Zastava 101 (HOT ROAD)

Zastava 101 (HOT ROAD)

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Families, Becky and fast crew are returning with you on the asphalt show. I’m here today with Gaji in Nice,. We are planning to visit one of our good debtors. Dragan, his name is Dragan. And while we wait for him, in front of the presidential court. We plan to register the exhibition announcement. When it comes, we will continue to register. open the door. Mr. Gaji’s head and beard. Well, Gaji,. You have the cast to be in our show,. We decided to record a show about an old friend,. Slowly, Gaga with this gas, has people,. I won’t trample them,. hahahahahahahhaha.

As I left a car on the parking lot somewhere,. Gaji, to give time to our viewers,. To park safely first. I will not introduce myself ,, somewhere else. hahahhha. Gagi What do you say about this side of the car?. Come on, please, take this,. Those damage are war wounds. How did you manage to destroy the car?. Was the race in question?. Tested or on a single vehicle path,. The consequences are obvious. Throughout the car. So you picked up the guide, then left and right steering wheel, hit the tire. How many of you were on the way? What is the race?. One entered the road, “Dragan thinks of himself”, he did what he did,.

When she went out, the other Ness wanted to get on the track. No one wanted to enter when he saw what you did. I heard Gaga says there is some drift in the Mercator?. Can you talk to us about this?. The same one is seeing another package. I went to the parking lot, retreated and hit the cellar. You don’t have to look at the other side. But well, that’s what happens. What was concrete?. At the speed you entered the parking lot, pulled a handkerchief and slid into the cellar?. To the frozen enclosure. hahaahah. I just found a way to stop,. Because the car did not want to stop himself. No, I tried to stop him, but he didn’t give it. This car was once bright,. But today is the car for every day.

There is also ,,,,,. Steel wheels. Later I will show you his cars that marked his tuner career. But this car is currently his car. It is abandoned for everyday use. That’s what the city car looks like. It seems like a car when you get married. Teenagers do not rush to marriage. Never married officially. We parked in the parking lot near Mercator, we drifted, signed and felt someone panic and shouted “ Police!. Come on Gaji, continue.

There was more parking in the parking lot than we expected, there were about 60. Someone panicked and shouted “police”. Then they all started to run really, as in Fast and Furius. Gaji left behind in a parking lot outside the police car. Gaji remained the last while we all. “Bezal” of parking. Dragan remained alone,. And lock the car, the sand went into a circular stream. However, the police did not come for us, but came to routine control, and someone reported that there was more cars on the parking lot than usual and arrived at Scurly routine check. But we thought they were there. So that’s why, we made an escape movie. As in the film Fast and Furious. So we are under the influence of this film. We literally scattered all over the city. But Gaji was the first “on the front line”.

The car was left in front of a police car, while Gadi looked. While Jaji stood on a circular stream and waited for us to come to him,. A friend was summoned from the emergency room and he was free to return to the car. Because they are not here because of us, but they have come to check what is that we do not have to worry about. Zajtava Gaji is displayed in 7.01 video. Jaji came and took a car, welcomed himself and came to the cafe. On this occasion we will present one car. It comes to Flag 55. 101 or popularly called ACE. This is Dragan’s first car,. The car is owned by his family. 2011 perfectly arranged by car,. Since then, it’s in perfect condition. Now we will try if the car will start because it did not start for 5/6 months. Dr. Frankenstein sat behind the wheel of his pet pet,. If the car can get, because it is a tight garage, there is little space around the car. Lucky, it’s dirty.

Tell us about the missing car Dragan. The car is a classic dump engine of 1.1 cm with 55 hp. He generally took the engine off as soon as he took Oyo, as he was young and the engine always turned red, so he destroyed the engine. You hear this strange sound from the engine? Dragan didn’t hear him. The engine had to sort overall, after a month drive. It contains “ bone, ” or two brace hinges on cuts, which serves to reduce vehicle vibration. On the engine is a single carburetor, Dragan did not work much on the performance of the car, as much as it was based on the design itself or the appearance of the car. The car has been in the garage for a long time, and now it’s not ready to shoot, but Gaji came to meet us and decided to show his car. Look a little in the interior of the car. The interior is almost gorgeous, with some changes. They are seats from GCI Cadet, and the rest of the interere are pre-loaded in red black colors. In the past, these spoilers were topical car body,. The tires on the car are 15tice, with 195/45 low profile tires,. Who worked you on the car?. Spogler was by one boy from Kragujevac. His companions had rearranged and modified the spoilers and they deserved what a car looked like today. Gaji, where were the cars used?.

The whole body kit is specially made for Dragan. Another exhaust, “ sponge ”, is a bonecromatic, and the same is done by the system. Do you have any of the sounds?. He doesn’t need a sound, he just wants to hear the engine and exhaust sound from the hearing. The car was manufactured in the 90s. Another window is also the old logo of the club that was former drunk, the club is called adrenaline.

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