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I welcome you at the very episode of UAZ series. which for we were making the whole thing from the start. This is the first episode, there’ll be more;. but today a triumph of national car manufacturing. and customizing and everything else will come. and we’ll finally be dashing in this car. All of this started in the Garage. As usual. *AntiGelik /Anti-G-Wagen/. A few words about suspension: why is that so?. The car is really dropped a bit. in case if there’ll be uncontrolled drift or back wagging. then I won’t turn over.


In front: we cut springs. They’re cut right in a half so our car is dropped down. and has minimum amplitude; damper struggles with another damper. No way to drop it lower: two dampers meet each other. and front part of the car starts to jump madly on every kind of bump. YES it needs change. YES it needs another amorts. YES we have to cut the dampers. Drop it lower. Take away the front-axles to make space for motor. and so on… later, in other episodes. About rear suspension: we’ve cut bow spring. BUT! You can’t cut bow springs too much. If you cut two of three,. the last one will break as soon as you try to start. That’s why we’ve cut only one leaf. and pulled a rear-axle to the body with cabels. I will not show how to attach the axle to the body with cables to you because guys forbade me.


They stood against this method,. they said you should NOT do this ANY WAY. because the cable can break. and I can lose control while driving. I insisted. They did it under my responsibility. Of course it’s clear that we have to change the rear axle fixing scheme,. take away the bow springs and put coil springs. and, again, rigid amorts in two rows. and the axle should be attached to the frame directly. After that our car won’t be jumping at the start while we’re doing burnout. and there’ll be more control. But at the moment we are doing everything the WRONGEST. and CHEEPEST way and go dashing!. The main goal – not to kill yourself. At the moment we have half a day before running. In theory I’m gonna take the car away this evening. Most attentive viewers noticed the rear suspension. Just look as the wheel stands. The suspension is dropped and nipped, and the rear-axle doesn’t go down. The amplitude is narrow to have more control without swinging.


Of course the suspension is hard and angry now. The most interesting changes are coming into the interior. Everyone who had UAZ knows that you open a door and see three pedals in there.


That’s the case when you see something wrong. There are only TWO pedals. Must be interesting feeling. These are the pedals! And we saved the stock brake pedal. The gas pedal is taken from Mazda RX8. We prepare all this stuff for drifting. It matters. So the pedal matters too. Next we have a tunnel in the middle of a cabin. Oh, just a luxury-richy look. As in luxury off-road vehicles. The car is low a bit more than we need, but we are going to work on it. These extra switches we have in the middle. And all of it became too low. Just look at me as I stand, look at the car – it’s still on the hoist,. and a seat is now has about same level with my balls. This is important. That’s all! Well, steering wheel is left as it was. Damn, everything is almost ready!. Almost. But not ready. Now Den is filling up with the antifreeze. And we’ll go. I’m gonna turn the gas on! Just a little bit. Ho-ho, he’s such an angry creature! Just imagine that shit in a traffic.


Any questions? No questions!. That damn sound coming into…. HE NEEDED a V8. Extremely. An UAZ without a V8 is a shit. No offence to UAZ owners. And we have all these lamps here – they’re native! Show the lights. We need to make an aunt farm right here. Really!. You may put here a few ants, then you fill it up with sand and they have a little home!. And you turn the sun for them sometimes. Just like the God. ~it is not for a shitty off-road anymore~. It’s… Not yet… Already NOT ready YET for off-road. aaaaah, you have to understand…. ~you wanna say he will go off-road?~.


The work is long. He doesn’t need off-road yet. I should say it like: “not today”. Do you see something special in it? Young ones won’t understand, you know. I’m going mad about all that stuff that is going on. And about this car looking like a piece of shit. And only one headlight should work, if you feel the thing…. Look Dan let’s bet at the moment while we’re filming and no one knows the end. So you have some thoughts. You know we did it all wrong. We have a stock rear-axle which is considered to work with a 240 N·m and there’s 440. Your prognoses: for how long a rear-axle would live?. I think you’ll break it tomorrow. Tomorrow? So I’ll have one race, do you think?. You’ll have. Okay I will. You bet on axle or driveshaft?. A driveshaft. So the driveshaft will die first. Yes, I think. If you drift the axle would die. If you go straight – the driveshift!.


Go everywhere you want! 😀 Yep! :D. You always have a choice. There’s no third option!. Yep. Let’s see tomorrow and show you if there’s any point to make this stuff as cheap as I asked. Or maybe you should make it more wisely as Den said. The way on we should have a good driveshaft, take away the front axle and so on. Of course we are going to do it later. All of you guys think that you can buy an UZ,. pay for placing it into your car and go fast easily. Tomorrow we will figure it out if it’s real. Good luck to me. To all of us. So this is our sunny day as all of Petersburg citizens think and we have dry asphalt. We finally can rush a little on our car and learn how to control this thing,. because we fucked up making it on wet road. So we waited for a good weather. We still don’t know how far our car can go. What will be broken? An axle, a gearbox, a differential?. Before we start this part. If you’d like to get some more info about technics and construction specialties –. you can find it on my stream channel; look for link in the description.


Now I show you the thing I’m satisfied so much about. As I expected, the better you want to make your UAZ,. the less of UAZ parts you are allowed to keep. In our case we have an UAZ power steering reservoir,. but it doesn’t work,. it just a pot which helps the pomp of hydraulic booster not to stuck. Then we have main brake cylinder with a vacuum booster,. and a native washer tank is left. We got rid of everything that remains of UAZ from this UAZ. Perfect!. Some wires, electrics which already work are kept. Garage guys said that we should change motor covers, silentblocks, timing belt,. but we were in a hurry, so we don’t need this necessary. These valve cover’s gaskets are wet a bit. Den was very angry about going to the autodrome without technical checkup. but I thought it’s okay. They required a compression check or something about that. but I said I know that we’re not afraid. BECAUSE! We have VMP Auto Corp. Just gonna use the RESURS and it will blow everything up. *commercials*. Simple as that: fill, turn on, go!. Damn, we got such a splendid car! Oh my…. It’s… really… my… I should… Goodness!.


I want to make an exhaust a bit quieter and keep it for myself!. I want to use this car every day!. Splendid!. If it only stays alive today… Oh I need a heating…. I put some money into this UAZ and it stays with me every day!. Gentlemen, this is a foreword in which we try to race in the city. We should kick some credit-dull asses to show them that no one can joke with UAZes. And if anyone of UAZ owners is watching and worries about overtaking him in a traffic. and no one gives any kind of respect to your old car –. we are going to make it for YOU, guys. We’re gonna fuck those jerks NOW. On every crossroad we’re gonna kick their asses until our rubber dies!. BUT we are men of right senses and then we have a new rubber. and then fuck those bastards again and again and again. until they fail to straighten themselves up!.


My UAZ will kick your ass!. Watch it and tremble, you suckers!. Ok now let’s try to make 0-100km/h acceleration as we are in the city to save our rear axle. We won’t turn it close to the overspeed limiter and won’t accelerate a lot. We are going to find out how fast it is in these terms. I want to save my car for next experiments. 9.8 seconds easily! It’s only a half of full power. And we got 9.8!. It goes faster as city traffic without any problem!. Okay then. Now we go harder. 6.7 sec!!!. No way!!! 6.7!!!. Do you know what can give you 6.7??? BMW E70 3L goes 6.7 seconds!!!. We can actually fuck them!. 6.7 and I haven’t use the full power yet!!!. Oh my God, six. Point. Seven. Why so fast… It’s too fast. Damn this thing is really wild! Just… ahahah!


What a beast! Just a beast!. So what do we have today?. We have an everyday use car and you can easily go with the traffic on it. It has a resource potential, there’s no engine overheat, and it doesn’t fall apart. Let’s not count a differential, well, to be exact, a welded rear axle which is…. Okay you at last may investigate some money in it and buy a LSD or install a good rear axle. The coolers started to work,. in the next video we will be installing a new gauges and repair a speedometer,. coordinate it all with each other and the driver, a bit into interior…. That’s all! It won’t burn up, and it’s important. We’ve done the first step to make this car comfortable for everyday use. It means a lot when you custom car is not a show car only, but for every day too. And with V8. I imagine myself now that I’m an old kind granddaddy…. And I wish every old man in our country should have a car as that one. to ride it in villages and little towns and does some off-road,. behaving soft and calm…. Well we can make a full wheel drive to create a dream that comes true. And the granddaddy has a V8!. He could always ride accurately and quiet in his funny hat like *BUBUBUBUBUBU*.


and then he remembered his old days and GONE CRAZY!. These things are popular now in America with every old man. who has his own old Ford with V8 which can show something. I vote for possibility to have same thing for our Russian granddads. and foe me when I become old. This would be a great reward for elder people. Rockin’ on for you, grands!. 7.4 sec to 100km/h in relax mood… I better say in usual regime. All country was waiting for that such a long time!. C’mon old man. I still afraid to accelerate on first gear, you know, and I push it slightly. Then catch a friction and then dash. If we start right from the first gear it may be…. Okay we got 6.9 if we lose the first gear. Damn, mirrors are bending!. And brakes… Brakes! If you rush a bit and then brake two times –. well the race is over for you for a while. Be care of you and your family in this car, look over the brakes, everything is on the edge. Just look how all the people around are shocked by a dashing UAZ!. They’re like “c’mon c’mon man, go! F*ck them all!”. My UAZ in traffic is the reason of everyone’s happiness!.


The main conclusion today: if you want to do everything easy and cheap way, you do everything wrong. Understand please, you don’t have to do it like we do!. The engine sits too high, the brakes are native…. And a front axle which is useless here… and so on. But you may succeed! If you don’t go crazy. and try to force away all the power that it has in one moment,. and get a welded rear axle or maybe some other modified axle;. and if you want go 10 sec to 100km/h. (7 in theory but with tearing all construction apart, and 10 is good for traffic),. you may nail it with this scheme. 1300$ for engine and we don’t count work, I think the work is about 2500$. Well, if you have about 4000$ and you want a really fast UAZ. But you should understand that we are going to modify everything in here. We are going to show you that we actually can get more power. from that old metal man who is loved by all our people!. More power! Let’s rip it up completely!!!. Finally I would like to express my great appreciation to people who make all of my ideas come true. I may say they’re our friends already, a general sponsor, a VMP Auto company.


Those people who were believing in us and our madness. from the very beginning when it was about taking an old RangeRover. and then old UAZ and making something really crazy from it!. Goddamn, these people are really make my channel live to this day!. So I’m greatly thankful for VMP Auto, their leadership. Plus, I want to thank you, guys, who finally agreed to do such kind of work,. Garage13 (insta @g13spb) because every service point we visited told us:. “you’re fools! It wouldn’t work! It will fall apart, break, and we don’t want to crush our reputation if you fail!”. And this is the only one service who decided to deal with us. And they told us that everything was wrong. and they had disagreed about the way we should make it, but decided to join us. And we found out that the impossible was possible!. Regular axle for 240 Nm works with 440, the Toyota engine lives inside UAZ. You’ve said so many times that all of it has been done. and created so give me at least 1! link!. At least one UAZ which may live every day under his owner. Translate: Redhead Owl.


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