ZIL 600sil against Porsche.

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Gentlemen, I know that very often it’s too hard for us to tell you the main point of our project from the beginning. because the audience can’t imagine how it will be possible while watching the first video. Is it possible for an old car to be better than a new one?. Is it possible to create a vehicle which will defeat all around it. even if it hadn’t any idea about speed, dynamic, driving and so on?. That’s how the ZIL project started about two years ago. We’ve made a really long way to have the result,. and we always wanted to fix a driver’s door handle, but we failed every time. We’ve been trying since 1.5 years ago. Today we will do our best to succeed. Welcome to the final episode of ZIL 130. (Titles) Breaking news: 600 H.P. ZIL is a shock! Is it just magic or some alien technology?.

You know, ZIL for me is a significant part of the bygone age. I’ve heard everything about it, I know everything about it,. and I’m keeping this knowledge and coolness of this car. in my blood and my DNA, but these are stories. We all know what happens if good tales of the past meet a modern reality. What happens if we put a tale of the history next to nowadays. Generally, we are able to find out that most people naturally elaborated an excellent deal on the stories;. or at that moment those stories were relevant and nowadays they’re not. So our main task while creating our ZIL 130 is to keep the image and character of the car. because it should be the same old ZIL of your own memories. It should go with the traffic the same way it was years ago,. on the magazine cover picture. Same as it was on postcards that our dads were bringing home for their children, for us;.

I definitely know that most of us had it. I was a little child those times,. and I remember that ZILs seemed to be so huge for us. And how they were looking!. Everybody was commending them for their advantages. We didn’t want to notice the apparent disadvantages of the car. because they began to show later. We’ve started to call it “car of the past” now. Sadly, today a ZIL 130 on the road is a piece of junk. This is a truck you should pass because in the other way it would bother you a lot. And now technically we’ve obtained the primary goal,. and this car won’t bother anyone: everyone bothers it instead. Those guys on their bought-on-credit vehicles and other trash. Look at them, they had got their credits and felt like winners,. but they are only annoying because I can’t go free. Because I dominate every vehicle under 20000$ price with my abilities,. stabilization systems, multimedia and so on. There was one thing left. We should give this old man an appearance that would make everyone think that he is kept up nice,. feels good, and only numbers in his passport are showing his real age. Everything should look like he is 18 years old if we convert machine age to the human period. Well, let’s go make it stylish!.

There we have the new plastic front part of the ZIL. What does it lead to?. It means that we’ve lightened it. Of course, the vehicle became lighter in general, but now it’s a fact of little interest for us,. it’s okay, we understand it. The most pleasant thing is making it lighter in the front part exactly. Finally, we have the coil springs more relaxed. You see, the amplitude gap between the wheel and wheel arch. became bigger because it’s easier to move now. We have an air suspension only on the rear part,.

and coils are in the front part. After the lightning, I can say that I have more comfort. and control on a steering wheel because the front element. is making a turn much more relaxed. The front brakes were unloaded, and acceleration went faster. It was vitally important for us to lighten the front of our car and we achieved it. Yep, it was expensive. Plastic parts were worth about 3000$ price, but you know,. we had no other option. Where do you think you may find a customized front part of ZIL?.

And the bumper is also plastic. It weighs about 5-7 kilos instead of standard 50. That’s how much of weight we’ve lost just by changing the bumper. And look at the style and appearance. We’ve got a very nice, cool dashing ZIL 130, just as it would have come here from a museum. Interesting!. So, gentlemen, there is our ZIL 130 which is looking like a plastic toy,. it is able to give you some of the show. It moves fast, well-controlled, and the image of it makes some older people. who don’t know that this is a particular project,. take a picture; because it’s tough to find such a beautiful,. well-kept ZIL130 on the road, it’s almost impossible. These trucks didn’t survive.

That’s why it’s such a magical show to see how it dashes. and dominates on the road as no one else could ever do. We have created, I think, for the first time in my fucking life, yes;. we have created a thing that doesn’t have any analog in the world, especially in Russia. It’s unreal to see such a museum piece somewhere on the streets,. which is actually doesn’t belong to any museum. Did you know the main problem of museum pieces?.

They never move. For its whole life, it may have some parade, then another one and it goes in service for a long repairing. All of it is a very complicated story, you know. It is often a very complicated and static story. This story is very, very dynamic. No sign of static here. And this truck is the right car for this kind of story. It is from the past and future at the same time. Time is mixed up in it, mixed in our heads, blows our minds. I can’t believe we couldn’t imagine that my stupid idea would be realized some time ago. Of course, I didn’t do the entire job alone;. I would never manage it with my own hands. I really have to thank everyone who helped us. First of all, it was the Tinkoff bank. Despite what people say, I didn’t have enough money. And I asked them:. “Guys, I need $50000 today.

We have to buy ZIL and BMW X5M, we have to give money to those guys who will be disassembling both vehicles”,. so we really needed about $50000 at the start. And we got it for some obscure, not existing project. They put their faith in our luck, even though there wasn’t any video yet. Imagine that?. And we got in the zone. And we got the budget to start and build, and plenty of other stuff went just right. Second, we found people who were ready to make it. I remember when I first came to Warshteiner motor service,. and Sergey told me: “well, there’s plenty of stuff to think about.”. And he immediately started to draw some sketches. Just imagine that some crazy man walks inside your workshop and says:. “Hello, I would like to crash an X5M and then put all of it into the ZIL 130”.

What? How should we do it?. Does it fit? What is the frame?. The main was to save the original vehicle frame, also the cabin, proportions, width;. the whole base should be made according to the GOST. This should be a natural ZIL 130. We forbade any customizing which only could give us some weird custom vehicle. We had old plans, parameters, continuous paper sheets, sketches,. computer designs and calculating, strengthening the frame. Sergey was living in the service cuddling this car;. he was burning with it almost until the last day. I understand him, he’s same as us, and he may be tire

d sometimes. Well, Sergey was fine, and he really finished the project. He was an inspirer for a great number of people;. you never imagine such a mess. RAF helped us with the fiberglass to create a front part. We customized tires, buffed them in service, and then we got customized alloy wheels. During the building process of each detail, everyone who had been asked for help,. answered us “Damn… Well, you’ll never know until you try!”. They understood the risk and difficulty,. they knew that a thing like this never was and never would be built again,. and it was so interesting and motivating to do. That was the main slogan we had while we were building the car.

I bow down to those people who took part in the project; that was tough work. I’m not sure if something like this may happen in my life again. Everyone told me same things: “I don’t know if I ever have a chance to do this again”,. and: “it was wonderful but tough to do.”. But we all know that any video without a race is not a good video at all. Do you remember what we wanted ZIL for?. Right, to fight, to punish and to destroy. That’s why we are here, on the Autodrome. I won’t bet we will succeed today, because we have powerful opponents. These are Porsche Cayman and BMW M2. Of course, we understand that it depends on the weather. And I’m a sly little lizard!. Of course, it’s early morning, about 7 degrees,. you can clearly see the puddle under me,. and nope it’s not a poop; these are heaven’s tears. So! Using all of these factors, we took a simple Cayman,. it still can accelerate to 100 with 5.6 sec, it’s a rear wheel drive. And here we have M2, rear wheel drive too,.

with a launch control very specially tuned, as you saw in my video. Well, today we are going to challenge this gorgeous vegetable enterprise. Second gear! Come on! Yay yay! We are forward!. Did you see it? Okay, we failed the start again. They lost us! Yes! Come on!. As a result, ZIL is strongly dominating today, because it’s ZIL!. It’s a 700 H.P. engine which turns to pieces all of this shit!. 300, 200 horsepower, what? Never heard, forget it, I don’t give a fuck!. Today we had all the usual weather conditions you would have in your everyday life. There’s no perfect road surface or clay,. no talking about having good new tires and so on. It’s real life, imagine a traffic light, and you never know who will challenge you at the stop line,. you might be ready or not ready at all, especially if ZIL challenges you. No one cares if you launch control is working or not and what your car can do.

This is really nonsense!. This ZIL is a fantastic thing for everyone in the city. In all fairness, I should admit that we have worthy adversaries. The Cayman goes to 100 km/h in 5.6 sec;. he just couldn’t find good traction. He would beat us. But that’s what I’m talking about real life. We don’t show you unique weather, which is happening when Venus has entered the Third Dome,. and only then we have passport numbers. Nope! This is, again, the real life,. and ZIL 130 is showing us that it is a kind of vehicles that allows you. to think only about an accelerator pedal in any weather conditions. It manages in every term, it is as stable as all Soviet machines were. Though it has another heart inside, and other philosophy, but it is the same style. Don’t mind what happens around – put the foot down and destroy!. That’s all. That one would be kicked too, but we have to go home now.

That’s how we won. Yes. In fact, our small team was watching those comments down below,. you told us: “You will fail! Dislike! We unfollow you! X5M crash was a show! I saw an exposure!”. All these two years we’ve been sure that it should work. Well, we’ve seen some result at the moment, but we understood everything. We understood that they behaved like kids and we were adult in this situation. Today the children are getting emotional, slamming the door and leave,. and a week later they’re coming back. and: “Dad… okay, dad, I was…. We all were…”. and… Welcome back!. Whoever you were and whatever you were saying,. we realize that some things we did were nonsensical and illogical,. but you should know: if BMW X5M is smashed on the hill, it means – there is someone who needs it. I’ve said it in the episode with X5M. It was a starting point which told us that there was no way back,. and there would be huge investments. We had no actual idea about the viability of the mechanism. We’ve got a massive amount of comments where you are telling us that this is impossible,. it won’t live long, these axle shafts will break,. the differential will break too, wheel hub also, stud bolts…

Everything!. Even that we should never install these tires with such wheel offset. All you see never was. Now wake up. And now, here you are, awaken from your beautiful dream,. after your fantasy, now I should thank you for watching and supporting us. This is a top project in our own experience with a huge count of views;. you watch it wherever I post it, any channel, any time, doesn’t matter!. ZIL episode is a sign of crazy content, you were always interested in it,. and we were always trying to make it more and more interesting. This last episode should be filmed as if it was the first as if everything is still ahead. But it’s time for ZIL to go because logically it’s done. It is quick and fancy. There’s no need to upgrade it more, customize a BMW interior for it,. to my mind, and honestly, I’m not so interested in it anymore. Especially that I’m going to build a new epic project soon,. literally about a month, and it may be even more expensive than that. In fact, it’s already running, but you don’t know yet, what would it be. I’m talking about Bentley. We are preparing an unusual thing for it. No one knows what it should be in a final stage. We are giving hope that the beginning of Bentley. is the same process as the beginning of ZIL was,. and I hope that the sparkle of instinct is alive in me. and it will let me do things that will blow your minds off. I believe in your support. Thank you all kindly for watching the whole project,. *commercials*.

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