result subsequent to this sticky label tells you. If you want to apply strength-saving way. 270 270 we’re now using consolation 230kpa. 230 I assume the leap isn’t to mention 310. The quantity to which you have surpassed these gutters to cover it’s far nevertheless very powerful.

Another component is using vision. Because the A-pillars on both aspects are thicker and there are not any small triangular windows. Plus the rear view replicate at the right and the left facet of it is connected. So your selection to turn left and proper will affect it barely.

The steerage wheel’s auxiliary pressure may be very mild. Even if you dial to Sport mode. It additionally does no longer exchange the guidance wheel’s auxiliary or very light. The noise suppression of the chassis is superb. Continental’s tire noise suppression is also correct. Even which include the dealing with of leap and the sensitivity of the whole flip.

All play a very vital function. It offers the feel of Vitara. Texture throughout the movement. Of course you have to select the right tire strain. The texture is superb all through the movement. That’s due to the fact its horsepower isn’t always very massive. So its engine noise suppression overall performance also can be. So this time I modified the arrival, I think the exchange of the the front is very lovely.

The integrated texture has an upgraded area. However, its specifications are based totally at the price of the preceding small alternate. Only delivered a little bit but more assisted driving. More safety gadget and you may spend every other 20,000 improvements. You also can pick the audio host with Apple Carplay and opposite CCD.

These things are extra practical. But the quality of the entire experience. Contains the comfort of the whole using. It is similar to the distinction before the small change and it is not very huge. Then I think this variation is comprehensive. A automobile that is easy to drive is a superb vehicle. And with this vehicle. I think it still keeps the original blessings of Vitara. This new addition.

I can already see the auto inside the showroom. Everyone can attempt it out. Then examine it with competition at the identical stage. I suppose its internal one will outweigh the external appearance of the internal which you see with the naked eye.

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