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Valim on ZIL 600sil in the stream.

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This episode begins exactly like that – not in any beautiful spot,. because our truck can’t reach any beautiful place,. just wanted to say it guys, ‘cause we have category C…. here at the wheel, not in any our not-beautiful place. You’ve been asking me for so long to make some race in the video. So here we go!. Getting used to it is unreal. Do you understand the main power of ZIL?. Well, the thing is,

I’ve been driving it for a while,. we’ve made an enormous amount of races, it’s been a whole season,. we’ve made a lot of filming, and I was riding it between videos. And every time you drive it, you’re not ready to get this (makes sounds of the engine). This is absolutely crazy. Borya from REVO did a really genius ECU re-flashing for that engine. I love it so much. Actually, I don’t like turbo engines,. but S63 is something about an exception, and a re-flashing is so good…. Borya, that’s what the top is. I’ve found a video not so long ago on a public page of VK.com,. which I actually loaded from another user at Instagram. In the video, he was driving in his car and filming me, while I was driving ZIL.

I’ve noticed it, saluted him and put my foot down and rolled-on and left him. This video had been forced everywhere because it looks catchy. So, there was the video uploaded, and people were leaving comments below. I remember one of them, it was saying:. “This is editing, the driver slowed down, this is not possible,”. and others were answering to it: “okay don’t tell us bullshit, even if there’s a BMW engine inside, everything else should stay original ZIL parts”,. so they meant that such a thing could never exist. So. I do love those moments when people see and still don’t believe. Hell with them,

I do not believe it too! How about that?. 5.5 sec to 100! This is the best score. It had never been so fast. 5.5 is an absolute record!. It made it so quickly, just like that, as it would be a normal move from the traffic light. Fuck it, 5.5 seconds, guys. Do you know why? The weather is cold. First is, the turbo works better. Second is tires, which were usually pumped with 2 bars. to have a better grip on the start and better control during every turning. And now it has 2.3 bars, and of course, it became quite happy. Okay then, now it’s time for my favorite part. We are in a middle row, a vehicle is following us. I suppose that he’s going to overtake us. Come on. Let it come a bit closer and. No way, buddy. Never mind it, you’ll make it up. Much later. That’s classic.

There’s no other way to drive that car. Not even supposed to be. Definitely only like that. 5.5 sec stable!. It would possibly go faster with launch control. But we turned it off at the time, to avoid breaking axle shafts at the start. because if we don’t, I would be starting with a launch every time. Every time!. That’s why it had been entirely cut. And as a result, we have a vehicle which lives more extended, but goes 5.5 to 100 km/h. It could be 5.2-5.3 sec probably if we have a good start. But we better turn the M-mode off and keep the mechanism safe. I think that 5.5 and 5.2 sec for ZIL is no difference. It’s too fast in both cases. Over here, over here, look,. this is the same ZIL 130. Look, look at this handsome guy. Okay then, I’m going to make people wring their necks traditionally. We’re moving just like any ordinary ZIL, they’re thinking like “okay, okay, ZIL again…”. Look at that!. That wheelspin though, playing with me, with ZIL!. He’s pretending to show off like he’s in a hurry. You know, racing on ZIL has a definite rule. You should let your opponent go ahead on the first gear. All of the situations should seem like it’s a typical traffic maneuver. So you see ZIL, you accelerate, overtake, fantastic, a good scenario. And then the second gear comes. Just as in a favorite joke.

Classical! Let it come closer, look, he’s going to overtake us. Cool. We’ve made such a cool car, don’t you tell me. I’m not getting tired of it. Not getting over with amazement and taking pleasure. It gives you some special emotions. You may go as fast as it goes on some kind of…. You know, these modern tendencies to produce sports cars which have 2L turbo engine. and they’re fast enough to accelerate in less than 6 sec to 100,. and you have some strange sucky vegetable feeling inside of them. I won’t say it’s much faster than those cars, but the emotions you have here,. these feelings when you turn on 1st gear calmly and then go crazy 2nd gear. This is a masterpiece. And then you see what comes. Next, the weather is snow now, and the surface is something about shitty,. and of course, I refuse any racing on ZIL in these terms,. don’t you dare to ask me about that, I won’t do it, no way!. But there we have some huge advantages. If the surface is not slippery,. then we may do some drift with 4wd. That’s what we are going to do. (There is some info about the giveaway of ZIL, the one is already run out.

The winner took 1.000.000 RUR and left the car with Kostya). Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s do some drift!. Can we take a picture?. No problem! Come!. Thanks a lot!. I’m telling my people that I know you, I’ve seen you on Youtube,. you were showing this car, it’s incredible, you did a great job. Would you like to have this truck for your life and work?. Imagine that every car would be like that one. Pretends to be ZIL outside and has the 4wd and automatic transmission and it can drag and so on. Yeah, it would be great. Just imagine that you’re carrying the weight in it. Yours one is so beautiful!. Let’s take a picture. Where’s the phone?. Well, guys, you asked – I’ve done what you were asking for. You wanted to see some racing – here’s your racing. ZIL will be exactly what you want it to be. Do you want it for racing in traffic?. It will make drag races, dashing, rolling races, make people be shocked. Is the weather snow? You have no traction with the road?.

It’s too risky to have any competition, well, you can drift. If there is more snow on the surface, we will show you really magical things. But that’s what winter weather in St. Petersburg like. But we’ve proved everything to you. It can drift, it can drag, it can roll on. It just can. It was finally made to be able to do all these things. In all that time since it was made, at last,. it’s moving out and doing whatever the hell it wants no matter how. To my mind, it’s an epical succeed. This episode did need to be filmed, you were right,. we had to show you all this crazy content and reactions and pleasure.

A little secret for you: that was a usual day of driving ZIL in my life. I do this all the time while I’m at the wheel of this car. I do it when we are not filming too in a similar manner. I have so much pleasure. And because of that, ZIL 130 always was our favorite truck,. and it became even more favorite after. It brought back all of its luxury of the past and showed us that it can be a cool car in our reality. We all love it so much with our hearts, I’m grateful to you for staying with me during the whole project. Wish luck to you, stay watching our new projects,. because UltraTank is now about to come. good luck and goodbye!.

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